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Dates: Circa June 18-28
Venue: Racing Club de France, Paris

Singles (Draw=4)

1st Round

Adine Masson d. Yvonne Prevost 5-7 7-5 6-3*
Mme P Girod d. Katie Gillou 0-6 6-2 6-0


Adine Masson d. Mme P Girod 6-0 6-1


Mixed Doubles (Draw=4)

1st Round

Yvonne Prevost/Reginald Forbes d. Mme P. Girod/Fouchier-Magnan 6-3 6-2
Adine Masson/Willy Masson d. L. Schopfer/Jean Schopfer 6-8 7-5 7-5


Yvonne Prevost/Reginald Forbes d. Adine Masson/Willy Masson ????


Draw notes:

An Armand Masson is mentioned as founder of an early French Club. Could he be connected to Adine Masson?

Mlle L Schopfer is probably a sister of Jean-Schopfer.


*Lawn Tennis at Home and Abroad by Arthur Wallis Myers provides a sketch of Masson's game on page 264. This gives a score of 5-7 7-5 6-2 for the Masson-Prevost match.


The semifinals took place circa June 23, with the final due to take place "at a later date" ("Le Figaro", June 24, 1902).

The book Lawn Tennis at Home and Abroad by Arthur Wallis Myers provides a sketch of Masson's game on page 264:

"This lady is good, both forehand and backhand; possesses a long, hard drive with plenty of swing; places well, and keeps good length. She is, however, apt to be trifle reckless and at times goes too much for her stroke. In a mixed doubles she is a tower of strength."

This was the inaugural mixed doubles event at the French Closed Championships. Several reliable sources gives the Forbes/Prevost team as the winners, but no score. Note that Jean Schopfer (1868-1931) was famous under his pen name Claude Anet. One of Anet's books was a biography of Suzanne Lenglen.

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