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Sep 30th, 2019 until Nov 30th, 2019
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IMPORTANT! Sharing Tweets/You-Tube/Other media types

While we encourage posters to share tennis news/vids/pics etc from social media and other external sites, there has been a number of concerns raised by some users around how it affects the functionality of the forum on mobile devices.

As a courtesy to ALL users, we request that if you want to share any media type that exceeds more than 3 links, that you use the Spoiler functionality. This will allow you to continue to share tennis media, but it also means that mobile functionality isn’t affected. Do not make multiple posts to share this content in the same thread. Example: 5 posts with 3 links in each, as that will cause the same issue.

The Moderators and Admins will continue to monitor the forum for any posts that don’t comply with the above request, but if we do miss any, we ask that you flag these to us using the report function for us to action.

Thank you for your cooperation, and please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.
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