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Re: Race-relation Issues

Originally Posted by pov View Post
I disagree. It has relevance because people focus on it. But that leads to hypersensitivity and self-defeating assessments. I can find similar derogatory ads about Italians, Germans, Irish, Japanese, Chinese, etc yet those groupings don't let them inform their current assessments as much as African-Americans seem to. IMO there is enough anti-black stuff that is real and current without compounding it with outrage over things that were not intended to be anything of the sort.

Let's be clear - I couldn't care less about Dove and whether people use it or not. But to me it just seems silly and self-defeating for people to launch a campaign against a company that clearly (even if for finacial gain) focuses on inclusive ads because of misreading something based on "well in the past . ." That's all. I'm out on this topic.
And of course you, a White man, decides what should be real to Black people, right? Intent, or lack thereof, doesn't matter when the outcome is the same.

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