My Qualifying Report Day One -
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My Qualifying Report Day One

Was running late as usual and didnt get into Melbourne Park until 10.20am.

Raced straight over to Jaslyn Hewitt vs Nociarova disappointed to see Jaslyn down two breaks of serve 1-4! Nociarova was playing similar style game to Benesova last year in qualies, she hit quite flat on the backhand. Jaslyn though really dug deep with some amazing, and I mean amazing scrambles and winners and broke back twice to 4-4. The she got a little hesistant and dropped serve. The next game was a long one, some long rallies and it was then that Nociarova really started to show that the heat was getting to her, she just didnt seem to be recovering as quickly from the rallies. Jaslyn then managed to break back, and hold serve and break again on her 3rd set point!

With Nociarova wilting in the heat decided to move to a few other courts to see more of the aussies. I came back and it was 6-5 Nociarova and Jaslyn was receiving treatment for what appeared to be a knee injury! Anyway after a long break she came back and immediately it was Nociarova that appeared to have something wrong with her hand as she started serving underarm and did 3 consecutive drop shots. Anyhow she somehow won that game and the set and called a medical timeout herself. Didnt see the 3rd set but Jaslyn won it comfortably, a well deserved effort, she had fough tremendously in the 1st set in particular!

Dominikovic vs Szili was a low standard match. Szili gets the award for 2nd worst player of the day behind Dubravka Cupac. Szili was trying to hit topspin loopy balls to Daniela at 4-4 in the 3rd, not the best time to start being defensive. She was hitting a lot of them too short and Daniela quickly cleaned up the match. Daniela was playing OK, I think she just did what she had to do because she certainly wasnt playing that aggressively and wasnt being pushed. Tomorrow I think she will be far more aggressive

Cupac vs Gubasci - I cant understand how Dubravka ever beat Drake or even Breadmore. She just tried to kill every ball after one or two shots, maybe she cant play in the heat but it was as if she was tanking it accept she cared! I'd be very surprised if Dubravka is back next year, she has no defensive game either.

Lukasewicz vs Gajdosova. Talk about lucky, I cannot believe Olivia got this!!
The first set she played consistent but Gajdosova was missing everything and pretty much gave Olivia the set. The second set though she found her rhythm and really exploited Olivia's weaknesses, and there are lots of them! For starters Olivia has poor movement, part of this is that she seems slow to recover from her double handed strokes on both sides, but half of it seemed laziness, she wasnt chasing down anything, no fighting spirit or real determination. Olivia quickly lost the set being broken to love! That was the other thing, Olivia's serve is hopeless, especially her second serve, Gajdosova was belting it for winner after winner.
I knew for Olivia to win that she would have to get a quick lead in the 3rd and be at least up 2 breaks of serve! She started well racing to a 2-0 lead after two tight games but then Gajdosova came back at her, she was a much better player, once at 2-2 I thought it was over but then Gajdosova just couldnt finish the point, she kept missing shots by millimetres or it would hit the top of the net, either way she was totally dominating Olivia in the rallies but just could nail the final shot and somehow Olivia found herself up 5-2, up 2 breaks and serving for it! Without much resistance it was back to 5-4 as Gajdosova continued to clobber Olivia weak serve. Then Olivia's last chance and she managed to nail a couple of solid first serves, then at 30-30 Gajdosova missed a shot by a millimetre and same again at 40-30 when she tried nailing Olivias crap second serve for another winner. All I can say is that the crapper player won on the day and should savour the moment!! If they play again Gajdosova would wipe her 6-2 6-2!

Breadmore vs Kirkland - Gotta give Breadmore credit, she fought as hard as her body would let her, running absolutely everything down. She came so close to taking the first set in a match that was expected to be a whitewash to Kirkland. Breadmore really has extraordinary defensive skills, but her whoel game is defensive and she struggles to attack. Breadmore loves the Melbourne Park courts, she would push any player from 50 downwards here hence the reason why I think a main draw WC should go her way by next year providing she can be in the top 300! Kirkland though was incredibly patient, the rallies literally went for 2-3 minutes, 30-60 strokes in such heat, was a credit to both players. Kirkland is a bit of a bitch though, when Breadmore went to the toilet, Kirkland approached the umpire and asked if he was gonna give Breadmore a warning for her language!

Sore bits of Sesil vs Chanelle both girls can whack but Sesils serve steered her through, its a real weapon when it goes in!

Grandin vs Safarova - interesting match, both these girls can seriously whack, Safarova hit some amazing, incredibly powerful winners, she is still a bit erratic but she has a big future I think. Grandin hung in there with some good serving in the 2nd set. She had lead 4-1 in the 1st and 3-0 in the second only to lose the first and lose her lead in the 2nd. at 3-3 though Grandin came back from 0-40 with 3 aces. I left after this. Not surprised Grandin won the 2nd set but shocked with the 3rd set score, Safarova must have totally wiltered, she really was whacking the balls.

Bychkova vs Meusberger - cant say either of these girls really impressed me. Meusberger though looks like Myskina!!!

Nan Nan Liu vs Amanda Janes - I was surprised with the result, only watched a few games at the start of the 2nd set but it seemed like a close match and I thought Amanda was gonna push Liu in the 2nd set but obviously not

McDowell vs Lourdes - Shayna is only 14 or 15 and seems very talented for her age. She's quite tall and can whack the ball, she hit out and was competitive and deserved her wildcard! Possibly a bright future I think!

Nakamura vs Nooni - Nooni didnt impress me at all, Aiko though was very focussed and played smart tennis, good controlled aggression especially on the backhand.

Muller vs Putchek - Score didnt really show the closeness of the match there were a lot of tight games, Muller just had a bit more aggression .

Tu vs Husarova - Boring, both girls were playing shit, not many decent rallies, Husarova was nothin of the player she used to be, quite sad really

Yakimova vs Garcia - Very entertaining match, some awesome rallies, both these girls have great games, lots of power and will definitely rise up the ranks!

Li vs Pous Tio - Li is a tall girl, solid game, surprised it went to 3 sets

Sun vs Kucova was also another awesome match to watch in parts, some amazing rallies, Sun though seemed a little more consistent on the day but again both players can definitely improve on their current rank!
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yeah. Cupac shocked me also with her poor play. Went for a winner all the time.
I thought Szili hits a better ball then Dominikovic... Danielva was spinning them in when i watched and Szili was hitting through the ball more... but that was in the 2nd set. I did not see what happened after that.
I still can't beleive how shocking Cupac was... were you the person walking around with 2 male freinds? i noticed them watching most of Cupac's match.

I agree Breadmore deserved a main draw wildcard based on how hard she fought!
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Hmm..agree with most of the report, but as always there are the obligatory Olivia attacks! I know it's tough to get pass your dislike of her Even when she wins a match you'll tear her to shreds There are certainly some positive aspects about her game that you could also elaborate on, but as always you focus on the negatives of her game. You'd make a great tabloid journalist Fact is, she beat a higher fancied opponent and deserves a bit more credit for hanging in there! Her serve is shit, but the rest of her game is decent enough. Needs a lot more devlopment and work, but she's on the right track! When she gets her rhythm going she can hit quite well and she hit some really great winners today. Definitely has some talent, and with a couple more years she will be a better player. She's still only 16, a long long way to go...but this is a good start

V.Melb - Don't know which points you saw, but to me Daniela hits the ball much better than Szili. Should've been a much easier scoreline.
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Like Cupac I saw little improvement with Olivia! The 12 months before she made enormous strives, but this last twelve months and to still have such a shonky serve and poor court movement for a girl that has athleticism was very disappointing!

Its great she won, but it wasnt without a bit of luck and catching her opponent on quite an off day! Yes she did hit some good winners, but nothing spectacular or with that much pace.
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Thanks for the report. Didn't get to see Liv play unfortunately as the Chuang match went forever and I had to go. However glad she pulled it out - bout time an Aussie girl found a way to win when they haven't been playing that well. Credit should be given to her not a bagging.

As for Szili - don't know what TA see in her. Nothing much to her game, and I found never strikes the all that cleanly even in a general rally. Dani was extremely sloppy, lazy on the low balls, her backhand was a bit flicky but the forehand is a decent shot. Dani did her best to lose it when Szili pulled to 4 all 15-40 from 2-4 with some average play, but pulled herself together.

God I sat and watched Breadmore for only 3 games and I think Szili/Dani had played the 2nd set in that time. Lauren had 5 set pts at 5-4, Kirkland serving, and basically didnot look like winning any of them as she just doesn't have the firepower to win an important pt. Her forehand looks good, but generates no power and eventually Kirkland found a way to either outmaneavour Lauren and force an error. Lauren had a 5-2 tiebreak lead and let that slip too. At least Loz fights to the death which many other Aussies can't be bothered with.

Cupac was vvvveerrryyy bad. Plays without purpose, totally rambles on between pts but forgets to focus when the pt is being played. Hits the ball hard and flat which leads to many errors. Not to mention her poor conditioning atm looks a bit heavy.

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good report simon!

altho about dubravka u have to admit she does have the ability to be som much more! she just needs to play with some brains bc she really imploded in sydney too....her shots are quite good IMO

dubz better luck next time!!

Good luck to the Aussie and Balkan girls!
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Thanks a lot for the report!


Bedanova Benesova Boev Bovina Chakvetadze Claes Clijsters Dementieva Flipkens Gajdosova Hantuchova Hendler Henin-Hardenne Ivanovic Karatantcheva Kleybanova Kutuzova Kirilenko Lisjak Mauresmo Myskina Nowe Pennetta Pin Razzano Safarova Sprem Sucha Vermoezen Zvonareva


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Yeah SM, Dubz has enormous power but doesnt set her points up and is too impatient. She is too erratic, i just wish I could see her play her more patient game, today I think she just felt the pressure too much and got into a panic!

Regarding Olivia match, Gajdosova made 17 Unforced errors in the 1st set (4.25 games) and 21 Unforced errors in the 3rd set (5.25 games), also Olivia hit as many winners in the 1st set as she did the 2nd set, only 7 of them, and Olivia was serving around 40% for most of the match! You dont have to be much of a statistician to see that she pretty much gave Olivia the match on a silver plate and kudos to Olivia for staying in the rally long enough and for winning, but really there was nothing that great about her performance, she would have beaten the same player last year!

Thats my whole point, I saw no improvement since last year with Olivia!
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I like these reports. Keep 'em coming. I especially want more of the goss.

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