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1. Justin (grabbed the lead the last week of voting)
2. Sir Stefwhit (missed tying for first place by just two votes)
3. RenaSlam58

This should be a really close fight. I actually led in this category all the way up until the last week of voting- That’s when Justin overtook me for the lead. With only three people eligible to receive votes look out for Renaslam58 to make a move, the ‘underdog’ might get enough votes to take top honors...

honorable mentions to the following: Denise4925, SJW, and becool

1. kabuke (kabuke ran away with the votes with triple the amount of the next closest member)
2. tennisIlove / Knizzle (these two member received the same amount of votes, tied for second place)

During the first phase, this was no contest! More people were in sync in this category than any other. Kabuke is the strong favorite to win this award, but don’t count out Knizzle, he’s one of the most popular people on this board and just may manage to sneak off with top honors...

honorable mentions to the following: Denise4925, Infinity, and thelittleself

1. Denise4925 (ended up with twice as many votes as the next closest vote-getter)
2. Knizzle
3. Rocketta

Denise4925 came close to making the top honors in both the Venus and Serena fan awards. I guess it only makes since that she ended up with the most votes for most supportive fan for both sisters. I think she’s the strong favorite heading in for the finals, but don’t underestimate Knizzle- or Rocketta for that matter...

Honorable mentions to the following: Machu Picchu, Icequeen, and SJW

1. thelittleself
2. Rokkstarr / Cam’ron Giles (these two received the same amount of votes and tied for second place)

Our ‘lovable’ threesome!! Whose star will shine the brightest- thelittleself has a small lead, but both Cam’ron Giles and Rokkstarr are extremely popular in the “COURT” so I’m not sure thelittleself can hold on to the lead...

honorable mention to the following: honey_b_fly, VeeReefan, Kabuke, and No Name Face

1. Craig_Serenafan
2. Jigglypuff (missed tying for first place by just ONE vote)
3. 40-0

Of all the categories this is the one with the overall closes race. One vote separated first and second place, and three votes separated second and third place.

honorable mentions to the following: Justin, Knizzle, and Rokkstarr

1. Machu Picchu / Sir Stefwhit (tied for first place with the same amount of votes)
3. Knizzle / Denise4925 (tied for third place with the same amount of votes)

TALK ABOUT CLOSE!!!! We had two ties, so this award will come down to four nominees.

honorable mentions to the following: bandabou, Volcanna, ReeVeeDynasty

1. Static Beef (maintained the lead from day one and never looked back)
2. Amira
3. Dash_yu (one vote shy of tying for second)

Static Beef is a strong favorite to come away with top honors in this category, although I have a feeling the other two will get enough votes to make things really interesting...

honorable mention to the following: Sol Appolo, VW Rules, Serio, Serena!

1. SJW
2. bandabou / Rocketta / Cam’ron Giles / Rokkstarr (a four way tie!!!!)

We had two ties in one category before, but this is our first 4 way tie. That means there are 5 nominees in the category. SJW was the overall leader but there are some long time members who are sure to give her stiff challenge for top honors. I have no idea how this will turn out, but SJW has to be viewed as the favorite.

honorable mentions to the following: Mrs. Peel, Hail-Venus, Machu Picchu, and Denise4925

1. Cam’ron Giles
2. SJW
3. Lindsay Rocks / Justin / Kabuke /BeCool (A 4 way tie for third place)

With 6 people nominated, this category has the honor of having more nominees than any other. Cam’ron Giles is the favorite here, but I would be careful in thinking he’s the clear favorite. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Lindsay Rocks or BeCool come out on top, this is the only award Lindsay Rocks and BeCool are nominated for so that might make them have an advantage while the other members votes might be spread out to other awards.

honorable mentions to the following: Icequeen, Spirit Junky, and Pure Racket

1. SJW
2. Rocketta / Knizzle (Rocketta and Knizzle received the same amount of votes, tying for second place)

Although SJW got top honors it was only by a nose hair- this is an extremely tight race and too close to call...

honorable mentions to the following: Denise4925 (she missed tying for second place by just ONE vote), Silverwhite, and Rokkstarr

I had asked people to include comments when sending in their list of nominees for this particular category. Here are some of the kind words your fellow Royal Court members had to say about the following members:

(Machu Picchu)- ‘She consistently posts insightful and intellectual posts about the sisters in their defense and promoting their accomplishments. She’s very respected among the fans and non-fans alike’

(StarduvallGrant)- ‘always clear and concise with arguments, and very articulate with posts’

(Denise4925)- ‘What more can yu say about a poster who gets banned for fighting the constant attacks against the sisters, then comes back and continues to fight throughout the frequent attacks she herself garners’

(thelittleself)- ‘I find him to be very thoughtful and conscientious’

(V.S.)- ‘every member of the Royal Court should be thankful to V.S’

(LindsayRocks89)- ‘...very supportive of many players’

(Knizzle)- ‘A character who is straight up cool to talk to’

(rokkstarr)- ‘She is smart and intellegent’

(SJW)- ‘Her contributions are endless’

(Rocketta)- ‘She is intelligent and very well respected and well liked in the WTA forum’

(Stefwhit)- ‘Just like his handle (Peacekeeper) he always makes an attempt to keep the peace, making it a pleasure to read his unbiased opinions’ (thank you for the kind words)

(Justin)- “Quite simply he is everywhere I turn. I swear this poster is as omnipotent as God.’

(BeCool)- ‘The name says it all, one cool cat’

(darinbaker00)- ‘As far as I’m concerned he’s the member of the year’

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