My few hours at OZ Open today -
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Wink My few hours at OZ Open today

I am lucky enough to work in a building that overlooks Melbourne Park, so I jumped down and took a longer lunch.

The new MCA looks amazing (from the outside).
Other changes- Court 6, which was already a larger outside court is now really big. New seats, looks great.
Court 13 which was a larger court, has also been extended, again with new seats. Court 5 has a bigger stands, as does court 14.

There were a lot of people there, great day in Melbourne for watching tennis.

So I arrived, very excited, so many of my favs were playing. (sad that they were in qualies this year and maybe frustrating that they were all on at the same time)

Walked past literally as Duval beat Beygelzimer. Wearing Venus’s clothes- and on the verge of dreadlocks, Duval looks more frustrated and annoyed, rather than happy, once she won.

Ran straight to se Aleks Woziak, down a break in the final set. Nasty (and now heavy) Natalie watched on. As did Tomjanovic (and her dad, supporting the Georgian).

Aleks actually looks pretty fit. The match would have been a main draw match, if they had not had a lot of time off last year. They both hit the ball very, very hard.
Main problem for Aleks, that the nasty one will need to sort out, is her serve. She is still very up and down and to be honest, weak.

There was so much to see, I didn’t know where to go next.

I wondered passed Madison Brengle’s match. Hyped up a few years ago, I can only say I have seen photo’s of her not looking overly fit. In real life, this is evident. She is a beautiful hitter of the ball but to get to the next level, will need ot get fitter. Without sounding like a perve, I am surprised she doesn’t get a black eye. She wears the lowest cut top and not enough support! Out of control! (I took a photo but can’t upload it! Maybe bc it is rated r!)

Watched a little of Stephy Foretz, who is a sweetie but hasn’t changed he game for the last 10 years. As I found throughout my time there, the quality of matches and the calibre of tennis in qualies has lifted so much in the last even 5 years, someone like Stephie just hasn’t lifted her game to the next level.
Patterson was just 1 of the many wasted Aussie Wildcards.

To be honest though, who else would they give it too? Hon was a joke (I watched this match later, Gibbs is really good and solid, like her game but I don’t think giving Hon a will help her – that loss was devastating).
Wonder why Hadziz and Rajicic were overlooked? Not sure if they are much better but maybe they were more suited to Hon.
Back to Patterson- she is really an amateur. No wonder. Her coach is dirty old Louie Pleming. Not only is she looking really old and dusty, she is a shitcoach. Sitting your player down on the grass next to the path for everyone to walked past (have photo but again it won’t load) and see and to give a demonstration of how to hit a forehand is not what I call professional. I think I read Pleming is now coaching Rogowska…..Hmm, good one tennis Australia. Wake the f up.

Talking of unprofessional and sloppy, watched Irigoyen and Vasylyeva. I hadn’t ever seen Maria, she is a typical clay court ITF player. Consistent, would be great on clay for a $25K event. Don’t know much about Vasylyeva. Maybe she is young. Tall but not a great server. Doesn’t use her left hand advantage. She just seemed very sloppy. She won because she could hit the ball harder when needed. Can’t see her progressing.

My other ‘favourite mistake’ Sofia Arvidsson played on court 8. I have a soft spot for Sofia, even though her attitude and not caring attitude is so frustrating. I have seen her play a brilliant match- against Bartoli maybe 6 years ago but have also seen a lot of horrid matches, including to Rogowska and Khumkum over the last 2 years. I have no idea why Sofia didn’t play lead ups. She certainly didn’t use the time to improve her speed to fitness. In fact , she looked unfitter than usual. And pale. And was not helped by that awful awful Nike outfit that genie worse at the Hopman cup. The one that goes out under the bust and had a big blooming nanna skirt.
Despite this, Sofia served for the match at 75 54. As per usual, we went through a sloppy stage. Played a terrible game. Voracova, also wearing a vommy outfit, this one by Yonex, was ok but Sofia lost it. I actually con;t watch it any more. Every time I came back to the match, Sloppy Sofia was playing. Carina Witthoeft, who is so tall, great physique, watched. As did Rezai. I love the Frenchwoman but she is not looking fit at all. Glamorous, she wore make up and her hair looked really good. (same old, have a photo but no work)But not fit. Jo Larsson (*who I like) walked passed Aravene and completely blanked her. Rude.

I was also keen to see Stephy Vogt. She looks so much like Roby Vinci. She has a really good game. As does Begu, whose hair is now…….how would I describe it other than off… Bight strawberry blonde. Great example of a match wear you would think these guys could have been playing in the main draw. Tough loss for Vogt, who was supported by Rus.

Karin Knapp- love her- watched MEC against Simmonds. MEC looks fitter then the last few years but like Stephy FOretz,just hasn’t seen her game progress as the tour has. I have watched a lot of her matches, she is a great fighter but Simmonds was just too smooth. Channelle Scheepers watched, the same court I saw her make her grand slam debut agsint Cilikova on- she lost 6 0 6 0- =over the last few years she has become fitter. Now Scheepers looks very very skinny. Almost unhealthy. Hope she is ok.

Almost from the front gate ( 1 km away_) you could hear a squeal. It was jaksic. Her grunt is like a porn. Terrible. She is a little precocious too. Opposite to the understated Rampre who has such a smooth, old fashioned game. Petra’s drop shots could only work so many times as the young serb squealed herself to a win.

Also wanted to see Cagla Buyukakcay. Her match against Katerina S was good. Another example of a great match. Katerina tilted her head as she hits a forehand like Kleybanova. Close match. The turk had a lot of support- she hits a flat ball like Anne Keothevong. She cracked it in the last set, smshed her racquet once, twice and was going to go the full 3rd blow but thought better of it.
Glushko's coach watched.
Next on this court was Rogers and Agul. Hadn’t seen Rogers play. Taller than I thought. Hard hitter. Agul has tried to get fitter, she is really skinny now but still doen’t move well. This was the ke to the match, Rogers just had to make her run.

Steph Dubois was too consistent for the Thai opponent. Like MEC and Fortezt, nothing much has changed for Steph. Will always be 100- 150 in rankings, injury dependant.

As the Poles have boycotted the Australian Open qualies over the last few years, wanted to quickly see Linette (too strong for the Ukrainian twin), Kania (whose mother tried to get the umbrella moved courtside for her!) and Piter (dour, almost scary looking) but saw no more than points in their respective matched through. Mladenovic watched Piter.

By this stage I had been away form work for over 2 hours. Opps. So many other players I wanted to see were about to start though.
Wanted to see Julia Cohen. Not that I thought anyone exaggerated but omg, she lobs in the warm up. Sadly, Jules looks really nervous/unsettled/anxious. Saw a few games. Cohen literally lobbed every forehand. Drop Sema crazy. Sema had the last lash though!

Also wanted to see carina. She has a lovely game. She didn’t play a lot last year? Especially at the end? Was she injure red? I really like her game, could see top 100 for sure. Klaffner is also really solid. Maybe doesn’t hit is hard enough nor move well enough to ever make the top 100 though.

Not that my pictures were great- just wanted to post them, sorry it didn’t work

I am heading back down to the qualies now- want to see Lim, Johansson and Rezai.

Will be there tomorrow lunchtime too.

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Re: My few hours at OZ Open today

Great report thanks

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Re: My few hours at OZ Open today

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Re: My few hours at OZ Open today

Got to the courts literally at match point for Johannson.
Can't say much, Parmentier watched, Johannson's leg was heavily tapped.
Luckily, Rezai and Lim matches were next to each other. Lim had been up, Koehlner took a time out. Lim was watched by Amelie, Alex Fusai ( not good body language between those two, think Alex is in camp Tauziat, despite nasty Natalie allying her doubles partner a nut case!!) Flavian and Paola Suarez old coach... Forget name) an of course Serena's boyfriend.
The first few were also interested in Rezai.Begu watched
Lim is simply gorgeous. She is great looking it also seems very sweet in her nature. She tries very hard but her style is stiff and a little one dimensional. She reminded me of someone and then it clicked- Marie Eve Pelletier. Not just because if looks but also style.
Koehler, as she was when she beat Karin last year, is a waste if talent.
Big hitter, had lots if points to defend but still unfit with a terrible attitude.
Despite the points she had to defend, Lim wanted it more. MJK would sulk and et sad and look disinterested at times as well.
Rezai's demise ( on the court, I forgot to mention she Had a gorgeous engagement ring) remains one of the saddest tennis stories,
As I mentioned earlier, she is pretty heavy, not even leggings could cover it up ( it was 33 degrees, no need for leggings). She is such an exciting and great striker if the ball. If she could just get fit, it is really sad.
The Russian is as bad tempered as her doubles partner but is dogged and hits a hard ball.

Looking forward to tomorrow now

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Re: My few hours at OZ Open today

Thanks for your report HOS
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Re: My few hours at OZ Open today

Great reports, Dave

I wish I had such exciting lunch breaks

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Re: My few hours at OZ Open today

HOS, I think Koehler seemed to be ill, as she was looking in distress and having trouble breathing at times. I don't think she called the trainer out though.

I also saw Louise Pleming and Tammi Patterson sitting there for ages chatting about the match beside the main walkway lol
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Re: My few hours at OZ Open today


Daniilidou. Venus. Azarenka. Halep. Wickmayer.
Cornet. Ivanovic. Vesnina.. Vaidisova. Krajicek.
Paszek. Begu. Cirstea. Lisicki. Pavlyuchenkova.
Pironkova. Stephens. Tatishvili. McHale. Flipkens.
Grammatikopoulou ~ Papamichail ~ Sakkari
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Re: My few hours at OZ Open today

Nice report HOS. Did you realise at the Courts 17, 18 and 19 theyve put seats there. How stupid, thats where Federer and Nadal and etc. practice. Its gonna be soooo cramped there now
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Re: My few hours at OZ Open today

Yeah, she took at medical time out- 4-3 in first set- I just arrived.

At the risk of insulting anyone (my message about seeing Serena and her boyf didn't receive applause! ) today wasn't quite as exciting. All matches I wanted to see (Lim, Witthoeft, Johansson, Burnett, Gibbs& Aleks Dulgheru) were passed my bed time (jokes, just not in what I could manage for a lunch time break).

Not in order- as I was leaving- watched the end of begu ad Jaksic (although I could hear her from court 15!!) Both ladies (understandably) looked wrecked. Especially 2nd last game - last game of the old balls- rallies were long, soft and both struggled to move. Jaksic got ripped off with a couple of calls. Close match. Diyas watched. (she was next on court)

Saw a few games of low cut Brengle and Rogers. Maddy was wearing same one size too small top but in pink today. ROgers really is taller than I thought and doesn't move that well. Brengle just did everything a little better today. Naomi Broady (who is super super tall and was watching Evans and Lim yesterday in qualies) supported and walked back to the change room with brengle at the end of the match

Saw some of Bychkova and Anna Tatishvilli- man they were just hitting it hard hard hard. I am now back at work and they are still at it. Really close. They will be tired!

Was keen to see Mestach. Plays more like a French player- a lot of style, big loop with her forehand- a lot of flair. Has the intensity and demeanour of Henin has the same bustling walk of kim C.
Would be great on clay. I understand why she would have played those $75 /$50K challengers in Japan- she and the Tunisian would have been the only non Asians in weaker fields but her game wouldn't;'t be suited to the fake grass. I'd be surprised if she goes back there this year.
The very very handsome Jesse Huta Galung watched and supported his neighbour, he is very very tanned!
At the opposite end of the spectrum- in every sense - was Alyson Van U, also supporting Sophie.

The match was close- the Japanese player plays with a little more spin then her country woman.

Klaffner (and Gulbis, not together) supported (also with a very big crowd) her country man Thiem against Bachinger.
This was a great match. Hard hitting both men played like top 70 players. Bachinger takes the ball early, has a great physique and seems like a nice guy. The Austrian is young and looks young. He was simply thrilled to win- Bachinger game give a hug, he is a really nice guy.

Watched Dancevic- who I have always liked, although he has often chosen not to play in Australia. He has a really suspect backhand- in fact both players got really nervous. I also hadn't seem the Canadian so animated. He got really pissed quite a few times, challenging calls and the like. R Ram was there I think for Reyonolds but have Frank a well done and tap on the back in the end.

Talking of physique, Bozoljac has an amazing burliness brawny ( you name it) body. He is also very good looking and for intimidation or attention wore an outfit - especially his shorts- maybe 2 sizes too small. I watched his hefty physique belt down aces and pond groundstrokes- he quickly won the 1st set 6.0.
I wondered why he wasn't in the top 100. I had read that he loves the attention- maybe dated Majoli or a famous Serbian model- and didn't always focus. maybe he has had injures as well?

He has an unusual two handed forehand- odd considering his size and strength. He did lose focus and martin- who wasn't great- took advantage of it. Klizan watched his countryman.

Steph Dubois watched a bit of......Bozaljac....

Her partner was walking very anxiously around the grounds. Panova needs to chill out.

Saw a few games of Ghem- another really big guy and berakis- who hits is very hard.

That's abut all- not super exciting

Ill be back at the OZ Open on Monday and Tuesday.

By the way is anyone else watching the live stream match between nasty Rodionova ad Witthoeft.
1. Rodionova is a moll
2. She is so bad at the gamesmanship- pretending to be and then breaking her opponents concentration (ad now her service)
3. The commentators are probably the worst ever. worse than Tracey, Worse than Tracey. Worse than dirty old Lousie Pleming (the only 1/2 good thing is they hate Rodionova)
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Re: My few hours at OZ Open today

Thank you for the report! Please give us more.

Eleni Daniilidou - Iveta Benesova - Melanie Klaffner - Gisela Dulko - Daniela Hantuchova - Jelena Dokic - Karolina Sprem -

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