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Re: my weekly rankings project


Ann Jones now had her best year of her long career in terms of collecting points, in some weeks she had more than 8,500 points - unfortunately she never came close to the top with that!


(nothing special)

the rankings after the first big event of the year: Johannesburg

>>> more

seven of the top 10 came here to compete, but it's only the beginning: between Johannesburg and Roland Garros there are a lot of tournaments with remarkable fields

>>> more

>>> more

>>> April 27

>>> more

- this year's Bournemouth tournament has the 2nd best field ever (beside the Grand Slams) behind 1968 Queen's Club: 9 of the current top 10 played here
- and Evonne Goolagong is the player of the week by reaching the SF here, she moves up #33 to #26

after Roland Garros

>>> more of this week

Helga Niessen returns to the top10 - she had been there for a short time 3 years ago

before Wimbledon

>>> more

after Wimbledon

>>> ranking 1970-06-29.pdf

Court exceeds the 14,000 points mark

Aug 17: Helga Hösl came to Hamburg beeing the no77, but after winning there she jumps 40 positions to #37!

Aug 24: Evonne Goolagong reaches the top 10 with with her final appearance in Kitzbühel

Aug 31: Patti Hogan is the player of the week. With reaching the finals at South Orange, she earns almost the same points (620) like the winner Kerry Melville (653).
Hogan earns 110 quality points more than Melville mostly from the defeat of #1 Court, but also from #18 Hunt, #13 Bartkowicz and #14 Durr. She moves up 4 places to #12.

Forest Hills:

>>> Sept 7

>>> ranking 1970-09-14.pdf

Sept 21: surprise finalist in Charlotte, 15yo Chris Evert, jumps 52 positions to #44, she earned more points (406) than the winner Richey (346) because of much more quality points - a very rare case!

Sept 28:
- despite not playing this week, Virginia Wade rises into the runner-up postion for the first time (BJK didn't defend her PSW points) - it will be her career high where she will return to for several times in the next years
- Sharon Walsh moves up from #40 to #31 after her victory at the PSW, her points have a 57% quality-ratio

Oct 19: another victory for Sharon Walsh in Edinburgh (53% quality-ratio), this time moving to #26 only

Nov 16: Francoise Durr returns to the top10 after her victory at the Dewar Cup Final in London (57% quality-ratio), she had not been top10 since July 1968!

full season list

>>> more details

- no doubt who the #1 for the year is: 7192 points (113 %) ahead of the #2 !
- but behind Smith there's no clear #2, the 4 players ranked behind her are so tight together that adding more data could change these positions.
- Goolagong is the shooting star this year, a rise to #7 from outside the top50 (Andrea Jaeger is faster in 1980), she had the most titles behind Court
- there are 34 results for Goolagong, but this is not the most this year: Corinne Molesworth had 35 and is ranked only #25 in comparison

>>> earliest work
(first edition of the 1970 under my initial unmodified system)

>>> 2017 edition


>>> experts/polls from thence
have some differences


tournaments conclusion

- same no. of tournaments with a value of 25% or more like last year, also other statistics are nearly the same
- it is the first year with 4 times Grade B+ assigned (3 times a heightened value via prize money: Johannesburg, New York, Philadelphia)

top competitions so far (%) - without Grand Slams:

1968 Queen's Club .. 66
1970 Bournemouth ... 63
1967 Queen's Club .. 57.5
1962 Rome .......... 57.4
1969 Bournemouth ... 56.8
1970 Durban ........ 53
1970 Johannesburg .. 52
1964 Rome .......... 50.6
1964 Queen's Club .. 50.1
1970 Queen's Club .. 49.6
1969 Rome .......... 49
1969 Queen's Club .. 49


first try of rankings with other systems:

( post121.html )


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