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Re: Blast Encyclopedia of Female Tennis Players

La Nauze, Mrs. C. A. (from 12 Jan 1911) [SEE ATKINS, Lily Rose]

La Roche, Mrs. W. J. (from 3 March 1951) [SEE BOWES, Cecile Marie]

LABAT, Florencia (Argentina) [12 June 1971- ] [Active 1980s-2000s.]

LACAZE, Florence (United States/France) [1895-Feb 1983] [Mrs. Heynemann, ????- c. 1919; Mrs. Jay Frank Gould, from 10 Feb 1923] [Active ???]

LACK, Joyce M. (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

LADD, Lois (United States) [????-7 April 2016] [Mrs. George Barcus Rockwell, from 30 Sept 1950] [Active 1950s.]

Ladiges, Frau von [SEE ROSENTHAL, Gertrud]

Lafant, (Mme) Alberte (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Lafargue, Mme L. (after 1937) [SEE IRIBARNE, Simone]

Lafaurie, Mme R. (June 1922-before March 1930) [SEE JUNG, Sylvia]

LAFRAMBOISE, Mariette (Canada) [Active 1950s.]

Lagasse, (Mme) Denise (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

LAGERBORG, Mary (Sweden) [Married to Lagerborg?, by 1949] [Active c. 1938-1953]

Lagoutte, (Mme) Marie-Louise (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Laidlow, Mrs. (by July 1952) [SEE TAUBELE, Norma]

LAINE, Francoise (France) [Mme Pierre Prieur, from 28 April 1930] [Active ???]

Laing, Mrs. J. D. (from 23 Oct 1926) [SEE HOWETT, Violet Mary]

LAIRD, (Eleanor) Jean (United States) [12 April 1935- ] [Active 1950s.]

Laisné, Mme (before 1937-before 1946) [SEE HAMELIN, Monique]

LAITINEN, Helena (Finland) [14 Sept 1952- ] [Mrs. Lundström] [Active 1970s.]

LAKE, Valda (Great Britain) [11 Oct 1968- ] [Active 1983, 1985-1997]

Lakeman, Mrs. T. A. (from 12 Nov 1930) [SEE FRY, Joan Cradock]

LAMB, Annie (Australia) [Active 1880s.]

Lambert, Mrs. (Great Britain) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1910s.] [SEE ???]

Lambert Chambers, Mrs. R. (from 6 April 1907) [SEE DOUGLASS, Dorothea Katherine]

LAMBUTH, Jane Ingram (United States) [29 July 1892-April 1975] [Mrs. Joseph Lister Holmes, from 15 Dec 1917] [Active c. 1910-16]

LAMBUTH, Myra (United States) [29 July 1892-????] [Mrs. Willis Webster Judd, from 7 June 1922] [Active c. 1910-20]

Lamm, (Mrs.) Jean (China?/United States) [2 Nov 1920- 1 March 2004] [Married to Russell "Russ" Lamm, from 1946; maiden name unknown] [Active 1940s-60s.] [SEE ???]

LAMM, Pixie (United States) [4 March 1948-28 Nov 2017] [Married to: Johnson, 1983-????; Carlton Coolidge, by 1990] [Active c. 1968-1970]

Lamme, Mrs. A. J. (by 1929) [SEE SHERWOOD, Agnes]

LAMPE, Carmen (United States) [19 May 1932- ] [Mrs. Robert "Bob" Boland, from 3 Nov 1962] [Active c. 1949-1962]

Lamplough, Mrs. H. W. (from 13 May 1908) [SEE EASTLAKE-SMITH, Gladys Shirley]

LANCASTER, Vicki (Australia) [26 Jan 1951- ] [Mrs. Kerr] [Active 1970s.]

Lance, Mrs. R. C. (from 6 Oct 1934) [SEE STAMPE, Barbara Mary]

LANCE, Sara Mary (Great Britain/New Zealand) [1866-19 Nov 1954] [Mrs. Ernest Denton Tanner, 9 Aug 1887-24 Jan 1910; Mrs. Charles Fortescue Uniacke, from 1912] [Active late 1880s.]

LANCE, Sylvia (Australia) [1 Oct 1895-after March 1953] [Mrs. Robert Rainy Harper, from 28 May 1924] [Active 1910-20s.]

Landale, Mrs. C. H. (from 3 June 1922) [SEE FOULGER, (Ursula) Ruth]

Landauer, (Frau) Ellen (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

Lander, Mrs. [SEE HARDING, Inez]

LANDLAW, M. (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

Landry, Mme P. H. (Feb 1937-c. 1949) [SEE ADAMSON, Nelly Jeanne]

Landtroop, Mrs. [SEE VILBIG, Doris Margaret "Peggy"]

LANE, Caroline (United States) [22 Jun 1956- ] [Active 1970s.]

LANE, Elsie (Great Britain) [22 June 1864-10 Aug 1948] [Active 1890s-1900s.]

LANE, Hilda (Great Britain) [c. 1877/78-17 Dec 1916] [Active 1900s-10s.]

Lane, Mrs. C. F. [SEE HILL, Margaret Winifred]

LANG, Elsie (United States) [c. 1889-????] [Mrs. William H. Pritchard, from c. 1909] [Active c. 1910-25]

Lang, Frau Ernst (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

LANG, Helen (or Helena) (United States) [Oct 1886-????] [Mrs. Louis Stanislas De Lone, from c. 1910] [Active ???]

Lang, Mrs. N. (from 5 April 1941) [SEE HIRSCH, Millicent]

LANGANAY, Chantal (France) [11 April 1944- ] [Active 1960s-70s.]

Langanay, (Mme) Raymonde (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Langenberg, Mrs. O. M. (3 Jan 1942- 1959) [SEE SCHOCK, Jean]

LANGLEY, Augusta (Great Britain) [1858-????] [Active 1880s.]

LANGLEY, Constance Laura Mary (Great Britain) [1862-27 Oct 1934] [Mrs. Charles John Chichester Smith, from 1880] [Active 1880s.]

LANGLEY, Flora (Great Britain) [1860-????] [Active 1880s.]

LANGLEY, Jill (Australia) [c. 1937- ] [Active 1952-1960s.]

LANGLEY, Marion (Great Britain) [1866-????] [Active 1880s.]

Langre, Cecelia [SEE ROSADO, Cecelia]

LANGRISHE, Adela Constance (Ireland) [1858-6 March 1948] [Active c. 1879-90]

LANGRISHE, Maria Cecilia 'Beatrice" / “Bee” (Ireland) [c. 1863-14 March 1921] [Mrs. (Colonel) Henry Francis Thornhill Fisher, from 21 Dec 1901] [Active c. 1879-90]

LANGRISHE, Mary Isabella "May" (Ireland) [21 Dec 1864-24 Jan 1939] [Active 1879-92]

LANGROVA, Petra (Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic) [27 June 1970- ] [Married to: Jaromir Pichal, ????-????; Miroslav Cernosek, frpm early Oct 2013] [Active 1980s-90s.]

Langsford, Mrs. I. "R." (by 1966) [SEE EASY, Caroline(Carolyn?) "Carol"]

Lannefranque, (Mme) Marcelle (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Lanning, Mrs. C. E. (from 11 Jan 1934) [SEE GOSS, Eleanor A.]

LANNOWE, Florence Dering (Great Britain) [1875-7 April 1945] [Mrs. Henry "Norman" Marrett, from 1909] [Active 1910s.]

LANQUEST, Nadine (France) [Active 1930s.]

LANSDOWNE, Therese (United States) [31 Oct 1888-27 Feb 1989] [Mrs. Edward C. Duble, by 1920] [Active c. 1920-1926]

LAPI, Laura (Italy) [10 Sept 1970- ] [Active 1986-95]

LAPIDOUSE, Jacqueline (France) [Active 1930s.]

LAPIMAA, Elena (Soviet Union) [7 April 1953- ] [Married to Komarov, from 1975] [Active 1970s.]

LARARD, Beatrice Helen (Australia) [28 July 1881-5 April 1959] [Mrs. William Cadell, from 1908] [Active 1900s.]

LARARD, Maud (Australia) [Active 1900s.]

LARCADE, Geneviève (France) [Active 1930s-40s.]

Larcombe, Mrs. D. T. R. (from 15 Oct 1906) [SEE THOMSON, Ethel Warneford]

Lareau, Mrs. R. J. (25 Aug 1952-before 12 Dec 1964) [SEE DOYLE, Jean]

LARINA, Yevgenia Konstantinovna (Soviet Union) [20 July 1931- ] [Mrs. Bantle] [Active ???]

Larkan, (Mrs.) Gloria (South Africa) [maiden name unknown; Married a Mr Larkan at the age of 21] [Active late 1960s-1970s.]

Larkham, Mrs. B. [SEE PERCIVAL, Stephanie]

LARKING, Jennifer (United States) [6 Jan 1967- ] [Married to Steve Dawson, from c. spring 1989] [Active 1990s.]

Larking-Dawson, Jennifer (from c. spring 1989) [SEE LARKING, Jennifer]

LARMINIE, Margaret Rivers (Great Britain) [1886-31 March 1964] [Mrs. Robert Clayton Tragett, 22 May 1911-before 1934] [Active ???]

LARNED, Elizabeth (United States) [1 Feb 1887-????] [Mrs. Albert H. McCarthy, from 30 May 1905] [Active 1900s.]

LARSSON, Johanna (Sweden) [17 Aug 1988- ] [Active 2003- ]

Lartigou, Mme [SEE MARRE, Simone]

LARUE, Anne-Marie (France) [26 Jan 1938(27 Jan 1942?)- ] [Mme Rouchon, from c. Nov/Dec 1964] [Active 1960s.]

Lascelles, Mrs. F. (from 1922) [SEE HALLEY, Ellen Annie "Nellie"]

LASCH, Edith "Rose" (Austria/Sweden) [21 Feb 1884-16 Oct 1964] [Mrs. Charles David Arnheim, by 1908-1911] [Active 1900s-10s.]

Laspe, Marilen (from c. 1963) [SEE KNOBLING, Marilen]

LASTRA, Gabriela (United States) [7 June 1980- ] [Married to Yetten] [Active 2000s.]

LATHAM, Edith Hilda (Great Britain) [1886-28 July 1960] [Mrs. Lawrence Hector Mark Heathcote, from 2 March 1912] [Active c. 1915-20]

LATHAM, Kate (United States) [25 Oct 1952- ] [Active 1970s.-1987]

Latimer, Mrs. R. (from 27 Dec 1928) [SEE BALLANTINE, Constance Margaret Neill]

LATIMER, Louise (Great Britain) [19 Jan 1978- ] [Married to ???, by 2014] [Active 1994-2001]

Latta, Mrs. D. M. [SEE THYNE, Helen Mary "Nell"]

Latimer, Mrs. H. G. (from 1915) [SEE LATTEY, Norah Isabel]

LATTEY, Norah Isabel (Great Britain) [20 Dec 1871-2 Jan 1953] [Mrs. Hugh G. Latimer, from 1915] [Active 1900s-10s.]

Lauder, Mrs. [SEE BENTLEY, Rita]

LAUDERBACH, Marjorie Leona (United States) [30 Nov 1916-13 July 2014] [Mrs. Walter E. Blair, by 1939-????; Mrs. Kenneth Ranney, by 1958] [Active c. 1936-1945, ????-1958]

LAUGHTON, Jean (Australia) [7 March 1905-????] [Active c. 1925-1950]

LAUGHTON, Lois (Australia) [24 Aug 1903-18 July 1995] [Mrs. Alfred George Carne] [Active c. 1920-30]

Launert, Frau (from c. 1959) [SEE OBST, Erika]

LAURIE, Barbara (Australia) [Active 1940s.]

Lauteslager, Nora [SEE BLOM, Nora]

Levalley, Mrs. C. T. (from 1924) [SEE UPTON, Margaret Bertine]

Laverton, Mrs. H. S. (1899-Oct 1913) [SEE SIMS, Margaret Manley Alice]

LAVIEILLE, Marcelle (France) [Active 1930s.]

Lavino, Mrs. E. "G." (from c. 1907/08) [SEE DENEGRE, (Louisa) Marie]

Law, Mrs. E. S. (from c. April/June 1925) [SEE BROWN, Yvonne Mary Florence]

LAWRENCE, Edna (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

LAWRENCE, Isabella Cleaveland (United States) [14 Jan 1873-13 Sept 1959] [Mrs. George Bruno de Gersdorff, from 21 Nov 1907] [Active c. 1908-14]

LAWRENCE, Kitty (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Lawrence, Mrs. [SEE PRYDE, Marilyn J.]

Lawrence, Mrs. M. D. (from 18 Aug 1962) [SEE WOLFENDEN, Nancy]

LAWSON, Janet (Great Britain) [c. 1903-????] [Mrs. Eric Eaton Walker, from 17 Dec 1931] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Lawsonb, Mrs. Grant (from 1970) [SEE TOMLINSON, Wendy]

LAYARD, Annie Jane (Great Britain) [4 Aug 1858-????] [Mrs. Evelyn Gordon Reeves, from 6 Sept 1881] [Active 1880s.]

LAYFIELD, Anne (Great Britain) [c. 1920- ] [Mrs. Benjamin H. Baker, from 24 Oct 1951] [Active 1940s-50s.]

Layolle, (Mme) Antoinette (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Layton, Mrs. A. G. F. [SEE HIRST, Eveyn Marian]

LAZZARINO, Silvana (Italy) [19 May 1933- ] [Active 1950s-70s.]

Le Besnerais, Mme J.-R. (1 March 1918-????) [SEE CARBONEL-TEQUI, Anne-Marie “Nanette”]

Le Besnerais, Mme D. (from 27 Sept 1954) [SEE SCHMITT, Suzanne]

LE BOUBENEC, Jacqueline (France) [18 March 1942- ] [Active 1960s-70s.]


LE CONTE, Germaine (France) [Active 1920s.]

LE CONTE, Yvonne (France) [Active 1930s.]

Le Gendre, Mme (from 1927/28) [SEE MAUREL, Jeanne]

LE MESSURIER, Kathleen ”Kath” Jessie (Australia) [12 July 1898-1 Jan 1981] [Active 1910s-30s.]

LE NEVEU, Ethel (Australia) [1872-1949] [Active 1900s.]

Le Quellec, Mme Y. (from 2 July 1930 [SEE BOURGEOIS, Yvonne Renée Suzanne]

LE RAYS, Martine (France) [Active 1970s.]

Leach, Mrs. B. (from 21 July 1945) [SEE MADDEN, Eileen Maguerita "Sissy"]

LEACH, Florence Amy (South Africa) [3 Aug 1862-18 Dec 1924] [Mrs. Lyndhurst Winslow, from 22 Jan 1885] [Active c. 1890-1900]

Leachman, Mrs. R. (from 2 Sept 1906) [SEE MULLER, Anna]

LEADBETTER, Lessie (United States) [7 June 1887-????] [Mrs. Harland Wentworth, 25 Oct 1911-????] [Active 1900s]

LEAN, Constance Harvey (New Zealand) [17 Aug 1864-30 July 1908] [Active c. 1888-96]

LEAND, Andrea (United States) [18 Jan 1964- ] [Active 1981-1994]

Learoyd, Mrs. R.B. (from 1912) [SEE BOADLE, Marjorie Scott]

LEATHER, Caroline Margaret (Great Britain) [c. July/Sept 1939-4 Jan 2013] [Mrs. Brian Peerless, c. Jan/March 1964-????; Mrs. (Sir) Robert Ford, from 7 June 2003] [Active 1950s-60s.]

LEAVITT, (Mary) Emma (United States) [22 May 1865-29 Dec 1956] [Mrs. William Fellowes Morgan, from 22 Jan 1885] [Active 1890s.]

Lebailly, (Mme) Marguerite (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Lebaron, Mrs. G. R. (from 20 April 1910) [SEE TOWNSEND, Laura S.]

LEBEDEFF, Ann (United States) [4 May 1951- ] [Active 1960s-70s.]

LEBOUTILLIER, Florence S. (United States) [12 April 1910- 4 Oct 1994] [Mrs. Edward Warwick Pinkham, Jr., from 1940] [Active 1920s-50s.]

Lecaillon, Mme [SEE MORALES, Jacqueline]

LECARON, S. (France) [Active 1920s.]

Leclercq, Mme A. (from 6 June 1912) [SEE CRABBE, Renée]

LEDERMAN, Gertrude (United States) [Active 1920s.]

LEDGER, Elizabeth "Betty" (South Africa) [c. 1920- ] [Mrs. Slater] [Active 1930s-40s.]

LEDGER, Muriel Vera (Great Britain) [c. Nov/Dec 1889-c. May 1952] [Mrs. Henry Cecil Hextall, from c. May/June 1913] [Active 1920s.]

Ledig, (Frau) Elly (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

LEE, Beatrice Mary Shaw (Great Britain) [19 Oct 1886-????] [Active ???]

Lee, Mrs. S. W. (by 1953) [SEE MCNEILL, Charlotte]

LEE, Duk-Hee (South Korea) [13 July 1953- ] [Married to Pung-on Cho] [Active 1970s-1983]

Lee, Mrs. J. (from 1932) [SEE GARDINER, Elizabeth "Betty" Neil]

Lee, (Mrs.) Ethel (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

LEE, Ethel Edith (Australia) [1894-????] [Mrs. Charles Kelleway, from 11 March 1922] [Active c. 1919-25]

LEE, Gladys Maud Chapman (Great Britain) [2 June 1888-Sept 1980] [Mrs. Percy George King, from 1910] [Active ???]

LEE, Lindsay (United States) [28 June 1977- ] [Married to Heath Waters, from 7 March 2000] [Active 1990s-2000s.]

LEE, Margaret M. (Great Britain) [c. April/June 1943- ] [Mrs. John O. Kennedy, from Sept 1968(69?)] [Active 1960s.]

LEE, Mi-Ok (South Korea) [10 Jan 1952- ] [Active 1970s.]

LEE, Shirley (Australia) [1935/36- ] [Active 1950s.]

Lee-Waters, Lindsay (from 7 March 2000) [SEE LEE, Lindsay]

Leedham-Green, Mrs. G. (from 30 Aug 1933) [SEE WALLIS, Phyllis Maude]

LEEMING, (Helen) Hope (Canada) [27 June 1907-21 May 2008] [Mrs. K. J. Salmond] [Active 1920s-30s.]

LEEMING, Marjorie Hope (Canada) [4 June 1903-10 June 1987] [Active c. 1919-1932]

LEGENDRE, Ethelyn (United States) [25 March 1894-5 Nov 1952] [Mrs. Charles Edward Dunbar, from 6 June 1925] [Active c. 1914-1923]

Legendre, Mme (from 1927/28) [SEE MAUREL, Jeanne]

LEGG, Barbara Isabel (Great Britain/Ceylon) [21 July 1915-26 Aug 2010] [Mrs. Charles Reginald Warren, by 1952] [Active c. 1946-59]

LEGGE, Robyn Rhona (New Zealand) [3 Dec 1950- ] [Mrs. Hunt] [Active 1960s-70s.]

Legge-Hunt, Robyn [SEE LEGGE, Robyn Rhona]

LEGH, (Miss) P. [SEE PENNINGTON-LEGH, Ruth Isabel]

LEGORETTA, Aurora (Mexico) [30 June 1918-3 Sept 2009] [Married to Diego Medellin Ocadiz, from 1945] [Active 1930s-60s.]

Legoretta de Medellin, Senora (from 1945) [SEE LEGORETTA, Aurora]

LEHANE, Janice "Jan" Patricia (Australia) [9 July 1941- ] [Mrs. James John O'Neill, from 19 Feb 1966] [Active c. 1957-1977]

LEHMANN, Elena (Argentina) [23 May 1926- ] [Active ????-1954]

Leibfried, (Frau) Ilse (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

LEICHT, Margarete (Germany) [Active 1920s.]

LEIGHTON, Marion (United States) [Active 1920s.]

LEIJONHUFVUD, Ebba (Sweden) [28 June 1944- ] [Active 1960s.]

Leisk, Mrs. J. L. (from 5 September 1914) [SEE AITCHISON, Frances Helen]

LEITNER, Geraldine Ledema (Unites States) [26 Jan 1907-27 Jan 2001] [Active c. 1925-55]

LELAND, Francesca (United States) [Active 1950s.]

LELLI, Lia (Italy) [Active 1950s.]

Lemke, (Frau) Gertrud (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

LEMKE, Roma (Australia) [Mrs. Keith Williams, from 1950] [Active 1950s.]

LEMONNYER, Hélène (France) [Active 1930s.]

Lendlova, Olga (from c. 1959) [SEE JENISTOVA (Jeništová), Olga]

Lendrum, Mrs. F. J. (from 11 Jan 1906) [SEE SHERIDAN, Martha]

LENGLEN, Suzanne Rachel Flore (France) [24 May 1899-4 July 1938] [Active 1912-1927]

LENNON, Helen (Ireland) [13(14?) April 1946-15 April 2013] [Married to Colm Smith] [Active 1960s-80s.]

LENOS, I. (Greece) [Active c. 1929-1936]

Lent, Frau [SEE HEIMANN, Anita]

LENTE, Ellen Kemble (United States) [3 April 1863-28 Sept 1939] [Active late 1880s]

LENTE, Mary (United States) [17 May 1865-19 April 1944] [Active late 1880s.]

LEO, Susan "Sue" (Australia) [10 Aug 1962- ] [Active 1970s-80s.]

LEONG, Judith (United States) [17 June 1945- ] [Mrs. Yit Louie, from 1969] [Active 1960s.]

LEONG, Katherine (Malaya/Malaysia) [c. 1931- ] [Mrs. Loh, from 1961] [Active 1950s-60s.]

LEPOUTRE, Anja (Netherlands) [23 May 1944- ] [Married to Piet Hein Ybema] [Active 1960s-70s.]

LERCH, Marianne (Germany) [Active 1920s.]

LERMITTE, Marion Bjora "Babs" (Great Britain/Jamaica) [29 May 1912-Oct 2004] [Mrs. Henryk Praczukowski, from 1946] [Active 1940s-60s.]

LERMITTE, Violet Hilary (Great Britain) [c. 1904/05-????] [Mrs. Francis Roy Sippings(Seppings?) Cosens, from 16 Nov 1932] [Active 1920s.]

LEROUX, ??? (France) [first name unknown] [Active 1900s.]

LeRoy, Mrs. R. (from 7 June 1911) [SEE MOORE, Grace Arnold]

LEROY, Margaret (United States) [June 1883-after 1940] [Mrs. Donald Thompson, from c. 1908] [Active 1900s.]

Lesko, Mrs. [SEE HARSHAW, Jean Chute]

LESLIE, M. (Great Britain) [Active 1880s.]

LESLIE-BREDÉE, Cynthia Mary Danford (India/Great Britain) [3 May 1916- ] [Mrs. Eyre Fitzgerald Francis Massy, ????-????; Mrs. (Major) A. T. H. Cripps, from 11 Nov 1944] [Active c. 1934-45]

Lester, Mrs. J. H. (from 1927) [SEE STANFIELD, Doris "Dot"]

LESTER, Elizabeth Edith "Betsy" (United States) [3 Dec 1933- ] [Mrs. William D. Roberti, from 17 Dec 1961] [Active 1950s.]

LESTER, Phyllis Irene (Australia) [c. 1906-1969] [Mrs. Alfred Roy Fox, from 22 June 1933] [Active c. 1925-32]

LESUR, Jeannine (France) [Active 1930s.]

LETCHER, Vida Pretoria Irene (Australia) [21 May 1900-10 Jan 1993] [Active c. 1919-25]

Letson, Mrs. F. M. (from between 2 Feb and 14 June 1925) [SEE WALKER, Dorothy W.]

LETTS, Lavender Lettice Lanet (Great Britain/Ireland) [c. 1903-27 Sept 1957] [Mrs. (Hon.) Cecil James Frederick Campbell, 23 May 1925-13 Jan 1934] [Active c. 1928-1947]

LETTS, Marguerite (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Letts, Mrs. F. C., Jr. (5 Feb 1916-12 Nov 1930) [SEE DODD, Marjorie L.]

LETTSTRÖM, Meta (Sweden) [1921- ] [Married to (H.I.) Åke Eliaeson, from 1944] [Active c. 1940-55]

Levi, Mrs. (Baroness) G. G. (1927-1934) [SEE ROSENBAUM, Maud]

Levine, Mrs. O. J. (21 Dec 1951-1968) [SEE WATMAN, Dorothy]

LEVY, Edith Louise (Great Britain) [1877-22 Dec 1942] [Mrs. Charles Ernest Leonard Lyle (later 1st Baron Lyle of Westbourne), from 14 Jan 1904] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Levy, Nadine [SEE NETTER, Nadine]

LEVY, Nelly (France) [Active 1940s.]

LEWICKI, Elaine Marie (United States) [18 Feb 1933- ] [Active 1940s-50s.]

LEWIN, Audrey (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

LEWIS, Amy (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

Lewis, Mrs. D. (from c. Jan/March 1956) [SEE ANDREWS, Enid Margaret Seymour]

Lewis, Mrs. M. (from 1908) [SEE MANT, Ethel Maud]

Lewis, Mrs. H. A. (from c. June 1931) [SEE THOMPSON, Gladys N.]

LEWIS, Katherine Eleanor C. (Great Britain) [c. Aug 1904-????] [Active 1920s.]

Lewis, Mrs. (by 1937) [SEE SHARP, Margaret B.]

Lewis, Mrs. M. P. (from 28 June 1941) [SEE MADDEN, Mercedes "Baba"]

LEWIS, (Dr) Nancy (Australia) [c. 1914- ] [Active 1930s.]

LEWIS, Patricia "Pat" (Australia) [Mrs. Tom Warhurst, from 26 April 1947] [Active ???]

LEWIS, Pearl (United States) [Active 1930s.]

LEWIS, Trey (United States) [27 Nov 1959- ] [Active 1977-1985]

LEWIS, Valerie M. (Great Britain) [c. 1934- ] [Mrs. Cyril T. Clark, after June 1956] [Active 1950s-60s.]

Leyden, Mrs. N. H. (from 9 Dec 1933) [SEE DELGADO, Loris Fay]

Leyrer, (Frau) Maria "Ria" (Austria) [maiden name unknown; married to R. Leyrer] [Active c. 1959-1966] [SEE ???]

L'HOEST (L'hoëst), Léonie Paula Anna Marie Hubertine "Nini" (Netherlands/Belgium) [24 Jan 1897-????] [Active c. 1918-30]

L'HUILLIER, Mauricette (France) [Active 1930s.]

L'HUILLIER, Simone (France) [Active 1930s.]

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