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Re: Race-relation Issues

Originally Posted by JN View Post
And of course you, a [human], decides what should be real to [has an opinion on how to view things involving] [other humans], right? Intent, or lack thereof, doesn't matter when the outcome is the same.
Corrected. And, with those corrections, yes right.

I'm sorry that you think everyone sees the world through "race as primary" glasses as you do and I'm also sorry that you see someone expressing how they see things as being tantamount to telling others how to see it. And yes I know you're far from alone in both those opinions. But your choice to hold them is your own thing to deal with.

That sorted, I of course accept that the outcome is important but I'd say that intent is just as, or even more, important.

Oh and you might want to read what the woman in the commercial has to say about it.

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