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I'll try to make this brief as i'm sure i've posted this a million times.....i met him at the Ericcson (when it was still that) in 2000 and he was still Hewitts coach...they were on a back court on the day before the first day of and my friend were there on vacation and were on key biscayne and i think it was only like 5 bucks to wander the grounds and watch qualifiying and the various people on the practise courts...i waited over ONE HOUR for hewitt to finish and he wasnt very friendly...i do like him though but i would never approach him after how he acted...i was waiting for Darren though as i always liked him and when they came off the court ---hewitt i'm assuming figured i was waiting for him and he said "I'm not signing today" i said "well ok, i was waiting for darren though" there was a lot of tension between darren and hewitt, i felt darren was embarrased that he got attention and probably was gonna get an ass whopping later for that! LOL

when darren was signing my book (and i also have a pic i'll post that i took of him) i told him he was a fave of mine and i loved the match of him and Lendl at the us open in 1988 when he reached the semis and how happy i was for him and he said "thats funny, i never played Lendl at the open" well Mark, talk about total humiliation...i wanted to cry literally cause i was so nervous anyways, and then to really fuck that up...i felt like that was my chance to prove i did know who he was....i think he realized how bitchy he sounded and he saved it by saying "i did play Lendl at Wimbledon that year and i'm sure thats what you are thinking of" and i said "yes" even though i wasnt....i looked it up when i got home and sure enough, he played Wilander at the US open (semis) and Lendl played Agassi...i could just KICK myself! thats when i said me and some friends were going to the hard rock for dinner later and did he want to come...he never answered me....

also met him later that summer at the US open and he rememberd me...i said "i met you before" and he said "i know, it was here last year" and i said, no it was at the Ericson and he said 'well i know you from somewhere" it was kinda creepy now that i think of it cause i am sure i was the only autograph requests he got and remembered me cause no one else pines for him like i do! he was very nice though...met Pat Cash right after that and he was the nicest of them all...imagine that!

photo time! darren cahill (still managing to smile even after i screwed up his match history!)
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