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Jen videos

Hi! I collect Jen's matches in video and I would like to know if you know any site or any contact where I can buy this kind of videos. I have 2 contacts but they don't have many matches of the early 90's. I don't know if it was a thread like this one here before, it if was, I'm sorry.
Anyway, thanks for your help.
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If anyone wants to trade, I have a few Jen matches. If you are interested send me a private message.

Here's what I have [sorry...all are so recent]

Chase Champs
Kournikova def. Capriati 6-4 6-4

Australian Open
Capriati def. Davenport 6-3 6-4
Capriati def. Hingis 6-4 6-3

Capriati def. Dementieva 6-2 6-0
Venus def. Capriati 4-6 6-1 7-6 [edited...CBS coverage]

Family Circle Cup
Capriati def. Hingis 6-0 4-6 6-4

Roland Garros
Capriati def. Serena 6-2 5-7 6-2
Capriati def. Hingis 6-4 6-3
Capriati def. Clijsters 1-6 6-4 12-10

Capriati def. Serena 6-7 7-5 6-3

Capriati def. Huber 63 36 63
Serena def. Capriati 61 67 63

New Haven
Venus def. Capriati 6-4 7-6

US Open
Venus def. Capriati 6-4 6-2

Sanex Champs
Capriati def. Maleeva 2-6 6-3 6-3
Testud def. Capriati 6-4 3-6 6-4 [is that the right score?]

Early rounds [I would have to look]
Capriati def. Clijsters 7-5 3-6 6-1
Capriati def. Hingis 4-6 7-6 6-2

Serena def. Capriati 6-2 4-6 6-4 [edited]

Serena def. Capriati 7-5 7-6 [edited]

Family Circle Cup
Schnyder def. Capriati 6-4 6-3

Roland Garros
Capraiti def. Dokic 6-4 4-6 6-1
Serena def. Capriati 2-6 7-6 6-3

Capriati def. Taylor 64 61
Capriati def. Dokic 76 40
Mauremso def. Capriati 64 61

US Open
Mauresmo def. Capriati 46 76 63

Sanex Champs
Capriati def. Maleeva 62 46 61
Serena def. Capriati 26 64 64

Weingartner def. Capriati 26 76 64

Indian Wells
Capriati def. Zvonareva 75 62
Davenport def. Capriati 64 46 64 --really good match, despite Jen losing

Jen def. Shaughnessy 46 76 64
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SportsResources- does loads and loads of videos. Old to up-to-date. Based in the UK.
[email protected]

John Poole is the guy I buy all my old Jen videos from. He was Steffi Graf fan though, so most of the matches are only against her. But that's the Olympic final, 1990, 1993 etc. Give me a few days to find his e-mail address.

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So many of the those stores are really expensive. I live in Canada, and the [email protected] charges $30 for 1 tape...aka 1 match
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So many of the those stores are really expensive. I live in Canada, and the [email protected] charges $30 for 1 tape...aka 1 match
That's one of the problems, too expensive. I have another problem, it's the way of pay, in the most of thode stores you must pay by credit card and I don't work with credit cards...

About John Polley, I already buy some matches from him. He has a lot of matches against Steffi Graf but they are all victories of Graf (Olympic Games is the exception, but I already have this match) and I'm more interested in Jen victories. I'm really looking for the match against Navratilova in Wimbledon 91, and some others too. But John Polley has some great matches since 1999, the quality is pretty good and I think the price is good too. I certainly will buy him more matches.
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Hey JennyB, I have this match between jenny & Martina in the quarters of Wimbledon 1991, it isn't complete, but I have most of it and it's a great match, really. I have some other old matches with Jenny.
If you want, I'll send you a PM and let you know about the matches I can offer you. I am also in Europe, so we can arrange a good deal for both of us (maybe we can trade ?).
Check your PM box

Women's tennis matches on DVD:

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I have some old Jenny matchs too.Let me make a list of them and I'll post it here soon.We can exchange them if you live in Europe (I'm from Spain)

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I have loads of Jennifer matches on tape maybe we can exchange some. I'll make a list too and try to post it as soon as possible! I live in the Netherlands so there shouldn't be a problem for the European people considering the VCR system
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Hi! I want some tapes of Jen's matches too. I live in Europe, in Ukraine. I haven't any video tapes with her, and she's my favourite player and I'd like to buy some of them. Who has Wimbledon 2003 quarterfinal match against Serena Williams and how can I buy it?
"The Official Jennifer Capriati Site in Ukraine and Russia"
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I have the match against s. williams and I can make u a copy!
I have all matches of 2003 and 2002 but I search the older ones. would be cool to see some lists that we can exchange matches or that I can buy some tapes.
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I really want to see this Wimbledon match, because Eurosport doesn't show this tournament and I've never seen Jen playing there. So, Doerte, it's great you have this match and cab copy it for me. How much does it cost and how can you sent it to me?
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hi lena,

I´ll write you a mail now and then we can talk better. I can copy you also more matches if you want.
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Hi all!
I've made a list of Jennifer matches I've got and I have to say I'm pretty shocked myself. I didn't know I had that many matches! This list isn't complete yet. I have many interviews, specials and pieces of matches which I couldnt't list yet. If you're interested in one of those matches please mail me at: [email protected]
This year I wasn't able to tape any of Jennifer's matches, so I'm looking for the big 2003 matches! Anybody want to trade or sell some!?



Capriati-Graf, Fourth round Wimbledon

Capriati-Graf, Finals Mahwah

Capriati-Graf, Fourth round US Open

Capriati-Graf, First round Masters


Capriati-Seles Quarterfinals Key Biscayne (Miami)

Capriati-Sabatini Semifinals Wimbledon (second set)

Capriati-Seles Finals San Diego

Capriati-Seles Semifinals US Open

Capriati-Seles Finals Philadelphia


Capriati-Sanchez-Vicario Semifinals Key Biscayne (Miami, short summary)

Capriati-Graf Semifinals Berlin

Capriati-Reinstadler First round Roland Garros (third set)

Capriati-Pierce Fourth round Roland Garros

Capriati-Seles Quarterfinals Roland Garros (first set and start of the second set)

Capriati-Rubin First round Wimbledon (first set)

Capriati-Shriver Second round Wimbledon

Capriati-Hy Third round Wimbledon (last games of the second set)

Capriati-Sawamatsu Fourth round Wimbledon (short summary)

Capriati-Sabatini Quarterfinals Wimbledon

Capriati-Huber Quarterfinals Olympics

Capriati-Graf Finals Olympics

Capriati-Muns-Jagerman First round US Open

Capriati-Sukova First round Masters

Capriati-Sabatini Quarterfinals Masters


Capriati-Sabatini Semifinals Sydney (short summary)

Capriati-Huber Finals Sydney

Capriati-Zvereva Third round Australian Open (short summary)

Capriati-K. Maleeva Fourth round Australian Open

Capriati-Graf Quarterfinals Australian Open

Capriati-Fusai Second round Roland Garros

Capriati-Labat Third round Roland Garros (short summary)

Capriati-Pierce Fourth round Roland Garros

Capriati-Graf Quarterfinals Roland Garros

Capriati-Siddall First round Wimbledon

Capriati-Smylie Second round Wimbledon

Capriati-Schultz Third round Wimbledon

Capriati-Raymond Fourth round Wimbledon

Capriati-Graf Quarterfinals Wimbledon

Capriati-Raymond Semifinals Mahwah

Capriati-Fernandez Finals Mahwah

Capriati-Sanchez-Vicario Semifinals Toronto

Capriati-Graf Finals Toronto


Capriati-Boogert First round Essen

Capriati-Novotna Quarterfinals Essen

Capriati-Sabatini First round Zürich

Capriati-Maleeva Second round Zürich

Capriati-Novotna Quarterfinals Zürich


Capriati-McNeil Second round Wimbledon


Capriati-S.Williams Third round Berlin (summary first set + second set)

Capriati-Davenport Fourth round Roland Garros

Capriati-Huber First round Wimbledon

Capriati-Seles Fourth round US Open (summary)


Capriati-Kournikova First round Sydney

Capriati-Van Roost Second round Australian Open

Capriati-Schnyder Fourth round Australian Open

Capriati-Sugiyama Quarterfinals Australian Open

Capriati-Davenport Semifinals Australian Open

Capriati-S. Williams Fourth round Ericsson Open (Miami)

Capriati-Hingis Semifinals Heineken Trophy Rosmalen

Capriati-Basuki Third round Wimbledon

Capriati-Davenport Fourth round Wimbledon

Capriati-Sanchez-Vicario Third round Montreal Du Maurier

Capriati-Krasnoroutskaya Second round Zürich

Capriati-Kournikova Quarterfinals Zürich

Capriati-Hingis Semifinals Zürich

Capriati-Kournikova First round Chase Championships


Capriati-Nagyova First round Australian Open (summary)

Capriati-Oremans Second round Australian Open

Capriati-Seles Quarterfinals Australian Open

Capriati-Davenport Semifinals Australian Open

Capriati-Hingis Finals Australian Open

Capriati-Seles Finals Oklahoma City

Capriati-S.Williams Quarterfinals Miami

Capriati-Dementieva Semifinals Miami

Capriati-V.Williams Finals Miami

Capriati-Likhovtseva Quarterfinals Charleston (Family Circle Cup)

Capriati-Weingartner Semifinals Charleston (Family Cicle Cup)

Capriati-Hingis Finals Charleston (Family Circle Cup)

Capriati-Dokic Second round Berlin

Capriati-Martinez Quarterfinals Berlin

Capriati-Henin Semifinals Berlin

Capriati-Mauresmo Finals Berlin

Capriati-Kuti Kis Second round Rome

Capriati-Loit First round Roland Garros

Capriati-Garbin Second round Roland Garros

Capriati-Lucic Third round Roland Garros

Capriati-S.Williams Quarterfinals Roland Garros

Capriati-Hingis Semifinals Roland Garros

Capriati-Clijsters Finals Roland Garros

Capriati-Vento First round Wimbledon

Capriati-Schaivone Second round Wimbledon (short summary)

Capriati-Panova Third round Wimbledon

Capriati-Testud Fourth round Wimbledon (second set)

Capriati-S.Williams Quarterfinals Wimbledon

Capriati-Henin Semifinals Wimbledon

Capriati-Prakusya Third round Toronto

Capriati-Huber Semifinals Toronto

Capriati-S.Williams Finals Toronto

Capriati-V.Williams Semifinals Pilot Pen New Heaven

Capriati-Hopmans First round US Open

Capriati-Ruano-Pascual Third round US Open

Capriati-Schett Fourth round US Open

Capriati-Mauresmo Quarterfinals US Open

Capriati-V.Williams Semifinals US Open

Capriati-Petrova Second round Zürich

Capriati-Mikaelian Quarterfinals Zürich

Capriati-Davenport Semifinals Zürich

Capriati-Maleeva First round WTA Championships

Capriati-Testud Quarterfinals WTA Championships


Capriati-Talaja, First round Australian Open

Capriati-Tu, Second round Australian Open

Capriati-Daniilidou, Third round Australian Open

Capriati-Clijsters, Semifinals Australian Open

Capriati-Hingis, Finals Australian Open

Capriati-S.Williams Finals Scottsdale

Capriati-Tulyaganova Fourth round Miami

Capriati-Panova Quarterfinals Miami

Capriati-Seles Semifinals Miami

Capriati-S.Williams Finals Miami

Capriati-Tulyaganova Third round Berlin

Capriati-Testud Quarterfinals Berlin

Capriati-Henin Semifinals Berlin

Capriati-Matevzic Second round Rome

Capriati-Pierce Third round Rome

Capriati-S.Williams Semifinals Rome

Capriati-Irvin First round Roland Garros

Capriati-Schnyder Fourth round Roland Garros

Capriati-Dokic Quarterfinals Roland Garros

Capriati-S.Williams Semifinals Roland Garros

Capriati-Bedanova Fourth round Wimbledon (short summary)

Capriati-Mauresmo Quarterfinals Wimbledon

Capriati-Sugiyama Third round Montreal

Capriati-Henin Quarterfinals Montreal

Capriati-Dokic Semifinals Montreal

Capriati-Mauresmo Finals Montreal

Capriati-S.Williams Semifinals WTA Championships



Exhibition with Capriati, Graf & Noah in France

Capriati-Seles Finals Mahwah


Capriati-Meshki First round US Open


Capriati-Huber First round Philadelphia


Capriati-Watanabe First round Australian Open


Capriati-Hingis Finals Hong Kong Exhibition


Capriati-Schwartz First round Australian Open

Press conferences & Interviews

 Interview Masters 1992

 Interview after Capriati’s first win in 2 ½ years (over Boogert) at the Essen tournament (also footage of Jennifer off court during the tournament)

 Interview after loss to Jolene Watanabe at the Australian Open 1997

 interview + statement after loss to Seles at US Open 1999



The Making of a Champion: Jennifer Capriati (presented by HBO Sports)


Documentary about Capriati during the Masters by German TV


Short documentary about Capriati by the BBC


Laureus Awards, Comeback Player of the Year


Laureus Awards, Female Athlete of the Year

OTHER (summaries)

Navratilova-McNeil Semifinals Masters 1992

Seles-Sabatini Semifinals Masters 1992

Seles-Navratilova Finals Masters 1992
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Hi! I need 2001 Laureus Awards, Comeback Player of the Year and 2002 Laureus Awards, Female Athlete of the Year. Unfortunately, I have no any videos with Jennifer to trade. So, could you send me these tapes and how much does it cost?
Thank you,
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I'd like to have a collection of tennis videos/DVD's but I never know where I can get my hands on any.

I've got a review of Roland Garros 2003 which is all in French, I bought it on holiday in France, so I don't understand a word of it! Still it's got clips of Jenn's matches!




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