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Re: my weekly rankings project


from now on: an alteration of the tournament's value calculation


Jan 9: Jenny Klitch, winner in Nashville, moves 18 spots up to #68

Jan 16: when Mandlikova defeats the #1 Navratilova for the Oakland title she earned the best quality points sum (421) since Tracy Austin back in November 1981

Jan 30: Bonnie Gadusek moves up from #27 to #19 after her victory in Marco Island

Feb 27:
- Gadusek another 3 spots up to #15 (QF US Indoors)
- Manuela Maleeva 7 spots up to #22 (SF US Indoors)

after VS Tour Championships:

April 2:
- Helena Sukova enters the top 10 after reaching the final in Boston -- is it the first time, that a daughter follows her mother to top 10 success?
- Mandlikova rises to #3 with her Boston victory, a position she was not listed at since November 1981

April 16: Sabrina Goles moves up from #89 to #57 by reaching the QF in Hilton Head as qualifyer

April 23: Manuela Maleeva moves up 6 spots to #18 after her SF in Amelia Island

April 30: Laura Arraya, surprise finalist in Orlando, jumps 8 spots to #27

May 7:
- Annabelle Croft reached the QF in Johannesburg as qualifyer and jumps from #100 to #76
- Rene Uys, the winner of the tight last Croft match, moves up from #108 to #82

May 21: Steffi Graf jumps 22 positions to #67 (QF Berlin)

May 28:
- Maleeva triumphs at the Italian Open over Evert and moves up from #15 to #11
- Zina Garrison's top5-debut
- Carling Bassett's top10-debut

after Roland Garros

more of this week >>> 1984_06_11_Big.pdf

- some exceptional good results of younger players: Camille Benjamin, Melissa Brown, Michelle Torres, Petra Keppeler ...

before Wimbledon

after Wimbledon

more of this week >>> 1984_07_09_Big.pdf

surprise of the event is surely Carina Karlsson with her dream-run from qualifying to the QF which is worth to jump 70 positions to #56, also her top100 debut

Aug 6: Gigi Fernandez could reach the final in Newport as a lucky loser and jumps from #82 to #53

Aug 13:
- Terry Phelps 7 spots up to #27 (QF US Clay Courts)
- Jenny Klitch 17 up to #57 (3R US Clay Courts)
- decent result for 14yo Gabriela Sabatini with 3R at US Clay Courts, moving up from #242 to #158

Aug 20:
- Maleeva's top5-debut, only two months after her top10-debut
- Catarina Lindquist (3R Mahwah) moves up 18 spots to #65

Aug 27:
- Jo Durie: after her best position at #5 in March she falls below the top10
- Alycia Moulton's final appearance in Toronto is worth to move up 13 positions to #27
- Catarina Lindquist with even bigger success than last week (SF Toronto) and jumps another 25 positions to #40 now
- 16yo Grace Kim (QF Toronto) from #69 to #49

after the US Open

new record for best competition here with a value of 94.7 % (just 0.5 %-points over the former record holder - 1981 US Open)

more of this week >>> 1984_09_10_Big.pdf

Sept 24: Michelle Torres from #47 to #32 (final Fort Lauderdale)

Oct 15: Michelle Torres wins the Eckerd Open and moves up to #23 now

Oct 23:
- Catarina Lindqvist wins in Filderstadt and moves up from #33 to #24
- Steffi Graf, finalist in Filderstadt, moves up from #44 to #33

Oct 30: Pascale Paradis came through qualifying and reached the SF in Brighton, she jumps from #60 to #44

Nov 19: Elizabeth Smylie reached the finla in Brisbane and is top100 for the first time, jumping from #200

Nov 26: Ann Henricksson reached the finla in Sydney and moves up from #68 to #46

after AO:

Sophie Amiach reched the QF as an alternate in qualifying and moves up 28 positions to #56
(how often happened such a success?)

full season list

more details >>> 001-100, 101-200

  • two Swedes had enormous success this year: Catarina Lindqvist and Karina Karsson
  • youngest under top100: Gabriela Sabatini at #94

Navratilova is now №1 for 3 years uninterrupted, while Chris Evert is her runner-up for 3 years


tournaments conclusion

>>> more tournaments


mid-decade career statistics
(achievements 1957/59 - 1984)

most points during a 52-week-period (career high)								
Smith Court	 	Margaret	21811		03.Sep'73			
Moffitt King 		Billie-Jean	18277		01.Nov'71			
Evert Lloyd 		Chris		17104		08.Mrz'76			
Navratilova		Martina		16438		23.Aug'82			
Austin			Tracy		14308		05.Mai'80			

Mandlikova		Hana		12862		27.Jul'81			
Casals			Rosie		12251		13.Dez'71			
Goolagong Cawley 	Evonne		11715		19.Apr'76			
Durr 			Francoise 	10486		31.Jan'72			
Turner Bowrey 		Lesley 		10445		20.Mai'63			

Jaeger			Andrea		10334		10.Aug'81			
Barker			Sue		10248		28.Mrz'77			
Wade			Virginia 	10191		22.Sep'75			
Melville Reid 		Kerry		9304		17.Jul'72			
Haydon Jones 		"Ann" 		8593		23.Feb'70			

Turnbull		Wendy 		8371		11.Feb'80			
Fromholtz		Dianne 		8353		03.Dez'79			
Hanika			Sylvia		7743		19.Okt'81			
Morozova		Olga		7520		07.Apr'75			
Bueno			Maria 		7515		10.Aug'64			

Richey Gunter 		Nancy 		7458		29.Jan'73			
Ruzici			Virginia	7441		18.Mai'81			
Stove 			Betty 		7030		13.Feb'78			
Hard			Darlene 	6808		30.Mrz'64			
Shriver			Pam 		6609		13.Feb'84			

Heldman			Julie		6560		09.Feb'70			
Ramirez Ochoa  		"Yola" 		6462		15.Jan'62			
Jausovec 		Mima		6445		15.Mrz'82			
Tegart Dalton 		Judy 		6428		02.Sep'68			
Bunge			Bettina		6348		20.Sep'82
most points collected overall								
Evert Lloyd 		Chris		151023					
Navratilova		Martina		130261					
Smith Court 		Margaret	125054					
Moffitt King 		Billie-Jean	124553					
Wade			Virginia 	100366					

Goolagong Cawley 	Evonne		82364					
Casals			Rosie		74498					
Haydon Jones 		"Ann" 		71819					
Melville Reid 		Kerry		68666					
Durr 			Francoise 	57625					

Richey Gunter 		Nancy 		55128					
Bueno			Maria 		52920					
Turnbull		Wendy 		49299					
Austin			Tracy		46730					
Turner Bowrey 		Lesley 		44545					

Stove 			Betty 		40490					
Ruzici			Virginia	36516					
Mandlikova		Hana		36398					
Tegart Dalton 		Judy 		35459					
Heldman			Julie		34243					

Fromholtz		Dianne 		33815					
Jaeger			Andrea		32314					
Barker			Sue		31642					
Truman Janes 		Christine 	31265					
Jausovec 		Mima		30591					

Hard			Darlene 	30078					
Shriver			Pam 		29716					
Niessen Masthoff 	Helga		28752					
Hanika			Sylvia		25798					
Morozova		Olga		24024					

most quality points collected overall								
Evert Lloyd 		Chris		44610					
Smith Court 		Margaret	44166					
Moffitt King 		Billie-Jean	41475					
Navratilova		Martina		38593					
Wade			Virginia 	32976					

Haydon Jones 		"Ann" 		25269					
Goolagong Cawley 	Evonne		24698					
Casals			Rosie		22822					
Melville Reid 		Kerry		21443					
Richey Gunter 		Nancy 		19294					

Bueno			Maria 		18914					
Durr			Francoise 	18913					
Turner Bowrey 		Lesley 		15268					
Turnbull		Wendy 		14651					
Austin			Tracy		14596					

Stove 			Betty 		12184					
Hard			Darlene 	11554					
Heldman			Julie		11280					
Tegart Dalton 		Judy 		10853					
Truman Janes 		Christine 	10550					

Mandlikova		Hana		10193					
Ruzici			Virginia	9854					
Fromholtz		Dianne 		9766					
Jaeger			Andrea		9390					
Niessen Masthoff 	Helga		9134					

Barker			Sue		9086					
Shriver			Pam 		8642					
Lehane O'Neill 		"Jan" 		8500					
Jausovec 		Mima		8174					
Mortimer Barrett 	Angela 		7923					
most weeks ranked top ten (out of 1411 weeks available)								
Moffitt King 		Billie-Jean	732w					
Wade			Virginia 	715w					
Haydon Jones 		"Ann"		692w					
Smith Court 		Margaret	682w					
Evert 			Chris		664w					

Melville Reid 		Kerry		574w					
Navratilova		Martina		533w					
Casals			Rosie		511w					
Goolagong Cawley 	Evonne		481w					
Bueno			Maria 		480w					

Richey Gunter 		Nancy 		437w					
Durr 			Francoise 	426w					
Turner Bowrey 		Lesley 		372w					
Turnbull		Wendy 		351w					
Truman Janes 		Christine 	296w					

Hard			Darlene 	288w					
Mortimer Barrett 	Angela		276w					
Austin			Tracy		264w					
Fromholtz		Dianne 		252w					
Lehane O'Neill 		"Jan" 		250w					

Ramirez Ochoa  		"Yola" 		240w					
Heldman			Julie		233w					
Tegart Dalton 		Judy 		231w					
Mandlikova		Hana		228w					
Ruzici			Virginia	213w					

Shriver			Pam 		208w					
Reynolds Price 		Sandra		203w					
Jaeger			Andrea		197w					
Schuurman Haygarth 	Renee		181w					
Barker			Sue		168w					
most weeks ranked top100 (out of 1411 weeks available)								
Moffitt King 		Billie-Jean	1261w					
Wade			Virginia 	1169w					
Richey Gunter 		Nancy 		1010w					
Casals			Rosie 		998w					
Dürr			Francoise 	935w					

Smith Court 		Margaret	913w					
Stove 			Betty 		911w					
Niessen Masthoff 	Helga		888w					
Melville Reid 		Kerry		872w					
Bueno			Maria 		830w					

Goolagong 		Evonne		794w					
Teeguarden		Pam 		790w					
Evert 			Chris		774w					
Gourlay Cawley		Helen		772w					
Walsh Pete 		Sharon 		757w					

Haydon Jones 		"Ann"		749w					
Pericoli 		Lea		695w					
Truman Janes 		Christine 	689w					
Sherriff Chanfreau  	Gail		685w					
Turner Bowrey 		Lesley 		678w					

Schultze Hösl		Helga		676w					
Buding Düchting 	Edda		665w					
Turnbull		Wendy 		660w					
Heldman			Julie		660w					
Ziegenfuss Bradshaw 	Val 		651w					

Tegart Dalton 		Judy 		650w					
Fretz			Tory 		650w					
Bentley Lauder 		Rita 		643w					
Hunt			Lesley		627w					
van Zyl DuPlooy 	Anette		621w					

shooting stars - fastest rise to top ten								
(first notice 1959+ only)								
Jaeger			Andrea		1y 01m 					
Austin			Tracy		1y 09m 					
Temesvari		Andrea		2y 04m 					
Navratilova		Martina		2y 07m 					

Shriver			Pam 		2y 11m 					
Mandlikova		Hana		3y 00m 					
Bunge			Bettina		3y 00m 					
Evert 			Chris		3y 03m 					
Jaušovec		Mima		3y 10m 					

longest rise to career high								
(first notice 1959+ only)					first		Peak		highest	
(without claim of correctness)					notice		date		rank	
Watanabe Mochizuki	Tina		 22y 02m 		05.Feb'62	26.Mrz'84	62	
Rossi			Barbara		 21y 08m 		27.Jun'60	25.Jan'82	70	
Whitmore Buchanan	Andrea		 18y 11m 		17.Dez'62	02.Nov'81	87	
Struthers		Mary		 17y 08m 		13.Jul'59	07.Mrz'77	30	
Rosa			Antonella	 16y 11m 		27.Jun'60	23.Mai'77	110	

Grubb Hansen Stuart 	Betty-Ann	 14y 04m 		06.Sep'65	17.Dez'79	22	
Stove 			Betty 		 13y 09m 		24.Jun'63	28.Mrz'77	5	
Hunt			Lesley		 12y 09m 		16.Dez'63	06.Sep'76	9	
McLean			Mary		 12y 08m 		02.Dez'63	19.Jul'76	114	
Anthony			Julie		 12y 03m 		10.Mai'65	08.Aug'77	30	

Stevens			Greer		 12y 03m 		15.Apr'68	30.Jun'80	11	
Blake Thornbrough Bryan Kathy		 12y 03m 		12.Dez'60	26.Feb'73	36	
Gourlay Cawley		Helen		 12y 01m 		25.Apr'60	15.Mai'72	9	



first try of rankings with other systems:

( post121.html )

Best16 100
Average 100
Diminish 100


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