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  1. Happy Birthday Anna Bastrikova !!!!!
  2. Is it too soon to say Maria Sharapova is the real deal?
  3. Will Tatiana Golovin represent France or Russia when she's older?
  4. Voodoo thread for putting spells on nemesises of Russian players..
  5. The Yevgeny Kafelnikov cheering thread
  6. Why does Russia have such poor media coverage for the Fed Cup?
  7. Which Russian up and comers are finesse players?
  8. Matchball magazine online!
  9. Is it time for Lina K. to make serious changes and move...
  10. Info re: Lina/Elena sites
  11. Big day for us, Russian fans..
  12. I was hoping someone could help me translate this Elena D. and Anna K. article.
  13. Info about Katia AFINOGENOVA
  14. Excellent photos fron the 2001 Kremlin Cup.
  15. is tatiana panova a Amanda Coetzer prodigy
  16. Donīt worry Kournikova,you are COOL!!
  17. Ys, Tenn_ace, etc., how can I get Tennis+ and ...
  18. Cheer for the Russian U16 Team
  19. Are there any good Ruissian junior doubles player?
  20. Lina vs. Iroda!
  21. Two Russians Snag Zurich Wild Cards!
  22. New Russian Girls ...... in Challengers/Satellites
  23. Russian tennis info sources
  24. Bovina's Herd: Elbo hits the Challenger Circuit
  25. Selecting Russian Fed Cup team
  26. Russian Girls At Filderstadt
  28. Maria Sharapova Cheering Club vol.2
  29. Are we becoming a nation of chokers?
  30. Russian Girls at Kremlin Cup
  31. NEC WORLD YOUTH CUP team named
  32. Eastern beauties gallery
  33. Fed Cup Draws done .... Looking Good for Russia
  34. Russians at Leipzig..
  35. Lefties in Russian Tennis..
  36. Dinara Safina is reportedly..
  37. Anna Kournikova cheering team..
  38. Do the Russian junior girls have more potential than the Russian professional women?
  39. POLL: Next Russian girl to win a title is
  40. Lina Krasnoroutskaya Cheering Club