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1912 results

Status: Mainly finals for non-American results, but using Spalding's Almanack for 1913 we have detailed results for many US events. Spalding's entire results still not added. Slam draws have been added with the exception of the US mixed draw. Results are in good date order.

Many results are from research done by Newmark. His original thread may be found at:

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Re: 1912 results


circa January 1-12, Punjab Lawn Tennis Championships, Lahore, Punjab, India

FI: Una Gracey d. Mrs Hutchinson 6-2 6-2


Circa January 5-10, New Year's Tournament, Hamburg, Germany (Indoors)

Singles (Draw=6)

1R: G. Gieschen-bye
1R: Melanie Bruns d. E. Petersen 6-2 6-4
1R: Anna Benck d. Frau Dr Huhn 6-1 6-3
1R: Elsa Kleinschmidt-bye

SF: Bruns d. Gieschen 6-2 6-3
SF: Benck d. Kleinschmidt 2-6 6-3 6-2

FI: Melanie Bruns d. Anna Benck 6-2 2-6 6-1


January 17-21, German Covered Courts Championships, Bremen, Germany (Indoors on Wood)

QF: Mieken Rieck d. Else Koch 6-0 2-6 10-8
QF: Marie Decugis (Fra) d. Doris Breyer 6-4 7-5
QF: M. Lindpaintner d. "C."* default
QF: "Frau Larida"* d. Hedwig Neresheimer default

SF: Rieck d. Decugis 6-3 6-1
SF: "Larida" d. Lindpaintner 6-4 6-3
FI: Mieken Rieck d. "Frau Larida" 6-3 8-6

Mixed Doubles

SF: Marie Decugis (Fra)/Max Decugis (Fra) d. "Frau Larida"/"Wittig"* 6-1 6-2
SF: Mieken Rieck/Robert Spies d. Frl Ritter/Felix Poulin (Fra) 6-2 6-2

FI: Marie Decugis(Fraa)/Max Decugis (Fra) d. Mieken Rieck/Robert Spies 6-3 6-2

* "C.", "Frau Larida" and "Wittig" were pseudonyms used by unidentified players.


began January 29, Pinehurst Country Club, Pinehurst, North Carolina, USA (Clay?)

FI: Helen McLean d. Edna Wildey 6-1 3-6 6-1

DF: Elsie Little/Edna Wildey d. Helen McLean/Mrs Miles 6-2 3-6 6-3

MX: Elsie Little/Raymond D Little* d. Edna Wildey/Richard Bishop 6-2 4-6 6-2

* The winners of the mixed doubles title were brother and sister. Elsie Little was hit and killed by a train in Pinehurst on February 3, just after this tournament had ended. Tragedy would dog the family, as years later Raymond ended his life by shooting himself.

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Re: 1912 results


January 24–February 11, All-Jamaican Championships, Kingston, Jamaica

FI: Maud Farquharson d. May Wortley 6-4 6-3

DF: B. Clough/H. Clough d. Miss Haughton/Mrs Townshend 6-0 6-0

MX: May Lucie-Smith/Thomas B. Nicholson d. Miss Haughton/Thomas P. Evelyn 6-1 6-2


February 8-13, Coronado Hotel, San Diego, California, US (Hard)
Venue: Coronado Hotel

SF: May Sutton d. Katherine Richards 6-0 6-0
SF: Florence Sutton d. [????]

FI: May Sutton d. Florence Sutton 6-3 6-2

MX: May Sutton/Gerald Young d. Florence Sutton/Nathaniel Browne 6-3 6-2


February 12-17, Monte Carlo Championships, Monte Carlo, Monaco (Clay)
Venue: Condamine Courts

Singles (Draw=12)

1R: Jessie Tripp (GB) d. "Miss A.N. Other" default
1R: Betty Nutcombe-Quicke (GB) d. Hedwig von Satzger (Hun) default
1R: Maud Stuart (GB)-bye
1R: Mieken Rieck (Ger)-bye

1R: Mlle Hulbert-bye
1R: Mme F. Zambaux-bye
1R: Susannah Willford (GB) d. Lesley Cadle (GBR) 6-0 6-0
1R: Margaret Tripp (GB) d. "Miss Gully" 6-3 6-1

QF: J Tripp d. Nutcombe-Quicke 6-2 9-7
QF: Stuart d. Rieck 6-2 2-6 6-4
QF: Hulbert d. Zambaux 6-0, 6-0
QF: M Tripp d. Willford default

SF: J Tripp d. Stuart 6-2 6-1
SF: M Tripp d. Hulbert 6-1 6-1

FI: Jessie Tripp (GB) d. Margaret Tripp (GB) default

MX: Mieken Rieck (Ger)/Tony Wilding (NZ) d. Jessie Tripp (GB)/Arthur Wallis Myers (GB) 6-0 6-3

* Willford is the married name of the English player Susannah Cadman whose husband was fellow tennis player Neville Willford.


February 19-24, Championships of the Italian Riviera, San Remo, Italy (Clay)

FI: Jessie Tripp (GB) d. Mieken Rieck (Ger) 6-1 7-5

MX: Jessie Tripp (GB)/Arthur Wallis Myers (GB) d. Betty Nutcombe-Quicke (GB)/Evan Gwynne Evans (GB) 6-4 6-3


February 22-24, Long Beach, Long Beach, California, US (Hard)

SF: May Sutton d. Alice Ryan 6-0 6-3
SF: Florence Sutton d. Mary K. Browne 6-1 6-3

FI: May Sutton d. Florence Sutton 6-2 6-1

MX: May Sutton/Gerald Young d. Florence Sutton/Jack Duncan 6-1 6-4


February 26-March 2, Riviera Championships, Menton, France (Clay)

Singles (Draw=13)

1R: Mieken Rieck (Ger) d. Lesley Cadle (GB) 6-1 6-2
1R: Jessie Tripp (GB) d. Maud Stuart (GB) 9-7 6-3
1R: Domini Crosfield (GB) d. D. Hereford 3-6, 6-0 6-3
1R: Mrs Wheelright-bye

1R: Betty Nutcombe-Quicke (GB)-bye
1R: Mrs J. B. Perrett (GB)-bye
1R: Susannah Willford (GB) d. E. White (GB) 6-2 8-6
1R: Margaret Tripp (GB) d. Miss Heathcote (GB) 6-0 6-2

QF: Rieck d. J Tripp 2-6 6-3 6-1
QF: Wheelwright d. Crosfield 6-8 6-1 6-3
QF: Nutcombe-Quicke d. Perrett 6-4 6-1
QF: M Tripp d. Willford 6-2 6-2

SF: Rieck d. Wheelwright 6-1 6-2
SF: M Tripp d. Nutcombe-Quicke 6-3 6-3

FI: Mieken Rieck (Ger) d. Margaret Tripp (GB) 1-6 7-5 6-3

MX: Jessie Tripp (GB) /Arthur Wallis Myers (GB)/d. Margaret Tripp (GB)/C. Moore (GB) 7-5 6-2

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Re: 1912 results


February 26 - March 11, Dulwich Covered Courts, Dulwich (indoors on Wood)

FI: “P Player” d. H Harper 6-3 8-6

There was also an indoor Dulwich event in October.


March 4-10, South of France Championships, Nice, France (Clay)

Singles (Draw=22)

1R: Jessie Tripp (GB) d. Miss Newberry 6-0 6-0
1R: Lesley Cadle (GB) d. Miss Greenberg default
1R: Mieken Rieck (Ger) d. Domini Crosfield (GB) 6-4 6-3
1R: Mrs Barker Mills (GB)-bye
1R: Betty Nutcombe-Quicke (GB)
1R: Mrs J.B. Perrett (GB)-bye
1R: Mrs E. Gibbs-bye
2R: Maud Stuart (GB)-bye

1R: Maud Barger-Wallach (US)-bye
1R: Susannah Willford (GB)-bye
1R: "Mme Jack"-bye
1R: Mme Blatin-bye
1R: Mlle Hulbert-bye
1R: Miss Street d. F. Hart default
1R: E. White (GB) d. Hedwig von Satzger (Hun) 7-5 retired
1R: Margaret Tripp (GB) d. Olive Ranson (GB) 6-1 6-1

2R: J Tripp d. Cadle 6-2 6-2
2R: Rieck d. Barker Mills 6-1 6-1
2R: Nutcombe-Quicke d. Perrett 7-5 6-3
2R: Stuart d. Gibbs 6-0 6-0

2R: Barger-Wallach d. Willford 6-2 6-4
2R: "Jack" d. Blatin 6-3 6-1
2R: Hulbert d. Street 6-1 6-1
2R: M Tripp d. White 6-1 6-1

QF: J Tripp d. Rieck 6-4 6-4
QF: Stuart d. Nutcombe-Quicke 6-0 5-7 6-3
QF: Barger-Wallach d. "Jack" 6-3 7-5
QF: M Tripp d. Hulbert 6-2 6-1

SF: J Tripp d. Stuart 6-3 6-1
SF: M Tripp d. Barger-Wallach 6-2 6-1

FI: Jessie Tripp (GB) d. Margaret Tripp (GB) default

MX: Jessie Tripp (GB)/Arthur Wallis Myers (GB) d. Marie Décugis/Max Décugis 6-2 6-2


Ending March 8 Florida State Championships, Palm Beach, Florida, US

FI: Alice Cunningham d. Adelaide Chatfield Taylor 6-4 6-3

DF: Alice Cunningham/Adelaide Chatfield Taylor d Mrs Frederick Gallatin Jr/Constance Roberson 6-4 6-4


March 11-17, Championships of Cannes, Cannes, France (Clay)
Venue: Beau Site Hotel

Singles (Draw=17)

1R: Mme Zambaux d. Aline Visart De Bocarme (Bel) default

2R: Blanche Colston (GB) d. Susannah Willford (GB) default
2R: Betty Nutcombe-Quicke (GB) d. Domini Elliadi (Gre) 6-1 6-0
2R: Mieken Rieck (Ger) d. “Mme Jack” 6-1 6-3
2R: Margaret Tripp (GB) d. Mme Popp 6-1 6-2

2R: Mrs Crosfield d. M E Reid 6-3 6-3
2R: Mrs J B Perrett (GB) d. Mrs Hulbert 6-0 6-2
2R: Jessie Tripp (GB) d. Zambaux 6-0 6-0
2R: Mrs Wheelwright d. E M White 0-6 6-4 6-2

QF: J Tripp d. Nutcombe-Quicke 6-2 6-1
QF: Colston d.Perrett 6-4 0-6 6-1
QF: Crosfield d. Wheelwright 8-6 6-2
QF: Rieck bt M Tripp ????

SF: J Tripp d. Colston ????
SF: Rieck d. Crossfield ????

FI: J Tripp (GB) d. Mieken Rieck (Ger) 6-3 6-1

MX: J Tripp (GB)/Arthur Wallis Myers (GB) d. Marie Décugis/Max Décugis 6-1 6-4

Mme Popp=nee Toni Kusenberg


Circa March 18-23, South Australian Championships, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia (Grass)

FI: A. Watson d. Mrs Flora Rowe 3-6 6-3 6-4*

DF: A. Watson/Miss Wilmott d. G. Lovely/Maisie Parr 6-1 6-3

MX: Mrs Flora Rowe/R. Bowen d. Miss Wilmott/J. Raws 6-2 11-9

*No challenge round as holder Phillis Stewart did not defend her title. Mrs Flora Rowe also listed as W. T. Rowe.


March 23-24, Algerian Championships, Algiers, Algeria (Clay)

FI: Mme Huc d. Mlle Pierson 10-8 retired


March 18-24, Championships of the Côte d’Azur, Cannes, France (Clay)
Venue: Cannes Lawn Tennis Club

FI: Blanche Colston (GB) d. Mrs JB Perrett (GB) 6-2 6-4

MX: Mrs JB Perrett (GB)/Arthur Wallis Myers (GB) d. M. Reid (GB)/Count Ludi von Salm (Aut) 3-6 6-1 6-4


March 25-30, Hyères, France (Clay)

FI: Mrs J.B. Perrett (GB) d. Helen Flavelle (GB) 6-4 6-2

MX: E.M.White (GB)/Count Ludi Salm (Aut) d. ??

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Re: 1912 results

First half of April

April 4-9, French Covered Court Championships, Paris, France (Indoors on Wood)
Venue: Tennis Club de Paris

Singles (Draw=8)

1R: Jeanne Matthey d. Mlle Meny 6-2 6-4
1R: Marguerite Broquedis d. Madeline O’Neill (GB) default
1R: Magda Aranyi (Hun d. Margaret Laverton (GB) 12-10 6-4
1R: Marie Conquet d. Germaine Bourgeois 6-3 7-5

SF: Matthey d. Broquedis 7-5 1-6 6-3
SF: Conquet d. Aranyi 6-2 6-2

FI: Marie Conquet d. Jeanne Matthey 1-6 6-4 10-8

MX: Marie Conquet/Albert Canet d. Jeanne Matthey/Gordon Lowe (GB) 6-3 4-6 6-4


April 7-14, Championships of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain (Clay)

FI: Carmen Witty d. Lydia Witty 4-6 6-3 6-2

The two finalists were Spanish sisters of British origin.


April 10-12, Locarno L.T.C., Locarno, Switzerland

FI: Rose Vivanti d. Miss M. Ghislain 6-2 6-1 6-1

Source: LTAB, April 25, 1912, p.199


Circa April 8-13, Tasmanian Championships, Tasmania, Australia (Grass)

FI: Pearl Stewart d. Vera Blain 6-2 6-2

Stewart is a native of the state of Victoria.


began April 8, Championships of Lake Geneva, Montreux, Switzerland (Clay)

FI: Miss Chenery (Aus) d. Mrs Swaine (GB) 6-0 6-0

MX: Miss Chenery (Aus)Heinrich Kleinschroth (Ger) d. Marie Decugis/Max Decugis 5-7 6-3 6-2

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Re: 1912 results

Second half of April

April 8-20, Dulwich Farm Open, Dulwich, London, England (Clay)

Singles (Draw=11)

1R: G Wright d. Mrs Bright 6-2 6-3
1R: Tessa Hore d. V Wallis 6-4 6-4
1R: Vera Spofforth d. Norah Lattey 6-2 6-4

QF: Blanche Colston d. Mrs Russell 6-1 6-1
QF: Dorothy Holman d. Doris Craddock 6-2 6-1
QF: H Harper d. Wright 8-6 6-2
QF: Spofforth d. Hore ????

SF: Colston d. Spofforth 6-4 6-1
SF: Holman d. Harper ????

FI: Dorothy Holman d. Blanche Colston 6-4 6-3

MX: Dorothy Holman/Stanley N. Doust (Aus) d. Miss Harper/V.R. Penman 6-4 6-2

The exact surface was described as "rubble."


April 18-20, Ojai Valley Open, Nordhoff, California, USA (Hard)

SF: May Sutton d. Miss Bell 6-0 6-2
SF: Mary K. Browne d. Florence Sutton 6-3 9-7

FI: May Sutton d. Mary K. Browne 7-5 6-0

DF: Ruth Anderson/May Sutton d. Mary Caldwell/Florence Sutton 2-6 6-4 6-1

MX: May Sutton/Gerald Young d. Mary K. Browne/Simpson Sinasbaugh 6-4 6-0

Circa April 22-27, New South Wales Championships, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (Grass)

FI: Annie Baker-Ford d. Miss Collings 6-2 8-6*

DF: Annie Baker-Ford/Miss Collings d. Orea Beatty/Miss Bremer 6-4 1-6 6-0*

MX: Miss Collings/Ashley Campbell d. Orea Beatty/Barney Jones 6-1 8-6*

* There was no challenge round in all 3 ladies events as Phillis Stewart opted not to defend her 3 titles here. In 1911 she had won the doubles with Miss Blair and the mixed with Ashley Campbell.

April 27-28, Lawn Tennis Club d'Oran, Oran, Algeria (Clay)

SF: Mlle Garlandier d. Mme Rouland 8-6, 6-3
SF: Mme Huc d. Mme L'Huillier 9-7, 6-3

FI: Mlle Garldandier d. Mme Huc 6-3, 6-4*

* Mlle Garlandier had won the same event in 1911. The event in question is described as being for "Dames seniors", but was more than likely not a seniors event as such, but a level event for adults (the same tournament also featured events for juniors).


April 22-30, British Covered Courts Championships, London, England (Indoors on Wood)
Venue: Queen’s Club

Singles (Draw=9)

1R: Helen Aitchison d. "Mrs Ball" 6-2 6-1

QF: Dorothy Holman d. Vera Spofforth 6-1 6-1
QF: Aitchison d. Mabel Parton 6-2 6-0
QF: Blanche Colston d. Tessa Hore 6-3 3-6 7-5
QF: Aurea Edgington d. Mrs AA Hall 6-4 6-2

SF: Holman d. Aitchison 6-2 6-2
SF: Edgington d. Colston 6-0 6-2

FI: Dorothy Holman d. Aurea Edgington 6-2 6-0

MX: “Mrs Ball”/André Gobert (Fra) d. Tessa Hore/N.S.B. Kidson 6-2 6-2

No challenge rounds in singles or the mixed as Mrs Chambers (who had won the mixed with Anthony Wilding in 1911) was not present.

* "Mrs Ball" was a pseudonym used by an unidentified player.


April 29-May 4, Dovercourt Open, Dovercourt, Essex, England (Clay)

FI: Dorothy Holman d. Mrs Gifford 6-0 6-0

DF: Mrs Hall/Dorothy Holman d. Mrs Gifford/Miss Lattey 6-1 6-2

MX: Dorothy Holman/Major Ritchie d. Miss Donovan/N.S.B. Kidson 6-0 6-1

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Re: 1912 results

Olympic Games Indoor Tennis Event

Dates: May 5-11
Venue: Royal Lawn Tennis Club, Stockholm, Sweden
Surface: Indoors on Wood.

Singles (Draw=10)

1R: Edith Hannam (GB)-bye
1R: Edit Arnheim-bye
1R: Marie Décugis (Frn)-bye
1R: Mabel Parton (GB) d. Margarete Cederschiold 6-0 6-1
1R: Sigrid Fick d. Elsa Magnusson default
1R: Annie Holmström-bye
1R: Helen Aitchison (GB)-bye
1R: Sophie Castenschiold (Den)-bye

QF: Edith Hannam (GB) d. Edit Arnheim 7-5 6-1
QF: Mabel Parton (GB) d. Marie Décugis (Frn) default
QF: Sigrid Fick d. Annie Holmström 6-1 6-1
QF: Sophie Castenschiold (Den) d. Helen Aitchison (GB) 2-6 6-2 6-1

SF: Edith Hannam (GB) d. Mabel Parton (GB) 7-5 6-2
SF: Sophie Castenschiold (Den) d. Sigrid Fick 6-4 6-4

FI: Edith Hannam (GB) d. Sophie Castenschiold (Den) 6-4 6-2

Bronze medal play-off: Mabel Parton (GB) d. Sigrid Fick 6-3 6-3

Mixed Doubles (Draw=10)

1R: Edith Hannam/Charles P. Dixon (GB)-bye
1R: Mabel Parton/Theodore Mavrogordato (GB) d E. Hay/Frans Möller 6-3 6-0
1R: Marie Décugis/Max Décugis (Frn)-bye
1R: Margarete Cederschiold/Carl Kempe-bye
1R: Sigrid Fick/Gunnar Setterwell-bye
1R: M. Sebkova/Josef Sebek (Boh)-bye
1R: Sophie Castenschiold/Erik Larsen (Den)-bye
1R: Helen Aitchison/ Herbert Roper Barrett (GBR) d. Edit Arnheim/Carl Nylen 6-4 6-1

QF: Edith Hannam/Charles P. Dixon (GB) d Mabel Parton/Theodore Mavrogordato (GB) 2-6 6-4 6-3
QF: Margarete Cederschiold/Carl Kempe d Marie Décugis/Max Décugis (Frn) default
QF: Sigrid Fick/Gunnar Setterwell d M. Sebkova/Josef Sebek (Boh)default
QF: Helen Aitchison/ Herbert Roper Barrett (GBR) d. Sophie Castenschiold/Erik Larsen (Den) 6-0 6-3

SF: Edith Hannam/Charles P. Dixon (GB) d Margarete Cederschiold/Carl Kempe 6-2 6-2
SF: Helen Aitchison/Herbert Roper Barrett (GB) d Sigrid Fick/Gunnar Setterwell 3-6 6-1 6-2

FI: SF: Edith Hannam/Charles P. Dixon (GB) d. Helen Aitchison/Herbert Roper Barrett (GB) 4-6 6-3 6-2

Bronze medal play-off: Sigrid Fick/Gunnar Setterwell d. Margarete Cederschiold/Carl Kempe default

* Two women’s singles and two mixed doubles events were held at the 1912 Olympic Games in Stockholm, Sweden. One tennis event was played in May at the Royal Lawn Tennis Club, indoors, on wood; the other event was played at the end of June/beginning of July at the Kamba Lawn Tennis Club, outdoors, on clay.

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Re: 1912 results

First half of May

May 1-4, Dovercourt, Essex, England (Clay)

FI: Dorothy Holman d. Mrs Giffard 6-0 6-0

DF: Mrs A.A. Hall/Dorothy Holman d. Mrs Giffard/N. Lattey 6-1 6-2

MX: Dorothy Holman/ Major Ritchie d. Mrs Donovan/Norman Kidson 6-0 6-1

From "Ayres' Lawn Tennis Almanack" (1913): "Naval Dovercourt inaugurated on its new hard courts what should prove a particularly attractive tournament."


May 5-9, Championships of Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany (Clay)

[Incomplete draw]

SF: Nelly Bamberger d. Lilly Salin 8-6 6-0
SF: Ilse Weihermann d. A. Freisensehner 6-1 6-1

FI: Nelly Bamberger d. Ilse Weihermann ????

MX: Ilse Weihermann/Dr Karl Friedleben d. Anna Weihermann/N. Weidenhammer 6-3 6-4


May 8-12, Wiesbaden, Wiesbaden, Germany (Clay)

FI: Mieken Rieck d. Lilly Salin 6-4 9-7

MX: Mieken Rieck/Robert Kleinschroth d. “Frau Larida”/Otto Froitzheim 6-4 6-2

* “Frau Larida” was a pseudonym used by an unidentified player.


began May 10, Championships of Madrid, Madrid, Spain (Clay)

FI: Carmen Witty d. Luisa Carvajal 6-1 6-3


began May 11, Paris Hard Court Championships, Paris, France (Clay)
Venue: Tennis Club de Paris

FI: Marguerite Broquedis d. Marie Conquet 5-7 6-2 6-4

DF: Marie Conquet/Marie Danet d. Adine Masson/Dagmar von Krohn (Ger) 6-3 6-3

MX: Marguerite Broquedis/Maurice Germot d. /Dagmar von Krohn (Ger)/William Laurentz 3-6 8-6 10-8

This tournament appears to have been inaugurated this year. There were both indoor (wood) and outdoor (clay) courts at the Tennis Club de Paris. This tournament is not connected to the World Hard Court Championships, which was held at a different venue in Paris.


May 11-16, Championships of Lower Austria, Vienna, Austria (Clay)
Venue: Winer Park Club

FI: Mieken Rieck (Ger) d. Dagmar von Krohn (Ger) 6-4, 6-2

Doubles (for the Championships of Austria)

FI: Mieken Rieck (Ger)/Hedwig von Satzger (Hun) d. E. Brunner/T. von Stein 6-1 5-7 3-0, retired

Mixed Doubles (for the Championships of Vienna)

MX: Hedwig von Satzger (Hun)/Heinrich Kleinschroth (Ger) d. Marie Amende/Rolf Kinzel 6-3 4-6 6-2


began May 12, Swedish Covered Courts Championships, Stockholm, Sweden (Indoors on Wood)

FI: Sophie Castenschiold (Den) d. Valborg Bjurstedt (Nor) 6-1 8-6

Valborg is a sister to Molla, who went on to greater fame as Molla Bjurstedt Mallory later in the decade.


May 13-18, Edmonton, London, England (Grass)

FI: E.M. White d. D. Turner 6-2 6-2

MX: Mrs R.T. Hall/"Alfred" d. Susannah Willford/Neville Willford 6-4 6-1

"Alfred" was a pseudonym used by an unidentified player.

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Re: 1912 results

Second half of May

???? French Closed Championships, Racing Club de Paris (Clay)

FI: Jeanne Matthey d Marie D’Anet ????


May 18-23, Championships of Austria. Prague, Bohemia (Clay)

Singles (Draw=12)

1R: Dagmar von Krohn (Ger)-bye
1R: Frau Dr Raabe-bye
1R: Katalin von Csery (Hun)-bye
1R: Esther Meszaros (Hun) d. Marta Reska 6-2 6-0

1R: Emmy Mattuch (Aut)-bye
1R: M. Lindpaintner (Ger)* d. Sarolta von Csery (HUN) 6-1 6-2
1R: Sidi Maschka d. D. Jera 6-2 6-0
1R: Marie Amende d. Baroness Haupt-Stummer default

QF: von Krohn d. Raabe 6-1 6-0
QF: K. von Csery d. Meszaros default
QF: Emmy Matuch d. Ida von Csery (Hun) default
QF: Amende d. Maschka default

SF: von Krohn d. K. von Csery 6-0 6-4
SF: Amende d. Matuch 6-3 6-3

FI: Dagmar von Krohn (Ger) d. Marie Amende 6-0 6-2

DF: Emmy Matuch/Dagmar von Krohn (Ger) d. Marie Amende/Sidi Maschka 6-1 6-2

MX: Dagmar von Krohn (Ger)/Otto Froitzheim (Ger) d. Emmy Matuch/Curt Bergmann (Ger) 6-3 6-4

Curt Bergmann used the pseudonym "Berg".

*This draw from Mark does not compute. If M. Lindpaintner (Ger) won in the first round where is she in the quarterfinals? Her place is taken by Ida von Csery. Which is correct?


May 20-25, Surrey Championships, Surbiton, Surrey, England (Grass)

Singles (Draw=38)

1R: Ethel Larcombe d. H. Harper 6-1 6-3
1R: Miss Antrobus d. Mrs Laverton 6-2 6-0
1R: Dorothy Holman d. Winifred Longhurst 6-1 6-1
1R: Elizabeth Ryan (US) d. Mrs A.A. Hall 6-3 6-3
1R: Frieda Nesham d. Mrs Tebbitt 6-2 6-0
1R: W. Hill d. D. Ward 6-3 6-4

2R: Larcombe d. Mrs Inman default
2R: Holman d. Antrobus 6-2 6-2
2R: A. Appleyard d. Mrs Mitchell 6-4 6-4
2R: Mrs J.B. Perrett d. Charlotte Sterry 7-5 6-3
2R: J. Coles d. E. Tighe 6-3 6-2
2R: Aurea Edgington d. Mrs Fletcher 6-2 6-3
2R: Vera Spofforth d. Miss Ledger 6-2 6-2
2R: Madeline O'Neill d. L. Davenport 6-1 6-3

2R: Winifred McNair d. Ryan 6-4 7-5
2R: Nesham d. Hill 6-0 6-1
2R: Mrs Middleton d. D. Hereford 6-1 6-0
2R: E. Nash d. Mrs Scholl 6-0 6-1
2R: Beatrice Lee d. Edith Johnson 8-6 0-6 7-5
2R: Mrs Hodges d. Miss Tyzack 1-6 6-1 6-2
2R: B. Leader d. Alice Ryan (US) 8-6 9-7
2R: Dora Boothby d. Daisy Kercheval-Hole default

3R: Larcombe d. Holman 6-0 6-2
3R: Perrett d. Appleyard 6-2 4-6 6-3
3R: J. Coles d. Edgington 6-2 7-5
3R: O'Neill d. Spofforth 6-1 6-3

3R: McNair d. Nesham 6-3 6-4
3R: Nash d. Middleton 8-6 8-6
3R: Lee d. Hodges 6-2 6-1
3R: Boothby d. Leader 6-3 6-2

QF: Larcombe d. Perrett 6-1 6-1
QF: O'Neill d. J. Coles 6-2 6-1
QF: McNair d. Nash 6-3 6-0
QF: Boothby d. Lee 6-2 6-4

SF: Larcombe d. O'Neill 6-2 6-1
SF: Boothby d. McNair 6-2 6-2

FI: Ethel Larcombe d. Dora Boothby 7-5 6-3

DF: Ethel Larcombe/Winifred Longhurst d. Dora Boothby/Winifred McNair 6-2 4-6 6-1

MX: Ethel Larcombe/Major Ritchie d. Edith Johnson/A.L. Bentley 6-4 6-1


May 23-26, Championships of Trieste, Trieste*, Austria-Hungary (Clay)
Venue: Lawn Tennis Club Triestino

Singles (Draw=5)

1R: Hedwig von Satzger (Hun) d. E. Teuschl 6-4 6-0

SF: von Satzter d. Marchesa I. Castori 6-1 6-1
SF: Caro Peter (SUI) d. I. Haas 6-2 6-0

FI: Hedwig von Satzger (Hun) d. Caro Peter (Sui) 1-6 6-4 6-1

MX: Hedwig von Satzger (Hun)/ V. Wolff d. M. Seemann/ R. Reska default

* At this point in time Trieste was situated in Austria, but is now part of Italy.
Satzger is the married name of Hedwig Neresheimer, who was German by birth, but whose husband was Hungarian.


May 23-29, Championships of Berlin, Berlin, Germany (Clay)
Venue: Lawn-Tennis-Turnier-Club

Singles (Draw=16)

1R: Mieken Rieck d. Frau Kiepert default
1R: Emma Köttgen d. J. Fiegel 6-1 6-1
1R: Ruth Hoffman d. Frau Grunert 6-1 6-2
1R: Countess Dohna d. M. Lindpaintner 6-4 6-0

1R: Melanie Bruns d. Hedy Dyhrenfurth 3-6 6-4 6-4
1R: E. Samek d. Erna Kribben 3-6 6-0 6-4
1R: L. von Schmidt d. Frau von Skopnik 6-0 6-4
1R: Gertrud Mittler d. Frau Heudtlass 6-2 6-1

QF: Rieck d. Köttgen 6-3 6-4
QF: Countess Dohna d. Hoffman 6-4 6-0
QF: Bruns d. Samek 6-2 6-0
QF: Mittler d. von Schmidt 6-2 6-4

SF: Rieck d. Countess Dohna 6-3 6-3
SF: Mittler d. Bruns 6-1 6-4

FI: Mieken Rieck d. Gertrud Mittler 6-1 6-3

MX: Mieken Rieck/Robert Kleinschroth d. Gertrud Mittler/Otto Froitzheim 8-10 6-3 6-2


May 25-28, Würzburg, Germany (Clay)

Singles (Draw=12)

1R: Nelly Bamberger-bye
1R: Frau Zweiffel-bye
1R: Ilse Weihermann d. E. Siebert 6-2 6-3
1R: F. Spät d. O. Egler 6-1 6-0

1R: Frau Dr Hiltermann d. Theresa Schwabacher 7-5 6-3
1R: Lilly Salin d. A. Sattler default
1R: Anna Weihermann-bye
1R: E. Habersack-bye

QF: Bamberger d. Zweiffel 6-0 6-0
QF: I. Weihermann d. Spät 7-5 6-1
QF: Salin d. Hiltermann 6-0 6-4
QF: A. Weihermann d. Habersack 4-6 6-2 6-2

SF: Bamberger d. I. Weihermann 1-6 6-4 6-4
SF: Salin d. A. Weiherman 6-1 6-4

FI: Nelly Bamberger d. Lilly Salin 6-2 8-6

MX: Ilse Weihermann/Dr H. Fitting d. Lilly Salin/"Floda" default


May 25-28, Tynedale (Hexham), Northumberland, England (Grass)

FI: M. M. Fergus d. Miss Walton-Brown 6-0 6-1


began May 27, Ladies’ Championship of Pennsylvania and the Eastern States, Haverford, US (Grass)
Venue: Merion Cricket Club

FI: Maud Barger-Wallach d. Edna Wildey* 7-5 6-4

DF: Marion Fenno/Eleanora Sears d. Dorothy Green/Edna Wildey 6-3 6-3

MF: Marion Fenno/George L. Wrenn d. Dorothy Green/Wallace F. Johnson 6-4 6-3

No challenge rounds as none of the holders defended titles. Louise Raymond was the 1911 singkles winner. Louise Raymond/Edna Wildey were the holders of the women’s doubles title, and Wallace F. Johnson and Florence Sutton were the holders of the mixed doubles title. With sutton absent Johnson won again with a different partner.


May 27 to 31, Texas State Championship, Austin, Texas, Usa
Venue: University of Texas

FI: Densmore d. Thomas 6-4 6-2

DF: Densmore/Knox d. Thomas/Rix 8-6 6-4

MX: Adams/Russell d. Densmore/Perkins 6-0 6-3


May 27-June 2, Chevy Chase Tournament, D.C., US
Venue: Chevy Chase Club

FI: Miss Eustis d. Miss Baker 6-1 6-4

DF: Miss Baker/Miss Bryan d. Miss Eustis/Miss Smith 6-3 8-6

MX: Miss Baker/H.E.Doyle d. Miss Eustis/G.A.Gordon 6-4 6-3


May 27-June 1, Middlesex Championships, London, England (Grass)
Venue: Chiswick Park

Singles (Draw=26)

1R: Dorothy Holman d. ???? default
1R: Mrs Holloway d. E. Thomson 6-4 6-3
1R: E. Cutler d. Mrs Amm 6-3 6-4
1R: K. Allen d. Mrs Ziffo 6-1 6-3
1R: E. Rogers d. Mrs Tragett 6-0 6-0
1R: H. Boyd-bye
1R: Mrs L. Gilks-bye
1R: B. Sayer-bye

1R: Madeline O'Neill-bye
1R: M. Tomalin-bye
1R: Mrs Silbver-bye
1R: D. Allen d. D. Ward 6-3 6-3
1R: Phyllis Satterthwaite d. M. Marsh 6-3, 6-0
1R: Daisy Kercheval-Hole d. G. Arnell 6-2, 6-1
1R: Miss Veal d. A. Mann, walkover
1R: Mabel Parton d. Christina Douglass, walkover

2R: Dorothy Holman d. Mrs Holloway 6-2 6-0
2R: K. Allen d. E. Cutler 6-2 6-0
2R: E. Rogers d. H. Boyd 6-1 6-2
2R: Mrs L. Gilks d. B. Sayer 6-0 6-0

2R: O'Neill d. Tomalin 6-0 6-1
2R: D. Allen d. Silver 6-3 7-5
2R: Satterthwaite d. Kercheval-Hole 6-0 6-2
2R: Parton d. Veal 6-1 6-1

QF: Holman d. K. Allen 6-1 6-4
QF: Rogers d. Gilks 6-4 3-6 6-2
QF: O'Neill d. D. Allen 4-6 6-0 6-0
QF: Parton d. Satterthwaite 12-10 6-2

SF: Holman d. Rogers 6-0 6-2
SF: Parton d. O'Neill 6-2 4-6 7-5

FI: Dorothy Holman d. Mabel Parton 6-2 4-6 7-5

MX: Dorothy Holman/Major Ritchie d. Mrs D.K. Hole/ George A. Thomas 6-1 6-2


May 27-June 1, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, England (Grass)

FI: Elizabeth Ryan (US) d. Alice Ryan (US) default

DF: Alice Ryan (US)/Elizabeth Ryan (US) d. Mrs Pratt/Mrs Nelson-Smith 7-5 6-0

MX: Elizabeth Ryan (US)/Arnold Herschell d. Mrs Niblett/A.P. Pridmore 3-6 6-4 6-3

At least two of the above events, including the singles, were handicap only.


May 27-June 1, Worcestershire Championships, Malvern, Worcestershire, England (Grass)

FI: Edith Hannam d. Ethel Larcombe 6-4 6-0

DF: Ethel Larcombe/Winifred Longhurst d. Edith Hannam/Miss Hogarth 6-3 6-1

MX: Ethel Larcombe/James C. Parke d. J. Tripp/Arthur Wallis Myers 6-1 6-4


May 30-June 2, Stockton, Stockton, California (Hard)

FI: Florence Sutton d. Mary K. Browne 8-6 6-3


May 30-June 2, Championships of Breslau, Breslau, Germany (Clay)

FI: Hedy Dyhrenfurth d. Eva Noack 6-2 6-1

MX: Hedy Dyhrenfurth/E. Kräusel d. Frl Goebler/A. Kräusel 6-0 6-4


May 30-June 3, Championships of Frankfurt, Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany (Clay)

SF: Nelly Bamberger d. Lilly Salin 8-6 6-0
SF: Ilse Weiherman d. A. Freisensehner 6-1 6-1

FI: Nelly Bamberger d. Ilse Weihermann ????

MX: Lilly Salin/"Floda" d. Ilse Weihermann/Dr Karl Friedleben 6-0 6-2

“Floda” was a pseudonym used by an unidentified player. The runners-up in the mixed doubles event would later marry each other.

Note we also have an event at Frankfurt dated May 5-9

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Re: 1912 results

June 1-10, World Hard Court Championships, Paris, France (Clay)
Venue: Stade Francais, Saint Cloud

Singles (Draw=14)

1R: Jeanne Matthey-bye
1R: Anne de Borman (Bel) d. Frau Roehling (Aut) 6-2 6-3
1R: Daisy Speranza d. Mlle Daggi (Aut) default
1R: Mieken Rieck (Ger) d Marie Danet 6-2 6-4

1R: Marie Conquet d Mlle G. Castermanns (Bel) default
1R: Marguerite Broquedis d. Emmy Matuch (Aut) 6-1 6-2
1R: Helen Aitchison (GB) d. Marie Blage 6-2 6-3
1R: Marguerite Chaudoir (Bel)-bye

QF: Borman d. J Matthey 1-6 6-4 6-4
QF: Rieck d. Speranza 6-2 6-3
QF: Broquedis d. Conquet 6-3 6-2
QF: Aitchison d. Chaudoir 6-4 6-0

SF: Rieck d. Borman 6-3 6-1
SF: Broquedis d. Aitchison 6-2 4-6 6-3

FI: Marguerite Broquedis d. Mieken Rieck (Ger) 6-3 0-6 6-4

Mixed doubles (Draw=11)

First round

Anne de Borman (Bel)/Max Décugis-bye
Marie Blage/William Laurentz-bye
Frau Roechling (Aut)/Curt von Wessely (Aut) d. Marguerite Chaudoir (Bel)/Louis Trasenster (Bel) 6-4 4-6 6-4
Marie Conquet/Albert Canet d. G. Castermanns (Bel)/Frederic Poulin default

Andre Gobert/Marguerite Broquedis d. Mme Dagge (Aut)/Count Ludi von Salm (Aut) default
Emmy Mattuch (Aut)/Fritz Pipes (Aut)-bye
Helen Aitchison (GB)/Maurice Germot-bye
Mieken Rieck (Ger)/Heinrich Kleinschroth (Ger)-bye


Borman/Décugis d. Blage/Laurentz 6-4 6-4
Roechling/Wessely d Conquet/Canet 5-7 6-4 6-0
Broquedis/Gobert d. Mattuch/Pipes 6-4 7-5
Rieck/Kleinschroth d. Aitchison/Germot 6-4 5-7 6-4


Borman/Décugis d. Roechling/Wessely 6-4 6-1
Rieck/Kleinschroth d Broquedis/Gobert 6-3 6-4


Anne de Borman (Bel)/Max Décugis d. Mieken Rieck (Ger)/Heinrich Kleinschroth (Ger) 6-4 7-5

This was the inaugural edition of the World Hard Court Championships tournament, forerunner of the French Open, which ran from 1912-14 and again from 1920-23. It was held in Paris every year except 1922, when the venue was the Royal Leopold Club in Brussels, Belgium.

From Ayres Almanack:

France's ambition, laudable and intelligent, to have a Wimbledon of its own, has been realized, and the support obtained for its first tournament justified the enterprise."

Frl Rieck, Miss Aitchison, and Mlle Broquedis were the only three ladies whose chances in the singles had to be seriously considered. By narrow victories over both of her rivals Mlle Broquedis won the event. Miss Aitchison never quite recovered from a bad start against Mlle Broquedis. She was not hitting confidently, only trying to keep the ball in court.The result was the French champion's brilliancy had full play, and she scored repeatedly with a cross drive and a cross volley to her opponent's backhand. In the second set Miss Aitchison's length improved, while her opponent, revealing a mercurial temperament, was erratic. The set went to England at 6-4. Recovering. Mlle Broquedis, by dazzling strokes, ran to 4-1 in the final set. Each lady then won a game, and though Miss Aitchison captured the 8th game with an effort, Mlle Broquedis ran out at 6-3.

Mlle played a very strong, sound game in the first set of the final, and ,using her topspin drive and volleys, won it easily at 6-3.The German champion's driving looked poor in contrast. In the second set there was a dispute over a point. Many spectators joined in the discussion, quite contrary to etiquette or rule, and the French lady became so unnerved that she lost 6 games in succession. However, she calmed down in the final bout, and playing beautifully, ran out at 6-4. Frl Rieck showed great pluck, but she was admittedly not so well armed as her opponent.

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Re: 1912 results

First half of June

began May 31, Amackassin Cup, Yonkers, New York, US

FI: Adelaide Browning d. Nora Schmitz 6-2 6-4

DF: Clara Kutroff/Miss Wagner d. Bessie Moore/Miss Weaver 6-2 6-3

MX: Mrs Manvel/Condon d. Adelaide Browning/Behr 3-6 6-3 6-3


June 4-7, Frinton, England

FI: Doris Craddock d. Mrs. Goodall 6-4 6-2

MX: Mrs. Bell/Godall d. Miss Fitter/Fitter 6-2 3-6 6-1

LTAB, June 20, 1912, p.373-374


June 3-8, Northern Tournament, Liverpool, England (Grass)

Singles (Draw=24)

1R: Ethel Larcombe d. F. Hayward 6-0 6-1
1R: Miss Rigby d. I. Rome 6-2 6-1
1R: W. Hughes d. Mrs Stanley 6-0 6-2
1R: Winifred Longhurst d. Edith Johnson default
1R: Jessie Green-bye
1R: Miss Radcliffe-bye
1R: Winifred McNair-bye
1R: Jessie Tripp-bye

1R: Olive Manser-bye
1R: J. Coles-bye
1R: Eleanor Rose-bye
1R: Elizabeth Ryan (US)-bye
1R: C. Hollins d. F. Mack 6-1 6-0
1R: Margaret Tripp d. M. Bosworth 6-2 6-0
1R: Miss Hewlett d. Miss Beswick 7-9 6-2 6-2
1R: Mabel Parton d. Bertha Holder 6-2 6-4

2R: Larcombe d. Rigby 6-0 6-1
2R: Longhurst d. Hughes 6-2 6-2
2R: Green d. Radcliffe 8-6 6-2
2R: McNair d. J Tripp 1-6 6-4 7-5

2R: Manser d. J. Coles 6-2 6-3
2R: Ryan d. Rose 6-3 6-1
2R: d. M Tripp 6-1 1-6 6-4
2R: Parton d. Hewlett 6-0 6-0

QF: Larcombe d. Longhurst default
QF: McNair d. Green 6-4 6-3
QF: Manser d. Ryan 6-1 6-1
QF: Parton d. Hollins 6-1 9-7

SF: Larcombe d. McNair 12-10 6-3
SF: Parton d. Manser 6-2 8-6

FI: Ethel Larcombe d. Mabel Parton 6-4 6-1

DF: Ethel Larcombe/Winifred Longhurst d. Mrs D.M. Armstrong/Winifred McNair 6-0 8-6

Mixed Doubles

CR: Ethel Larcombe/James C. Parke d Mabel Parton/Theodore Mavrogordato (holders) 6-0 6-8 6-2


June 3-8, East Surrey Championships, Croydon, Surrey, England (Grass)

Singles (Draw=at least 20)

1R: Madeline O’Neill d. E M Cutler 6-2 6-1
1R: Phyllis Satterthwaite d. Mrs Webb 6-0 6-0
1R: Mrs Fletcher d. M Tomalin 6-1 6-2
1R: Dora Boothby d. “A N Other” default

2R: M Herbert bt Mrs A Scholl 6-0 6-0
2R: O’Neill d. Ada Hollick 7-5 7-5
2R: D Treadgold d. G M Bracewell 6-1 7-5
2R: Satterthwaite d. Fletcher 6-3 6-2

2R: H Harper d. Mrs Hooker 6-1 6-1
2R: Boothby d. Mrs A A Hall 6-3 6-4
2R: K Lillico d. Miss “Blank” default
2R: K Goodwin d. ????

QF: O’Neill d. Herbert 6-1 6-2
QF: Satterthwaite d. Treadgold 6-1 7-5
QF: Boothby d. Harper 6-1 6-4
QF: Goodwin d. Lillico 6-1 6-2

SF: O’Neill d. Satterthwaite 7-6 2-0 retired
SF: Boothby d. Goodwin 6-4 6-2

FI: Dora Boothby d. Madeline O’Neill 6-3 7-5

DF: Madeline O’Neill/Phyllis Satterthwaite d. A. Thrale/L. Thrale 8-6 6-2

MX: Dora Boothby/Arthur D. Prebble d. Madeline O’Neill/George A. Thomas 6-3 6-4

* Sattterwaite is the married name of Phyllis Carr.


June 3-8, Englewood Field Club Tournament,Englewood, New Jersey, United States (Grass)
Venue: Englewood Field Club

FI: Marie Wagner d. Helen McLean 7-5 6-3

DF: Helen McLean/Augusta Chapman/Helen McLean d. Marie Wagner/Miss [Clara] Kuttroff 6-3 6-4

MX: Helen McLean/Mahan d. Annie Coe/Homans 7-5 6-0

Mrs Marshall McLean=nee Helen Homans, the 1905 US Champion. The male Homans was in all likelihood a relative of Helen Homans.


June 5-10, Championships of Southern Germany, Mannheim, Germany (Clay)

FI: G. Flinsch d. G. Adler 6-1 6-0

For the Championships of Mannheim

FI: G. Flinsch d. E. Marum 8-6 6-4

MX: E. Marum/Carl Kreuzer d. O. Moll/W. Müller 9-7 6-3


June 6-9, Championships of Dresden. Dresden, Germany (Clay)

FI: Dora Köring d. Marie Amende (Aut) 6-3 9-11 6-1

MX: Marie Amende (Aut)/"Robby”* d. Sidi Maschka (Aut)/Curt Bergmann 6-1 retired

* “Robby” was a pseudonym used by an unidentified player.


began June 8, Eastern New York Championship, Scarsdale, NY, US
Venue: County Tennis Club of Westchester

FI: Mrs Raymond d. Clare Cassell 6-4 6-2

MX: Cassell/Andrewes d. Mrs & Mr Raymond 7-5 7-5


June 9-13, Budapest International Championships, Budapest, Hungary (Clay)

FI: Dagmar von Krohn (Ger) d. Hedwig von Satzger ????

DF: Sarolta Cséry/Dagmar von Krohn (Ger) d. Hedwig von Satzger/Ida Cséry 6-3 6-0

MX: Dagmar von Krohn (Ger)/Béla Kehrling d. Hedwig von Satzger/Aurél Kelemen 7-5 4-6 6-4

* This was the last edition of this tournament for a number of years


began June 10, Old Dominion Championship, Richmond, Virginia, USA
Venue: Virginia Country Club

FI: Mrs J.S.Taylor d. Mrs Wallington Hardy 6-4 6-2

CR: Mrs J.S.Taylor d. Mrs Willard Sullivan wo

DF: Miss Meredith/Mrs Wallington Hardy d. Miss Boyd/Miss Baker 6-2 6-2

MX: Miss Meredith/Dunn d. Miss Powers/Zinn 6-4 6-4


June 10-15, Kent Championships, Beckenham, Kent, England (Grass)

Singles (Draw=35)

1R: G. Murton d. Miss Carter default
1R: Vera Spofforth d. Miss Butler-Lloyd 8-6 7-5
1R: Dora Boothby d. Winifred Longhurst 6-4 6-2

2R: Winifred McNair d. Mrs A. Hall 6-4 6-1
2R: Doris Craddock d. Mrs Goodall 8-6 6-0
2R: F. Goodwin d. Dorothea Lambert Chambers default
2R: Miss Tootell d. S. Clay 6-0 6-1
2R: Annie Cobb d. Murton 6-1 7-5
2R: Miss Stanley-Adams d. M. Paine 7-5 4-6 6-0
2R: N. Ramsey d. Mrs A. Scholl 6-0 6-1
2R: Jessie Tripp d. Geraldine Beamish 6-0, 6-1

2R: Agnes Tuckey d. Lavinia Radeglia 6-2 6-2
2R: Miss Plomer-Walker d. Edith Longhurst default
2R: V. Clay d. W. Hawkins 6-2 6-2
2R: Helen Aitchison d. Adelaide Norton-Barry 6-3 6-4
2R: Agnes Morton d. H. Becher 6-3 6-2
2R: J. Coles d. M. Clay 6-2 6-3
2R: P. Boxall d. S. Clark 6-2 6-4
2R: Boothby d. Spofforth 6-0 6-2

3R: McNair d. Craddock 6-0 6 -2
3R: Tootell d. Goodwin 6-0 6-4
3R: Cobb d. Stanley-Adams 6-1 6-4
3R: J Tripp d. N. Ramsey 6-0 6-1

3R: Tuckey d. Plomer-Walker 6-0 6-1
3R: Aitchison d. Clay 6-1 6-4
3R: Morton d. J. Coles 6-1 6-0
3R: Boothby d. Boxall 6-0 6-1

QF: McNair d. Tootell 6-4 6-2
QF: J Tripp d. Cobb 6-2 7-5
QF: Tuckey d. Aitchison default
QF:Boothby d. Morton 8-6 6-3

SF: McNair d. J Tripp 6-3 6-1
SF: Boothby d. Tuckey 6-4 6-1

FI: Winifred McNair d. Dora Boothby 6-1 6-4


June 12-15, Windlesham, Surrey, England (Grass)

FI: Madeline O'Neill d. Phyllis Satterthwaite 4-6 6-3 6-4

MX: Madeleine O'Neill/Murray d. Phyllis Satterthwaite/Clement Satterthwaite 6-4 6-2

LTAB, June 20, 1912, p.373


June 12-15, Windlesham, Surrey, England (Grass)

FI: Madeline O'Neill d. Phyllis Satterthwaite 4-6 6-3 6-4


June 13-16, Travemünde, Germany (Clay)

FI: Dora Köring d. Mieken Rieck 7-5 6-2

MX: Dora Köring/Dr P. Haselden d. Mieken Rieck/Luis-Maria Heyden default

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Re: 1912 results


Dates: June 10-15
Venue: Philadelphia Cricket Club
Surface: Grass


*Hazel Hotchkiss does not defend her title.
Preliminary Round
Whitling d. Charlotte Cheston 6-3 6-2
Dorothy Green d. Mrs. Conserse 6-1 6-0
Eleanora Sears d. Nellie Ostheimer 6-1 6-0

First Round
Adelaide Browning d. Marion Cresswell 6-3 6-2
Helen Pouch d. E. Katzenburg 6-0 5-7 6-1
Augusta Schmitz d. Gertrude Hollis 6-2 6-3
Anita Clothier d. Miss Walbridge default

Maud Barger-Wallach d. Lola Seeds 6-1 7-5
Mary Browne d. Eliza Fox 6-2 6-3
Marian Fenno d. Clara Chase 6-2 4-6 6-1
Green d. Whiting 6-2 6-2

El. Sears d. Dorothy Disston default
Mrs. Wainwright d. Christine Biddle 9-7 6-3
Helen Alexander d. Elizabeth Meehan 6-1 6-1
Elizabeth Ostheimer d. May Cayres 6-4 6-4

Effie Wheeler d. Mrs. C. A. Adams 7-5 0-6 6-4
A. Hensel d. Rachel Lotta 6-1 6-0
Mary Merrick d. Marianne Biddle 6-3 6-1
Louise Riddell Williams d. Miss E. Henzel 6-4 6-2

Second Round

Browne d. Barger-Wallach default
Fenno d. Green 6-3 4-6 6-3
Browning d. Pouch 6-4 6-3
Schmitz d. Clothier 6-0 6-0

El. Sears d. Wainwright 6-0 6-3
Alexander d. E. Ostheimer 3-6 7-5 6-4
Wheeler d. A. Hensel 8-6 4-6 7-5
Merrick d. Williams 6-4 6-2

Browne d. Fenno 6-0 6-4
Browning d. Schmitz 6-1 10-8
El. Sears d. Alexander 6-2 6-2
Merrick d. Wheeler default

Browne d. Browning 6-4 3-6 9-7
El. Sears d. Merrick 5-7 6-0 6-2

Mary K. Browne d. Eleanora Sears 6-4 6-2

Doubles (Draw=14)

Preliminary Round
Elizabeth Moore/Pouch d. Fox/Sayres 6-3 6-3
Hopkins/J. Lewis d. Disston/M. Lewis 6-4 6-2

First Round
Moore/Pouch d. Converse/Ridgeway 6-0 6-0
Katzenburg/Kind d. Hopkins/J. Lewis 6-3 13-11
Dixon/Mrs.Sands d. Biddle/Anita Clothier 6-2 6-4
Cresswell/Whitling d. Mrs. C. W. Adams/Nellie Ostheimer 6-4 8-6

Fenno/El. Sears d. Hensel/E. Ostheimer 6-0 6-3
Barger-Wallach/Schmitz d. Moore/Pouch 6-2 7-5
Browne/Green d. Katzenburg/Kind 6-0 6-3
Cresswell/Whiting d. Dixon/Sands 6-1 7-5

Barger-Wallach/Schmitz d. Fenno/El. Sears 6-2 8-6
Browne/Green d. Cresswell/Whiting 6-4 6-3

Mary K. Browne/Dorothy Green d. Maud Barger-Wallach/Augusta Schmitz 6-3 5-7 6-0

Mixed Doubles

FI: Mary K. Browne/Richard Norris Williams d. Eleanora Sears/William J. Clothier 6-4 2-6 11-9

Newly married Hazel Hotchkiss Wightman does not defend her US title. Richard Williams, winner of the mixed with Mary K. Browne, had been lucky lucky to survive the infamous Titanic disaster a few weeks earlier. Here is a link that provides more detail on this: http://www.encyclopedia-titanica.org...-williams.html

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Re: 1912 results

Second half of June

????, Belgian Championships, Brussels, Belgium (Clay)

FI: Anne de Selliers de Borman d. ????


Circa June 12-17, Lille, Lille, France (Clay)

FI: Marguerite Broquedis d. Mlle Heyn 6-1 6-2

MX: Marguerite Broquedis/R. Wallet d. A. Fockeday/L.E. Taspscott (GB) 6-4 6-2


June 14-16, Championships of Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany (Clay)

FI: Dora Köring d. Anita Lent 6-4 6-4

MX: Dora Köring/Heinrich Schomburgk d. L.D. Müller/Curt Bergmann 6-2 1-6 6-4


June 15-22, Indiana State Championship, Indianapolis, US

FI: Miss Brown d. Mrs Pugh 6-2 7-5


June 17-22, London Championships, London, England (Grass)
Venue:Queen’s Club

Singles (Draw=28)

1R: Ethel Larcombe d. "Mrs Sinclair" default
1R: Edith Johnson d. Mieken Rieck (Ger) default
1R: Mrs Wilkinson d. Blanche Colston default
1R: Madeline O'Neill d. Mrs C. Hunter 6-1 6-4
1R: Edith Longhurst d. Rosamund Salusbury 6-0 7-7 retired
1R: K. Allen d. Annie Cobb 6-4 6-2
1R: M. Towler-bye
1R: Christina Douglass-bye

1R: Beryl Tulloch d. Mrs Greenhough-Smith 6-2 6-2
1R: E. Rogers d. Winifred McNair default
1R: Aurea Edgington d. Mrs Rowland Hawker 7-5 6-1
1R: Geraldine Beamish d. Mrs J. Marten 6-1 1-1 retired
1R: M. Wolff d. Mildred Coles default
1R: Dorothy Holman d. Miss Ledger 6-1 6-1
1R: Winifred Longhurst-bye
1R: C. Rimmington-bye

2R: Larcombe d. Johnson 6-1 6-3
2R: O'Neill d. Wilkinson 6-2 6-4
2R: Longhurst d. K. Allen 6-2 7-5
2R: Towler d. Douglass 6-3 3-6 6-4

2R: Tulloch d. Rogers 5-7 6-2 6-4
2R: Beamish d. Edgington 6-4 6-4
2R: Holman d. Wolff 6-1 6-1
2R: Longhurst d. Rimmington 7-5 6-1

QF: Larcombe d. O'Neill 6-2 4-6 6-3
QF: Towler d. Longhurst 6-4 4-6 6-4
QF: Tulloch d. Beamish 11-9 6-2
QF: Holman d. Longhurst 2-6 10-8 6-0

SF: Larcombe d. Towler 6-3 6-2
SF: Holman d. Tulloch 6-0 6-3

FI: Ethel Larcombe d. Dorothy Holman 6-1 6-0

MX: Ethel Larcombe/James C. Parke d. Dorothy Holman/Major Ritchie 6-3 6-2


June 17-22, Lowestoft, Suffolk, England (Grass)

FI: Agnes Tuckey d. Helen Aitchison 5-0 retired

MX: Agnes Tuckey/Stanley Doust (Aus) d. Dora Boothby/Albert Prebble 6-8 7-5 6-3


June 20-22, Malton Tournament, North Yorkshire, England (Grass)

FI: Eleanor Rose d. Elizabeth Ryan (US) 6-2 6-2

MX: Elizabeth Ryan (US)/J.P. Medley d. Kathleen Aitchison/Mark Hick 6-3 5-7 6-4

This was the second edition of the Malton tournament.


Week of June 17, Virginia State Championship, Norfolk, Virginia, US
Venue: Norfolk Country Club

FI: Mrs.J.S.Taylor d. Miss Baldwin 6-2 6-3

CR: Mrs.J.S.Taylor d. Mrs.W.Hardy 6-4 8-6

MX: Whitehead/Hardy d. Kelker/Baldwin 6-0 6-3


began June 17, Championship of the Carolinas, Greenville, South Carolina, USA
Venue: Sans Souci Country Club

FI: Mrs Johnston d. Mrs Robertson 2-6 6-3 6-1

DF: Mrs Robertson/Miss Chapman d. Mrs Johnston/Mrs Coxe 6-4 6-4

MX: Mrs McKee/Hobart d. Mrs Bomar/Colwell 6-2 6-2


June 20-23, Championships of Bonn, Bonn, Germany (Clay)

FI: R. Lent d. Frl Weber 4-6 7-5 6-3

MX: E. Meinhold/Luis-Maria Heyden d. Mlle Goemaere/Hans O. Behrens 6-1 6-3


June 20-23, Championships of Nuremberg-Fürth, Nuremberg-Fürth, Germany (Clay)

Singles (Draw=10)

1R: E. Strauss d. Frl Steinlein 3-6 6-4 6-1
1R: Ilse Weihermann d. Frl Rosenfeld 6-1 6-2

QF: Hedwig von Satzger d. Strauss 6-3 6-1
QF: Lilly Salin d. Hilda Haas 6-1 8-6
QF: Weihermann d. Frau Dr Hiltermann 6-0 6-2
QF: Nelly Bamberger d. F. Spät 6-0 6-3

SF: von Satzger d. Salin 6-2 9-7
SF: Bamberger d. Weihermann 3-6 6-4 9-7

FI: Hedwig von Satzger d. Nelly Bamberger 13-11 8-6

MX: Hedgwig von Satzger/George Logie d. Nelly Bamberger/Faber 6-3 6-1


June 22-July 1, US Clay Court Championships, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US (Clay)

PR: Lois Moyes (Can) d Marie Gabel 6-0 6-1
PR: Dorothy Green d Sarah Kirl 6-1 6-0

1R: Mary K. Browne d. Mary Craighead default
1R: Moyes d. Elizabeth Hugus 6-2 6-1
1R: Green d. K. Warmcastle 6-0 6-1
1R: May Sutton d. E. Burdick 6-1 6-0

QF: Browne d. Anne Hugus 6-2 6-1
QF: Moyes d. Helen Schmidt 6-2 6-1
QF: Green d. Mary Snyder 6-2 6-1
QF: Sutton d. Mrs. Gustave Touchard 6-1 6-2

SF: Browne d. Moyes 6-1 6-2
SF: Sutton d Green 6-0 6-2

FI: May Sutton d. Mary K. Browne 6-4 6-2

MX: May Sutton/Frederick H. Harris d. Mary K. Browne/Richard Norris Williams 6-3 2-6 6-2

This was the inaugural women’s singles event at this tournament, which had begun in 1910.

"No one who watched Miss Sutton closely can have been under any doubt" she would sweep all before her. May intimidates foes with her big forehand, which she runs around often. Her swing is so severe that she often brusies her back on the follow through. Sutton easily beats Browne, winner of the US Nationals the previous week, rasing the question, "Why doesn't May play the nationals?"


June 23-29, Pacific Coast Championships, Santa Cruz, California, US (Hard)


1R: Helen Baker d. Constance Davis 6-1 6-0
1R: Florence Sutton d. Mrs. Neimeyer 6-1 6-0
1R: Ethel Sutton Bruce d. Anita Myers default
1R: Laura Deming d. Laura Herron 6-4 6-4

SF: F. Sutton d. Baker 6-3 6-2
SF: Bruce d. Laura Deming 6-1 6-2

FI: Florence Sutton d. Ethel Bruce 6-3 6-3*

DF: Helen Baker/Mrs H. Niemeyer d. Constance Davis/Florence Sutton 6-2 6-2

MX: Florence Sutton/Nathaniel Browne d. Helen Baker/Reuben G. Hunt 6-0 6-0

Florence wins a triple, beating sister Ethel in the singles final. *There was no challenge round as holder May sutton does not defend title.


June 26-29, Durham Championships, Sunderland, Durham, England (Grass)

FI: Alice Coatsworth d. Mrs J. Day 6-2 6-2

MX: Mrs J. Day Cecil Tindell-Green d. Kathleen Aitchison/W. Youll 2-6 7-5 6-2

Coatsworth is the married name of Alice Aitchison.


June 27-29, Bradford, Yorkshire, England (Grass)

FI: Katherine Clegg d. Bertha Holder 2-6 6-0 6-3

MX: Peggy Dransfield/H.C. Smedley and Katherine Clegg/H. Bower divided the prizes


Date unknown, Idaho State Championship, Lewiston, Idaho, US

FI: Katherine Fix d. Mabel Anderson 6-2 6-0

DF: Fix/Miss Palmer d. Mrs McIntyre/Miss Stevenson 7-5 7-5

MX: Stevenson/Tyler d. Fix/Gray 6-4 6-4


June 28-July 1, Championships of Cologne, Cologne, Germany (Clay)

FI: Anita Lent d. M. Wagener 6-2 6-4

MX: E. Meinhold/"Floda" d. B. von Wisboom/C. Steinert default

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Re: 1912 results


Dates: June 24-July 8
Venue: The All-England Club, Wimbledon, London, England
Surface: Grass

First Round
Agnes Tuckey bye
V. Woodhouse bye
Winifred Longhurst bye
Phyllis Satterwaithe bye

Dora Boothby bye
Edith Johnson bye
Charlotte Sterry bye
Mabel Parton bye

Helen Aitchison bye
Mrs. Scott bye
Dorothy Holman bye
Beryl Tulloch bye

Madeline O'Neil bye
J. Tripp bye
Agatha Morton bye
Olive Manser d. Mrs. W.L. Hollick 6-1 5-7 6-4

J. Coles d. E.A. Longhurst 6-3 6-4
Edith Hannam bye
Ethel Larcombe bye
Hilda Lane bye

Tessa Hall bye
R. Armstrong bye
Winifred McNair bye
Vera Spofforth bye

Blanche Hillyard bye
Winifred Beamish bye
Kribben bye
Schultz bye

D. Allen bye
Marie Decugis(France) bye
Elizabeth Ryan(US) bye
Jeanne Liebrechts(Belgium) bye
Second Round
Tuckey d. Woodhouse walkover
Longhurst d. Satterwaithe 6-4 6-2
Boothby d. Johnson 6-4 6-3
Sterry d. Parton 12-10 7-5

Aitchison d. Scott walkover
Holman d. Tulloch 6-0 6-2
O'Neil d. Tripp 6-3 7-5
Morton d. Manser 7-5 6-2

Hannam d. J. Coles 6-1 6-1
Larcombe d. Lane walkover
Hall d. Armstrong walkover
McNair d. Spofforth 6-3 6-2

Hillyard d. Beamish 2-6 6-1 7-5
Kribben d. Schultz walkover
Allen d. Decugis 8-6 5-7 6-3
Ryan d. Liebrechts 7-5 6-3
Third Round
W. Longhurst d. Tuckey 8-6 3-6 6-1
Sterry d. Boothby 6-2 4-6 6-1
Holman d. Aitchison walkover
Morton d. O'Neil 6-2 6-1

Larcombe d. Hannam 7-5 8-6
McNair d. Hall 6-1 6-2
Hillyard d. Kribben walkover
Ryan d. Allen 6-1 6-2
Sterry d. W. Longhurst 6-1 6-3
Holman d. Morton 7-5 6-2
Larcombe d. McNair 6-2 5-7 6-0
Hillyard d. Ryan 3-6 8-6* 6-3

Sterry d. Holman 6-3 4-6 7-5
Larcombe d.Hillyard 6-1 6-0

All Comers Final
Ethel Larcombe d. Sterry 6-3 6-1

Challenge Round Final
Ethel Larcombe d. Dorothea Lambert Chambers default

Mixed Doubles (Draw=28)

1R: James Parke/Ethel Larcombe d. Arthur Wallis Myers/Jessie Tripp 6-1, 6-0
1R: Charles Dixon/Edith Hannam d. A. Dudley/Olive Manser 6-4, 8-6
1R: George Watt/Winifred Longhurst d. Ernest Parton/Phyllis Satterthwaite 6-3, 7-5
1R: Charles F. Simond/Jeanne Liebrechts (BEL) d. John Zimmerman/J. Coles 6-3, 2-6, 8-6
1R: R.W.F. Harding/D. Allen d. F. Good/Elizabeth Ryan (USA) 6-1, 6-0
1R: Theodore Mavrogordato/Mabel Parton d. P.R. Hewlett/Edith Longhurst 6-2, 6-0

1R: Stanley Doust (AUS)/Blanche Hillyard d. Curt Bergmann (GER)/Madeline O’Neill 1-6, 6-4, 6-4
1R: Robert B. Powell (CAN)/Charlotte Sterry d. Alfred Beamish/Geraldine Beamish 6-2, 8-6
1R: Baron Fritz von Bissing (GER)/Beryl Tulloch d. Thomas D. Stoward/Mrs Armstrong 1-6, 6-2, 6-4
1R: Roderick McNair/Winifred McNair d A.J. Ross/Edith Johnson 6-1, 6-2
1R: Anthony Wilding (NZL)/Dorothea Lambert Chambers d. A.L. Bentley/Vera Spofforth 6-3, 6-2
1R: Albert Prebble/Dora Boothby d. André Gobert (FRA)/Helen Aitchison, walkover

2R: Parke/Larcombe d. Dixon/Hannam 4-6, 6-4, 6-2
2R: Friedrich W. Rahe (GER)/Agnes Morton d. George Stoddart/Mrs Hall, walkover
2R: Watt Longhurst d. Simond/Liebrecht 6-2, 6-4
2R: Mavorogordato/Parton d. Harding/Allen 6-1, 6-1

2R: Doust/Hillyard d. Powell/Sterry 7-5, 7-5
2R: McNair/Mrs McNair d. Von Bissing/Tulloch 6-4, 6-4
2R: Wilding/Lambert Chambers d. George Thomas/Agnes Tuckey 4-6, 6-4, 6-4
2R: Prebble/Boothby d. Max Decugis (FRA)/Marie Decugis (FRA) 6-1, 6-4

QF: Parke/Larcombe d. Rahe/Morton 6-2 6-2
QF: Mavrogordato/Parton d. Watt/Longhurst 8-6 3-6 6-2
QF: Doust/Hillyard d. McNair/Mrs McNair 6-3 7-5
QF: Prebble/Boothby d. Wilding/Lambert Chambers default

SF: Parke/Larcombe d. Mavrogordato/Parton 8-6 6-2
SF: Prebble/Boothby d. Doust/Hillyard 7-5 6-2

FI: James C. Parke/Ethel Larcobme d. Albert Prebble/Dora Boothby 6-4 6-3



Ethel Larcombe finally graps a Wimbledon title in the absence of Dorothea Chambers. Chambers, unbeaten in singles in 1910 and 1911, had her second child in April. She announced her intention to defend her Wimbledon crown but changed her mind after a long mixed doubles in the championship.

The 3 foreign entries were all unfortunately in the same part of the draw. "Liz"(or "Bunny") Ryan will enter every Wimbledon from 1912 to 1934. Her first Wimbledon is memorable as she holds a match point in her quarterfinal vs. Hillyard.

Larcombe earned it by defeating both Hillyard and Sterry decisively in the semis and finals. The two losers have 11 Wimbledon singles between them!

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Re: 1912 results


Venue: Kamba Lawn Tennis Club, Stockholm, Sweden
Dates; June 28-July 5
Surface: Clay


1R: Edith Arnheim-bye
1R: Annie Holmström- bye
1R: Valborg Bjurstedt (Nor) d. Mieken Rieck (Ger) defauilt
1R: Dora Köring (Ger) d Sigrid Fick (Swd) 7-5 6-3

1R: Margarete Cederschiold d. Ellen Brusewitz 8-6 8-6
1R: Marguerite Broquedis (Frn) d. Josefine von Lobkowitz (Boh) default
1R: Molla Bjurstedt (Nor)-bye
1R: Gertrud Kaminski (Ger)-bye

QF: Arnheim d. Holmström 4-6 6-4 6-1
QF: Köring d. V. Bjurstedt default
QF: Broquedis d. Cederschiold 6-1 6-4
QF: M. Bjurstedt d. Kaminski default

SF: Köring d. Arnheim 6-4 6-3
SF: Broquedis d. M Bjurstedt 6-3 2-6 6-4

FI: Marguerite Broquedis (Frn) d. Dora Köring (Ger) 4-6 6-3 6-4

Bronze medal play-off: Molla Bjurstedt (Nor) d. Edit Arnheim 6-2 6-2


Mixed Doubles (Draw=13)

1E: Dora Köring/Heinrich Schomburgk (Ger) d. Valborg Bjurstedt/Trygve Smith (Nor) default
1R: Margarete Cederschiold/Carl Kempe-bye
1R: Josefine von Lobkowitz/Jaroslav Just (Boh) d d J. Kubesova/A. Kubes (Boh) default
1R: Marguerite Broquedis/Albert Canet (Fra) d Edit Arnheim/Carl Nylen 6-2 6-4
1R: Oscar Kreuzer/Mieken Rieck (Ger)-bye
1R : Otto von Müller/Gertrud Kaminski (Ger)-bye
1R: Annie Holmström/Thorsten Gronfors d Margarete Bjurstedt/Conrad Langaard (Nor) 6-4 4-6 7-5
1R: Sigrid Fick/Gunnar Setterwall d. M. Sebekova/Josef Sebek (Boh) default

QF: Dora Köring/Heinrich Schomburgk (GER) d. Margarete Cederschiold/Carl Kempe default
QF: Marguerite Broquedis/Albert Canet (Frn) d Josefine von Lobkowitz/Jaroslav Just (Boh) default
QF: Mieken Rieck/Oscar Kreuzer d Otto von Müller (GER)/Gertrud Kaminski default
QF: Sigrid Fick/Gunnar Setterwall d Annie Holmström/Thorsten Gronfors 8-6 10-8

SF: Dora Köring/Heinrich Schomburgk (GER) d. Marguerite Broquedis/Albert Canet (Frn) 6-2 6-3
SF: Sigrid Fick/Gunnar Setterwall d Mieken Rieck/Oscar Kreuzer default

FI: Dora Köring/Heinrich Schomburgk (GER) d. Sigrid Fick/Gunnar Setterwall 6-4 6-0

Bronze medal play-off: Marguerite Broquedis/Albert Canet (Frn) d. Mieken Rieck/Oscar Kreuzer default

The outdoor tennis events at the 1912 Olympic Games were held at the same time as the Wimbledon tournament. This meant that British players in particular were poorly represented in Stockholm. A women;s doubles event was not held in the games until 1920.

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