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GRAF's Greatest Wins???

What do you all think were her best played matches/best wins?

Gotta go with 99 FO Final.. I have seen that match 100 times and will see it 100 more and it gets better everytime!

88 Wimby Final.. How many times did Marty get passed on her serve?

99 Wimby QF versus V... I can still remember her serving 4-3 to go up 5-3 at love.. 4 first serves in, 3 of them resulting in errors from Venus and the last point was a KILLER forehand... BJKing, "She is playing championship tennis!"

88 US Open final.. to win THE grand slam.. so significant.

I love the 95 Wimby Final... Not well played by Steffi in the first set but just so clinch to win that SUPER long deuce game on ASV's serve!
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Steffi has so many great matches...

1992 FO final vs. M.Seles - she lost in 3rd set 8/10 but this final was one of the greatest, very high level, and this drama...

1992 Wimby final vs. M.Seles - only few weeks after this incredible FO final, Steffi was sooooo determined ! And I think, she played the best tennis in that match, many of points in this final are for me the best points I have ever seen

1999 FO final vs. M. Hingis - something special for all, for me, because that was the first Steffi GS final, which I could see live in TV.

1999 FO SF vs. M. Seles - classical match between Steffi and Monica.

1999 Wimby Qf vs. V.Williams - Steffi proofed that she still can play her best tennis at the age of 30

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i think her pivotal wins remain:

87 Roland Garros (changing of the guard)
88 wimbledon (best match ever)
88 us open (obviously)
88 olympics (ditto + gretest achievement ever)

The rest is legendary, (usopen 95 and frenchopen 99 first) but all consequential)
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Honestly...I think it was one that kinda 'blends' in with her great results.

1995 US Open.
Graf d. Seles
7.6 0.6 6.3

Seles was on a roll - having lost only 1 set in 2 tournaments since coming back. The crowd was loving Seles' run in NY. Many thought that Steffi might come out tight against Seles (their first post stabbing meeting). Monica hit what was widely believed to be an ace to claim the 1st set...but it was called out. Steffi rallied in the tiebreaker, but looked outclassed in the 2nd. Steffi found her form and really took it to Moni in the 3rd. I thought this was a very defining match of the Seles/Graf rivalry...and proved Steffi to be a worthy champion (I don't mean she had anything to prove...just silenced critics that thought she only won since Seles was out). The quality was high - the emotion was high - and I'll never forget their hug at the net after the match. The 2 most classiest champs ever in tennis.
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She said it: "The French Open 1999!"
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I agree with seles, us open 95 was the most important victory of her career, if she had lost the press would not have stopped writing about what a loser she is especially the journalist who called her a witch the week before
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I think Maybe Wimbledon 1991 Against Sabatini was the most importat cause that HELD her UP, she won a 6/4 3/6 8/6 Final in that Wimbledon Final, after Gaby served for it twice. A loss against Gabriela on grass would have put her in a downfall in that stage, she was having problems (with his father) and running low on confidence in that period, she said she even though of leaving the sport for a while, but that victory encouraged her pretty much.
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true, if she had lost she might have retired!
so I am glad she won
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There have been so many, Wimbledon final 93 and French Open 96 were good wins also.
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all steffi's wins were great
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LOL irma, I thought you were going to say that .

Here's a question for you though - which do you think was Steffi's worst win - ie. a match she won that she really should have lost.

Also, what do you think was Steffi's worst losses ?
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Steffi worst win, too easy to say, is Wimbledon 93 closely followed by Wimbledon 91.
(even though i've never actually agreed those were matches she should have lost; i think Graf choked before watching her opponents choke on her turn, but thats' another story)
Objectively they sure are.

A much longer speech can be held about her worst losses.
Lots, to me.
I think it's very difficult to find a slam held after her first win in 87, in which Graf lost because she "had" to lose.
(which has always been, to me, a determining factor into all the greatest debates we had here)
Graf has never faced a "better" opponent, IMHO.
Maybe RG 90 and 91, yes.
But what about RG 92 and AO93, against the same (thus the better) Seles?
And UsOpen 90?
And UsOpen86? Ok, just a semifinal, but.........
And RG89???

That's the worst of all, in my opinion, because beside being against a "weaker" opponent, was also in a quite good day for Graf.
It was a walkover, more than a defeat.
In Italy they even went that far and talk about a"poisoned" pizza....

Sure, one of the unfairest losses i remember in tennis.
Second only to Lendl losing to Chang in the very same RG!!
What an year!!!

When all is said and done, i think the only Slam Graf could/should have "really" lost remains RG99, even though i can understand Graf Fans will never agree!
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French open 91? who was better? ASV? Steffi didn't play at all in that match understandable in that situation with her father

I never thought Steffi should have lost but I know some matches she won were she played crap, I mean she won wimbledon 93 because Novotna played awful from 1:4 till 6:4 but that's not Steffi's fault so deserved the win
french open 92 is her worst loss by far and if I ever doubt that then I watch the statistics and then I remember again why
don't know the statistics from australian 93 but I am convinced Steffi lost that match in her head too
but then wimbledon 92 would have been less fun without that french loss
other worse loses in my opinion
wimbledon 90 I was a new steffi fan and wasn't used to see her lose yet
us open 90(horrible, that time I loved andre too and I was glad he had won and then an hour later I found out steffi lost, that was a big deception) australian 91 against novotna, I mean she choked against novotna, steffi once the mentally strong, horrible,
us open 92, very weird because she acted strange the whole tournament,
masters 92(still think she did it on purpose because she wanted to go on holliday with her new bf and fact is she was on her way two or three days later so and she already said how excited she was about her holliday a month before in brighton)
montreal 94 because Steffi was in so much pain
all loses in 97 because Steffi should not have played one of them
eastbourne 98 because people still talk like it was anna's biggest win while steffi was out of sorts

and why should steffi have lost the french open 99?, she should have gotten a 3:2 lead in the first set and she lost the next games because of that bad call and that cost her that set and still she almost made it 5:5, I am convinced without that stolen point she had won the match 6:2 6:2 or something like that because Martina started to choke already bad at 2:0, Steffi had never, never lost the french 99 and it was her most deserving victory ever(even if I hated it the day of the match, hate to see when people get boohed or start to cry no matter if they are my fav, even hated it when monica got boohed at us open 91 and I could not stand her)
Martina didn't lose the match 6:4 2:0, I had agreed if she had lost 6:4 2:6 0:6 but she still broke Steffi at 4:4 with a few beautiful points so that's crap, Steffi changed her tactics at 5:4(we can argue why she didn't do it before but alright) and martina was shocked by that

Steffi had eaten a wrong pizza at french 89 and she had her day as far as I know , I never saw that match (only became a fan a year later) but my brother did and after I became a fan he couldn't stop telling what a bad loser steffi was because she went to the toilet during that match. did she really give up at 5:3?

the only two time I had a feeling, Steffi was kicked from court and could do nothing was against Venus in Hannover 99, sure she still could have won but Venus served very well that day and it was hard to come through and in the indian wells final, Serena played incredible well too at the end but I admit I see that a little through rose glasses because I love Serena(not that I didn't wish Steffi had won)
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LOL irma , you truly are Steffi's no.1 fan !!! She's a lucky lady - have you ever met her ?

I was a big Steffi fan but I was torn in recent times when she played Monica as I am a big Monica fan as well.

I'm interested to hear your view on a couple of things though - US open 1994 as I never saw it but was following on teletext. When Steffi took the first set I assumed she'd win and switched off - BIG MISTAKE !!!

Some matches that I think she really ought not to have lost - US open 1998 (and then Monica lost the next day ) and Wimbledon 1994 . Full credit to her opponents but Steffi seemed unable to step it up. Also Wimbledon 1999 Davenport was great but I still expected Steffi to win. I was so sad that she didn't because I think we all knew it was her last match there .

I'll post more when I can remember ...

On a side note, I notice that she and Andre are advertising T-mobile here in England, they had a huge photo of them in the Times newspaper - Steffi still looks great .
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I am so glad we are all discussing this!

I think her worst lost was the 99 Wimby Final.. Truly I think she realized that she could no longer keep up with the big babes and her ever increasing injuries were just so frustrating. The QF with Venus took EVERYTHING out of her and for her to eek out the SF win and to have to deal with a Davenport that was practically unbreakable led to this epiphany. The ass kicker is that she was ranked 3 at the time but the Wimby folk gave her a 2 seeding. If she would have been seeded 3rd, Davenport and V would have battled it out in the QF's and Graf would have had to play an ailing Novotna and then Stevenson.... A hell of a lot better than Venus on grass and an on fire Lucic at that time!

Oh well.. I Guess there isn't much we could do about it now. I think her most DEVASTATING loss was the 92 FO against Monica... So close yet so far away.

I don't think there is any match she "shouldn't" have won unless she was way behind and the opponent got injured and had to default. It is the responsibility of the opponent to close out the match and if Steffi was smart enough to go for it when the other player got the yips, that is part of the game! Sad but true. How many points did Martina play STUPIDLY when she was up in that 2nd set at the 99 FO? Drop shotting in heavy wind, Trying to hit slice backhands because as Chris said "she just doesn't want to commit to hitting her 2 handed bhand."

I am glad to see there are so many knowlegable Graffans out there! I got to meet her several times at Indian Wells and in SD. I was even at her last match in SD and her last "practice session." It is just incredible to watch her play... The footspeed and GOD that FOREHAND! I could eat it for lunch!

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