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Re: 1934 results

Week of March 19-25

March 18-23, Swedish Covered Courts Championships, Stockholm, Sweden (Indoors)

FI: Eyvor Aquilon d. Miss E. Cederholm in 2 sets

DF: Enegran Aquilon/Gull Roberg d. Britt Bellander/Marta Isaeus in 2 sets

MX: Enegran Aquilon/Curt Oestberg d. K. Nyberg/Kalle Schroeder in 2 sets


March 17-24, London Covered Court Championships, West Kensington, London, England (Indoors on Wood)
Venue: Queen's Club

Singles (Draw=24)

1R: Ermnyntrude Harvey-bye
1R: Sylvia Mayne d. Thelma Jarvis 11-9 4-6 6-4
1R: Gethyn Harry d. G E Tomblin 4-6 6-3 8-6
1R: Joan Strawson d. Sheila Chuter 6-2 6-2
1R: Kathleen Robertson-bye
1R: Tiny Alston-bye
1R: Phyllis King-bye
1R: Cecily Marriott d. Weeta Crawshay Williams 6-0 3-6 6-0

1R: Elsie Pittman d. Dorothy Crouch 4-6 6-3 6-1
1R: Mrs A W Lyon d. Penny Weekes 6-4 7-5
1R: Jeanette Morfey d. Aurea Edgington 6-3 6-1
1R: Effie Peters-bye
1R: Joy Cunningham-bye
1R: M Goff-bye
1R: Joan Marshall d. I D Edwards default
1R: Eileen Whittingstall-bye

2R: Harvey d. Mayne 6-2 6-1
2R: Harry d. Strawson default
2R: Robertson d. Alston 6-3 6-4
2R: Marriott d. King default

2R: Pittman d. Lyon 6-4 6-2
2R: Peters d. Morfey 7-5 6-3
2R: Joy Cunningham d. M Goff 6-4 6-3
2R: Eileen Whittingstall d. Marshall 6-1 6-1

QF: Harvey d. Harry 6-4 6-1
QF: Robertson d. Marriott 7-5 6-1
QF: Pittman d. Peters 3-6 6-3 6-4
QF: Whittingstall d. Cunningham 6-4 6-3

SF: Harvey d. Robertson 6-4 6-4
SF: Whittingstall d. Pittman 7-5 4-6 6-3

FI: Ermyntrude Harvey d. Eileen Whittingstall 4-6 10-8 6-0

DF: Elsie Pittman/Joan Strawson d. Ermyntrude Harvey/Effie Peters 6-2 6-2

MX: Ermyntrude Harvey/Vernon G. Kirby (SA) d. Mrs Marriott/John Olliff 6-0 6-0

Eileen was one game from winning the title at 6-4 5-2.


circa March 19-25, San Remo, Italy (Clay)

QF: Cilly Aussem (Ger) d. Miss Rotheram 6-0 6-0
QF: Dorothy Andrus (US) d. Magda Baumgarten (Hun) 6-0 6-1
QF: Lili Sárkány (Hun) d. Klara Hammer (Ger) 4-6 6-2 6-2
QF: Lucia Valerio d. Edith Sander (Ger) 6-2 6-0

SF: Aussem d. Andrus 4-6 6-1 6-2
SF: Valerio d. Sárkány 6-2 7-5

FI: Cilly Aussem (Ger) d. Lucia Valerio 6-4 1-6 6-1


SF: Cilly Aussem (Ger)/Elizabeth Ryan (US) d. Edith Sander (Ger)/Lucia Valerio 7-5 6-4
SF: Ida Adamoff (Fra)/Dorothy Andrus (US) d. Miss Hambury/Olga Haycraft (GB) 6-2 6-3

FI: Cilly Aussem (Ger)/Elizabeth Ryan (US) d. Ida Adamoff (Fra)/Dorothy Andrus (US) 6-2 4-6 6-4

Mixed Doubles

SF: Elizabeth Ryan (US)/Wilmer Hines (US) d. Lucia Valerio/Vladimir Landau (Mon) 6-2 6-3
SF: Ida Adamoff (Fra)/Jean Lesueur (Fra) d. Dorothy Andrus (US)/Henry Culley (US) 6-1 6-4

FI: Elizabeth Ryan (US)/Wilmer Hines (US) d. Ida Adamoff (Fra)/Jean Lesueur (Fra) 6-4 6-2


March 22-26, Cote d'Azur Championships, Cannes, France (Clay)
Venue: Cannes LTC

QF: Muriel Thomas (GB) d. ????
QF: Nancy Lyle (GB) d. Cosette St Omer Roy 6-2 6-3
QF: Grete Deutsch (Cz) d. Mona Riddell 7-5 6-1
QF: Simone Mathieu d. ????

SF: Lyle d. Thomas 4-6 9-7 6-3
SF: Mathieu d. Deutsch 7-5 6-2

FI: Nancy Lyle (GB) d. Simone Mathieu 6-4 6-4

DF: Simone Mathieu/Muriel Thomas (GB) d. Gladys Clarke-Jervoise (GB)/Phyllis Satterthwaite (GB) 6-3 6-2

MX: Muriel Thomas (GB)/Hector C. Fisher (Sui) d. Simone Mathieu/Jack Lysaght (GB) 6-2 6-2

A surprise win for Nancy Lyle over clay court maven Simone Mathieu. This is the 1st Riviera event this year for both ladies. Lyle recovered from 4-6 2-5 to storm back over Muriel Thomas 4-6 9-7 6-3 in the semis. Nancy dodged 3 match points on the damp court to grab the middle set. Play was then stopped (it is unclear if this was due to rain or a break). When play resumed Lyle took the 3rd.

In the final Lyle was steady from the baseline and drew Mathieu up with drop shots and slices.

Source: Little, Riviera, page 258.


March 23-25, Hotel Huntington Invitation, Pasadena, California, United States (Hard)
Venue: Hotel Huntington

Singles (Draw=10)

1R: Alice Marble d.May Doeg 7-5 6-0
1R: Ethel Burkhardt Arnold d.Ruby Bishop 6-1 6-1

QF: Marble d. Gracyn Wheeler 6-4 6-2
QF: Helen Marlowe Dimitrijevic d.Theodosia Smith 4-6 6-4 6-2
QF: Arnold d.Helen Fulton 6-3 6-1
QF: Esther Bartosch d.Marianne Hunt 6-3 3-6 6-3

SF: Marble d. Dimitrijevic 6-3 6-3
SF: Arnold d. Bartosch 6-2 6-2

FI: Ethel Burkhardt Arnold d. Alice Marble 6-3 6-4

MX: Alice Marble/Don Budge d. Helen Dimitrjevic/Gene Mako 6-1 7-5


March 25-26 Northern California Interclub Championships, Berkeley, California, United States (Hard)
Venue: Berkeley Tennis Club

Berkeley d. California Tennis Club 5-4

Anna Harper d. Edith Jensen 6-2 6-4
Margaret Smith d. Dorothea Swartz 6-3 6-2
Golda Myer Gross d. Elsie Gabel 6-4 6-3
Barbara Weil d. Margaret Fitch 6-3 6-3
Patsy McCoy d. Claire Buckner 6-0 9-7
Genevičve Grant d. Jeanne Smeltzer 6-3 6-0
Golda Myer Gross/Anna Harper d.Edith Jensen/Dorothea Swartz 6-4 6-1
Claire Buckner/Margaret Fitch d. Grant/Barbara Weil 9-7 6-3
Patsy McCoy/Marjorie Thorne d. Jeanne Smeltzer/Margaret Smith 6-3 1-6 8-6

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