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Jen's Press Conference

The inevitable Fed Cup questions are asked. I think she answered them pretty well and hopefully there won't be anymore.

Press Conference with Jennifer Capriati Berlin, 8. May 2002

Jennifer Capriati - Meilen Tu 6:4, 6:3

Question (Q): Were the straight sets a good workout for you?
Capriati: She played really well. I had to play well. We had some good points. So, it was a good workout for me.

Q: Was it a lot hotter today?
Capriati: It wasn't so hot.

Q: It didn't speed up the court?
Capriati: Oh, yes, compared to yesterday, the doubles, it was quicker.

Q: Would you like it to get hotter and quicker as the week goes on?
Capriati: The way it was today, I liked the conditions. I expect the ball to be kind of heavier and slower.

Q: Have you been told that if you are in the tournament and beat the right people you could become the No. 1? Is that on your mind?
Capriati:No, not at all. I mean, it is important, but I'm not checking on the points. I don't even know how far she's ahead.

Q: Is the No. 1 spot not part of contracts?
Capriati: Sure, but I already covered that.

Q: Do you approach your European season differently because you already won a Grand Slam title?
Capriati: No, it's all starting new. I'm coming back and I'm fresh again. I don't think about last year because I don't want to get
myself in trouble, but just play well.

F: The French Open is arguably the most difficult tournament. Isn't it that you want to play enough matches to get good preparation, but that you easily could play too much?
Capriati: You definitely have to balance it right not peak to soon. I don't play too much. How I've been doing it is a good rhythm for me.

Q: Have you been able to reflect on what happened at the Fed Cup?
Capriati: I didn't think about it. It's in the past already. It definitely died down . I want to concentrate on my singles.

Q: did it at that time affect your confidence?
Capriati: No, not at all. I think you just have to put things into perspective. I don't believe I was in the wrong. I just felt sorry
for the people who had payed to see the top players.. But it's silly to get upset.

Q: Have you talked to Billie since then?
Capriati: I want to drop it. I don't want to talk about it.

Q: Do want to play back on the Fed Cup team?
Capriati: I can't say yes or no at the moment.

Q: did it change your commitment for the Fed Cup team?
Capriati: I haven't thought about it.

Q: So, when it's time to think about it would you play?
Capriati: We're not in the group anymore. I will have to look at my schedule then and my commitments and obviously who is the captain.

Q: Do you plan to play under Billie again?
Capriati: I believe there is always a way to work things out, but from right now, it would be tough.

Q: How important is it for you that your father is on the Tour with you?
Capriati: He's my coach. It is very imprtant for the game and for support. You need somebody on the road with you whom you can trust and who is definitely on your side.
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eep. they just didn't lay off did they??

Thanks for the interview. Looks as if jen's plan is to side step all that, good for her.I hope it doesn't affect her concentration.

and where they produce desolation, they call it peace
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God, if she had told them to fuck off I wouldn't have blamed her. I mean, it's not like she wanetd to even talk about it, let alone get grilled about it.

Jen, is it cold out there or are you just pleased to see me?
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She didn't say "you know" !!!!!
Congratulations!!!! What a great progress!!

"I'm just happy for what I have and really have no complaints. I don't have to prove anything to anybody or myself, really. I feel like I've realized that I've achieved a lot, at least in my tennis career. That's one less worry. That was kind of a worry before. I let that go."
Proud to be one of Jen's Hell's Angels!

And my fave doubles team: Virginia Y Paola. Vamo' arriba chicas!!!
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Cogito, ergo sum.
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Well said. Thanx for the interview!!
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See this is where the media gets on my nerves. She told the guy firmly that she didnt want to talk about it, yet question after question kept focusing on fedcup! She should have just not answered and said something like next question please.
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This is a first...and hopefully not a last, but I am agreeing with cybelledarkholmexx on something.

Go Jennifer!!
Good Luck in 2003!!

"I just made the decision that it's now or never..Just, you gotta have this positive self-image of yourself and otherwise, you know, your not gonna survive this life, I mean, you're gonna go through living depressed and sad and not being able to look at yourself and always degrating yourself..You know the most important thing is, is that to love yourself, you know, walk around with your head high and not take anything from anybody!..There's no other way than to just try to be happy, to try to smile, 'cause you know it's just..your wasting time if you're not!"
-Jennifer Capriati
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Press conference with Jennifer Capriati Berlin, 9. May 2002

Jennifer Capriati - Iroda Tulyganova 6:2, 6:0

Question (Q): Do you like to get matches off as quick as that or would you have liked to have a bit more match practice?
Capriati: I like to get quick matches. I haven't had many of those lately. It was quick today, but I got to play tennis and I know that I will be playing a lot more, so it's good.

Q: It was quite breezy out there. Did you feel you were hitting the ball well despite that?
Capriati: It wasn't that bad out there. I felt good and comfortable on the clay. I feel it's all coming together now. I was working very hard before I came here and today I had the feeling everything clicked in.

Q: Of your closes rivals who do you think is the most dangerous. Serena hits the ball hard, but has a high amount of errors. Who do you think is the most dangerous for you?
Capriati: I think I am doing well. Against Martina, my record is O.K.. I think I'll have to do a lot of running against her, but that doesn't bother me. It's hard to say, because there are so many good players now. Serena: I've been playing a lot lately. The last few matches I haven't been able to overcome her, but it ws different before. She is a very difficult player, because she can come up with great shot. That's what makes her so unpredictable. Monica is also tough for me, because she's so good off the ground. Her pace is tough to handle.

Q: Is she still a title contender?
Capriati: I think yes. If she's gotten in better shape. Nowadays you really need to move well and have more variety.

Q: On clay, how many are capable of winning titles?
Capriati: I think there is more chances than on hard court., On hard court you have the power hitter and it's difficult to get by them. On clay, Mauresmo, Clijsters, henin, all have the potential.

Q: So, it would be as many as 7 or 8?
Capriati: Yes.

Q: From the promotional point of view this is as best as it ever was.
Capriati: Yes. Roland Garros is coming up and it's going to be really interesting.

Q: How much more mature are you than 15 months ago, in tennis terms?
Capriati: I think I was alrady mature then. It's just a matter of haveing more expereince, of being in finals of Grand Slams, before I wasn't accustomed to that. I expect myself to do well. I know like going into Roland Garros, I want to be there for two weeks. Before, I wasn't mature enough to think that far ahead.

Q: Which is why you like winning these matches 6:2, 6:0 I guess?
Capriat: Yes.

Q: I had the feeling the spectators love you on the court?
Capriati: It's nice to be loved. I've always had good support here. Probably that's why I play well here.

Go Jennifer Thrash Sandrine as well

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I like how Jenny gives props to the other top players. She's honest.

Now go Lioness and devour your next prey!!!!!
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Let´s get it on!
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Press conference with Jennifer Capriati Berlin, 10. May 2002

Jennifer Capriati - Sandrine Testud 6:3, 5:7, 6:4

Question (Q): It must be great to be able to play as well as that?
Capriati: Yes, I played consistently thoughout the whole match. It even feels better because the last two times I lost against her. So, it was like a little revenge for me.

Q: What are you satisfied with of your performance?
Capriati: That I moved really well; I was able to play aggressively the whole match and that I was able to close it out. She started to come back, but then I served really well in the last game.

Q: She also was pretty aggressive. Does it suit yoiu to have somebody come at you like that?
Capriati: I she's on, she's definitely difficult to play. I played like that. She started to go for it in the third. She made me earn
it, too.

Q: Would it have been better to win the match in straight sets or is it better to have long matches in view of the preparation for the French Open?
Capriati: I think that there is still plenty of time to have close matches before the French. I am definitely getting enough long matches and would rather have liked to have a shorter match.

Q: A lot of players would have given up the match at 4:0?
Capriati: I tried to break her mentally in the second set. I knew that it would have been very bad for me to go into the 3rd set with 0:6.

Q: She has got a very good backhand. Were you trying to play on the forehand?
Capriati: Yes, she has a better backhand. So, I tried to keep it away from that. It is important to move around and difficult to hit down the line on her backhand all the time. I was able to move the ball around, was patient when I had to be.

Q: What part of your game were you not so happy with?
Capriati: I was pretty happy with everything.

Q: Compared to last year at this tournament you didn't seem so comfortable on clay as this year.
Capriati: I guess last year I wasn't that comfortable as I won the French (laughs). At this tournament, I think I have more experience and my confidence is bigger than last year. Last year I didn't know how I was going to do on clay.

Q: You might play Henin...
Capriati: She has to win first. If I play her, it's going to be another match. I think I play better than last year. Maybe if she does not play as well as last year ... But you can never underestimate any player. I think I was ahead last year, then she came back; so I've got to be ready.

Q: Are you likely to have the Wimbledon match on your mind?
Capriati: I haven't even thought about it. That is totally different.

Q: Did you have the Munich match on your mind today?
Capriati: That was different. i was really sick then, it was the end of the year and I was kind of really tired by then. Now, I feel different.

Q: Does Sandrine have the game that is capable of challenging the big titles, or is she not consistent enough?
Capriati: She does well, but mentally there is a lot. In a Grand Slam you have to play consistently for seven matches and I don't know whether she has the mental ability for it, but she has the game.

Q: You won the French and the Australian Open.
Capriati: Yes, I want to do it again.

Qoes it take pressure off you that you have done it?
Capriati: Yes. I don't know what people expect. It's going to be tough to win a second Grand Slam back to back. In know there are so many good players out there.

Jennifer We know u can do it

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Vielen danke for the interview Zhao

PS-Bad pic of Jen though, she doesn't look happy.
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