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New Software bug

I don´t know if call it a bug, or just an advance but I don´t like it... It is something I miss because I used it.

When you are in a thread, at the bottom there are two links (I think they are unusefull) :
« Prev Thread | Next Thread »
But in the old software there was another link there, in the middle, to return to the forum (the list of threads).
I used it all the time, this way: I open the thread, read all the posts, add my own post if I like, and when I get the end, press this link and come back to the forum.
Now I have to go again to the top of the page to return, or go to the end to press this link where you can swich different forums, but sometimes your arrows plays a trick to you and you end in.... only god knows where...

For those who are members of MensTennisForum, you can still see the "link" I am talking about at the end of the last post.

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