No Olympics 2004 for Kim -
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Will Kim play at the Olympics 2004?

I read in the Belgian media that J. Rogge really wants Kim to play at the Olympics 2004!! He hopes that she will join Justine to Athens!

But IF she plays at the Olympics, she will have to change a few things in her schedule, the week after the Olympics the US-Open is about to begin !!

What do you guys think she will do? Do you like the idea of Kim winning a gold medal at the Olympics?
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She wont play because it doesn't fit in her schedule, that's the last thing I heard. Well Justine is playing singles and doubles with Els Callens and Malisse will go also, so Belgium has great players in Athene then ... It's Kim's choice but I don't like it
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I wish Kim would play, it would be a shame not to have her there

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It's her choice...there are negative and positive elements about her participating at the Olympics...

Come on Kim!!!!!!!!
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I don't think she'll be playing in Athens... and if I was her, I would do the same... Playing on clay a week before the US Open? Doesn't fit in the schedule of most players I guess!!

C'mon Belgians
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I hope she'll play, I think I'll be very proud to play at the Olympics!! But it's her choice!

Do the best for you Kim!

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"When you do your best, it's always good enough" - Kim Clijsters

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I hope so,too!!
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A while ago I've posted some reasons why it's far from certain that Kim would participate. It's in a thread somewhere... sorry, no time to retrieve it now, I should be sleeping right now...

Anyway, this was in the news today, in brief: Rogge said that as Kim's career might be over in 2008, he therefore thinks that her best chance to win is now in Athens.

According to the same source (Het Laatste Nieuws, Jan. 28, 2003):

Rogge added that they shouldn't have to pay Kim to go to Athens. He said that if she is smart, she will realise that an olympic medal would mean a sportive and commercial asset.

It is reported he said that athletes don't ask for financial rewards. "When the American NBA stars played in Barcelona, they didn't ask money either. Gold, that was what they were after. Idem for Agassi and the Williamses in Sydney in 2000."

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I don't think she'll play. Clay one week before the US Open, not a good idea. But if the Games were somewhere in Belgium then I would understand if she wanted to play. But because there not, I don't think she'll play it would disrupt her preparation fo rthe USopen, not just the surface change but also the xtra travel. However I could be wrong and she might end up playing

I personaly would like to see her play But then there would be the disadvantages of her playing
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I think somehow Kim will be there. Don't ask me why but a) its the Olympics
b) Ll will definitely be playing
c) if the head of the IOC is on your case i think the impasse will be resolved.

I could be wrong but it will probably be sorted out if only because it will look so bad if she doesn't.
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Lei said today that Kim and Lleyton will both play, or neither of them will play. They won't play at places where their safety isn't guaranteed. Kim also wants to take her coach (normally it should be someone of the Belgian Olypic Comittee).
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Well I suppose that means that Kim is intending to play because Lleyton would have to be hospitalised to stop him representing Australia
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Kim's father denied that his daughter is going to play there ...
Wrong sponsor , never get any help from the BOIC and bad timing ....

Hij gaat weer in de clinch met het B.O.I.C. en laat weten niet de minste interesse te hebben.
Redenen als verkeerde sponsor en nooit enige hulp gekregen van het B.O.I.C alsook slechte timing van het tornooi lijken hem evident om nu reeds NJET te zeggen.

GS's zijn veel belangrijker zegt Lei. Ze geven een betere weerklank.
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Idd, Kim is not allowed to play with FILA at the Olympics...she has to play with Adidas there...but the Belgian Olympic International Organisation (BOIC) said they are going to talk with Kim and Lei. Cuz Van Roost played also with Adidas and she had a contract with Nike.

C'mon Belgians
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van teletekst

Kim Clijsters naar Spelen ?
Lei Clijsters heeft nog 'n pak bezwaren
over een eventuele deelname van zijn
dochter aan de Zomerspelen in Athene.
In Het Laatste Nieuws somt hij die op.

Lei stelt zich vragen bij de sportieve
waarde van tennis op de Spelen. "Elena
Dementjeva haalt de finale in Sydney,
dat is toch geen top ? Callens en Van
Roost wonnen er brons in het dubbel.
Met alle respect, maar wat stelde dat
voor ? Het zilver was Oremans-Boogert.
Kort na Sydney verloren zij zwaar van
Kim en haar gelegenheidspartner. Tja."

"Wat stelt een olympische titel voor ?
Kijk naar zwemmer Deburghgraeve, die
schoenen moest gaan verkopen."

Lei Clijsters gaat door: "De Grand
Slams zijn belangrijker. De US Open
vallen net na Athene. Daaraan beginnen
zonder specifieke voorbereiding en met
een jetlag lijkt me link."

Clijsters ziet ook nog een probleem met
de sponsors. Kim heeft Fila als sponsor
maar concurrent Adidas is de olympische
sponsor. Kim Clijsters zelf heeft zich
nog niet uitgesproken. Haar deelname
hangt wellicht mee af van het feit of
vriend Lleyton Hewitt in Athene meedoet

Het BOIC countert de meeste bezwaren
van Lei Clijsters. Kim mag met haar
eigen coach Marc Dehous afreizen en het
sponsorprobleem moet op te lossen zijn
door te onderhandelen.
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