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French Open Doubles

Remarks on event:

From 1890 until 1924 a French National event was held. This was open to French nationals only, though a couple of the finalists appear to be British. Why they were allowed to enter is as yet unclear. The women's event didn't get started until 1897. It was not a success, as entries were so limited that a couple of times the winner did not have to play a match!

From 1912 a major event was held in Paris, with the exception of one year in Brussels.
The "World Hard Court Cahmpionships" was the official World title on clay. Hard courts was the British term for clay, modern hard cement courts as we know them today being limited to California and South Africa.

The World Hard Courts are listed here as they were
the forerunner for the French Open. When the ITF admitted the US in 1923 it was demanded that the "World" titles be dropped. The French decided to let the 1924 Olympics in Paris replace the Hard Court title for that year. After that the way was clear for what is now know as "the French Open".

*See separate threads for:
- the World Indoor titles and history.
-the Olympic Games

*the "World Grass" title was held by Wimbledon. It dropped the word "Grass" from it's title but kept "the Championships".

There was also a French Open (in which foreigners could compete) BEFORE 1925. I will publish these results as I find them.
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