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Re: my weekly rankings project



movements after Aussie Open:

Jan 14: Lucia Romanov moves 19 spots up to #65 after winning the Bakersfield Futures

Jan 21:
two qualifyers at the Las Vegas Futures gone far in the main draw
- Mary Lou Piatek made the 3rd place and jumps from #107 to #66, its her top100 debut
- 14yo Andrea Jaeger also got her top100 debut after winning the title (up from #156 to #71)

Jan 28:
- top100 debut for Trey Lewis after reaching the final at the Ogden Futures (#106 to #79)

Feb 4:
- Andrea Jaeger reached the SF in Seattle over 2 seeds and jumps 22 spots to #44
- Roberta McCallum wins the Boise Futures and moves up 18 spots to #64

notable movements in the top region:

Feb 18: Tracy Austin moves up to #2 and ends a 65-week-dual-reign of Evert/Navratilova

Feb 25: Christiane Jolissaint made her top 100 debut after 3R success in Detroit (#101 to #79)

March 10: Kay McDaniel had won the Atlanta Futures as a Lucky Loser and leaps 18 spots to #52

March 17: former world #15 Joanne Russell leaps 32 spots to #55 by reaching the QF in Boston

April 14: after the Family Circle Cup
- Hana Mandlikova made the 3rd place what is worth for a move to #11
- Korean Duk-Hee Lee jumps from #167 to #110 after her 3R success as a qualifyer, best ranking so far for the 26yo

after Roland Garros

>>> before Wimbledon: 1980-06-23.pdf

after Wimbledon

>>> more of this week: 1980-06-30.pdf

July 28: Mary Piatek's final appearance in Richmond causes a jump from #65 to #44

Aug 11:
- Andrea Jaeger reached the final at the US CC and moves up to #12
- Ivana Madruga moves from #25 to #17 by reaching the SF there
- Ros Fairbank reached the 3R as a qualifyer and moves from #24 to #20

Aug 25:
- Candy Reynolds reached the 3R in Mahwah as a lucky loser and leaps from #93 to #78
- Trey Lewis reached the QF there as qualifyer and leaps from #87 to #69
- Jaeger only one spot away from the top10 after her Mahwah final

after the US Open

>>> more of this week

Sept 15: Leslie Allen reached the SF in Tokyo and leaps 18 spots to #39

Sept 29: Hana Mandlikova first time top5 after her Atlanta victory - 2 spots up to #4

Oct 13: Austin is only 581 points behind Navratilova - her smallest gap to the top spot this year

Oct 20: Dana Gilbert rises 17 spots to #63 after winning the title in Nagoya

Nov 3: 16yo Claudia Kohde moves up 13 spots to #71 after the SF in Stockholm as qualifyer

Nov 10: Isabelle Villiger jumps from #126 to #82 after reaching the QF in Filderstadt as a qualifyer, her top100 debut

Dec 1: Candy Reynolds leaps 14 spots to #39 after her QF at the Aussie Open

Dec 8: Pam Shriver has reached the top10 with her final in Sydney

Dec 22: Peanut Louie moves up 7 spots to #29 with her final in Tucson

full season list

>>> more details

Tracy Austin had some chances to get ahead of Navratilova but missed all

>>> older edition


>>> experts/polls from thence


the tournaments conclusion

Aftr the inglorious low last time, astonishingly this time the Aussie Open is back on the list (18th): 39 %-points more than last year!
It's the best since 1965 and the 2nd best since making this rating.


first try of rankings with other systems:

( related to post121.html )


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