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Being too obsessed...

For the past two years, I've participated in this forum about Maria Kirilenko. What started out as a simple interest in a tennis player who was very attractive has turned into an obsession that has made me do things that I shouldn't be doing, especially as a married man with two small children and an employee who should only be using his computer for work purposes. Reading this blog as well as another blog about Maria Kirilenko always consituted one of the first two things I would do when I logged into my computer at work. While I have not been fired from my job, I'm headed down that path as more of my time is spent figuring out Kirilenko's future ranking or "watching" her matches through the Live Scoring feeds when she plays or browsing for pictures and videos of her when the time should've been spent in productive ways at work or even doing errands that needed to be done for my family. The worst of it all was ditching work for four hours to watch Kirilenko play live when she was in L.A. I got away with it in the sense that my job didn't even know that I was gone, and my wife never asked where I was that day. I could've gotten away with it forever, but that is not the type of husband I strive to be, and when my wife finally pressed me, I finally told what should've been revealed all along. I know I'm not the only fan of a tennis player who has been overly obsessed. We all know what happened to Monica Seles. I've tried to keep this as a hobby, but is it really a hobby if I couldn't even share this anyone else outside of this blog, even to my own brother who is also a big tennis fan. Obviously, there was something wrong with how I was behaving, or else it would be so easy to share. I'm sure if I was up front from the start, it might not have been a big deal. My wife openly admits to being a fan of Marat Safin, James Blake, among others. But she doesn't go so far as to live a secret life chasing after them in tournaments, reading blogs constantly, and looking up pictures of them by herself.

Perhaps some of you in this blog can totally relate to what I'm talking about. Maybe some of you can't and wonder why I would even bring this up. I consider the latter to be blessed because they are probably blogging for the correct reasons on Maria Kirilenko.

I am saying farewell to all of you. I will never blog about Maria Kirilenko again. I certainly won't follow her outside of this blog. This I promise to myself as well as my wife. And I hope that each of you will re-evaluate why you are blogging about a tennis player when perhaps you could be doing something else. This goes not just for tennis players in general, but for anything else you may be discussing over the internet. I have yet to learn how to do such things not in an irresponsible manner. I probably have more of an obsessive personality than the next person. Perhaps if you look deeper inside of yourself, you may see that type of person inside of you too and will ACT accordingly!

Good-bye and good luck to all of you in whatever life offers you.

-- Ron

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