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Originally Posted by Lynx
You have red hair, Fee? Cool.
I always imagined you with lots of unruly black hair - curling all over the place.

But red is nice too. . (But such a color as Dubravka's? hm...)

And yes, I shouldn't be posting - just kicking the habit bit by bit...
Maaaaaaark!! Yes, I have red hair but it is "dyed"!! And the colour is less red now... think a little bit "ginger"?

You are right about it being "unruly"!! My hair is very unruly!! I cannot look after it most of the time (almost ALL of the time!) - aaargh!! One of the posters in this thread has seen "Fiona hair" (well, in a photo... ).

As for Dubravka's hair, hmmm... I like the idea of doing something "wild" and "daring" with the hair? So Dubravka has my "respect"!!

I read your post in your "Carot my account is fixed" thread in Non-Tennis btw - sorry you won't be posting so much, but look forward to seeing you post when you are "less busy"!! Then, Mister Lynx, you have to post LOTS and LOTS of times to make up for it! Deal?

So long, signature...
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