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Australian Players: A to Z

Welcome to the A-Z listing of Australian tennis players.

While some modern players are listed below, my initial emphasis will be on adding players from the amateur era.

Although some of the data in here comes from other threads (such as Married Names) - and thanks for everyone's contributions - the majority of information here is from my own research.

Where possible, each biography will contain details of birth, death and marriage and a summary of their tennis achievements.

"Italicised quotes" about some players are mainly from Paul Metzler's 1979 book "Great Players of Australian Tennis".

The Australian colony or state(s) which the player represented in their tennis career are also listed:

NSW New South Wales
VIC Victoria
SA South Australia
QLD Queensland
WA Western Australia
TAS Tasmania
ACT Australian Capital Territory
NT Northern Territory

Over time I'll be adding biographical details to each of the profiles (I've only quickly done a few so far) and adding more names that I've overlooked today.

Any questions or corrections are very welcome. Please feel free to post any other information or trivia which could be included within these individual bios.


Indexed (2-7-12)

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Re: A-z

Anyone who is interested in Australian tennis and players may also want to visit these other threads:

There are also links to threads about individual players within the biographies below.

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Re: A-z

Agnes Ellen (Nellie) a'BECKETT (VIC)
Born 25 May 1870 - St Kilda, Melbourne
Married Frederick L KLINGENDER on 20 September 1895
Died 28 Jul 1963 - Malvern, Melbourne

1889 Victorian Champion

Marion Lillian (Lily) ADDISON (VIC)
Born 23 Dec 1884 - Glenelg, SA

Perhaps the first Australian woman to play at Wimbledon in 1919 (where she made the mixed doubles semi-final).

VIC Champ 1906, 1908, 1909, 1910, 1911, 1921
NSW Champ 1910
SA Champ 1906, 1908, 1909, 1911


Lily's brother John Johnston ADDISON (b 23 Feb 81) won mixed doubles titles with her and was killed in service during WWI. Sister Mary also played.

Daphne Jessie AKHURST (NSW)
Born 22 April 1903
Died 9 January 1933
Married Royston Stuckey COZENS 26 February 1930

The first Australian woman to reach the quarter-finals (1925), then the semi-finals (1928) of an overseas Grand Slam tournament in her only two overseas tours. Rated as #3 in the world for 1928, this was the highest ranking earned by an Australian woman until Margaret Smith (Court) in the 1960s.

She retired from singles play after her win in the 1930 Australian singles title, but won eight of the nine doubles tournaments she entered over the next two years, including the 1931 Australian Championship.

After giving birth in 1931, she won her final doubles championship in January 1933, playing with her dear friend Louie Bickerton. Within a week, Akhurst would be dead; the result of an ectopic pregnancy.

Wimbledon: SF 1928, QF 1924
French: QF 1928

Australian 1925, 1926, 1928, 1929, 1930
NSW 1929
VIC 1924
City of Sydney 1926 1927 1929
Cumberland 1924 1925 1926 1928
Metropolitan 1924
Liege 1928
German Champs 1928

"A strong runner and hitter, she was all over the court and could hit anywhere – and she knew the value of taking the net, where her volleying was adequate. In short, her opponents could not keep the ball away from her, and to top off her game, she had an excellent match temperament".


Married 1) Pedro RODRIGUEZ circa 1972
Married 2) Marcus ???????

Older sister of Australian Davis Cup star John Alexander.

Born 1931
Married Graham POLKINGHORNE 19 January 1955

1952 South Australian Champion

Had her best year in 1952, defeating Beryl Penrose and veteran Nancye Bolton on her way to the Australian Championships singles final, where she became the first South Australian to reach the finals since Kath Le Messurier in 1932.

The LTAA made a controversial decision to select Penrose ahead of Angwin for a tour of South Africa later that year. Her 1952 form gave Angwin a national ranking of #3. She was ranked #4 (1953) and #7 (1954) before retiring from the sport after marriage.

Martha Beatrice ANTHONY (WA)
Married Michael Howson WALSH on 29 March 1899

Six-time Western Australian Champion (1900-1908)

Youtha Constance ANTHONY (VIC)
Born 1905 - Malvern, Melbourne
Married (1) Edward YOUNG 1933 - London
Married (2) Douglas WITCHER 1950 - Melbourne

Played overseas in 1928 (including French and Wimbledon)

South Yarra Champion 1930
SA Doubles Champion in 1927 (with Esna Boyd)
AUS Mixed Doubles final in 1927 (with Jim Willard)



- sometimes referred to as Verna

Three sisters from Muswellbrook, NSW

Born circa 1933
Married Sherrard John (John) WARNOCK on 24 April 1954

A state representative in hockey as well as tennis, she played for Adelaide University's rugby and netball teams and was an excellent swimmer and softball player.

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Re: A-z

Born 1879
Died 5 June 1953
Married Bertram W. FORD 11 March 1911

NSW Champ 1906, 1908, 1912, 1916, 1917, 1918
QLD Champ 1908, 1909, 1911, 1912, 1914, 1915, 1919, 1920

In addition to her tennis successes, Ford represented her state eight times in ice hockey and won the NSW sculling (rowing) championship.

Emma Louise BEAUMONT (SA)
Married Richard Wilson RAGLESS in 1891

Married Clifford HENRY 1919

R/U Qld Doubles 1920

Dorothy 'Dot' BELLAMY (NSW/VIC)
Married Harold C PATTON in 1938

Margaret Ursula BERE (VIC)
Married Arthur T PRICE 1927

Played Wimbledon

Born 11 May 1893
Married Harold RISCHBIETH

Vivienne BERG (NSW)

Born 25 October 1918, Deniliquin

Married (1) Max Douglas NEWCOMBE 7 June 1941, divorced 16 May 1951
Married (2) Clive Malcolm ROGERS before or during November 1951

SA Champion 1938
TAS Champion 1949
MCC Champion 1935
City of Perth Champion 1939

SA Doubles Champion 1950 (with Nell Hopman)

Hester Lilias BERRY (SA)
Born 1 May 1890

Mary Renetta BEVIS (NSW)
Born 4 September 1924
Died 16 January 1981
Married Keith Ernest HAWTON 16 October 1949

At her best in doubles, she won five Australian Championships (and reached another seven finals), two Italian Championships and made the Wimbledon and French finals. She also won the Australian mixed title in 1958 with Bob Howe.

Hawton was ranked in the top 8 in Australia for 15 consecutive years and reached the semi finals of the Australian Championships six times but never progressed further. In 1955, Mary ran the eventual champion, Beryl Penrose to 8-6 in the 3rd set in the QF.

In 1956 she lost another heart breaker to eventual finalist Thelma Long in the QFs. Hawton won the first nine games of the match, then Long won the next nine! From 0-3 down Hawton staged a comeback and after saving match points at 4-5, led 7-6. On a crucial point, Mary missed the line by inches with a backhand volley which allowed Long to squeeze out a victory 9-7. In 1959 she upset top seeded Lorraine Coghlan in the QF, but her quest for a national singles title crashed in the next round. After leading 3-0 against Renee Schuurman she lost the next 12 games and the match.

Married William Beverly SUTTOR in 1932

Louie Mildred BICKERTON (NSW)
Born 11 August 1902
Died 6 June 1998
Married Royston Stuckey COZENS 25 May 1935

Science Mistress at Ascham Ladies College.

Represented Australia overseas in 1928 and, at home, as Captain, in 1934/35.

She had her best successes on the doubles court but, on the 1928 tour, she only lost in singles to top-class players. On her return to Australia, she had a couple of solid wins over Daphne Akhurst.

Australian Final 1929
Wimbledon R4 1928

NSW Champs 1930
New Zealand Champs 1934
Metropolitan Champs 1926, 1931, 1933, 1934
Cumberland Champs 1930
City of Sydney 1933, 1934

Florence I 'Florrie' BLACKHALL
Married Charles J WALKER in 1926

Born 13 November 1936

Married Martin WIBMER in 1912

May Caroline BLICK (VIC)
Married James Stuart MENZIES 23 November 1940

TAS Champs 1937
MCC Champs 1934, 1937, 1940
City of Sydney 1938
Orange 1938

Lorna Wiloughby BOLLEN (SA)
Born 25 Sep 1900

Carmen Juliette BORELLI (NSW)
Born circa 1932
Married Brian Reginald TOBIN on 2 February 1954

The youngest of five daughters, Carmen was a good junior and club player in Melbourne. She was Mo Connolly's first opponent during the American's Grand Slam in 1953:

"Somebody had to be the first victim in the slam" laughed Carmen in 2003 "and that was me. It didn't take long (6-0, 6-1). They put us on centre court, which was a bit nerve-racking, because I knew it was going to be a disaster.

"I'd taken the train out from town. Those were amateur days, no cars transporting the players, and I had to take the afternoon off from my job at Slazenger's. Maureen was pleasant, but all business."

"I just didn't want to embarrass myself out there. I was 20 and had a Victorian ranking. I'd keep the ball in play for a few strokes, but she got all the points. The embarrassment came when I got my only game, halfway through the second set. The clapping from the stands was loud and long."

Dianne 'Di' BORN(SA)
Born 30 March 1946

Aunt of Australian 400m runners Pirrenee and Sheena Steinert.

Helen Aileen BOWKER (NSW)
Married Charles Joseph DONOHOE on 30 November 1938

Daugher of former inter-state player Dr Cedric Bowker.

Jocelyn Eleanor BOWMAN (SA)
Born 19 Jul 1904
Married John Richard Schomburgk 'Jack' EVANS on 4 April 1934.

Married David 'Dave' LONGLAND in 1936

Esna Flora BOYD (VIC)
Born 21 September 1900
Died 13 November 1966, Dunfermaline - Scotland
Married Lieutenant-Colonel Angus ROBERTSON 11 March 1929

Tournament Wins:
AUS Champ 1927 (plus 6 finals)
VIC Champ 1922, 1923, 1925, 1926, 1927, 1931
NSW Champ 1923, 1926, 1927
SA Champ 1922, 1923, 1925, 1927
MCC Champ 1921, 1922, 1923, 1932
South Yarra 1924, 1925, 1927, 1932
Irish Champ 1925
Weybridge 1925
Roehampton 1925
Ostend, BEL 1928
Gleneagles 1928
Cannes, FRA 1928
Metropole 1928
Hyeres, FRA 1929
Cannes, FRA 1929
Gallia, FRA 1929
Monaco 1929
Peebles 1932
Pitlochry 1934
St Andrews 1935
Carlisle 1935

Uniquely, she was a part of all three of Australia's international tennis team tours (1925, 1928 and 1938). In 1925, she starred for Australia with good wins over Kea Bouman, Didi Vlasto and Marion Jessup in addition to pushing Suzanne Lenglen in France. Despite the tour concentrating on team matches, she won singles championships at three overseas tournaments and made the quarter-finals at Wimbledon.

In 1928, she beat Molla Mallory at the French and played a significant role in Australia's undefeated run of international matches. At the end of the year, she was rated in the world's top ten.

In 1938, aged 37 and the mother of two children, she represented Scotland against the Australian women. She returned to Melbourne in 1940, with her children, a son Bill (born 1930) and a daughter Mary (born 1933) after the outbreak of World War II.

"She was of medium height and slenderness and based her game on a flat forehand drive that penetrated deep into either corner. She indulged in no slices or spins and her backhand was below championship standard – but judging from her results few could find it."

'Poppy' BREMER (NSW)

In 1909, Miss Bremer returned to Sydney having resided in England for a number of years for health resons. She played with a degree of success in several tournaments, usually in partnership with Orea Beatty, a former resident of Sydney, but did not compete at Wimbledon.

With Mrs Beatty, she won the 1908 Ladies All-comers doubles at Chatham, was runner-up in the 1908 All-comer's doubles at Chichester and won the singles championship at Bognor.

Edith Antonia BRISTOWE (NSW)
Married Arthur Redmond BARRY in 1896

Managed a team of NSW players in Qld (1906) when an official team could not be selected. She represented NSW in the match against Victoria (1913) as a replacement for Mrs Ford and later managed a NSW team which toured New Zealand. In 1925, she managed the first official Australian team to compete overseas, turning a profit to the amazement of male officials.

1921 Tasmanian Champion

Cherie BUBB (NSW)
Married Claude CLARK 1945

Lorna BULL (NSW)
Born 1904
Married Leslie UTZ 1924

Mrs Utz had success as a racehorse owner in the 30s. Racing under the pseudonym of 'Miss Lorna Doone', her star performer was 'Sylvandale' who earned her stakes of over £7000 pounds (equivalent to millions of dollars today) in the 1934 season. The horse won the Australian Cup, ran second in the Derby and was third in the Melbourne Cup, rare achievements for a female owner of the time. She later had successes with 'Billy Boy', 'Prospector'and others. Following an illness, probably heart trouble, to Dr Leslie Utz in 1940, he was warned by doctors not to watch races involving his wife's horses. As a result, Lorna sold her entire stable.

Married David John CHARLIER 1941

Married Robert 'Bob' BAKER 1946-47

Tasmanian Champion 1952, 1954, 1956, 1957

Tasmanian Champion 1918, 1920

Born 1901
Married Vincent SL BARRY 1935

Marjorie May BYRAM (QLD)
Born 1896
Married Jack Stewart LIPSCOMBE on 26 March 1924 - Brisbane

Jennifer 'Jenny' BYRNE (WA)
Born 25 February 1967

Reached WTA Top 50 in 1989 and won two doubles titles. Finalist in 1989 Wimbledon Mixed Doubles (w Kratzmann).

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Re: A-z


Born 19 October 1910
Married Guy WILLIAMS at Barraba on 13 February 1934


Mary Margaret CARTER (NSW)
Born 29 November 1934
Married Stanley John REITANO 1958

"An all-court and versatile game, with no strength, no weakness and a natural shot for every ball, making her pace from her opponent's shots".

Married Edward TRAVERS in 1922

The 1915 and 1916 NSW Country Champion

Born 1901
Married Cecil GARDYNE 1924


1934 Adelaide Metropolitan Champion

Engaged to marry Captain John MacNeill WALTER circa 1891

Captain (later Major General) Walter was of the Devonshire Regiment.

Married Ernest Henry GORDON on 20 December 1890 (in London)

Gwendoline M 'Gwen' CHIPLIN (NSW)
Born 1900
Died 1979
Married Harold Stewart 'Barney' UTZ 1920

Nancy Kate CHITTY (VIC)

Married Bert McTaggart on 21 Mar 1946

Her brother, Bob, was Captain of Australian Football team Carlton during their 1945 premiership while another brother, Leslie Allan 'Peter', played for St Kilda. As a prisoner-of-war in the infamous Changi prison camp, Peter won the 'Changi Brownlow Medal'. The Chittys grew up on a farm in country Victoria and younger sisters, Barbara and Ruth, also played tennis competitively. Nancy's husband Bert played for both Carlton and Footscray before taking up coaching in Tasmania. Nancy was an aircraftswoman during World War II.

Married Ian HAMILTON 1942

Married Basil CAPPER in 1912


Constance Anne 'Connie' COATE (VIC)
Born circa 1916
Married James Gordon WILSON 24 August 1940
Died 11 May 2012 (aged 96)

Lorraine Georgina COGHLAN (VIC)
Born 23 September 1937
Married (1) John Douglas Gair ROBINSON 19 December 1959
Married (2) Gordon Stanley GREEN 10 September 1990

In 1957/58, Coghlan had split the four most important domestic championships with English visitor Angela Mortimer. In the final of the Australian singles, she lost to Mortimer; the Australian's sounder stroke production just falling short against Mortimers shrewd tactical sense. Coghlan’s best chance of an Australian title was probably in 1959 but, top-seeded, she lost to Mary Hawton 6-4 4-6 6-0 in the quarter finals. Coghlan won the Wimbledon mixed doubles in 1958 with Bob Howe and the German singles the same year.

Patricia 'Patti' COLEMAN (NSW)
Born 13 May 1953
Married GREGG


Played overseas around 1912 and teamed with Sylvia Lance in 1920 Wimbledon doubles. Retired in Devon (UK). Sometimes family name published as 'Collins'

Born 1 April 1909

Kathleen 'Kath' COMMINS (NSW)

Married John Thomas GILLIGAN in 1867
Son Ernest John GILLIGAN (Queensland player) born in 1868


Marjorie E COX (NSW)
Born 1904 - Bathurst, NSW
Married John Herbert 'Jack' CRAWFORD 27 February 1930

"Husband Jack (Australian, French and Wimbledon Champ) once counted up all the championships she had won – city and country – great and small – and found that they totalled 75. He also found that was more than he had won."

Truda COX (VIC)
Married John KNIGHT (brother of Bill who was married to Peg Cowling)

Thelma Dorothy COYNE (NSW/VIC)
Born 14 October 1918
Married Maurice Newton LONG 30 January 1941 (Divorced 1946/47)

Overshadowed somewhat by her doubles partner Nancye Bolton and known internationally as the ‘Australian No. 2’, Thelma Long was unlucky to have only one international tour before the age of 30.

In 1952, Long won her first Australian singles title at the age of 33. Seeded 7 at Wimbledon that year, she took a set off Maureen Connolly in the QF, one of only two sets Connolly ever dropped at the All England Lawn Tennis Club.

"Sturdy and strong with a matching solid all-court game. Serve, volley, forehand and backhand – her stroke-making was second to none."

Irene Estelle 'Rene' COZENS (NSW)
Born 24 May 1890 - Stanmore, Sydney
Died 1971
Married Henry James Ashburnham FORBES-SMITH 1919

Married Cyril H GIBSON in 1932

Sister of Jack and Marjorie Crawford.

Born 1905 - Grenfell, NSW
Married Victor Alan (Alan) KENDALL in 1936

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Re: A-z

Flora Jane DAILEY (SA)
Born 7 July 1876 - Coromandel Valley, Adelaide
Died April 1952
Married Walter Tydd ROWE 5 March 1896

She did not begin playing tennis until after the birth of her son, Ernest T Rowe, who later became a champion player. In 1921, both mother and son won State championships. Flora was runner-up in the South Australian singles title on three occasions between 1912 and 1922 and, aged 45, was also a finalist in the Western Australian Championships (1922).

South Australian Champion 1921

Married Noel G GARDYNE in 1924

Emma Jane (May) DAVIS (QLD)
Married Sgt-Major (Brigade Surgeon) Richard James QUINNELL on 26 June 1879 - London
Died 15 November 1932 - Melbourne

1889 and 1890 Queensland Champion

May Quinnell was a former resident of India who came to Australia with her (doctor) husband. A respected artist whose oil paintings had won prizes, May spoke six languages and was reputed to have introduced the game of badminton to Queensland.

Married John HIGGS 27 Jun 1933 in London

Born 1941



Dorothy 'Dot' DIGGLE (VIC)
Married John DIGGLE

Dorothy T DIGHT (NSW)
Married George WR MILLINGTON in 1917

Violet K DIGHT (NSW)
Married Frank R KELYNACK in 1911

Dorothy PS 'Dot' DINGLE (NSW)
Married William Brace GALE in 1934

Gladys E DIVE (NSW)
Born 1902
Married Alfred GOLDTHORP in 1925

Grace L DIVE (NSW)
Born 1909
Married Bertie CARRALL in 1933
Sister to Gladys

Married Bruce S DOWLING in 1926

Edith Lucy DOUST (NSW/QLD)
Born 1875 - St George, Sydney
Married Harry WOLSTENHOLME 1902
Died 1947 - Chatswood, Sydney

Sister of famous tennis player and writer Stanley Doust

Married Hubert Alexander McLeod MARSH in 1908
Died 1937

Mary also had two sisters - Marie & Helen (Nellie) who also competed successfully in Table Tennis as well as on the tennis court. It is often unclear which of the sisters achieved success in events around this time due to the convention of only stating 'Miss Dransfield' in newspaper stories and results, but it appears that Mary Dransfield was the better singles player.

Hubert Marsh was the younger brother of Henry Marsh who played at Wimbledon and, in 1933, published "The Tennis Handbook".

Mary K 'Kitty' DRUMMOND (TAS)
Married James Leslie MCGOUGH

Born circa 1937 - Austria
Married DE JONG

Her father, Karl Duldig - a famed sculptor - was ranked in the Austrian Top 10 and also played soccer internationally.


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Re: A-z

Robyn Ann EBBERN (QLD)
Born 2 July 1944
Married Edward John VINCENZI 6 April 1968

Edith Ellen EDMONDS (SA)
Born 1871
Married Frederick GOLDSMITH 1891

Runner-up in 1892 South Australian Championships

Married Grahame EDGAR 1928

Played Wimbledon in 1926

Norma Jean ELLIS (VIC)
Married Keith John (Peter) NETHERSOLE on 3 June 1955

Also an interstate badminton player, Norma had three match points against visiting American Julie Sampson in the 1952 Victorian Championships, before losing. She reached the Australian QF in 1955, beaten by eventual champ Thelma Long.

Dianne EVERS
Born 9 November 1956
Married D BROWN

Reached SF of Australian Open in 1978

Madge Irene EXELBY (VIC)
Born 17 Jun 1931 - Clunes, VIC
Married Rex HARTWIG on 19 April 1952

Had a (slightly) younger twin, Jean, who also played tennis.

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Re: A-z


Elizabeth 'Liz' FENTON (NSW)
Born 1946 - Temora, NSW
Married John CRAIG-ALLEN

Sisters Mary and June, and brother Alf were also top junior players.


Phyllis May FINN (NSW)
Married Lyall M MORRIS in 1951

Joyce Mary FITCH (NSW)
Born 30 March 1925
Died 26 July 2012
Married Reverend John RYMER 23 May 1951

Seeded 4th behind Brough, Hart and Bolton in the 1950 Championships, she led Brough 3-1 in both sets of her semi-final before going down 6-4 6-4.

Florence 'Flo' Margaret FRANCISCO (NSW/QLD)
Born 1912
Died 1981

Turned professional on 16 June 1938 - possibly the first Australian female tennis pro.

Born 1898 - Picton, Sydney
Died 1961 - Sydney
Married James CORBETT 1928

Born 15 March 1903 - Koorawatha, NSW
Married Albert HAGUE 1930

Born 10 August 1956
Married Claude Maurice BALESTRAT 26 December 1982


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Re: A-z

Jarmila 'Jarka' GAJDOSOVA (NSW) (ex-SVK)
Born 26 April 1987
Married Samuel GROTH on 3 February 2009 - Albury, NSW(Divorced 2011)
Married Adam WOLFE on 1 November 2015

Born 1907
Married Arthur E FRANKS 1925

Married Russell WADDINGTON in 1926

Theodora Kinglake 'Dora' GARNSEY (NSW)
Born 1871
Died 1956 - Sydney
Married Frank GADEN in 1898

Birdie Louisa GATEHOUSE (TAS)
Born 26 October 1904 - Port Sorrell
Married Ernest BOND 26 October 1921

Eleven-time Tasmanian Singles Champion (1927-1942)


Born 17 May 1950
Married John PAISH


Born 31 July 1951
Married Roger Anson CAWLEY 19 June 1975

Australia's second greatest player of all time. In addition to her singles successes, Goolagong also won five Grand Slam doubles titles, including Wimbledon (1974) and also the French mixed doubles championship (1972). She is the only Australian woman to have attained the #1 position on the WTA computer rankings.

Australian Champion 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, Finalist 1971, 1972, 1973
French Champion 1971, Finalist 1972
Wibledon Champion 1971, 1980, Finalist 1972, 1975, 1976
US Finalist 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976

Virigina Slims Champs 1974, 1976
Italian Open 1973
South African Open 1972
Canadian Open 1972, 1973
Irish Open 1972
Japan Open 1973
NZL Open 1973, 1974
US Indoor 1973, 1979

NSW Champs 1972, 1974, 1975, 1977
VIC Champs 1971, 1972
SA Champs 1972, 1973
QLD Champs 1974
WA Champs 1972
NSW Hardcourts 1971


Dora GORDON (NSW) (pictured below)
Born 1883 - Warialda NSW
Married Evan THOMAS in Shanghai in 1916

Younger sister of Flora. Played in England, including at Eastbourne, in 1908.

Considered a dashing and vivacious player, she excelled at close net work and was a 'pretty' volleyer.

Flora Hamilton GORDON (NSW)
Born 1882 - Warialda NSW
Died 1954 - Petersham, Sydney
Married Edwin George Paget SAYERS (1884-1973) in 1911

Married Arthur Owen BURROWS on 8 November 1933

Helen Florence GOURLAY (TAS)
Born 23 December 1946
Married (1) Richard Leon CAWLEY 22 January 1977
Married (2) William Timothy CAPE 26 October 1986

Judith 'Judy' GRANGEL (ACT)
Married PURDY

Born 1907 - Bega, NSW
Died 23 Aug 1976 - Killara, Sydney
Married Duncan HECTOR 1945

Annie Maud GRAY (NSW)
Born 1898
Died 1972
Married Leonard Percy MARTIN 1924

A country player who was rated #3 in New South Wales in early 1925 when the NSW Association could only afford to send its' top two-ranked players overseas.

QLD Champion 1921
City of Sydney Champ 1924, 1925
NSW Country Champion 1921

Dorothy Winifred GREENWOOD (NSW)
Born 21 March 1916, Summer Hill, Sydney
Married James Hector MELVILLE on 24 March 1939

Mother of 1977 Australian Open champion Kerry MELVILLE (REID).

Gwenyth Bernice 'Gwen' GRIFFITHS (SA)
Married Max Stewart FIELD 4 February 1937

South Australian Doubles Champion in 1930 and a singles finalist in 1933, where she pushed Joan Hartigan in a tough three set final.

Metropolitan Champion 1936

Pearl Josephine GROGAN (NSW)
Married Albert John FELAN 1944

Kerry-Anne GUSE (QLD)
Born 4 December 1972 - Brisbane, QLD

WTA Year-End ranking of #62 in 1997.

Lorna Gray GYTON (VIC)
Born 1884 - Hawthorn, VIC
Died 1953 - Richmond, Melbourne
Married Gladstone ASKEW in 1917

A formidable Victorian baseliner of the 1900s, who also had plenty of success in doubles. As well as her five Victorian Championship singles wins, she was a finalist on another five occasions. In 1904 she took a break from the game due to illness. She was rated the #2 player in Australia, behind the invincible Rose Payten, but it appears the two never played - despite both being their state's champion player for most of the decade.

Victorian Champion 1901, 1902, 1903, 1905, 1907

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Re: A-z

Eleanor Mary 'Nell' HALL (NSW/VIC)
Born 19 March 1909
Died 10 January 1968
Married Henry Christian 'Harry' HOPMAN 19 March 1934

Two Australian Championship finals were the highlight of her singles career and, though she played in a record amount of overseas Grand Slam tournaments for an Australian woman, she never progressed past R3 of Wimbledon or the French and US Championships.

In Grand Slam doubles she had more success, winning the 1954 French (with Maureen Connolly) and winning four Australian mixed doubles titles (with her husband Harry Hopman).

Australian HC Champion 1940
VIC Champion 1938, 1941
SA Champion 1940, 1950
TAS Champion 1940
VIC HC Champion 1936
City of Sydney 1932

"Thumb extended, instead of wrapped around, her grip remained Extreme-Eastern. She used the same racquet face for the backhand, in the old Colonial or Australasian style."


Jessie HALL (SA)
Married Rupert PELLY

Ellen Annie 'Nellie' HALLEY (NSW)
Born 1897 - Ashfield, Sydney
Died 1958
Married Frank LASCELLES 1922

NSW Champion 1920

Ellen (Nellie) HAMILTON (SA)
Married P Raymond BEGG


Margaret May (May) HARDCASTLE (QLD)
Born 6 May 1913
Died 2 August 2002

Sergeant Hardcastle of the Australian Army Medical Women's Service during World War II.

New Zealand Champion 1939
Australian HC Champion 1939
Queensland Champion 1935, 1937, 1939, 1940
Exhibition Champion 1936, 1937

"Strictly a baseline player..and a remarkably steady one." (Dodo Bundy)

Born 19 September 1949
Name sometimes spelled 'Kerrie'


Joan Marcia HARTIGAN (NSW)
Born 6 June 1912
Died 31 August 2000
Married Hugh Moxall BATHURST 13 April 1947

Remembered as 'one of the most popular and gracious' of women champions, Joan Hartigan was the first Australian woman to twice make the semi-finals at Wimbledon. She first came to attention in 1931, winning the Australian junior championship and was selected to tour New Zealand and, in 1934, was approved by the LTAA to travel overseas to compete at Wimbledon. Unseeded, she beat the #4 and #5 seeds before falling to top-ranked Helen Jacobs in the SF.

Most Australian players at the time were fortunate to gain one, perhaps two, overseas tours in their careers, but Joan followed up her 1934 trip, travelling with her father (who was on business) in 1935. As a result, she again made the Wimbledon semi-finals, beating top-seeded Dorothy Round before falling to the legendary Helen Wills-Moody. As a result of these fine performances and other tournament wins, she gained her second World Top Ten ranking.

Though she still enjoyed tournament success in England in 1938, Hartigan was not considered good enough to make the official four-member Australian team that year. In 1947, aged 35 and travelling on her honeymoon, she was still able to reach R3 of Wimbledon.

Australian Champion 1933, 1934, 1936
Wimbledon SF 1934, 1935
French R3 1934

NZL Champion 1932
NSW Champion 1931, 1932, 1933
VIC Champion 1932, 1933, 1936
SA Champion 1933
NSW HC Champion 1940
City of Sydney Champion 1931, 1939
Metropolitan Champion 1932, 1938
MCC Champion 1933, 1936
Manly Seaside Champion 1934
Riverina Champion 1939
Killara Champion 1940, 1941
Scottish Champion 1934
Hallamshire Champion 1934
Hampshire Champion 1934
North of England Champion 1934
Scottish HC Champion 1934
West of Scotland Champion 1935
Surrey Champion 1935

"Joan was the idol of every schoolgirl. Tall and slender, she played for fun and delighted the crowds with her hard hitting. Serve and backhand were mainly used to put the ball in play or to bring on a forehand – which she then HIT."

Born 1909 - St Leonards, Sydney
Died 9 May 2000

A great all-round sportswoman; her older brother Harry was a top golfer.

Born 13 October 1950

Kathleen 'Kath' HAYES (VIC)
Married Rodrick MCLENNAN

Born 1895
Married Arthur ROE 1917

Margaret HAYMEN (QLD)
Born 1894
Married Charles CLARK 1928

Margaret HELLYER (NSW)


WA Champion 1934
City of Perth Champion 1934

Phyllis May HERBERT (VIC)
Married Alfred George 'Alf' STRACHAN

Adela 'Gwen' HILL (SA)
Born 28 June 1891
Married Lionel W HACK 16 March 1916

South Australian Champion 1919

Sydney 'Syd' Helston Stuart HOCKING (SA)
Born 7 March 1900 - North Adelaide
Married Albert Gordon BENDER in 1930

Born 1904 - Brighton, Melbourne, VIC

Emily HODGE (SA)
Born 1 Mar 1871
Inaugural (1891) SA Champion, beating her younger sister.

Marian Isabella HODGE (SA)
Born 21 Nov 1872
Runner-up in the inaugural (1891) SA Championships.

Born 16 December 1949

Betty Lorraine HOLSTEIN (NSW)
Born circa 1939
Married Neal Grant SWEENEY in 1961

One of eight children raised in the New England town of Walcha. Holstein beat Mary Hawton 75 68 64 in a marathon QF of the 1958 Australian but was thrashed in the semis by Angela Mortimer.

Elaine Mary HOLSTEIN (NSW)
Born circa 1936
Married Robert Graham HIGGINS in 1956

'Girl without a backhand' - though she serves right-handed, Elaine hits forehands with either hand.

Alice May HONE (SA)
Born 31 May 1878 - Adelaide
Died 17 December 1953 - London
Married (1) Charles BIRKS in 1913
Married (2) George GOODHART circa 1926

Sister of male champion Frank Hone.

Western Australian Champion 1904

Gutha Joyce (Joyce) HONE (SA)
Born 7 Aug 1908

Emily Jane Lucy Harding HOOD (QLD)
Born 6 May 1910 - Hemmant, QLD
Died 9 October 1980
Married Victor Clyde WESTACOTT 20 August 1930

Troubled by illness, including a nervous breakdown, through her career, she was unlucky not to ever play overseas, though she competed against British and American stars in Australia. In 1939, the Queensland Assocation agreed to send Westacott and May Hardcastle to Wimbledon, but a serious illness to Westacott's mother forced her to decline.

In 1946, after a serious operation, she was forbidden from playing tennis for a year and was advised to give up singles for all time.

Despite her hard-hitting strokes, Westacott used one of the lightest tennis racquets possible, weighing 11 1/2 oz (against the 'norm' at the time for ladies of 12 1/2 to 13 oz). Aged 13, she was forced to choose between playing tennis or basketball (netball) for her school and, fortunately, the coin favoured tennis. Her height (5'11) assisted her to develop a severe serve and fearsome smash.

Australian Champion 1939, Final 1937

Australian HC Champion 1938
Qld Champion 1932, 1934, 1938
Qld HC Champion 1934, 1937, 1939
Exhibition Champion 1934

"Known as the "Doboy Demon" she was "a typical Queenslander, rangy, sun-tanned and loose-limbed. She loved to thrash a high-bouncing ball with her Western forehand and her daring play was heartily appreciated"."

Florence HORTON (QLD)

Born 1872 - Melbourne
Married William Rupert CATER 1899
Died 30 December 1917

Won six consecutive Victorian Championships from 1896 to 1900 and held the NSW title for three successive years.


Married Herbert Vindin BETTS in 1927

Dr Ella Margaret HUNT (VIC)
Born 1912
Married Clarence FURZER 1939

Lesley HUNT (WA)
Born 29 May 1950
Married (1) Jim HAMBEUCHEN
Married (2) G REVYDAVY

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Re: A-z

Keyden Ethel IRVING (QLD)
Born 14 Jan 1894 - Toowong
Died 27 Mar 1984 - Gold Coast, Qld


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Re: A-z

Michelle JAGGARD (NSW)
Born 6 May 1969
Married Gershwin LAI 21 March 1992


- family name sometimes published as 'Gillett'

Three-times runner-up to Birdie Bond in the Tasmanian Championships.

Born 1893
Married Harold C COOLING 1915


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Re: A-z


Beryll Elmie 'Beris' KELSO (NSW)
Married William James GILCHRIST 1942


Married Reginald EDWARDS 1944


Alexis 'Lexie' KENNY (QLD)
Married CROOKE 1969/70

1967 Australian Junior Champion

Married Rupert HARDINGHAM in 1951

Won the Hong Kong Tennis Championships in 1947 and 1948, when she was living there with friends.

Nion Thelma KENYON (NSW)
Born 1900 - Woollahra, Sydney
Died 18 Jun 1982 - Sydney
Married Marshall P ALLSOPP 1927

Ivy Sarah KILLER (QLD)
Born 1911
Married HANSON circa 1941

Margaret Alice KNOBLANCHE (NSW)
Born 14 Aug 1913 - Wellington, NSW
Died 05 Aug 1996 - Gerringong, NSW
Married Harry Nettleton BRUTON in 1936

Born 1 February 1947 Brisbane, QLD
Died 11 April 1977 Tallahassee FLA USA

Star of Australia's Federation Cup win in 1970.

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Re: A-z

Annie LAMB (NSW)

First (1885) NSW Champion

Born 1 October 1895 - Canterbury, Sydney
Died (unknown, still alive in 1955)
Married Robert Rainy HARPER 28 May 1924

"A versatile player, never at a loss for a stroke to play. She had two distinctly different forehands, one an overspin drive for rallying and hitting winners and the other – little seen in those days – a sliced approach shot that she followed to the net, where she volleyed well. She had a good smash too."

Beatrice Helen LARARD (QLD)
Born 28 July 1881 - Brisbane
Died 5 April 1959
Married William CADELL 1908



Janice Patricia 'Jan' LEHANE (NSW)
Born 9 July 1941
Married James John O'NEILL 19 February 1966

"Her serve was flat and no more than medium-paced, but she was instantly ready to attack her opponent's service return. She played with good concentration, determinedly covering the extra yards across the baseline that the two-handed shot imposed on her. Her double-handed backhand was not played as a solitary king-hit since her longer swinging forehand was equally as good".


Married Keith WILLIAMS in 1950

Kathleen Jessie 'Kath' LE MESSURIER (1928)
Born 12 July 1898 - Semaphore, Adelaide

South Australia's greatest champion between the wars and ranked in the nation's top players until around 1933.

She first came to national prominence during the 1924 Australian Championships where she upset defending champion Mall Molesworth. She won her state championship in 1928 and was runner-up on another seven occasions.

Kath was also runner-up in the Victorian (twice) and NSW Championships and highly regarded as a doubles player, often in tandem with Dot Weston, her successor as SA Champion.

In 1930, while on a European vacation with her sister, Le Messurier played at Wimbledon but, out of practise, she did not progress past R2.

Her father, Ernest, was a champion athlete, rower, cricketer and (Aussie Rules) footballer.

Australian Championships Final 1932
SA Champion 1928
Metropolitan Champion 1923-1933
City of Adelaide Champion 1927, 1928, 1929

Sometimes family name is listed as 'Le Neveu'.

Achieved fame in 1911, when it was discovered she was one of the three heirs, with her brother and sister in England, to a Canadian estate worth over £2 million (equivalent to £653 million today!).

Phyllis Irene LESTER (NSW)
Died 1969
Married Alfred R FOX 1933

Audrey LEWIN (VIC)

Dr Nancy LEWIS (VIC)
- sister Amy also played interstate tennis

Elizabeth LITTLE (VIC)
Born 3 October 1960
Married PEERS

Australian Junior Champion 1978

Little's daughter Sally Peers currently plays on the ITF circuit.

Dorothy LLOYD (NSW)
Married Leslie S DUESBURY in 1921
Died 1974
Sister of Nell

Ellen 'Nell' or 'Nelly' LLOYD (NSW)

Runner-up in the NSW, QLD and NSW Hardcourt singles titles, she had her best results in doubles, including wins at the 1923 and 1926 New Zealand Championships.

Wellington NZL Champion 1925

Jean, a public school student, became a doctor in 1924 and was later Senior Surgeon at the Melbourne Eye and Ear Hospital.

Born 1902
Married Edwin E SEMMLER 1928

NSW HC Champion 1925, 1926, 1928

Married EF HERRING in 1922

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Re: A-z


Married PRATT

Patricia 'Trish' MCCLENAUGHAN

Edna Marion Ida MCCOLL (NSW)
Married Donald Hugh BAYNE on 2 July 1938

Born 31 October 1922
Married TE 'Ted' FOGARTY 16 February 1946

Name sometimes spelled 'Dawn' but Dorn appears to be correct.

Dorn's mother, with whom she sometimes played doubles, was Mrs John Francis 'Jimmy' MCGILL (nee Eileen Mary WARD) from 1921.

At 13, she won the Queensland schoolgirl's championship and later took the Queensland junior title and shared the Australian junior doubles title (with Pearl Stern).

She had her chances against eventual finalist Julie Sampson (USA) in the 1953 Australian Championships before losing 63 36 46.

Marjorie MCGOUGH (TAS)
Married TAC (Clifton) ALLENBY

1909 Tasmanian Champion

Born 1912
Married Albert F 'Boyd' KING 1936

Western Australian Champion 1930, 1931, 1932, 1933, 1937
Suburban Champ 1929

Coral Annabel 'Corrie' MCINNES (NSW)
Born 1900
Died 20 December 1985
Married Cecil BUTTSWORTH 1920

Australian Champion 1931, 1932
Metropolitan Champion 1930
Cumberland Champion 1931, 1932

"Strong and of medium height and built, she used an Extreme Eastern grip. She came from the NSW Hardcourt Association, where in addition to a sharply cut serve she had developed a strong downward chop as her forehand stroke. On hardcourts it was a reliable shot and she also had good touch with it. On a grasscourt it was a penetrating devil that skidded low, and as well Mrs Buttsworth used her touch most effectively and frequently played dropshots.

Born 1905 - Essendon
Married Hugh Victor MCKAY 1926

Theresa Mary 'Dute' MACKINTOSH (QLD)
Born 1886
Married Henry Taylor MACFARLANE on 20 Nov 1912

Chrstine 'Chris' MATISON (WA)
Born 29 October 1951
Married DOREY

Gwendoline 'Gwen' MCQUADE (QLD)
Married Daniel Joseph LUCY in 1923


Beverley MANCE (VIC)
Married Allan RAE in 1951/52

Born 19 February 1962
Married Jan SEDLAK 25 July 1986 - divorced circa December 1988

Dorothy 'Dot' May MANSFIELD (QLD)
Born 1910
Married Max Hugo KAMP 1934

Teaching duties in regional Queensland kept her from more regular state selection.

Constance Mabel (Mabel) MANT (QLD)
Born 20 July 1874
Died 21 March 1960
Married Eugene KESSELS 20 July 1912

Queensland Champion 1896, 1897, 1898, 1899, 1900, 1903, 1906

Ethel Maud MANT (QLD)
Died 1955
Married Maurice LEWIS 1908

Queensland Champion 1901, 1902


From country NSW, she was the 1953 and 1954 NSW Junior Doubles Champion (with Allison Paech). She was still winning veteran's events into the 1990s.

Doris 'Dot' E MAUGER (VIC)

1939 Victorian HC Champion

Ellen Montgomerie MAYNE (VIC)
Born 10 October 1860 in Nynere Tal (modern Nainital), India.
Died 10 October 1955 in Shaldon, Devon, England

Daughter of Major Robert Graham MAYNE, a British officer serving in India, and Eliza Ann LANDALE. The Mayne family, of Scottish origin, served in the British army for several generations in India. The death of Ellen’s father in 1865 probably prompted the family to move back to Australia, as Eliza had been born in Tasmania. Ship records indicate they landed in Melbourne in 1875, where Ellen lived for the next 20 years.

Ellen may have started to play tennis as early as 1881. At a cavalry ball that year she appeared in costume described as “lawn tennis.”. At some point in the 1880s she moved to the state of Victoria and from 1886 until late 1893 won the New South Wales and Victorian state titles several times. In fact she either won or was a finalist in those events every year she played.

In December of 1893 Ellen moved to India to live with her brother Colonel Mayne. It is uncertain which brother this was exactly, as two of her her brothers were colonels there; Richard Charles Graham Mayne (1852-1939) and George Nesbitt Mayne (1854-1932). She lived in India for the next dozen years before playing in the London Championships of 1906. She entered Wimbledon in 1906 but defaulted in the first round without playing.

An 1911 census shows her residing in Surrey. She would live in England the rest of her life, with a visit to Australia in 1933.

New South Wales Champion in 1887, 1889-1890, & 1893.
Victorian Champion in 1888 and 1891

In sources from her era she was listed as Miss EM MAYNE.

[Thanks to Andrew Tas, who discovered her identity].

Frances Patricia 'Pattie' MEANEY (NSW)
Born 1900
Married August PFAFFLIN on 17 April 1933

Born 7 August 1947
Married Grover Eugene 'Raz' REID (USA) 27 April 1975

Australian WON 1977 FINAL 1970
French SF 1967
Wimbledon SF 1974

Australian HC Champ 1969
New Zealand Champ 1966
NSW Champion 1976
Queensland Champ 1967
Tasmanian Champ 1969
Victorian HC Champ 1963

"Using a strong and short swing for service and groundstrokes she has little that can go wrong in her game. She is an Eastern player and has a penetrating sidespin forehand shot to her off-side, deep to her opponent's backhand corner. However, using underspin on both sides, she has a hard time against a net player of about her own general standard of play".


Anna MENZ (SA)

Agnes Gweneth 'Peggy' MENZIES (NSW)
Married Herbert J WALTON in 1937

Born 4 March 1963
Married G HARRIS

Millicent G 'Millie' MITCHELL (NSW)
Married Audrey V MEMBREY in 1926

Alicia MOLIK (SA)
Born 27 January 1981 - Adelaide, SA
Married Tim SULLIVAN on 13 February 2011 at Coldstream, VIC

Sadie MOON (QLD)
Married KLUGE circa 1939

Sister of champion Edgar 'Gar' Moon.

Adeline MORAN (TAS)
Born 1892
Married Ross WILKINS in 1913

Dorothy 'Dot' MORAN (VIC)

Born 1893
Died 1963
Married Cleveland Stirling MATHIAS from 1923

Married Andrew V DOYLE circa 1905

Married Thomas H COX in 1903

Mother of Marjorie Cox, with whom she often played doubles in the early 1920s.

Married JG EVERITT in mid-1920s

Married James TODD

Born circa 1880
Married V MATHER

Seven-time Western Australian Champion (1913-1924)

Orea Emma Hellas MOUSTAKA (NSW)
Born about 1878
Married Dr Henry Bullen BEATTY (1860-1936) in Sydney 13 June 1903
Died in Dublin Ireland 20 July 1959

Of Greek descent, the popular name Orea meant 'from the mountains'.
Member of Sydney University Tennis Club - she attained a Bachelor of Arts there.
Played in British Isles during 1900s reaching final of doubles and winning mixed at Irish Championships

Married PHILLIPS in 1933

Esme Fay (Fay) MULLER (QLD)
Born 4 November 1933 - Laidley, QLD
Married (1) ROBINSON
Married (2) COLTHORP

Five times a quarter-finalist in the Australian singles.

Charmian MUNRO (NSW)

Twice junior hard-court champion of NSW

Maud Margaret 'Mall' MUTCH (QLD/NSW)
Born 1894
Died 9 July 1985
Married Bevil Hugh MOLESWORTH


Australian Champion 1922, 1923, Final 1934

NSW Champion 1919, 1921
Victorian Champion 1920
SA Champion 1920
Queensland Champion 1922, 1924, 1927, 1928, 1929, 1930, 1931, 1933
Tasmanian Champion 1919
Metropolitan Champion
QLD HC Champion 1922
Killara Champion 1931
Exhibition Champion 1933, 1935
Brisbane Metropolitan Champ 1924, 1930

"Sturdy and strong, she hit so hard that she was the first woman to be described as playing like a man. She had all three modern serves, using slice to the right-court forehand, flat down the middle, and topspin to the left-court backhand. She volleyed aggressively and had a full-swimming and slightly-rolled Eastern forehand, and on top of this was the famous Mall Molesworth backhand and its stream of outright winners. She liked to play this shot from somewhere above net height and hit it fast and flat, consciously making full use of her left arm as well (for balance and power, that is, and not as any form of two-hander)."

Note that Molesworth's name is sometimes published as 'Mal'; however in a letter to the editor of the Brisbane Courier-Mail, Molesworth herself spelled it 'Mall'.

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