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Re: US Doubles at Longwood


United States National Mixed Doubles Championships

Dates: August 27-September 1
Venue: Longwood Cricket Club, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts
Surface: Grass

Mixed Doubles (Draw=)

1st Round

Helen Jacobs/John Hennessey-bye
Mianne Palfrey/Edward Higgs (GB)-bye
Edith Cross/Gar Moon (Aus) d. Hazel Wightman/Toto Brugnon (Fra) 6-3 6-2
Mary Greef/Ian Collins (GB) d. Mrs M. D. Simmons/M. D. Simmons 6-0 6-0*
Charlotte Chapin/Alfred Chapin d. Maud Barger-Wallach/Henry Johnson 6-4 6-4
Ellice Endicott/Pierre Landry d. Lee Palfrey/Arthur Ingraham 6-0 6-4
Sarah Palfrey/Bunny Austin (GB) d. Alletta Morris/Malcolm Hill 9-7 6-1
Molla Mallory/Jack Crawford (Aus)-bye

Marjorie Morrill/Jean Borotra (Fra) d. Jean Burritt (Can)/Frank Luce 6-1 7-5
C. Wade (Can)/Willard Crocker (Can) d. Virginia Rice/Jack Crawford 6-3 3-6 6-4**
Penelope Anderson/George Lott d. Germaine Cochet (Fra)/H. Robatel 6-1 6-0
Clara Zinke/George O'Connell d. Elizabeth Corbiere/Rene de Buzelet (Fra) 6-4 7-5*
Lilian Hester/Louis Thalheimer d. M. Reid/Henry Culley 6-1 6-2
Anna Harper/John Colin Gregory (GB)-bye
Midge Gladman/Christian Boussus (Fra)-bye
Helen Wills/Jack Hawkes (Aus)-bye

2nd Round

Cross/Moon d. [Greef/Collins or Zinke/O'Connell ????]*
Jacobs/Hennessey d. M. Palfrey/Higgs default
Chapin/Chapin d. Endicott/Landry 6-1 6-4
Mallory/Crawford d. S. Palfrey/Austin 3-6 7-5 6-2

Morrill/Borotra d. Wade/Crocker 6-3 6-4
Anderson/Lott d. [Greef/Collins or Zinke/O'Connell ????]
Harper/Gregory d. Hester/Thalheimer 6-3 8-6
Wills/Hawkes d. Gladman/Boussus 6-2 6-3


Cross/Moon d. Jacobs/Hennessey default
Mallory/Crawford d. Chapin/Chapin 4-6 10-8 6-3
Morrill/Borotra d. Anderson/Lott default
Wills/Hawkes d. Harper/Gregory 6-1 6-0


Cross/Moon d. Mallory/Crawford 2-6 6-3 6-3
Wills/Hawkes d. Morrill/Borotra 6-1 6-3


Helen Wills/Jack Hawkes d. Edith Cross/Gar Moon 5-1 6-3

Draw Notes:

Held with the US Men's doubles. The draw is reconstructed and not in eact draw order.

[The exact place in the draw for the two first round matches below is unclear]

*1R: Mary Greef/Ian Collins (GB) d. Mrs M. D. Simmons/M. D. Simmons 6-0 6-0
*1R: Clara Zinke/George O'Connell d. Elizabeth Corbiere/Rene de Buzelet (Fra) 6-4 7-5

**How can Jack Crawford have 2 doubles partners? The Virginia Rice pairing makes no sense as he was clearly paired with Molla Mallory. Te Times is in error here.

Mrs Henri Cochet=Germaine, nee Desthieux.

Jojn Colin Gergory usually listed as J. C. Gregory

Missing full names for:

Miss C. Wade (Canada)-probably a sister or female relative of Olive Wade.
Miss M. Reid
H. Robatel (male player)

Mr and Mrs M. D. Simmons



The New York Times



According to the New York Times 3,500 came for the finals, which wrote that "Miss Cross bore the brunt of the attack on her side of the net and stood her ground in a fashion to win salvos of applause."

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