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Re: al-Qaeda Sex Slave Trade in Yemen: UK and US Media Maintain Cowardly Silence

Originally Posted by bruce goose View Post
1.We disagree on one point; if you've directly CAUSED a problem, then you're morally responsible to try to rectify what you've done wrong. From a purely pragmatic standpoint, then you, Machiavelli and many others can make a sound academic case for non-intervention. However, the odds on your gov't. being TRULY non-interventionist are practically zero, as you well know.So, if they've determined to posit themselves as world leaders, then they should act in a morally upright manner that one should expect of a genuine, worthy leader.

2. To me, it again comes down to credibility; many mainstream news agencies heavily put on airs as arbiters of justice and truth-seekers. So, if they blatantly ignore a war of aggression and sex-slave racket just because the offenders are buddies with the agency director's government, then they can't blame us for thinking that they are complete frauds. It's one major reason--maybe the #1 reason--why so many now turn to the alternative media. To be fair, though, THOSE media members are flawed human beings, too
1. So which is it? Do you want intervention or not? Do you really trust someone who "caused" the problem to "fix" it? The US did not intervene in the Rwanda genocide and people complained. What do you want? If you want the US to lead, are you willing to follow? And what major nation does not "intervene" somewhere? Russia, China?

2. Since when do people blindly accept what a news organization calls itself? It's up to you the consumer of news to make that determination. And if you don't like what said news organization is doing, there are plenty of alternatives in this day and age. You can make use of them, you can complain or both. But ultimately it's on you.

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