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Re: US Doubles at Longwood


United States National Mixed Doubles Championships

Dates: August 24-29
Venue: Longwood Cricket Club, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts
Surface: Grass

Mixed Doubles (Draw=27)

1st Round

Molla Mallory/Bill Tilden-bye
Anna Hubbard/Alfred Chapin-bye
Martha Bayard/Henry Guild d. Eleanora Sears/Bill Johnson 6-3 6-3
Joan Fry (GB)/Rene Lacoste (Fra) d. Alletta Morris/Louis Dailey 6-2 7-5
Elizabeth Corbiere/Peabody Gardner d. Helen Jacobs/George Lott 6-3 10-8
Marion Jessup/Stanley Pearson d. Anna Godfrey/Alex Thayer 6-3 10-8
Kitty McKane (GB)/Jack Hawkes (Aus) d. Elizabeth Bright/Josiah Wheelwright 6-3 7-5
Katherine Gardner/Lewis Wright d. Jacqueline Green/Alden Holm-Smith default

Ermyntrude Harvey (GB)/Vincent Richards d. Mrs Alan C. Butler/Alan C. Butler 6-1 6-2
Isabella Mumford/Henry Johnson d. Mary Trumbull/Eduardo Flaquer (Spa) 6-4 3-6 6-3
Edith Sigourney/Fritz Mercer d. May Bundy/Jose Alonso (Spa) 6-2 5-7 7-5
Evelyn Colyer (GB)/Toto Brugnon (Fra) d. Polly Palfrey/Max Decugis (Fra) 6-2 6-3
Dorothea Chambers (GB)/Manuel Alonso (Spa)-bye
Charlotte Hosmer/Lucien Williams d. Betty Weymouth (GB)/George Stadel 6-2 9-7
Elizabeth Ryan/Jean Borotra (Fra)-bye
Miss Wickes/Jimmy Van Allen-bye

2nd Round

Mallory/Tilden d. Hubbard/Chapin 6-3 6-3
Bayard/Guild d. Fry/Lacoste 8-6 7-5
Jessup/Pearson d. Corbiere/P. Gardner 7-5 6-2
McKane/Hawkes d. K. Gardner/White 6-1 6-2

Harvey/Richards d. Mumford/H. Johnson 6-4 6-3
Colyer/Brugnon d. Sigourney/Mercer 6-4 2-6 6-2
Chambers/M. Alonso d. Hosmer/Williams 6-2 6-4
Ryan/Borotra d. Wickes/Allen 6-3 6-2


Mallory/Tilden d. Bayard/Guild 6-3 7-5
McKane/Hawkes d. Jessup/Pearson 8-6 9-7
Harvey/Richards d. Colyer/Brugnon 6-1 8-10 6-4
Ryan/Borotra d. Chambers/M. Alonso 8-6 9-7


McKane/Hawkes d. Mallory/Tilden 6-1 6-1
Harvey/Richards d. Ryan/Borotra 6-4 6-3


Kitty McKane/Jack Hawkes d. Ermyntrude Harvey/Vincent Richards 6-2 6-4


Draw Notes

For the singles and doubles for 1925 (held at Forest Hills) please see:

Missing Full Names for

Mrs Alan C. Butler was partnered by her husband.
Miss Wickes

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