My Qualifying report - Long and lots of matches seen! -
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My Qualifying report - Long and lots of matches seen!

Have already made some comments in V Melbs and Louloubelle report threads so I wont double up on matches/comments made, you will have to check though threads for that info. Spent the day with TS, checking out mainly the aussies, although managed to see quite a few other matches as the aussie matches were all so one sided.

Lauren Cheung vs Teryn Ashley

Waste of a wildcard. Lauren was way out of her league, she has a nice backhand but her forehand is average. She really was outclassed in every department. Her family were all there to support her but to no avail. She was perhaps goin for too much on her strokes as she was making several errors. Left halfway through the first set, had seen enough to know it was goin to be over very quickly.

Tiffany Welford vs Celine Beigbeder

Tiffany played very well. Her limited experience at senior level was enough to push an out of sorts Celine who showed flashes of her top game but really had brought her B game! But Tiffany had a set point in the 1st set, she moved Celine around and took control of many of the rallies. Full credit too her.

Cindy Watson vs Vanessa Webb

Poor Cindy, visibly very upset even before the match that she was having to play qualies! Was expecting a main draw wildcard. Apparently her profile is in the Official Australian OPen Guide so even the editors of that had thought she was a guaranteed main draw starter. Mentally she didnt have it in her to compete today. She left the court with her friend/sister balling her eyes out. I hope Cindy can bounce back, her parents were there to support her. Vanessa didnt have to do anything to win this match. Cindy was to distraught to be able to concentrat properly or stay in the rallies. Such a shame. Bloody Tennis Australia giving Szili her wildcard when Adriana has basically won no matches above $10K standard, a total joke!!!

Olivia L vs Goloviznina - already commented, match was a total farce, even Paul McNamee was shaking his head in disbelief at the one sidedness!

Sophie Ferguson vs Vaskova - already commented on, Sophie did ok, but still a year to early for this. Roche was giving her a lot of advice etc. of things to work on to take her game to the next level.

Breadmore vs Perebiynis - Already commented, awesome match by Breadmore, tatiana wasnt sick at all, just outplayed, Bravo Lauren!!

G Baker vs Vanc - already commented on. Gabrielle should have made this a 3 setter. Vanc better watch out for Lauren in the next round, cos on todays performances Lauren will thrash her. Vanc played ordinary to say the least.

Wheeler vs Nemeckova - What can I say, Pratt was watching this, a romance perhaps???? Christina played awesome, controlled aggression, she plays above her ranking in my opinion, she had Lenka running everywhere. Her sister Maria, is a little socialite, she was running around everywhere with friends. Wheeler on form should qualify!

Stewart vs Obata - already commented on. Stewart didnt want
to be on the court and didnt have her game due to next to no matches in 3 months, enough said!

D.Dominikovic vs Brandi - Daniela won as many games than Lauren, Olivia and Sophie combined! She is very erratic but has an offensive game unlike her sister. She hits out, tries to stay in the rallies. Played well given her age and experience. Mobility isnt great though, her skirt was too tight, it really affected her being able to go for a couple of low stretched out wide shots.

Grahame vs Blahotova - Amanda was serving well, rest of her game seemed quite solid but wasnt hitting withmuch power on her strokes. Today though she just had to play consistant to get through and she did that easily.


Lindsay Lee-Waters vs Bammer - Lindsay is playing awesome! She has chance in appearance from when I saw her 7 years ago but her game is so much better, a lot more power, she blew Bammer off the court literally!! Will have no troubles in her next round, she plays Krivencheva, winner of the most pathetic standard match of the day!

Krivencheva vs Zheng - crappy pathetic standard match. Nothin to add except that I have seen better matches at $10k Satellites!

Liggan vs Koukalova - Liggan was trying her heart out, V Melb you should put her as number 5 on your grunting list as she has this Irish shriek, much louder than Schwartz. Liggan is a scrambler and a good one, she pushed Klara hard but just couldnt quite get her today, Klara was too good! Long rallies though, quite an entertaining match.

Snyder vs Obziler - Never seen Obziler play before but she has a smart game, doesnt use a lot of power but sets her points up well, uses angles and drop shots well. Snyder still had the same game as 1997. Very one dimensional, and really matches her ranking. Was glad to see Tzipora take this one out!

Ondraskova vs Arvidsson - Does Zuzana eat??? Talk about skinny, she was totally outclassed by Arvidsson in all areas, she looked frail and could hardly counter the power put on her.

Pullin vs Schaul - Pullin had her usual poweless game. She keeps the ball deep most of the time but Claudine was about to stay in the rallies and then just wait and put the short ball away.

Keothavong vs Kloesel - Anne K didnt seem to have her power game on today. I saw her play Wimbledon and London $10K and she played much better there and with more power. Today she just didnt seem to be as aggressive. Kloesel on the other hand played very well. She did have a thigh strain though and she didnt pull up too good so she may not get through her next match.

Vento vs Scheepers - Chanelle certainly thumps the ball! Vento though was countering the power very well, hadnt seen Maria play this well in a long time! Chanelle though managed to claw her way back in the first and then never looked back.

Noorlander vs Marosi - Didnt think this match was ever gonna end! Marosi certainly was the aggressor, dictating the play although Noorlander was the more patient of the two staying in the rallies and waiting for the error.

Sfar vs Fokina - Fokina just had too much power, Sfar looked way out of sorts, not the players she was last year, was sad to see her getting thrashed. She just lacked any spark or intensity that she had last year.

Fujiwara vs Lina K - Roche, Dittmann, Asagoe all were watching this. Best match of the day. Heard Tony Roche talking about Fujiwara's thighs, he was telling Sophie Ferguson a lot aobut this match. Fujiwara really played well and really took it to Lina K. Lina K though still has a way to go with her comeback, her mobility needs more work.

Strycova vs Parra - Another excellent match. Parra scrambles very very well, she surprised me on how good she played. Barbara though hits deep and hard and plays better than Sharapova in my opinion. She has top 20 potential thats for sure.
Parra did well to take her to 3, a commendable effort.

Kandarr vs Tatarkova - Jana should have won this, she dominated the first set. Jana really is like Molik last year, she has great serve, great volleys and a good back court game. Just needs to work on the mental side of things, She should be top 40!! She really let this match slip. Tatarkova really had nothing to threaten her other than consistancy.

Any questions ask!!!
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thanx for the brief details of various matches

Good luck to my favs


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Thanks for the report. I feel sorry for Cindy Watson, i thought she really should have got that wildcard.
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Cool! Glad you did it

I have to say, Lauren Breadmore was the revelation of the day What a great head for tennis she's got, and Vanc better improve her game if she wants to beat the fiesty youngster.

Definately agree with Lina/Rika being match of the for the 'controversial wildcard' trio of Olivia, Sophie and Daniela...Daniela did very well against an ordinary Brandi (if Dani cut down on silly errors, she couldve won...amazing this is only her second EVER senior tournament following a challenger qualifying loss 2 months ago), Olivia was way out of her depth against Goloviznina, but I see enough in Olivia to know she's going to be a very good player, and finally Sophie, who played well but was outclassed by an experienced opponent. I was very disappointed in Tiffany Welford's lost opportunities against a flustered Celine, but hey the experience will come in handy!

Lindsay Lee was indeed impressive!

I think Wheeler, Grahame and Breadmore can all win their second round matches, here's hoping!
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Thanks So you didn't see Ansley play?
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Ausboy i've seen from the stats that Anne K did 56 UF errors was she just off?


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Glad to see Arancha played well.
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Ausboy, do you think Rika can make the Top 100 someday?

Also, how did Lauren Cheung's family seem like? From the scoreboard, it seemed that she was starting to get her groove at 0-6 0-5, but it was already too late... Did she seem nervous?

BTW, Jie Zheng committed 69 unforced errors in a straight set loss. I'm hoping you saw her on a really "off" day...
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did you see anything of Milagros Sequera or Stanislava Hrozenska?
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thanks for the report. damn no1 saw any of ahl vs kleinova

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Too bad Anne! You'll get other chances! It is good to know that she is capable of better!
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can u tell me something more on Sofia Arvidsson?did she play good?can she go into main draw?
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Thanks a lot for the report AUSBOY.

two questions: Was Vanessa playing well at all despite Cindy being distraught?

Did you see/hear about Marie-Eve's match, and any comments if possible?

Thanks again for the report.
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Nice erport. i agree with what you say about Cheung. She seemed to be trying to play a level above of what she was capable anyway. Ahsley on the other hand would have killed her anyway.
What exacly was Roche saying? i was standing bvehind him but he was so quiet ..... he watched for a while. Rika is built like a little body builder! it definently has helped her in the 'power' department!
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I know the questions were aimed at Ausboy but I guess I can answer cos I was there with him

Jerome - saw some of Sequera today, she is very little and doesnt hit very hard but has a smart reliable game. Didnt see any of Hrozenska, yesterday or today

danker - I was very impressed with Rika. I dont understand how come she has been treading water in the top 200 for a little while now, when she clearly is a much better player than that. I can see top 100 definately (she is still rather young right?) but the only thing that could hold her back is her height...or lack there of Also, Lauren's family were there for her match naturally...I think she has a younger brother, who looks in his mid teens. They were very supportive!
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