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Re: my weekly rankings project



Jan 4: Gail Sherriff jumps from #46 to #35 after her victory in Adelaide. She had beaten #7 Ebbern and #9 Moffit enroute. (61% quality ratio)

Jan 11:
- Francoise Dürr up from #16 to #13 after winning the title in East London
- Dürr's final opponent Ingrid Frohling jumps up 58 positions to #93 - by far her best ranking

Jan 25: Ingrid Frohling had success again, this time more with the title in Durban, what brings her up to #77 now

the Australian Nationals:

>>> more of this week

- an unusual early highlight for the years so far - only because Melbourne also hosted the Fed Cup the weeks before

Feb 8: Ebbern's top5 debut / Dürr's top10 debut

Feb 15: Richey's top5 debut

March 8: Raymonde Jones got her top100 debut at age of 45 after her SF im Miami! (of course my rankings start when she was already 37 old, but it's sill interesting)

>>> March 29 list

April 5:
- Monique Salfati reached the final in Mexico earned 316 points with a 57% quality ratio (defeats: #3 Turner, #9 Baylon) and moves #38 to #31
- Rosie Darmon's SF appearance there is worth a jump of 19 positons to #42

>>> April 12 list

>>> April 19 list:
- after winning in San Juan last week, Richey also wins St.Petersburg and let her rise up to #4 now;
last week she defeated #9 Baylon, #3 Turner and #1 Smith enroute (62% quality), this week #3 Turner and #1 Smith again (59% quality ratio),
- last week Helga Schultze had won Nice, this week she reached the final in Monaco. These back to back successes are enough to enter the top10 for the first time.
- Dürr also reaches a new height at #6 after her Monaco victory
- Winnie Shaw's final appearance in Sutton let her move up #82 to #65

>>> April 26 list:
noteworthy: Julie Heldman jumps from #51 to #39 / Jitka Volavkova #63 to #49 / Winnie Shaw again #65 to #51

May 3: Joyce Williams reached the QF at Hurlingham and moves #52 up to #40 (defeating two former top10s enroute)

>>> May 10 list:
- top 10 debut for Judy Tegart
- Julie Heldman's SF in in Rome = seven up to #32
- Pat Walkden's SF in Guildford = moving up #70 to #56
- former #1 player Shirley Brasher reached the QF in Guildford and she jumps up from #150 to #96

after Roland Garros:

>>> more of this week

- Jacqueline Ree-Lewis debuts in top20 at age of 29
- Edda Buding reached the 4R, what lets her jump up 60 positions to #69 - the former top5 player shows signs of her past form

>>> June 7 list:
Edda Buding jumps makes a leap again, now from #70 to #49 with reaching the final of Lugano beating #32 Heldman #4 Richey enroute (with good chances of beating #12 Baylon in the final)

>>> June 14 list:
Beckenham is by far the most competitive tournament this year (beside the Grand Slams)

>>> June 21 list:
biggest mover this week: Janie Albert leaps 14 positions to #41 after reaching the semis there, with respectable deafeats over #59 Truman #49 Mercelis #27 Salfati and #29 Fretz;


>>> more of this week

- it is a full year now of Smith as unconquerable #1 and Bueno as runner-up behind her
- Moffitt's top5 debut
- Janie Albert still in winning mood, reaching the QF and leaps another 16 positions up to #25, three weeks ago her best ranking was #52 (Aug. 1963), now surpassed that by 27 positions!
- Justina Bricka also reaches the QF and also a new height moving up slightly to #23 - she reached #25 three years ago in May '62
- Robin Lesh's 4R-success lets her move up #34 to #29, her first time top30 after 7 years of first result (I would like to know her age at that time)
- Joyce Williams also made it to the 4R and leaps from #47 to #34

July 12:
- Wade's final appearance at Edgbaston, defeating #3 Turner enroute, let her rise up from #21 to #18
- Wade's SF-opponent, Pat Walkden, jumps from #45 to #35 - defeating #6 Ann Jones enroute

July 19:
- Francoise Dürr wins Gstaad over #14 Baylon and #2 Bueno, in reward she rises up into the top5 for the first time
- 16yo Rosie Casals debuts in top50 - the youngest now in that region

July 26: Edda Buding is definitely back: she reached the final at Hilversum with defeats over #3 Turner and #14 Baylon enroute (61% quality-ratio) and rises #42 to #30

Aug 9: another final appearence for Buding and again beaten #3 Turner - a leap to #23 now

Aug 16: while Bueno only plays doubles Lesley Turner is able to taking over the #2 spot again

after US Nationals:

>>> more of this week

- Margaret Smith is sky high at the top after winning this Grand Slam:
it is the first time that a #1 has a points sum more than double of the runner-up (5292 points ahead of 5116) !!!
- top 100 debuts for 17yo Patsy Rippy (#135 to #90) and 16yo Peaches Bartkowicz

Sep 27: 17yo Paulette Verzin surprisingly reached the SF at the PSW in LA. She profits from Beuno's retirement in 3R but she can win another hard match thereafter.
With that she jumps from almost 200 positions to #112, short before her top100 debut

(nothing noteworthy for 7 weeks)

Nov 22:
- Nancy Richey first time #3 after her final in Sydney
- Gail Sherriff first time top10 after SF in Sydney
- fromer #3 Jan Lehane is upwards again, after QF in Syndey she moves up #92 to #68 - three month ago she was below #250

the full season:

>>> more details

comeback of the year: Edda Buding (#19 out of nowhere)

week by week at the top: finally Smith has a full year reign without any contender near her


this time my outcome is not that different to the expert rankings from thence (with one exception: Graebner): world rankings


tournaments summary:

- Roland Garros: best competition so far
- Australian Nationals: best competition so far... maybe this is the only year ever in which the Australian Grand Slam has a better competition than one of the other three
- first time that the 4 Grand Slams are the best 4 tournaments (only time until the 1980s?)


first try of rankings with other systems:

( post121.html )

Bueno has returned to the top on the average list in spring.
She was absent for some weeks what caused an increase of her points average over Smith who was playing during these weeks causing a points decrease.
I'm sure: if the official rankings would have exist at this early stage, Smith+Turner+Durr+Sherriff (all with at least 29 tournaments here) would not have played more than 15.


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