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Originally Posted by MightyMashaFan
I know this is a really dumb question but im not quite sure how to post smilies when i rep someone. Is it the same as all other posts or do you have to do something different. For eaxample if i wanted to put the smily face in a rep how would i do it. Do i just type the symbol. ?
I dont know if you found the answer, anyway if you want to add the smilie to a rep just type it in the code for it, eg a would be a type in a colon, the symbol then wavey and another colon no spaces but just remember to add spaces before and after the colon. Does that make any sense?
Another way to do it, if you want to make sure click on post reply and type the rep you want to give and add the smilies, preview your post copy it to the rep and send it without posting the message
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