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Re: al-Qaeda Sex Slave Trade in Yemen: UK and US Media Maintain Cowardly Silence

Originally Posted by bruce goose View Post
Pentagon decides to officially support Al-Qaeda in Syria. Sets up "exclusion zones" to shoot down Syrian and Russian jets

Here's a relatively brief article above on a charming alliance in Syria between the US gov't. and al-Qaeda. There's a certain warped logic to it; i.e., "Okay, you've issued enough anti-U.S. rhetoric to the media--in return for our training, arming and financially supporting so many of your operations--so that we could pin some BS blame on you for our 9/11 scam and launch multiple wars to further enrich our armaments corporations establishment.....and NOW we'll take it another step by militarily supporting your psychotic wahabbist actions in Syria...even though, previously, we've claimed that you were an enemy to world peace and a threat to all of humanity."

Tbh, I'd be stunned if the American gov't. was actually bold enough to do more than blather hot air and really go to war with Russia. Still, it's appalling that such a low percentage of people can see the absurdity in the Americans now bonding with the same organization that supposedly destroyed the Twin Towers. It looks like al-Qaeda itself is now joining the Saudis on the "protected list"; that is, groups and regimes that get a free pass on brutal human rights violations--even mainstream media-orchestrated shielding from blame--while the gringos self-righteously point fingers at far more moderate leaders who don't capitulate to U.S. foreign policy whims. To be fair, though, the UN's European blowhards are equally cowardly and hypocritical in claiming to be defenders of freedom......while they willfully turn a blind eye to sex slavery victims in Yemen
You do realize that the site you linked to, TheDuran, is a Russian p r o x y site, right?

They are well known as Putin shills. Here is a list of the various ones, in case you want to know...**-news-sites/

You can't trust anything they say, it is all just propaganda.


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