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Re: Why is Bouchard so hated?

First of all, I don't hate her. I felt that Kucova incident was stupid and unnecessary, but at the time I thought that she is just young and needs to mature. Maybe she just is like that, dunno.

On a more general note... I just can't identify with Bouchard. She has a very nice game, but emotionally, I can't connect with her. She reminds me of a robot, no emotions at all. With Sharapova, I feel she's still a human being, but Genie? Don't know about her, she just seems way too mature in a way. I know it's good for her results, but still...
For other players, I can still see the FUN that they have competing. As for Bouchard, it sometimes seems like she is not even playing for herself, but for someone else. It's strange to explain, but that's what I feel when watching her.

Over-confident might also be a good word to describe why she is not particulary liked on here. It's good for her confidence on the court that she believes in herself, but her press conferences sometimes sound like she is not a single bit surprised about her results this year. That's quite hard to believe. Simona, in opposition, is way more down-to-earth. She said she believed she can be at the top, but never expected to have a stunning year like she had. I just think that's a better way to communicate.

Also, I don't like her voice. But that's not her fault at all.



Thank you for all these moments over the last years! Supported you until your final point!

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