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Originally Posted by Sir Stefwhit
Whenever Serena losses I have to take time off from the boards, but I'm back- the show must go on!

There was some good to take away from her loss to Vee. Although she didn't play the best match (far from it) she did do a lot of things well. I think she could've had a good result against a different opponent- it's just that Vee was able to do everything that Serena could and better. There aren't too many players strong on both defense and offense, if Serena had to play a player like that I don't think she would have won but most of the top players are either really strong offensively or really strong defensively and not equally strong on both end. That's why Jennifer and Venus give Serena trouble...

You haven't heard the last from Lil' Sis- SHE'LL BE BACK!!!

Yup, same here. I just have nothing to say when she lose, lol dont talk to anybody after a loss, kinda crazy, right?? Oh well like you said, life goes on GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Rena take the YEC
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