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Serena vs. Kim

I see no one has really started any threads on this match up. Well got a question, if this final does happen, is there any reason why we shouldn't expect an outcome similar to the one Venus gave us when she defeated Kim? Clearly Serena right now is better than Venus, and I think it proved that When Venus is on her game, Kim doesn't have a chance. I can say the same thing for Serena vs. Kim, but do you all think the same thing too?

Also people tend to state "she has to get by lindsay first" or whatever, but really lindsay is no threat to serena, she played at a very high level in paris last week, from what the final showed, if she is still serving this well...74% no one in this tournie has a chance in hell. She beat lindsay in straight sets at the usopen, and lindsay was up in that set due to errors by serena, and some great playing by her, but serena raised the level of her game dramatically and just won 5 straight games. Anyway what do you think Serena vs. Kim outcome will be (if it happens)?

If it happens, Serena d. Kim 6-3 6-2
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Well, Kim wasn't 'on her game' in Antwerp, Venus was... Kim has a chance against Serena, she already proved that

Come on Kim!!!!!!!!
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Should be a better match then the one between Venus and Clijsters altough I think Clijsters may still be thinking ofher loss to Serena at the Oz Open!
My prediction: Serena-Clijsters 6-3, 4-6, 6-3
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There actually is a Serena/Kim thread..It just fell to the second page.

Anyhoo I hope Kim can win..but it's not too likely. What england_rules predicted is probably gonna be close to the score I imagine.
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i just don't see that you all...i know kim is a good player, but what gets me is, when 1 player is on there game, and when 1 player isn't. the player that lost "isn't the 1 that was off" i really feel kim was playing no differently than what she played before and at the australian. but these are my opinions and you alls opinions, i see this match not going to 3 sets at all, and ofcourse serena the winner .

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God, Williams fans are RETARDED half the time I see them post. They're merely stupid the other 2/3 of the time.

Anyway, as far as Clijsters vs. Serena, their games clearly don't compliment eachother, as they have hideous match-ups every single time. Both girls played like crap in Australia and at the Chase Championships. I mean the fact that Kim had a match point in both matches when in a total of five sets she hit less than 20 winners is ridiculous. That shows how poorly Serena was playing, making the errors. And the fact that one of the strongest girls on tour can only manage 4 winners per set shows how crappy Clijsters was playing.

And in Belgium, Venus played the match of her life. Clijsters didn't get a chance to play. You can't expect that every single match.
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venus played the match of her life? you have got to be kidding me, venus played well enough to beat clijsters, venus played like she played against Serena at the australian open, personally it was a great match, just that last game, venus chocked up a bit, and the match was over. venus didn't play the match of her life, venus played the match, she played the way she was playing the entire week, you can have your opinoins on me being "retarded" but that is your opinoin, im not "retarded or immature" so i think i won't come back and bust up so clits on u aight? im bout that really i am, but i's not gonna start sum chit!

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I would say Kim's chance is better than at the aussie open. she almost got Serena there and this time she will make most of the lesson she leanrt there. I would say if the final match up happened, Kim would win in threeu.....maybe three.
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You Kim fans are so freaking condescending! Its unbelievable! The arrogance just drips from your posts like rotgut. Kim and Serena have played some killer matches:

The 99 us open match was great! I guess that one doesnt count huh?

The final of tokyo was fantastic and the 2000 indian wells was fun as well.

also kim didn't have many winners in the aussie match BECAUSE SHE WAS PLAYING DEFENSIVELY. Of course maybe you watch tennis with blinders on. Her game plan was to get everything back and wait for serena to make a mistake. Well for awhile it worked because serena was off her game but when Serena up the ante kim fell apart.

a champion knows how to close out critical games and matches. a champion wins despite all odds and overcomes her faults. Thats why serena won. A lesser player would have given up or gotten so mentally disgusted she would have self destructed.

maybe you need a refresher:
Match Summary

Williams(USA) Clijsters(BEL)

1st Serve % 45 of 90 = 50 % 80 of 114 = 70 %

Aces 6 0

Double Faults 3 4

Unforced Errors 65 33

Winning % on 1st Serve 32 of 45 = 71 % 42 of 80 = 53 %

Winning % on 2nd Serve 17 of 45 = 38 % 17 of 34 = 50 %

Winners (Including Service) 42 14

Break Point Conversions 7 of 13 = 54 % 5 of 7 = 71 %

Net Approaches 20 of 30 = 67 % 4 of 7 = 57 %

Total Points Won 104 100

Fastest Serve 188 km/h 180 km/h

Average 1st Serve Speed 165 km/h 154 km/h

Average 2nd Serve Speed 130 km/h 135 km/h

Serena had more errors more winners more net approaches... she was dictating this match she played aggressive and she self destructed with high unforced errors (65!)

Kim didn't change her strategy when she needed to and serena made her pay.

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for serena fans.... even though she is playing at an exceptionally high level, it is rash to start boldly predicting the winner. Guys, she still has inconsistencies.... she is not going to play at a high level every game.
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but that is the thing about it "dannilidou" even when venus or serena have there "inconsistencies" they still win the matches...i.e serena vs. kim australian. they don't have to be perfect to win, but they way Serena is playing right now, perfect is a sure bet, imperfect is a sure bet.

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There is honestly no point in discussing this because both fan bases get upset and argue pointlessly.

I think i'm yet to see any thread that involves either Venus or Serena against Kim that doesn't end up with insults being thrown both ways.
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You can NOT compare a Venus vs Clijsters match-up and a Serena vs Clijsters match-up!

Player A can do well against B and bad against C even though C is doing bad against B ...

Some players just don't bring their best against others... in 2001 Capriati was beating the sh!t out of Serena even though Capriati has never defeated Venus ...

So please don't say : if Venus beat Clijsters in Antwerp then Serena will beat Kim in Scottsdale because Serena is playing better than Venus! That's bullsh!t and definitely not the good reason!

Having said that, Kim has no chance against Serena whatsoever in Scottsdale!

Predict winners all year for all tournaments at :

It's fun, friendly and free!!!!

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Kim does has a chance if not a big one. She did prove she could beat Serena in the year end championships. Srena wasn't at her best?? Who cares?? A win is a win and stop talking bullshit and accept whatever happened as it did. Given a not-100% Serena is beatable for Kim and there is a good possibility that Serena may not play her best, why not no chance for Kim? I'm not a Kim fan but I see no reason we have to rule out even the slightest chance of Kim's beating Serena. Kim has nothing to lose against Serena so the pressure should be on Serena. Of course both of them played 100% (it will never happen), Serena would win because she's the better player overrall. But let's hope there are tennis matches even Serena can lose. that should make the game more interesting and unpredictable.
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Kim is still no match against Serena. Just see the records, guys.....
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