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Got any spare time? You can help the GS project

Hi, guys! Many of you have provided valuable assistance to the Grand Slam Project. And still more would probably like to help, but don't have the resources (books, or a nearby library well-stocked with a variety of newspapers). Well, now you can.

If you've been reading the threads, you'll have noticed that, thanks to the expanded ITF database, we have all of the singles and doubles results from the Open Era. However, there are a couple of things missing from some of the draws. A few are missing full seedings. And most of them (with the exception of the last dozen years) are missing tiebreak scores.

Guess what? Some of this info is now available online. Thanks to the WTA expanding their player results, we can now find seedings from at least 1974 up, and tiebreak scores from at least 1984. The drawback is that they don't have any of the tournaments in draw form. (Unless I'm missing something, in which case feel free to enlighten me.) We have to pluck the results out player by player. Fortunately, they did make a provision that allows you to view all of a player's results by tournament. So, you could view, say, all of Navratilova's Wimbledon results, then all of her US Open results, etc.

I've started by checking some of the players' singles results. I've done Wade, Navratilova, Bassett, Leslie Allen, and Katrina Adams.

I won't get a chance to check any more tonight. If anyone wants to start checking on players, post who you're going to check here (so we don't have several people wasting time checking the same players), then post the results you get here. If Rollo and I don't have to personally dig through each and every player, it will save us a ton of time. Much thanks for your assistance.

You can limit your search for tiebreaks to those who played in any slams from 1984 to the mid 90's. (F.E. checking King or Goolagong would largely be a waste of time.) We just need scores from tiebreaks, not other matches.

Edit: additional note: if anyone has a fast enough connection so that the pages at Tennis Corner load up in less than 10 minutes, you could check those draws to find some qualifiers and wildcards that we haven't identified.
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