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I think she should stay banned. It's ridiculous to waste the admins time on this crap, just because she doesn't have the will-power to stay away when she has something important to do. Whatever.

"You Worry About Your Jump Rope and Yourself!" -Coral on Battle of the Sexes 2
(1/20/17) Just discovered this gem in my private messages from 2006:
Who is Rtael?
This guy Rtael ,brainless and ignorant, is one of the most obnoxious, arrogant and coward guys whos has been a pest in this forum for years now.Given the new anti-bully policy he'll probably be expelled soon. Observe how he tries to rally and gang others against you. Mean people like him shouldn't be allowed here. And all because he "doesn't like your attitude"!!
**Everyone should consider themselves warned!**
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