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Re: Caster Semenya and the IAAF - a ruling lacking scientific backing

Originally Posted by wta_zuperfann View Post
Why is it "unfair" when Nature has endowed her with the gift of size and strength?
Common sense makes it unfair towards women who work their asses off and who compete with all their might & cleverness. It's fundamentally wrong to leave standard women who make up 99% of society as in never allowing them to reach their true, full glory in favour of Caster and co. like what happened in Rio Olympics 2016 just for the sake of warped politics. It's highly offensive towards the majority.

But then one should not expect common sense with a Social Justice Warrior blinded by political correctness like the one you are. Ladies do not stand a good chance against well trained male or at least highly masculinized specimen. Would you like weightlifters of all body masses to start in the same category or boxers? Having 500% of testosterone, internal testes and masculine body constitution / stamina is not the same as being ''exceptionally talented'' woman as what you would like to promote. It just stands in logical opposition, countradicting the basic notion. Even in that societal view of gender - one cannot really say that Caster identifies and is like a lady with a straight face, watch documentaries about his life - you just can't believe it. Everything tells me that Caster Semenya is either an opportunist or some kind of pawn, both scenarios are equally sad and illustrates well about how ''progressiveness' leads to the ultimate loss of sanity. You can find plenty of such examples in Sweden.

For me it cannot be compared with tennis or whatsoever, girls know what they are doing and when they decide to go proffessional they already aware of their body limitations. While I doubt that women like Joanna Jóźwik, Angelika Cichocka or Melinda Bishop ever thought they would have to compete with woMEN.

I mean Caster Semenya is XY even and never had to go through menstrual period. Why should we disadvantage real women to favour exceptionally rare cases?
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