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Re: Virginia Ruzici results thread

I cannot remember the crowd, but at my home everyone was solidly for Goolagong. I could not understand why, as I was a child and it was hard for me to understand the finesse of her shots at that age. I know it seems strange, but Evonne actually seemed quite "butch" to me!

I remember Roger running onto the court in the quarters. But it always seemed to me that the TV coverage that year was all about Chris Evert in W78. I supported Martina in the final, because she seemed like this unknown quality after the Chris Evert saturation. And she seemed more human and lively (a bit like BJK) compared to the mechanical and faultless Chris Evert, who could pass like a machine and never hit a dud ball!

When I later got a full copy of the 1982 Australian Open final, I thought that this was the epitome of how I remember Chris Evert and how she played throughout the entire 1970s. Standing on the baseline and battering balls into the corner with a heavy wooden racket, a cross between a medieval battering ram and a battleship lobbing cannons at another battleship! To this day, I still cannot get over the amazement at her transformation in 1984 - the perm, the metal racket, the corresponding change in style...

Back to W78... I could never understand when I later watched the incident with Martina in the semis, when Evonne cried out and she let a ball go and then started whining with the umpire, why Roger was not there. I got confused between the two events.

I believe the crowds were pro-Evonne even when she played Virginia Wade at Wimbledon.
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