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The 1925 Team (unofficial)

The 1925 team was not officially supported by the ALTA, but still achieved a remarkable level of achievement. Although matches against the big three nations of England, America and France all saw defeat for the Australians, Boyd and Akhurst, in particular, earned great respect with a series of good results including quarter-final berths at Wimbledon.

Esna Boyd may have been unlucky not to rank in the World's Top Ten that year and Sylvia Lance's tactical game was also complimented in the press. Even the form of the lesser players - St George and Utz - had been better than could have been expected. The tour - and the unexpected profit it made - also forced the ALTA to consider sending an 'official' Australian women's squad overseas.

1925 'unofficial' Australian Women's Team Tour

The team comprised Daphne Akhurst (1925 Aussie Open winner), Esna Boyd (1925 Aussie Open finalist), Sylvia Lance (1924 Aussie Open winner and - in 1920 - only the second Australian to compete at Wimbledon).

Lacking support from the Australian association, the team raised their own funds with a series of charity exhibitions, donations and money-raising initiatives. Esna Boyd's father had 'taken a considerable burden off the shoulders of the committee by defraying his daughter's expenses'. The team was also hoping to utilise the services of Mrs HS Utz (formerly Miss Gwen Chiplin), travelling with her tennis playing husband across France and England.

Also travelling with the team was Floris St. George. Considered a useful doubles player, but not in world class, she was travelling with the team at her own expense as an emergency. Miss St. George later married a Sydney actor named Roland Conway and became a manager of Australian women's teams in the 1930s, playing host to the first British team to tour. When it was discovered that Mrs Utz would be returning to Australia prior to a number of key national matches, Miss St George was seconded into the team.

The team was being managed by Mrs Redmond Barry, who had taken a NSW team of four to compete in New Zealand in 1923. The women departed Sydney on the Ormuz on April 15, even though their fund had not reached the desired level of around 1900. The team had raised 770 and received 350 from Mr Boyd, but was still short 250 needed to compete only in England. An extended tour through America was expected to be cancelled unless further funding could be provided.

1925 team results and other significant competitions

Victorian State Rankings

1 Sylvia Harper
2 Esna Boyd
3 Meryl O'Hara-Wood
4 Clarence Todd
5 Lily Addison
6 Miss H Outhwaite
7 Miss R Mercer
8 Miss R Stephens
9 Miss M McIver
10 Gwen Toyne

January 7 Cumberland Championships, Sydney
Final Daphne Akhurst d Marjorie Cox 97 75

Austral of the Tasman says: Miss Bickerton who played so well against Miss Akhurst at the last tournament did splendidly to take a set in the semi-final; the only player to do so.

Doubles Marjorie Cox/Beris St George d Daphne Akhurst/Mitchell 61 16 61

Austral of the Tasman says: Miss George is by far the best volleyer among our (NSW) lady players. Very quick on intercepting.

Mixed Jim Willard/Daphne Akhurst d Les Baker/Marjorie Cox 64 75

January 17 Wellington Championships, NZL
Final Nellie Lloyd AUS d Miss Tracey 64 64

January 25-31, Sydney AUS AUSTRALIAN OPEN

SF (2) Daphne Akhurst d M Richardson 61 62
SF (3) Esna Boyd d (1) Sylvia Harper 62 63
FI Daphne Akhurst d. Esna Boyd 16 86 64

Austral of the Tasman says: Crowd of around 7000 for the final. Miss Boyd commenced in startling fashion. One has never seen Miss Akhurst miss so many easy returns in big tennis. She was nervous. Not so the Victoria who used her renowned drive with all it's usual vigour.

Miss Akhurst regained her confidence in the second set and soon broke through for 41. Miss Boyd overtook her, but the exertion had lost her too much and Miss Akhurst took the set.

Even though she led 41 in the third, no-one in the crowd thought the Victorian could win the match. At this stage, Miss Akhurst revealed some of her real game and won the last five games of the match.

No doubt Mrs Harper's game is going back. She's not the same girl who carried off the title last year.

Doubles SF (1) Harper/Akhurst d (3) St George/Cox 75 63
Doubles SF (2) Boyd/Le Messurier d (4) P Meaney/Mitchell 64 86
Doubles FI Akhurst/Harper d Boyd/Le Messurier 64 63

Mixed SF (1) Willard/Akhurst d (3) Hone/Boyd ?? ?? 62
Mixed SF (2) Schlesinger/Harper (4) d Baker/Le Messurier 64 63
Mixed F Willard/Akhurst d Schlesinger/Harper

14 March - Melbourne - MCC Autumn Tournament

FI Sylvia Harper d Esna Boyd 62 63
WD Sylvia Harper/Esna Boyd d Meryl O'Hara-Wood/Todd w/o (Wood ill)

March - France

Mr and Mrs HS Utz, who left for England at the start of the country carnival played at Nice:

QF Mrs Utz d Madame Petrocochino 61 61

At Cannes, Mrs Utz could not progress beyond the quarter-finals and the doubles team of Mrs Utz and Mrs Slazenger lost their mixed doubles to Suzanne Lenglen and Elizabeth Ryan.

19 March - Cannes
R2 Gwen Utz d Mrs Taylor 46 61 60
QF ??

In the doubles Mrs Utz and Mrs Slazenger lost their doubles to Suzanne Lenglen and Elizabeth Ryan.

March 28 - Adelaide South Australian
Final Esna Boyd d. Meryl O'Hara-Wood 46 62 63
Doubles Boyd/O'Hara-Wood d Toyne/Outhwaite 63 63

28 March

Selectors Mrs Harper, Mr H Malcom and Mr MH Marsh chose Mrs Harper, Miss Akhurst and Miss Boyd to join Mrs Utz in the Australian team. Mrs Martin (NSW) was chosen for fourth place but funds in hand are not considered to be sufficient. Those selected will form a representative side and their performances abroad will afford a test, long delayed, of the relative abilities of English and Australian women players. If sufficient funds are received, the team will visit America on its return journey. Berths for the players have been booked on the steamer Ormuz which will leave Melbourne on April 21.

The Writer of the Evening Standard states that the presence of four Australian women players at the Wimbledon championship contests will create exceptional interest especially as they are unknown quantities.

April Europe

Mrs HS Utz writes to Austral of the Referee claiming "with the exception of Lenglen, Wills, Ryan and McKane, our girls compare favourably".

Austral says "JO Anderson and our Olympians J Willard and J Bayley share this opinion and have great confidence in the Australian girls".

18 April Mrs Utz has informed the Australian Press Association that it is doubtful whether she will be able to join the Australian women tennis players at Wimbledon because her husband's business will compel them to return to Australia by the end of July. Certainly she will be unable to play in the United States.

21 April Ormuz leaes with Australian team. They were given an enthusiastic send off by a number of supporters. The possible inability of Mrs Utz to play in the matches in France, Belgium and Holland has been got over by the selection as emergency of Mss F St George of Sydney who had booked a passage to Europe for a holiday trip by the same steamer. Return passages have been booked by way of America. There is a possibility of Mrs O'Hara-Wood going to America and in that case she will be asked to represent Australia in place of Mrs Utz. The services of Miss St George will be available for that portion of the tour also, so that all through there will be four players and perhaps a fifth as reserve.

During the stay of the Ormuz in Hobart an exhibition match was arranged between Miss Akhurst and Miss St George which brought in over ₤30 and this amount will be augmented by a series of games which will take place in Perth next week during the stay of the steamer at Fremantle, the team receiving the net proceeds of the matches towards expenses.

April 25 City of Sydney Championships, Sydney

F Annie Martin d Marjorie Cox 57 64 75

Cox led 75 41

Doubles F Marjorie Cox/Mrs Leslie (Lorna) Utz (nee Bull) d P Meaney/M Ohott 63 97

May 6 London Botanic Society's tournament

R1 Mrs Cambridge d Gwen Utz
MX R1 Bird/Miss Mog d HS Utz/Gwen Utz 86 119

May 13

Austral of the Referee says: Mrs HS Utz was beaten in London last week by Miss Cambridge, but of course she has had no practise. SN Doust of the Daily Mail described her game as 'relies on tactics more than speed'.

May 13 London Phyllis Court tournament

R2 Miss E Beckingham d Mrs Utz 26 64 75

Lady Wavertree and Mrs Utz reached the third round in the doubles

May 20 London Surrey Championships (Surbiton)

MX R1 Wackett/Miss Morrison d Utz/Utz 61 63

May 23 NSW Championships, Sydney

SF Marjorie Cox d M McIvor 63 62
SF Martin d Clarence Todd 64 1113 97
F Marjorie Cox d Mrs Martin 75 61

WD FI Marjorie Cox/Lorna Utz d Mrs Todd/Gladys Toyne 61 60
MX FI Willard/Marjorie Cox d N Peach/M Elliott 63 61

May 28 - Malvern - Worcester Championships

QF Mrs Weston d Gwen Utz 75 64

June 1925

Austral says "Mrs Melody (nee Curtis), former champion of NSW and New Zealand, is also in England but has not yet rounded into her old form. Three years back, she was the best lady player in Australasia".

1 June 1925 - St Georges Hill Weybridge

R2 Esna Boyd d Miss Hall GBR 60 60
R2 Daphne Akhurst d Mrs Willis 60 61
R2 Floris St George d Mrs Parbiry 64 62

QF Gwen Sterry GBR d Floris St George 64 63
QF Esna Boyd d Mrs Albright GBR 61 63
QF Daphne Akhurst d Miss Shutte GBR 60 60
QF Rose GBR d Sylvia Harper 64 63

SF Esna Boyd d Gwen Sterry GBR 36 62 62
SF Rose GBR d Daphne Akhurst 75 61

F Esna Boyd d. Rose GBR 63 06 63

The heat did not trouble Boyd and she bore long rallies well. As at the Australian championships, she went to the net to volley after good forcing drives.

Austral comments 'Only Boyd and St George have struck form, although there are no expectations that the players, just off a boat after a 6 weeks voyage to be anything like their best. No-one here expects them to do wonders'.

R3 Boyd/St George d Mrs Willis/Mrs Hall 75 63
R3 Akhurst/Harper d Miss Saynor/Miss Healey 62 62

QF Boyd/St George d Cawston/Doress 61 62
QF Akhurst/Harper d Albright/Temperley 62 61

SF Esna Boyd/Floris St George d Gwen Sterry/Mrs Guyer GBR 1311 46 62
SF Mrs L O'Neill/Stebbing GBR d Daphne Akhurst/Sylvia Harper 68 61 63

FI Esna Boyd/Floris St George d Mrs L O'Neill/Mrs Stebbing GBR 61 63

Austral: 'Perhaps Miss St George was inspired by the tournament being named the same as herself'

R1 J Williams/Sylvia Harper d Nigel Nones/Miss Royle 97 64

June 17 The Referee

"Miss Akhurst has had to have some sort of attention to her knee (surgery).
At Weybridge, Mrs Harper had only just recovered from a bout of tonsilities and the intense heat, where she seldom shows her true form, would not have been to her liking."

June 17-18 1925 Roehampton, Australia vs England

England D Australia 5-3
Harper d. Fry 63 62
Boyd L McKane 68 36
Utz d. EH Harvey 46 63 63
Akhurst L Lycett 57 61 06

Harper/Akhurst L McKane/ Harvey 26 46
Boyd/Utz L McKane/ Harvey 06 1214
Boyd/Utz L Lycett/ Fry 46 75 79
Harper/ Akhurst d. Lycett/ Fry 119 16 61

Wallis Myers of the Daily Telegraph: "They sprang a surprise on the lawn tennis world. I can bear testament to their courage, tenacity and tactical ability".

Ayres Lawn Tennis Almanac 1926 pg 473-79
"The first international women's match between England and Australia was staged in Roehampton in June. Though it yielded a victory for the home side by five matches to three, the margin in reality was much smaller, for the visitors came within a stroke of winning another doubles match on the second day.

Had not Miss Boyd failed to take an easy chance at the net when she and Mrs Utz were opposed to Miss Fry and Mrs Lycett, the issue would have been all-square at the end of the struggle. At it was, by dividing the four singles on the first day and by nearly achieving the same result in the doubles, the Australians proved their quality as a courageous fighting team. Their players may not possess the polished strokes of Miss McKane or Mrs Lycett, and they do not get anything like the same tournament practice in their own country- yet in courtcraft, tenacity, and the capacity to recover from a losing position, they have nothing to learn from our representatives.

In Mrs Harper they possessed a tactican of a rare standard, capable of seeking out and exploiting to her own advantage any weakness on the part of her opponents. Every member of their team was both a driver and volleyer; she commanded a variety of strokes and a safety of return which are absent from many of our younger tournament players.

If the Australian ladies suprised the crowd by their skill, some of their opponents did not come up to expectations. Miss Fry, for example, who was beaten by Mrs Harper in the singles, and lost one of her doubles matches, showed that her driving game, forceful as it was on one wing, was not yet adequate against a campaign conceived cleverly to test her at her weaker points.

Mrs Harper won many strokes by a backhand drop volley across the court to which Miss Fry's background, made on the run, was anything but an effective counter. Variation of pace, with free use of cut, embarrassed Miss Fry much more than good-length drives; and since the Australians were adept at the former, she was often penalised.

Miss Harvey, on the other hand, went to the other extreme. She was too cautious in her singles against Mrs. Utz, and ended up by becoming so soft that the Sydney lady, who has a fluency of neat strokes, gained a good win in the third set.

Miss McKane won all her matches, one singles and two doubles, without the loss of a set, thus fulfilling expectation; but she had to fight hard to beat off the alert and determined attack of Miss Boyd on the first day, and the no less resolute effort of Mrs Utz and Miss Boyd on the second day. Miss McKane and Miss Harvey had won the first set to love in the double, and were leading 52 in the second. The match, as it proved, had not run half its course, for the Australians, lobbing the two volleyers very astutely and finding openings with low drives, did not yield up the match until twenty-six games had been contested in the second set.

Mrs Lycett was undoubtedly the second best player on the home side. When opposed to Miss Akhurst she showed excellent judgement, after winning the first set by a great effort, in easing down in the second for a renewed attack in the third. She won the last set to love, overwhelming an adversary who obviously did not expect this resuscitation.

Paired with Miss Fry in the doubles, Mrs Lycett was handicapped by having her partner at the back of the court. It was an improvised combination, and consequently cohesion was lacking. Miss Boyd and Mrs Utz should have beaten them. Having saved the second set, they led 42 in the third and at 76 with Miss Boyd serving, and not withstanding two double faults, they came within a stroke of the match. An easy lob was put up to Miss Boyd. She swung for a crisp reply, but mistimed the shot. In the next game the Australians were love-30 on Mrs Lycett's service; again the chance was sacrificed. Lawn tennis balls, like cards, do not forgive, and their opponents got out at 97.

In the victory of Mrs Harper and Miss Akhurst in alliance, Mrs Harper was ever the sound general. With sliced volley and drop, and with skilful lob, she discovered the gap between the volleyer and the baseliner. In was a most creditable performance."

June 15 1925 Roehampton

R1 Daphne Akhurst d Miss Beckingham 60 64
R1 Sylvia Harper d Mrs Watson 64 60
R1 Esna Boyd d Mrs Walker 61 61
R1 Floris St George - bye?

R2 Daphne Akhurst d Mrs Gough IND 26 64 64
R2 Sylvia Harper L Joan Fry 26 62 26 'intense heat'
R2 Floris St George L Dix 46 36
R2 Esna Boyd d Hardie 26 64 64

QF Esna Boyd d Daphne Akhurst WO ("after a coin toss"!)

SF Esna Boyd d Rose 86 61

F Esna Boyd d Mrs Brice-May 64 62


R? Utz/Boyd d Navrogordato/Welstead 63 62
R3 Utz/Boyd d Mrs Lowe/Mrs Pitt RSA 64 62

SF Utz/Boyd L Fry/Ellis 36 63 79
SF Rose GBR/St George D Mrs Reckitt/Brown

F Rose GBR/St George L Fry/Ellis 36 62 26

Akhurst/Harper scratched

R1 Sedgwick GBR/Akhust L Mishu ROM/Bennett GBR 46 26

R2 Ritchie GBR/Harper d H Fisher/Miss Phillip 97 62

R3 Ritchie/Harper L McIntosh/Saunders 60 46 16

21 June 1925 - Wimbledon UK WIMBLEDON

R1 Esna Boyd d Cristobel Hardie 62 60 'deadly accuracy, hardly made an error'
R1 Mary Cambridge d Mrs Utz walkover
R1 Daphne Akhurst d HB Weston 63 75
R1 Floris St George d Sybil Johnson 26 62 62 'swift serve too much for her opponent'
R1 Sylvia Harper d Phoebe Watson 62 86 'opponents serve too weak and she missed overheads'

R2 Boyd d Pitt 62 62 'superior in all departments, especially service and cross-court backhand'
R2 Akhurst d Craddock 75 57 64 'gruelling rallies, Akhurst still handicapped by her knee'
R2 Hazel d St George 64 62
R2 Harper d Kea Bouman 63 61

R3 Boyd d Tuckey 36 61 63
R3 Akhurst d Colyer 46 64 64
R3 McIlquaham d Harper 64 16 1311

QF McKane d Boyd 61 61
QF Fry d Akhurst 26 64 63 'an outside court - a discourtesy to the Australian'


R1 Mrs Melody NZL/Floris St George AUS d RC Middleton/Hazell 46 64 63
R1 Daphne Akhurst/Sylvia Lance-Harper AUS - bye
R1 Esna Boyd/Gwen Utz AUS bye

R2 Boyd/Utz d Mrs RC Clayton/Mrs Tomlinson 61 62
-'the pair who wore blue bandeaux quite outclassed their opponents'
R2 Akhurst/Harper d Melody/St George 62 63
-'winners a fine pair, blended in a most effective manner. Miss St George won many points with a well executed chop stroke.'

R3 Boyd/Utz d Misses M/P Phayre 63 62
R3 Lambert-Chambers/Harvey d Akhurst/Harper 64 61
Plucky fight, but Mrs Chambers demonstrated that she is still the finest English doubles player. Akhurst played cleverly and lobbed with judgement and Mrs Harper volleyed excellently.

QF Lenglen FRA/Ryan USA d Boyd/Utz 60 62
The Australians failed to extend their formidable opponents and both were nervous before the gallery on number one court. Miss Boy'd's service was fast and accurate but her playing was indifferent overhead. The champion was brilliant though Miss Boyd sometimes beat her with fine drives.

SF Lenglen/Ryan d. Beamish/Clarke 60 62
SF Bridge/McIlquham d. Chambers/Harvey 61 26 64

F Lenglen/Ryan d. Bridge/McIlquham 62 62

R1 Eames/Mrs Beamish d Nigel Sharpe GBR/Akhurst AUS 62 61
R1 Dash/Mrs Watson d HS Utz/Gwen Utz AUS 63 60
The Utzes 'cracked up' in the final set although Mrs Utz with her excellent screw service and fine crosscourt shots troubled her opponents.
R1 Lamb GBR/Sylvia Harper AUS d Vonbraun/Miss Stubbins 46 75 62
R1 Jacob IND/Mrs Pitt RSA d Melody/Melody NZL 62 62
R1 Heath/Boyd AUS d Godfree/Mrs Clayton 61 75

R2 Lamb/Mrs Harper d Kingsley/Bennett 62 75
R2 de Murporgo ITA/Ryan USA d Heath/Boyd 62 62

R3 Washer/Mrs Satterthwaite d Lamb/Sylvia Harper 62 62

July 9-10 Llanelly, Wales - Australia vs Wales

AUS d WAL 12-0
Mrs Harper d. Miss Olwen Sheere 60 61
Mrs Harper d. Mrs RA Seel 60 36 62
Miss D Akhurst d. Mrs EJ Russell 60 62
Miss D Akhurst d. Miss James 61 60
Miss E Boyd d. Mrs RA Seel 63 60
Miss E Boyd d. Miss Olwen Sheere 62 61
Miss St George d. Miss James 64 61
Miss St George d. Mrs EJ Russell 62 61

Boyd/ St George d. Seel/ Sheere 64 86
Boyd/ St George d. Russell/ James 60 62
Harper/ Akhurst d. Russell/ James 61 61
Harper/ Akhurst d. Seel/ Sheere 60 60

July 15-16 1925 Dublin Australia vs Ireland

AUS d IRE 6-2

Day One
Esna Boyd D H Wells 63 61
Daphne Akhurst D Mrs Blair White 63 63

Harper/Akhurst d Wells/Haughton 61 63
Boyd/St George d White/Stoker 64 63

Day Two
Harper L Haughton 57 36
St George d Stoker 36 61 63

Harper/Akhurst d White/Stoker 64 61
Boyd/St George L Haughton/Wallis 26 46

July 20 1925 Dublin IRL Irish Championships

R1 Akhurst bye
R1 St George d Mrs Scroope 60 62
R1 Boyd d Mrs Pratt 60 61
R1 Harper bye

R2 Akhurst d Haumeton 60 86
R2 Harper d St George 61 62
R2 Boyd d Julian

QF Esna Boyd d White 62 62
QF Sylvia Harper d Haughton 61 60
QF Daphne Akhurst d ?? 86 64
QF Blancont d ??

SF Esna Boyd d Sylvia Harper 61 01 ret (arm injury)
SF Daphne Akhurst d Mrs Blancont 61 62

F Esna Boyd d. Daphne Akhurst 97 61


SF Harper/Akhurst d White/Reilly 63 60
SF Boyd/St George d Wallis/Jackson

F Boyd/St George d Akhurst/Harper 86 64

F Sherwell/Daphne Akhurst d Smith/Sylvia Harper 36 63 64

July 29-30 1925 Edinburgh, Scotland - Australia vs Scotland

AUS d SCO 11-1

Mrs Harper d. Mrs Herriot 62 64
Mrs Harper d. Miss CT Duncan 62 60
Miss D Akhurst d. M Thom 63 64
Miss D Akhurst d. Miss MK Jenkins 63 61
Miss E Boyd d. Miss T Thom 61 64
Miss E Boyd d. Miss JC Rankine 64 61
Miss St George lost to Mrs Hudleston 36 108 36
Miss St George d. Miss Langmuir 63 16 64

Boyd/ St George d. Thom/ Welsh 64 46 119
Boyd/ St George d. Jenkins/ Duncan 57 60 62
Harper/ Akhurst d. Herriot/ Hudleston 63 86
Harper/ Akhurst d. Rankine/ Langmuir 60 62

August 1? 1925 - Hilversum, HOL - Australia vs Holland

AUS d HOL 10-2

Mrs Harper lost to Kea Bouman 46 26
Mrs Harper d. Mrs Stroink 60 61
Miss E Boyd d. Mrs Stroink 63 61
Miss E Boyd d. K Bouman 26 61 61
Miss St George d. Mary Canters 97 64
Miss St George lost to Miss Lhoest 46 63 16
Miss D Akhurst d. Miss Lhoest 60 46 62
Miss D Akhurst d. Miss Canters 62 61

Harper/ Akhurst d. Bouman/ Stroink 46 60 64
Harper/ Akhurst d. Canters/ Lhoest 61 62
Boyd/ St George d. Canters/ Lhoest 63 62
Boyd/ St George d. Bouman/ Stroink 64 60

August 22-23 1925 Westende, BEL Australia vs Belgium

AUS d BEL 11-0

Day One
Boyd d Sigart 64 61
Harper d de Borman 62 60
St George v Levy 62 12 rain stopped play

Day Two
St George d Levy 62 26 63
Boyd d de Borman 62 62
Harper d Sigart 62 63
Akhurst d Levy 61 60
St George d Borman 62 86
Harper/Akhurst d Borman/Levy 61 60
Harper/Akhurst d Borman/Sigart 63 63
Boyd/St George d Borman/Levy 63 46 61
Boyd/St George d Borman/Levy 61 75

12 August 1925 - Melbourne

Mr and Mrs HS Utz arrived back on the Chitral today

22 August 1925 - Brisbane Queensland Champs
FI Meryl O'Hara Wood d. Beryl Spowers-Turner 36 62 62

25 August 1925 - Deauville, France

SF Suzanne Lenglen d. Floris St George 60 60
FI Suzanne Lenglen d. Akhurst 62 62

26 August 1925 - Deauville, France

Akhurst d. Bourgeois 68 61 86
Bourgeois d. St George 61 61
E Boyd d. Vlasto 62 26 60
Vlasto d. Harper 61 64
Lenglen d. Harper 60 64
Lenglen d. Boyd 75 61
Desclercs d. St George 36 60 61
Desclercs d. Akhurst 64 97
Lenglen/ Vlasto d. Boyd/ St George 63 36 63
Harper/ Akhurst d. Desclercs/ Bourgeois 61 62
Boyd/ St George d. Desclercs/ Bourgeois 60 16 63

Austral of the Referee said "Both Miss Boyd and Mrs Harper extended Mlle. Lenglen's form more than any player has this year and Boyd had the honour of extending her to a 'vantage set; sufficient glory for any player.

"Against France at Deauville, despite the inclusion of Mlle Lenglen on the home side, the visitors were able to win four matches out of eleven and to make an excellent fight. Miss Boyd put up a good performance in beating Mlle Vlasto, as also did Miss Akhurst in defeating Mlle Bourgeois. Mrs Harper succeeded in taking four games from Lenglen, but on the second day, when Miss Boyd ran her to advantage games in a set, the champion is stated to have suffered from a badly-blistered hand.

Australia was credited with two good victories in the three doubles matches played. Mlle Lenglen and Mlle Vlasto lost a set to Miss Boyd and Miss St George. One double was abandoned on account of rain."

The Australians made a popular impression and the performances of Mrs Harper and Miss Boyd against Mdlle Lenglen evoked the warmest praise of critics. Miss Lenglen's blistered hand prevented her from participating in the final doubles match.

Sep? 1925 - Philadelphia
USA d AUS 4-3

Mallory d. Harper 75 86
Mallory d. Boyd 64 61
Jessup lost to Boyd 46 26
Jessup lost to Harper 79 16
Goss d. Akhurst 64 36 61

Anderson/ Bayard lost to St George/ Boyd 63 46 57
Goss/ Jessup d. Harper/ Akhurst 36 64 63

3/4 October 1925 - San Francisco

Helen Wills d. Sylvia Harper 60 60
Elanor Tennant d. Daphne Akhurst 62 36 86
Tennant d. Floris St George 63 60
Wills d Esna Boyd 60 61
Sylvia Harper AUS d. Charlotte Hosmer 63 63
Wills/Hosmer d. Harper/ Akhurst 62 64
Tennant/ Avery Follett d. St George/ Boyd 46 86 wo ret

"The tourists were handicapped by their long journey and their unfamiliarity with asphalt courts, and did not do themselves justice"

Spaldings Tennis Annual 1926

"The Australian womens team ended its round-the-world tour in San Francisco in October and played a series of international matches with a picked team from California. The competition was held in two sections, three singles and a doubles being played at the Berkeley Tennis Club, Saturday October 3, and two singles and a doubles at the Municipal Tennis Stadium in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, the following day. California won six of the seven matches.

October - Auckland, New Zealand
Ayres Lawn Tennis Almanac 1926 pg 473-479
"Before reaching home the Australians landed at Auckland and played a series of matches against New Zealand ladies, all of which were won.Their whole tour through Europe and America had been a remarkable adventure and reflected great credit on its organisers and on the captain of the team, Mrs Barry.

October 29 Sydney, Australia
Australian team arrives home and are expected to play exhibition matches at White City (Rushcutter's Bay) later that day!

Austral of the Referee can't believe how well run the tour has been: "..a credit to Mrs Barry, who had to organise the whole tour after finding on arrival in England that nothing had been done. The team was actually told in England it would get 10 towards expenses, but returned homw with the sum of over 812 in hand out of the 1488 raised and still has a large sun to come from the receipts of an exhibition match in America. A team of five travelled through Europe and America at the cost of less than 150 a head. When we compare that with the cost of Davis Cup teams, one can only marvel".

Mrs Barry thought the team should have left two months earlier

Mrs Harper, Captain of the team said "the trip has placed Australian lady players on the world's map and will never be erased".

Miss Boyd said "now Australian girls can feel they are in the same class as the world's best for we extended them all and we are just as extended by other Australians".

Miss St George did not return to Australia with the team, having returned to Europe to join her parents.

December 7 1925 - Melbourne Victorian Champs

Final Boyd d. Sylvia Harper 36 63 retired

Doubles Boyd/Harper d O'Hara-Wood/Toyne 64 63

December 19 1925 Sydney, Cumberland Championships

SF Daphne Akhurst d Marjorie Cox 75 61
SF Louise Bickerton d Harper 62 61

F Daphne Akhurst d Louise Bickerton 97 62

December ?? 1925 Adelaide, 1926 South Australian Champs

F Kath Le Messurier d Dorothy Weston Straight Sets

Don Turnbull/Kath Le Messurier d ??

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