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Re: Caster Semenya and the IAAF - a ruling lacking scientific backing

Originally Posted by Monzanator View Post
But it works the other way around because we have TUE and those who benefit from it claim they want to have a level playing field. So what should stop us from cutting down on those who have an advantage if we help those who are allegedly disadvantaged already? (even tjough TUE is a grey area alone)
You're all over the place, man. What do TUEs have to do with it?

Many common medications are banned for athletes but they're human and can get sick so clearly they will need to be treated without running afoul of the anti-doping rules. I guarantee that something banned is in a simple bottle of over-the-counter cough syrup so TUEs will be needed for various mundane reasons. If a diabetic athelete needs insulin there is no issue of fairness at all. Other people naturally make all the insulin they need and the athlete would be taking insulin even if they stopped participating in the sport.

The playing field is level in that we don't allow a motorcyclist to take the line at a 100m race but we allow people of naturally diverse builds and height. Likewise it is not allowed for someone to take drugs specifically to gain a competitive advantage. We remove artificial aids to improved performance NOT the natural human variation that makes some people better at some tasks.
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