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Re: The Kosovan music revolution!

Originally Posted by N.M. View Post
Yes of course these all sound like typical UK / USA songs in a modern fashion, I think the OP just meant that suddenly girls with Albanian (Kosovar particularly) heritage became noticed in music industry And not that folk music suddenly became a worldwide factor (I don't think any folk ever will be again after the US 1960s music, hope I'm wrong, but it's naive to expect otherwise )

Maybe after Rita Ora's breakthrough it was easier also for the others, I don't follow their careers much as it's not my favourite music, what I know is that Albanians like to help each other.

As for the argument that they were raised in UK / US society, well, that's globalization for you, in Poland these days we have exactly the same music as they have in Kosovo, as they have in London or NYC or Stockholm... My best friend ever is Albanian. He has an account on TF as well, just not too active these days. I met him many many years ago and it turned out he was a big fan of Radiohead, Mercury Rev, Slowdive, traveled to indie rock festivals etc. (I don't really know what I was imagining, but I could be ashamed of stereotypes I probably had in my head before talking to him then) Yeah Albania is an undiscovered piece of Europe and very specific, but it's not like they live under a rock there, young people can do exactly same things as people in Western Europe or US Up to the level where your family and tradition controls you, but Albanian families and customs control you same way even if you were born outside of Albania - in UK, US, Italy, Germany
Thank you! A lot of people don't even know much about Albania,Kosovo etc and yet here they are talking about 'our' traditions and stuff It's like me talking about another country's traditions without even knowing their historical background.
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