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Re: How to be a better tennis coach/player (biomec, psych, technique, tactic tips)

Originally Posted by Lachy View Post
OMG so true about the confidence thing! I know what you mean
I figured out it's the basic approach towards our game that matters the most. It's like that with me. If you are a more laid back individual or tend to overanalyze things, your tennis could get shaky. Sport, like music or arts, is not at all rational, at least not the match-playing.

When you're confident, you just trust your shots and don't need to think; your body feels free of your mind. And that's the whole point in sports, isn't it? Both cooperating, so that both can free themselves of one another

I started doing a Serena when I was late for the shots; not really her technique or path of the stroke, but her eagerness to get ready for the shot very early. Also, even when you're only warming up, try to open your eyes as much as you can (like Djokovic for example), like you really want to see the ball.

Originally Posted by charmedRic View Post
What I have noticed in the last couple of weeks (the USTA mixed doubles season just started then) is that my FH is a much more "prepared" shot where my frame is already back and ready to go when the opponents ball is just bouncing, while my BH is an instinctive shot where my preparation is a lot shorter (most last second) yet my swing speed is just as fast as the FH. The ultimate result is that my FH is a deep penetrating top-spin shot while my BH is a flatter stroke unless I increase my prep time to match my FH's.
I'm pretty much the same. But I would really suggest you that you try and flatten your forehand/add spin your backhand. I know what you mean by instinctive; it seems like you're connected to it, for me it almost feels like my friend somehow. Natural. But don't get happy with it, just because you notice it's natural. I started adding spin on my backhand recently; it's amazing how quickly I started to use spin and flat very smartly. BECAUSE it's the go-to shot, go on and try to improve it, because you'll improve it much faster and in ways you might not even imagine.

Prepare early and hit early; and get the feel for the ball coming towards you. When the ball has the biggest speed, try to exaggerate the swing under the ball, and you don't need to add that much power because spin will absorb it and translate it into your shot. Do extra little steps with your feet.

It's amazing really what you can achieve when you get confidence on your go-to shot. When, for example, someone plays a slice onto your backhand, you can get tremendous pace if you play your backhand semi-spinny.

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