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Re: 1934 results

Week of March 5-11

From "Lawn Tennis and Badminton", March 10, 1934:

"The German Tennis Bund has also announced that certain clubs have been suspended from membership as not conforming to the new Hitler Code. It is pointed out, however, that the individual members of these clubs may join other Bund clubs by proving that they are not disciples of Marxism, by producing a certificate of good conduct, and by supplying evidence of adherence to the present German Government System."


Circa March 5-10, South Australian Championships, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia (Grass)

1R: May Blick d. Thelma Flinn 6-2 6-2

2R: Dot Weston d. Nancy Phelps 6-1 6-0
2R: Mary Chapman d. Jean Wilson 6-2 6-2
2R: Frances Hoddle-Wrigley d. Gwen Griffiths 6-1 6-3
2R: May Blick d. Hilda Sara 6-3 6-2
2R: Kath Le Messurier d. Ruby Skinner 6-3 6-0
2R: Betty Ward d. ??
2R: Edna Collison d. ??
2R: Shirley Whittaker d. Flossie Newman 6-0 6-3

QF: Weston d. Chapman 6-1 6-1
QF: Hoddle-Wrigley d. Blick 7-5 4-6 6-1
QF: Le Messurier d. Ward 6-2 6-4
QF: Collison d. Whittaker 6-2 6-3

SF: Weston d. Hoddle-Wrigley 6-4 5-2 def
SF: Le Messurier d. Collison 6-2 6-1

FI: Dot Weston d. Kath Le Messurier 7-5 6-3

Hot weather (108 degrees in the shade) caused a distressed Hoddle-Wrigley to retire in the SF. She collapsed by the umpire's chair and was 'out' for ten minutes. Weston herself collapsed in the dressing rooms afterwards. The trying weather continued through until the finals.


1R: Frances Hoddle-Wrigley/Shirley Whittaker d. Edna Collison/Hilda Sara 8-6 6-3
1R: Nancy Phelps/Gwen O'Halloran d. Betty Ward/Jean Wilson 6-4 6-4
1R: Yvette Wilson/Myra Pearce d. Thelma Flinn/Lorna Bollen 6-2 7-5
1R: May Blick/Edna Lawrence d. Lyndale Morris/Anna Menz 6-2 1-6 6-3

QF Le Messurier/Chapman d. Blick/Lawrence 6-4 6-3
QF Phelps/O'Halloran d. Kath Wemyss/Mrs HC Martin 6-4 8-6
QF Dot Weston/Gwen Griffiths d. Wilson/Pearce 6-2 8-6
QF Hoddle-Wrigley/Whittaker d. Mrs E Britten-Jones/Gwen Hack 6-0 6-2

SF Le Messurier/Chapman d. Phelps/O'Halloran 6-3 6-1
SF Weston/Griffiths d. Hoddle-Wrigley/Whittaker 6-4 7-5

FI Le Messurier/Chapman d. Weston/Griffiths 6-2 6-4

Mixed Doubles

SF: Le Messurier/Jack Crawford d. Weston/Len Schwartz 9-11 7-5 6-4
SF: Griffiths/Gar Moon d. Blick/Vivian McGrath 6-4 0-6 6-4

FI: Le Messurier/Crawford d. Griffiths/Moon 9-7 7-5

Mixed final was replayed after first match stopped at 86 57 to Crawford/Le Messurier


March 7-12, Riviera Championships, Menton, France (Clay)
Venue: Menton LTC

Singles (Draw=18)

1R: Colette Rosambert d. Miss Spalding 6-1 6-0
1R: Edith Belliard d. Totte Zehden 6-1 6-2

2R: Sylvia Henrotin d. ????
2R: Joan Ridley d. B R Riley 6-1 6-2
2R: Gabriele Szapary d. Joan Marquis 6-2 6-4
2R: Ida Adamoff d. Violet Lermitte 6-2 6-0

2R: Dorothy Andrus Burke d. Anna Luzzatti 6-1 6-2
2R: Rosambert d. Helen Andrus 6-1 6-0
2R: Edith Sander d. ????
2R: Lucia Valerio d. ????

QF: Sylvia Henrotin d. Ridley 6-1 6-3
QF: Szapary d. Adamoff 2-6 6-0 6-2
QF: Andrus Burke d. Rosambert 1-6 6-1 6-3
QF: Lucia Valerio d. Edith Sander 6-2 6-0

SF: Henrotin d. Szapary 6-3 6-1
SF: Valerio d. Andrus Burke 6-4 4-6 12-10

FI: Sylvia Henrotin d. Lucia Valerio (Ita) 3-6 6-3 6-0

DF: Elizabeth Ryan (US)/Muriel Thomas (GB) d. Ida Adamoff/Dorothy Andrus Burke (US) 6-0 6-2

Coupe des Nations (Mixed Doubles event where teams must be from same nation)

FI: Sylvia Henrotin/Andre Martin-Legeay d. Elizabeth Ryan/Wilmer Hines (US) 13-11 2-6 6-3

Many of the top English players depart. Henrotin's only set lost was in the final. In the Coupe des Nations, a special Mixed Doubles event, Henrotin and legeay came back from 1-3 down to best Ryan and Hines 13-11 2-6 6-3


March 5-8, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Singles (Draw=8)

1R: Kay Stammers (GB) d. Dorothy Watson 6-0 6-2
1R: Mary Heeley (GB) d. Miss Edwards 6-1 6-1
1R: Freda James (GB) d. Virginia Rice (US) default
1R: Dorothy Round (GB) d. Loris Leyden 6-1 6-1

SF: Stammers d. Heeley 6-4 6-3
SF: James d. Round 6-2 6-4

FI: Kay Stammers (GB) d. Freda James(GB) 6-4 6-1

This tournament featured both some of the overseas players visiting Jamaica this year and some of Jamaica's own best players.

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