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Re: al-Qaeda Sex Slave Trade in Yemen: UK and US Media Maintain Cowardly Silence

Originally Posted by pov View Post
Perhaps. I don't see how blowing civilians to pieces is any less despicable but maybe the slave trade angle would provoke a more intense.

But the US government has cited this issue before. I don't think things are as simple as we often like to think.
Thanks for sharing this, but the language in that report you linked from the US State Department strongly implies that the Saudi gov't has merely lacked adequate vigilance and if the black market had cleverly evaded their punishment. There's no accusation, from what AYE read, that the gov't. is directly complicit in the sex slave trade, and all of the current evidence points to that.

As to your first point, it SHOULD be true with people who have a conscience, but Herman Goering called it right while imprisoned at Nurenberg. He basically said that the Americans could rationalize dropping an A-bomb to incinerate a bunch of slanty-eyed Asian children while doing the same to white-skinned German kids would've caused lots of unrest. Yemenis are "them" to many Americans, Muslim "bad guys", so their deaths resonate a LOT less than would be the case with Europeans or light-skinned North Americans. Also, the sporadic reports reflect the 'out of sight, out of mind' mentality

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