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Originally posted by venusfan
Wasn't it this team that didn't like the fact the sisters were seeded #1?

Well, now they can shut up and put up and show the world why they should have been seeded #1...I like matches likes these and being live.. it's even better..

PUT UP PASCUAL & SUAREZ or go in hinding if the sisters give a beatdown.
Why do you people feel the need to be so agressive? Oh well, it makes it easier to be able to say that you are the one that should shut up because you do not know what you are talking about

From the AO website:

Ruano Pascual and partner Paola Suarez of Argentina are only seeded No.2 at Australian Open 2003, despite being the highest-ranked doubles pair in the world, but she doesn't think there as anything wrong with the Williams sisters receiving the top seeding at the event.

"If the tournament (officials) put them at number one I understand that," she said.

Last year Ruano Pascual and Suarez combined to win seven events together, including both the US and French Opens and made the final at Wimbledon.

That is having class. Whatever the result, Vivi, you've already shown them

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