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Re: Can we increase the max pixel height for sig images?

Originally Posted by WhatTheDeuce View Post
I'm on a 1024 x 768 actually, and it stretches the messages.

And there's no menstrual shit going on here, sweetie. It just bothers me when a retarded board troll, a self-proclaimed retard, tries to pass his/her opinion off as legit. I'm sure many people in here agree with your stance, and that's fine. I'd just rather they came in and expressed it, as opposed to you. Really. Go post in some half-witted thread in GM, as you do best.

Why wouldnt my opinion be legit? just because I am a 'troll' (which you said only because I have different opinions than you ), my opinions counts for as much as yours. (Where did you see me proclaim myself as a retard? It is reetard, with an extra e, if you cannot read)

Being able to use a forum are not a right, its a privilage, so stop whinning.

Anyways, aside from your personal insults, my opinion is that, a 250px banner will make you scroll extra anyways Right now you are scrolling sideways, with a 250px banner, you will be scrolling sideways as well as extra scrolling downwards.

Bad idea. 200px is fine.
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