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Re: FITD (Fill-in-the-Draw) Monterrey


If you fail to follow these rules, you risk your draw being discarded.

1) At least make an effort to try to minimize the number of spelling errors. Think about it this way, if everybody made 2 spelling errors, it would take a lot of time to go back and fix all of the errors people made. Spelling "Pavlyuchenkova" won't be an issue this time around.

2) Spaces between rounds do not bother me at all. Again though, try not to.

3) Use the draw that I provide you with to help make your predictions.

4) In a case where two qualifiers play each other, please specify which qualifier you want to win. 'Qualifier 1' or 'Q1'/'Qualifier 2' or 'Q2' If you want a qualifier to beat a known player that got put in the main draw, you can just write 'Qualifier' or 'Q'.

5) It's my 1st FITD management, and if I make a mistake PM me and let me know. You're welcome to rescue me if I'm getting in the middle of a huge mess.

6) I just need to point out that items 1 to 4 are really important. They are

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