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Re: Blast Encyclopedia of Female Tennis Players

[A] [B] [C] [D] E] [F] [G] [H] [I] [J] [K] [L] [M] [N] [O] [P] [Q] [R] [S] [T] [U] [V] [W] [X] [Y] [Z]

OBARRIO, Analia (Argentina) [Married to Aguirre, from before 1929] [Active 1920s-40s.]

Obarrio de Aguirre, Senora (from before 1929) [SEE OBARRIO, Analia]

OBATA, Saori (Japan) [Active 2000s.]

OBATA, Yohko (Japan) [10 April 1941- ] [Active 1960s.]

OBERLEITNER, Karin (Austria) [14 March 1968- ] [Active 1980s.]

OBERTEUFFER, Marjory Fitch (United States) [23 Nov 1883-March 1952] [Mrs. Newlin G. McConnell, c. 1907--????; Mrs. Jervis Watson Burdick, from 1917] [Active 1900s.]

OBEYSEKERA(OBEYSEKERE?), Nedra (Ceylon) [Mrs. F. C. de Saram] [Active 1930s.]

O’BRIEN, Genevieve M. (Australia) [Active 1960s.]

O'BRIEN, Jennifer (Ireland) [16 Dec 1969- ] [Active 1980s.]

O'BRIEN, Katie (United Kingdom) [Active 2000s-10s.]

OBST, Erika (Germany) [c. 1925- ] [Married to: Johannes Vollmer, before June 1950-before June 1959; Launert, from c. 1959] [Active 1940s-50s.]

OBZILER, Tzipi (Israel) [Active 2000s.]

OCCLESHAW, Fay (Australia) [Active 1950s.]

Ochoa, Mrs. E. [SEE ROSALES, Elisa]

OCHOA, Minda (Philippines) [Mrs. Moldero] [Active 1950s.]

Ochoa, Senora de (from 29 Aug 1962) [SEE RAMIREZ, Yolanda "Yola"]

O’CONNELL, Helen (Australia) [Active 1960s.]

O'CONNELL, Nancy (United States/Mexico) [8 Nov 1940- ] [Mrs. Realme] [Active 1950s-60s.]

O'CONNELL, Patsy A. (United Kingdom) [Active 1930s-50s.]

O’CONNOR, ??? (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

O'CONNOR, Marcella (United States) [Active 1930s.]

O’CONNOR, P. (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

Odgers, Mrs. (from before 1971) [SEE TERRY, Elizabeth]

ODIER, Ginette (France) [Active 1930s.]

ODLING, S. I. (United Kingdom) [Active 1950s.]

O’DONNELL, Betty (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

O’DONNELL, H. Margaret (Australia) [Active 1950s.]

O’DONNELL, Margaret R. (United Kingdom) [Active 1950s-60s.]

O’DONOGHUE, Jane (United Kingdom) [Active 2000s.]

O’DONOGHUE, Joy (Australia) [Active ???]

OELJEKLAUS, Katja (Germany) [Active 1990s.]

OEXMAN, Ruth (United States) [Active 1930s.]

OFFICER, Margaret (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

OGDEN, Mildred (United States) [Active 1920s.]

OGILVIE, Jean Mary (United Kingdom) [Mrs. Peter Ralph MacKinnon, from 14 Dec 1933] [Active ???]

O'HALLORAN, Gwen (Australia) [Mrs. A. "Ray" Thiele, from 1944] [Active 1930s-60s.]

O'HALLORAN, Lesley (Ireland) [1 Nov 1965- ] [Active 1980s-90s.]

O'HARA, Jane E. (Canada) [24 July 1951- ] [Active 1960s-70s.]

O'Hara Wood, Mrs. P. (from 1923) [SEE WAXMAN, Meryl Aitken]

OHLSSON, Sheila (United States) [Married to William Walker, from 29 July 2000] [Active 1980s.]

OJALA, Pirjo (Finland) [11 Aug 1961- ] [Active 1970s.]

OKAGAWA, Emiko (Japan) [26 Dec 1964- ] [Active 1980s.]

OKAMOTO, Kumiko (Japan) [19 Feb 1965- ] [Active 1980s.]

OKIN, Sandra (United Kingdom) [Active 1960s-70s.]

OLARU, Ioana Raluca (Romania) [Active 2000s-10s.]

OLAVE, Laura (Uruguay) [23 Feb 1975- ] [Active 1990s.]

OLAVE, Maria-Jose (Uruguay) [9 Aug 1968- ] [Active 1980s.]

O'Leary, Mrs. C. (from 1910) [SEE DOUSLIN, Nina Mataura]

Olivieri, Mme Georges (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Olorenshaw, Mrs. I. R. (from 9 July 1949) [SEE TUCKFIELD, Jillian "Jill"]

OLSEN, Olga Yevgenevna (Soviet Union) [1907-????] [Active ???]

OLSZA, Aleksandra (Poland) [8 Dec 1977- ] [Active 1991-1999]

Olsza, Barbara (from c. 1976?) [SEE KRAL, Barbara]

O'MAHONEY, Mary (Australia) [Mrs. Bernard "Bernie" F. Prindiville, from 1938] [Active 1930s.]

O'Malley, Mrs. E. (27 Sept 1935-1952) [SEE HOOKER, Helen Huntington]

O'Meara, Mrs. D. J. P. (from 3 Oct 1935) [SEE RIDLEY, Joan Cowell]

OMERLY, Margaret “Peggy” (United States) [29 Feb 1928-20 Oct 2006] [Mrs. George M. Manset, from c. 1952] [Active 1940s-50s.]

OMERLY, Martha (United States) [24 May 1936-30 Oct 1976] [Mrs. Arnold Gowans, 25 July 1959-Aug 1971] [Active 1950s.]

ONDRASKOVA, Zuzana (Czech Republic) [Active 2000s-10s.]

O'NEIL, Chris M. (Australia) [Active 1970s-80s.]

O’NEILL, Eleanor M. (Ireland) [Mrs. McFadden, from before 1972] [Active 1960s-70s.]

O'NEILL, J. (United Kingdom) [Active 1910s-20s.]

O'Neill, Mrs. J. J. (from 19 Feb 1966) [SEE LEHANE, Janice Patricia "Jan"]

O'NEILL, Lisa (Australia) [Active 1980s.]

O'Neill, Mrs. E. A. (from 9 Oct 1890) [SEE FISHER, Madeline Alice]

OPENSHAW, Lydia Grace (United Kingdom) [1864-14 April 1955] [Mrs. Arthur Ashington Sherard, from 1890] [Active ???]

OPPENHEIMER, Victoria (United Kingdom) [6 July 1887-????] [Mrs. Edward Henry Burgess-Smith, from 1909] [Active c. 1910-30]

OPRANDI, Romina Sarina (Italy/Switzerland, from c. 2012) [Active 2000s-10s.]

O'REILLY, Pamela “Pam” (Ireland) [c. 1920-9 April 2007] [Mrs. Raymund Francis Egan, from 8 Sept 1952] [Active 1940-50s.]

O'REILLY, Patti (United States) [Active 1990s.]

OREMANS, Maria Johanna Martina "Miriam" (Netherlands) [9 Sept 1972- ] [Married to Vermeer Christ, from 20 Dec 2003] [Active 1990s-2000s.]

ORLANDINI, Ivana (Italy) [Signora Acquarone, from c. 1937] [Active 1930s.]

ORMAECHEA, Paula (Argentina) [Active 2010s.]

ORNSTEIN, Nancy J. (United States) [31 July 1952- ] [Active 1970s.]

O'ROURKE, Marguerite (United States) [Active 1940s.]

ORR, F. W. (United Kingdom?) [Active 1920s.]

ORSEL, Marguerite (France) [Active 1930s.]

Orth, Heide [SEE SCHILDEKNECHT, Heide]

Orthwein, Mrs. A. B. (from c. 1963) [SEE MORRISON, Nancy]

ORTUNO, Alicia (Spain) [Active 1990s.]

Orwin, Mrs. C. S. (from 1902) (SEE RENAULT, Elise)

Osborne, (Mrs.) Audrey (United Kingdom) [Married to L. J. Osborne; maiden name unknown] [Active 1940s-50s.] [SEE ???]

OSBORNE, Gladys Kathleen (United Kingdom) [26 July 1906-Dec 2001] [Mrs. Frederick L. Brigden, from 1939] [Active 1930s.]

OSBORNE, Margaret Evelyn (United States) [4 March 1918-24 Oct 2012] [Mrs. William DuPont, Jr., 26 Nov 1947-c. 1965] [Active 1930s-50s.]

OSBORNE, Maude Delano (Canada) [Mrs. Eustace Alexander Smith] [Active 1890s.]

O'SHAUGHNESSY, Tam (United States) [Active 1970s.]

Osten, Mrs. P. (from c. 1955) [SEE MILLER, Lois]

OSTERLOH, Lilia (United States) [Active 1990s-2000s.]

OSTERMANN, Renate (Germany) [14 June 1937- ] [Married to Maurizio Drisaldi, from before July 1967] [Active 1950s-60s.]

OSTHEIMER, Elizabeth G. “Bessie” (United States) [May 1880-????] [Active 1900s-????]

OSTHEIMER, Gertrude (United States) [Dec 1883-????] [Active ???]

OSTHEIMER, Louise B. (United States) [April 1885-????] [Mrs. C. Willis Adams, from 1908] [Active 1900s-10s.]

OSTHEIMER, Nellie (United States) [May 1877-????] [Active ???]

OSTROVSKAYA, Nadejda (Belarus) [Active 2000s.]

O'SULLIVAN, M. U. (Ireland) [Active 1950s-60s.]

OSUNA, Elena (Mexico) [Married to Guillermo Belmar, from c. 1961/62] [Active ???]

OTTER, Josephine (United States) [Active 1930s.]

OUDIN, Melanie (United States) [Active 2000s-10s.]

OUTHWAITE, Helen Margaret (Australia) [1900-1986] [Mrs. Alastair Cameron Gray, 18 May 1925-???; Mrs. (Dr) Charles W. B. Littlejohn, from 12 Jan 1935] [Active 1910s-20s.]

Outratova, Mme (from c. 1935) [SEE CEPKOVA (Čepková), Emma]

OVERGAARD, Inge (Denmark) [Active 1960s.]

OVERTON, Wendy A. (United States) [Active 1960s-70s.]

OWEN, Ann L. (Great Britain) [Active 1960s.]

Owen, Mrs. L. G. (from 28 Jan 1930) [SEE CHAMBERLAIN, (Mabel) Violet]

OWEN, Pat J. (United Kingdom) [Active 1930s.]

Owen, Mrs. I. G. (from 4 Aug 1937) [SEE DE LA PRYME, Sybil Gwendoline]

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Re: Blast Encyclopedia of Female Tennis Players

[A] [B] [C] [D] E] [F] [G] [H] [I] [J] [K] [L] [M] [N] [O] [P] [Q] [R] [S] [T] [U] [V] [W] [X] [Y] [Z]

Paben, Kathy [SEE MAY, Kathryn "Kathy"]

PACHTA, Sonja (Austria) [25 April 1941- ] [Active 1950s-70s.]

PACKARD, Joan (United States) [1928- ] [Mrs. Ormand Birkland, from 1948] [Active ????-1960s.]

Pacquet, (Mme) Josette (Belgium) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1950s.] [SEE ???]

PADGETT, Charlotte (United States) [Active 1940s.]

PAGE, (Miss) ??? (United Kingdom) [first name unknown] [Active late 1880s.]

PAGE, Anne (United States) [Active 1930s.]

PAGE, Ellinor Jane Seymour (United Kingdom) [24 Aug 1863-5 Jan 1962] [Mrs. Arthur Burgess Crosby, from April 1893] [Active late 1880s.]

PAGE, Mary Seymour (United Kingdom) [24 Feb 1866-????] [Mrs. (Dr) H. E. Hoffmeister, from 16 June 1896] [Active late 1880s.]

Pagezy, (Mme) Odette (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

PAILLE', Lillian Elizabeth (United States) [15 Dec 1905-7 Sept 1989] [Mrs. John G. Seabrook] [Active 1920s-1969]

Pails, Mrs. D. R. (from 1943) [SEE ROFE, Mavis Isabel]

Paine, Mrs. (United Kingdom) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1900s.] [SEE ???]

PAINE, Gladys T. (United States) [Active ???]

Painter, Mrs. W. [SEE MORRILL, Marjorie Adele "Midge"]

Paish, Mrs. J. (from 16 Nov 1972) [SEE GILCHRIST, Wendy]

PAJONK, Traute (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

PAKKER, Mariette (Netherlands) [Active 1970s.]

Paksy, Mária (from before June 1928) [SEE UHLMANN, Mária]

Paksyne, Józsefne (Mrs.) (from before June 1928) [SEE UHLMANN, Mária]

Palasik, Mrs. L. F. (from 2 May 1954) [SEE ZELLMER, Patricia "Patsy"]

PALAVERSIC, Maja (Yugoslavia/Croatia) [24 March 1973- ] [Married to Roy Coopersmith, from 1998] [Active 1980s-2000s.]

Palaversic-Coopersmith, Maja (from 1998) [SEE PALAVERSIC, Maja]

PALDAN, Liv Dagny (Norway) [31 Dec 1944- ] [Mrs. Hubert] [Active 1960s-70s.]

PALEY, Ann (United States) [c. 1912-9 Oct 1999] [Mrs. Harry Hoffman, Sr., from c. 1933] [Active 1940s-50s.]

PALFREY, Elizabeth Howland “Lee” (United States) [14 Jan 1909-5 Jan 1987] [Mrs. Harold Williams Fullerton, from 30 Aug 1934] [Active 1920s-30s.]

PALFREY, Joanna Oakes "Joey" (United States) [30 Jan 1915-25 Jan 2002] [Mrs. Rodney W. Brown, Jr.] [Active 1930s.]

PALFREY, Margaret Germaine "Polly" (United States) [7 Oct 1906-26 Aug 1997] [Mrs. Charles Woodrow, from 1936] [Active 1920s.]

PALFREY, Mary Anne "Mianne" (United States) [6 March 1911-2 Nov 1993] [Mrs. Arthur D. Hill, late 1932/early 1933-????; Mrs. Franklin P. Dexter, from July 1939] [Active 1920s-30s.]

PALFREY, Sarah Hammond (United States) [18 Sept 1912-27 Feb 1996] [Mrs. Marshall Fabyan, 6 Oct 1934-20 July 1940; Mrs. Elwood Thomas Cooke, 2 Oct 1940-29 April 1949; Mrs. Jerome Alan Danzig, from 27 April 1951] [Active 1920s-40s.]

PALMEOVA, Alena (Czechoslovakia) [7 Jan 1945- ] [Married to William Sidney West Jr., 17 July 1970-1984] [Active 1960s-70s.]

Palmeova-West, Alena (17 July 1970-1984) [SEE PALMEOVA, Alena]

PALMER, Gwynifred Barrington (United Kingdom) [24 Nov 1897-Oct 1987] [Mrs. Jens Jensen, from c. March 1918] [Active 1910s.]

PALMER, Nancy B. (United Kingdom) [Mrs. H. V. Edwards, from before June 1928] [Active 1910s-30s.]

PALMER, Victoria "Vicky" (United States) [1945- ] [Mrs. Heinicke, from c. 1963] [Active 1950s-60s.]

PAMPOULOVA, Elena (Bulgaria/Germany) [17 May 1972- ] [Married to: Axel Wagner, June 1991-????; Christian Bergomi, from 11 July 2006] [Active 1980s-90s.]

PANAGOPOULOU, Denise (Greece) 18 Jun 1964 [Active 1970-80s.]

PANDE, Eliza (United States) [Active 1970s.]

PANNETIER, Suzanne (France) [Active 1930s-50s.]

PANOVA, Alexandra (Russia) [Active 2010s.]

PANOVA, Tatiana (Russia) [Active 1990s-2000s.]

PANTON, Cherry (United Kingdom) [c. Oct/Dec 1954- ] [Active 1970s.]

PANTON, Frances Isobel "Betty" (United Kingdom) [1 Dec 1906-????] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Panton, Mrs. R. C. (from before 1947) [SEE GANNON, Pearl Iris]

PAPADAKI, Christina (Greece) [Active 1990s.]

Papale, Signora (from c. 1970) [SEE TERRAS, Evelyn(Evelyne?)]

Papalexopoulo, Mrs. D. (from 1921) [SEE ELLIADI, Dorothy (or Dorothea)]

PAPISTA, Judita (Yugoslavia) [22 Nov 1958- ] [Active 1970s.]

PAQUET, Virginie (France) [5 May 1967- ] [Married to Rinderknech, from before 1995] [Active 1984-1992]

PARADIS, Pascale (France) [24 April 1966- ] [Married to Xavier Mangon, from 27 April 1991] [Active 1980s-90s.]

Paradis-Mangon, Pascale (from 27 April 1991) [SEE PARADIS, Pascale]

Paravicini, Mme C. R. (from 1910) [SEE DE WATTEVILLE (VON WATTENWYL), Elisabeth-Cécile-Lilian "Lilian"]

Parbury, Mrs. H. V. (from c. May 1905) [SEE WALTERS, Katherine Eleanor]

PARK, Sung-Hee (South Korea) [Active 1990s.]

PARKER, Betsy (United States) [18 Sept 1941- ] [Mrs. James McColl, from 1968] [Active ???]

PARKER, Debbie (United Kingdom) [Active 1970s.]

PARKER, Edythe (United States) [18 Oct 1875- Sept 1974] [Mrs. Charles Neville Beard, from 15 Feb 1909] [Active 1890s-1900s.]

PARKER, Faith (Australia) [Active 1950s.]

PARKER, Grace (United States) [Active 1930s.]

PARKER, Margot E. (United Kingdom) [27 March 1913- ][Active 1930s-50s.]

Parker, Mrs. J. P. (from Jan/March 1943) [SEE RODWAY, (Marguerite) Beryl S.]

Parker, Mrs. (from before Sept 1937) [SEE WEISS, Merceina Louise]

Parkhomenko, Svetlana (from 1 Sept 1984) [SEE CHERNEVA, Svetlana Germanova]

PARKIN, Evelyn (United States) [Active 1930s.]

PARKINSON, Holly (United States) [10 Feb 1979- ] [Married to Blair Hasler, from 22 June 2002] [Active 1990s-2000s.]

PARKINSON, Naomi J. (United States) [15 Dec 1903-23 May 1995] [Mrs. DeLloyd (David Lloyd "Dutch") Thompson, 1922-c. 1930/33, she retained her married name; Mrs. Robert E. Kenward, from ????] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Parmas, Tiiu [SEE KIVI, Tiiu]

PARMEGGIANI, Andreina (Italy) [Signora Sciaudone, from c. 1938] [Active 1930s-50s.]

PARMENTER, Fay Patricia "Pat" (Australia) [c. 1937- ] [Mrs. Anthony John Randall, from 1960] [Active ????-1959]

PARMENTIER, Pauline (France) [Active 2000s-10s.]

PARNELL, Denise (United Kingdom) [Active 1980s.]

PARR, Alice Emily (United Kingdom) [1869-29 Dec 1925] [Active c. 1895-1905]

PARR, Ethel Florence (United Kingdom) [1868-????] [Active ???]

PARR, Katherine Mary (United Kingdom) [1871-25 March 1949] [Mrs. Richard Vaughan Tudor, from 1900] [Active ???]

PARR, M. (???) [Active 1930s.]

PARR, Magdalene Jessie “Maisie”/“May” (Australia) [c. 1866-May 1948] [Active 1880s-1910s.]

PARR, Winifrid Isabel Barbara (United Kingdom) [1873-13 Dec 1954] [Mrs. Louis Charles Danger, from 1897] [Active ???]

PARRA-SANTONJA, Arantxa (Spain) [Active 2000s-10s.]

Parri, Signora (from c. 1964) [SEE FRIGERIO, Maria]

PARROTT, Julie Kaye (Australia) [10 Sept 1948- ] [Mrs. Frances William Brimson, ????-after 2006] [Active 1960s-80s.]

PARRY, Anne C. (United States) [Active 1930s.]

PARSONS-SMITH, C. (United Kingdom) [Active 1890s-1900s.]

Parton, Mrs. E. G. (15 May 1906-before 19 July 1924) [SEE SQUIRE, Mabel Bramwell]

Partridge, Mrs. A. S. (from 1914) [SEE RYAN, Alice Brooks]

PARTRIDGE, (Joan) Susan "Sue" Vernon (United Kingdom/France) [12 Sept 1930-4 Dec 1999] [Mme Philippe Chatrier, 23 April 1953-????; Mme Jean-Roger Crosnier, from 25 Oct 1973] [Active 1950s-60s.]

PASCOE, Helen (South Africa) [Active 1950s.]

PASQUALE, Claudia (Switzerland) [Active 1980s.]

PASSEMARD, Simone (France) [31 Jan 1908-7 Jan 1980] [Mme René Mathieu, from 14 Oct 1925] [Active 1920s-40s.]

PASSET, A. (France) [Active 1950s.]

Passingham, Mrs. N. (from c. March 1940) [SEE BATT, Elizabeth "Betty"]

PASSOW, Elaine (United States) [Active 1940s.]

PASTALL, Helen (United States) [1929-Dec 2005] [Mrs. Robert Perez, from 1948] [Active 1940s-50s.]

PASTIKOVA, Michaela (Czech Republic) [Active 2000s.]

Pastorius, Mrs. Francis (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

PASZEK, Tamira (Austria) [Active 2000s-2010s.]

PATE, Ruth (United States) [29 June 1931-11 May 2003] [Mrs. V. H. “Red” Dally] [Active 1940s.]

PATERSON, Grace (Australia) [1904-????] [Mrs. Kenneth Harvie, from 12 Dec 1931] [Active ???]

PATERSON, Karen (United Kingdom) [Active 2000s.]

PATERSON, L. H. Charlotte “Lottie” (United Kingdom) [Active 1890s-1900s.]

PATERSON, Sheila Marguerite (United Kingdom/Kenya) [24 April 1915-18 March 2008] [Mrs. Roland Melville Dowdeswell, before 1949-????; Mrs. Robert "Bob" Evans, from after 31 May 1956] [Active 1930s-50s.]

Patorni, Mme R. (from 12 April 1942) [SEE HORNER, Jacqueline]

Patrick, Mrs. (from before Aug 1933) [SEE GILLESPIE, Dorothy “Dot”]

PATTERSON, D. (United Kingdom) [Active 1880s.]

Pattison, Mrs. A. [SEE BOTHA, Daphne]

Patton, Mrs. H. C. (from 1938) [SEE BELLAMY, Dorothy "Dot"]

PATZ, Gladys (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Paul, Mrs. E. M. (from 18 Nov 1933) [SEE MORTON, Morven Gertrude Alexandra]

PAULIN, Nellie Kynaston (Canada) [24 Aug 1878(or 1879)-????] [Mrs. Frederick Thomas Handsombody, from before April 1901] [Active 1910s.]

Pauls, (Frau) Else (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

PAULUS, Barbara (Austria) [1 Sept 1970- ] [Active 1980s-90s.]

PAUWELS, Ana (Argentina) (Married to Madrid] [Active 1930s.]

Pauwels de Madrid, Ana [SEE PAUWELS, Ana]

PAVLOV, Ljudmila (Yugoslavia) [30 June 1974- ] [Active 1990s.]

PAVLYUCHENKOVA, Anastasia (Russia) [Active 2000s-10s.]

PAWLIK, Martina (Germany) [Active 1980s.]

PAYNE, Lillian Eleanor (Australia) [6 Aug 1875-1944] [Active 1890s-1900s.]

PAYNTER, Victoria "Vickie" (United States) [27 Aug 1971- ] [Married to Rich Finney] [Active ???]

PAYOT, Lolette (Switzerland/France) [17 April 1911-23 Feb 1988] [Mme Robert Dodille, from 1937] [Active 1920s-40s.]

PAYTEN, Rose Hannah (Australia) [20 Dec 1879-9 May 1951] [Active ????-1909]

PAZ, Mercedes (Argentina) [27 June 1966- ] [Active 1980s-90s.]

PEACH, Bertha Louise Harwood "Beth" (Australia) [Mrs. (Lieutenant) John William "Jack" Chapman, from 21 May 1942] [Active ???]

PEACH, Eileen Frances Harwood (Australia) [Mrs. Francis Joseph "Frank" Ruwald, from 10 July 1939] [Active ???]

PEACH, Norma Jean Harwood "Paddie" / "Paddy" (Australia) [Mrs. Kenneth Douglas "Ken" Francis, from 25 Jan 1939] [Active ???]

PEACH, Phyllis Josephine Banner (Australia) [Mrs. Ralph Holdroyd, from 17 April 1946] [Active ???]

PEACOCK, Ada (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

Peacock, Mrs. G. E. (from 14 November 1917) [SEE BOWDER, Irene Evelyn]

Peacock, Mrs. J. C. (from 1913) [SEE SIMPSON, Margaret]

Pearce, Mrs. G. V. (1893-1920) [SEE POWDRELL, Margaret]

Pearce, Mrs. R. E. S. (1910-c. 1921) [SEE SUDGEN, Marguerite Lucy Katherine]

PEARCE, Mavis (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

PEARCE, Nancy (United States) [1928- ] [Mrs. Frank Jeffett, from 1956] [Active ???]

Peardon, Mrs. [SEE UTZ, Peggy]

PEARL, Sheila (United States) [5 June 1947- ] [Mrs. Michael Johnson] [Active 1960s.]

PEARSON, F. (Ireland) [Active 1920s.]

PEARSON, F. M. (United Kingdom) [Active 1880s.]

PEARSON, Kathryn "Kay" (United States) [c. 1918- ] [Mrs. Leonard Keating, from after 1937] [Active 1930s-40s.]

PEARSON, Madeleine "Madie" Marie (United Kingdom) [Mrs. Ernest Otway Moss, from 9 July 1929] [Active 1930s-40s.]

PEARSON, Marion (United States) [Active 1920s.]

PECHSTEIN, Anneliese (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

PEDERSEN, Helen A. (United States) [16 July 1916- ] [Mrs. Edward H. Rihbany, from 4 Jan 1941] [Active 1930s-40s.]

PEDLEY, Blanche Emma (United Kingdom) [1866-9 Feb 1930] [Mrs. Charles Edward Wallace, from 1892] [Active ???]

Peer, (Mrs.) Sadie (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

PEER, Shahar (Israel) [Active 2000s-10s.]

Peerless, Mrs. B. (c. Jan/March 1964-before 7 June 2003) [SEE LEATHER, Caroline Margaret]

Peers, Elizabeth [SEE LITTLE, Elizabeth]

PEERS, Sally (Australia) [1 June 1991- ] [Active 2006- ]

PEGEL, Madelaine V. A. M. (Sweden) [Active 1960s.]

PEISACHOV, Paulina (Israel) [20 April 1950- ] [Married to E. Peled] [Active 1970s.]

PEITZ, Anne (Germany) [7 Aug 1906-????] [Frau Schneider, from c. 1929/30] [1926-1940s.]

Peled, Paulina [SEE PEISACHOV, Paulina]

PELLETIER, Helene (Canada) [2 Jan 1959- ] [Active 1980s.]

PELLETIER, Marie-Eve (Canada) [Active 2000s-10s.]

PELLETIER, Yvonne (France) [Active 1930s.]

Pelly, Mrs. R. [SEE HALL, Jessie]

PENDERED, Gilliver Mary (United Kingdom) [1925- ] [Mrs. Peter Bernard MacCorkindale, from 1950] [Active 1940s.]

Pendered, Mrs. R. G. (from 1953) [SEE MEAD, Jennifer Pearson]

PENDO, S. (United States) [Active 1980s.]

PENG, Shuai (China) [Active 2000s-10s.]

Penman, Mrs. W. M. (c. Jan/March 1940-before c. Oct/Dec 1945) [SEE MCCORKINDALE, Peggy Leila]

PENNETTA, Flavia (Italy) [25 Feb 1982- ] [Active 1997- ]

PENNINGTON-LEGH, Ruth Isabel (United Kingdom) [25 Aug 1870-9 Jan 1952] [Mrs. Edward Bluett Winch, from 9 Feb 1899] [Active 1890s-1920s.]

Pennisi, Signora (from before 1970) [SEE GOBBO', Alessandra "Sandra"]

Pennycuick, Mrs. J. (from 20 Dec 1930) [SEE JOHNSTONE, Lucy]

PENROSE, Beryl Ethel Jean (Australia) [22 Dec 1930- ] [Mrs. James Arthur F. Collier, from 1957 (by May)] [Active 1940s-60s.]

PEPPERCORN, Evelyn Aimée [Aimée] (United Kingdom) [1890/91-1968] [Mrs. Maurice Benington Reckitt, from 25 Nov 1920] [Active 1921-1934]

PERALTA, Leonora (Portugal) [29 Dec 1947 - ] [Active 1960s-80s.]

PERCEVAL, M. (United Kingdom) [Active 1900s.]

PERCIVAL, Erica M. (United Kingdom) [Mrs. Chamberlain, from after June 1949] [Active 1940s.]

PERCIVAL(PERCIVALL?), Stephanie (United Kingdom) [28 Sept 1945- ] [Mrs. Bruce Larkham] [Active 1960s.]

PEREA, Carmen (Spain) [3 May 1952- ] [Active 1970s-80s.]

PEREBIYNIS, Tatiana Yurevna (Ukraine) [15 Dec 1982- ] [Married to Dimitriy Zadorozhniy, from 15 Oct 2005; retained maiden name as a player after marriage] [Active 1997-2009]

PEREIRA(PERERA?), Shalini (Sri Lanka) [12 May 1977- ] [Married to de Silva] [Active ???]

PERELLI, Giulia (Italy) [1897-????] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Perez, Mrs. R. (from 1948) [SEE PASTALL, Helen]

PERFETTI, Flora (Italy) [29 Jan 1969- ] [Active 1988-2000]

PERICOLI, Lea (Italy) [22 March 1935- ] [Married to Tito Fontana, from 12 Nov 1964; retained maiden name as a player after marriage] [Active 1950s-70s.]

PERNA, Graziella (Italy) [Active 1960s-70s.]

Perram, Mrs H. N. (from 2 April 1934) [SEE DOEG, Violet Hope]

PERRAU, Monique (France) [Active 1930s.]

PERREN, Edna (Australia) [Mrs. F. Heaton] [Active ???]

PERRY, Brenda M. (New Zealand) [Active 1970s-80s.]

PERRY, Eunice (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

PERRY, Evelyn Frances Mary (United Kingdom) [1906-16 Feb 1970] [Mrs. Kenneth Livingstone Macassey, from 1936] [Active 1920s-30s.]

PERRY, Shenay (United States) [Active 2000s-10s.]

PERSONNAT, Gisčle (France) [Married to Comte Jean de Thoisy, from 18 March 1939] [Active 1930s.]

PERSSE, Rose Eileen [Eileen] (Australia) [1875-1959] [Mrs. Fitzpierce Joyce, from 1905] [Active ???]

PERVAK, Ksenia (Russia, 2005-2001, 2013- / Kazakhstan, Dec 2011-2013) [Active 2000s-10s.]

PESAK, Andrea (Austria) [1 Nov 1961- ] [Active 1980s.]

Peschke, Kveta (from 5 May 2003) [SEE HRDLICKOVA (Hrdličková), Květoslava "Květa"]

PESHAWARIA, Anu (India) [Active 1970s.]

PESHAWARIA, Kiran (India) [Mrs. Bedi] [Active 1970s.]

PETCHELL, Eden (United Kingdom/South Africa) [c. 1903-????] [Active 1920s.]

PETCHELL, Jean M. (United Kingdom) [Mrs. J. W. Bee, from c. 1954/55] [Active 1950s.]

Pete, Sharon (from 20 April 1985) [SEE WALSH, Sharon Ann]

PETER, Caroline “Caro” Lucia Maria (Norway) [17 Oct 1890-21 Jan 1979] [Mrs. Knud Dahl, from 1913] [Active 1910s-20s.]

PETERDY, Marta (from 1943) [SEE POPP, Marta]

Peterdy-Wolf, Mme [SEE POPP, Marta]

Peteri, Ilona (from 1923) [SEE VARADY, Ilona]

Peterine, Mrs. (from 1923) [SEE VARADY, Ilona]

Peters, Mrs. E. C. (from 1931) [SEE HEMMANT, Effie]

Peters, (Frau) Käthe (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Petersen, Carlene (from before 1970-????) [SEE BASORE, Shirley Carlene]

PETERSEN, Suzana L. (Brazil) [Active 1960s-70s.]

PETERSON, E. (United Kingdom) [Active 1910s.]

PETERSON, Sue (United States) [Active 1940s.]

PETKOVIC, Andrea (Germany) [Active 2000s-10s.]

Petosa, Mrs. (from before 1957) [SEE MOYER, Elizabeth "Betty"]

PETROCOCHINO, Despina Eustratius (United Kingdom) [10 July 1865-19 Nov 1901] [Mrs. Anthony (Dimitrius) Mavrogardato, from 22 Sept 1900] [Active late 1880s-early 1890s.]

PETROCOCHINO, Maria "Marigo" Eustratius (United Kingdom) [2 Nov 1866-18 July 1950] [Mrs. George (Dimitrius) Sevastopoulos, from 27 Sept 1902] [Active late 1880s-early 1890s.]

Petrocochino, Mme D. M. T. (from before 1933) [SEE SAN-GALLI, Sonia]

PETROVA, Nadejda "Nadia" (Russia) [Active 1990s-2010s.]

PETSCH, Charlotte (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

Pett, Mrs. V. (from 1922) [SEE SCOTT, Joan M.]

PETTAZZI, Marguerite “Maggi” (France) [Active 1930s.]

PETTIT, Fay M. (United States) [c. 1942- ] [Mrs. Karl H. Wessenberg] [Active 1950s.]

PEYRE, Evelyn (United States) [Active 1930s.]

PFAFF, Eva S. (Germany) [Active 1980s-90s.]

Pfafflin, Mrs. A. (from 17 April 1933) [SEE MEANEY, Frances Patricia "Pattie"]

PFANNENBERG, Angelika "Angie" Regina (Germany) [c. 1945- ] [Mrs. John David Newcombe, from 21 Feb 1966] [Active 1960s.]

Pfeiffer, (Frau) Elenita (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

PFEIL, Alice (United Kingdom) [1851-24 Dec 1933] [Mrs. Ralph Bagnall Bagnall-Wild, from 4 July 1871] [Active ???]

Pfister, (Mme) Hélčne (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s-40s.] [SEE ???]

PFLEIDERER, Lore (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

PHAYRE, Evelyn Mary (United Kingdom) [Mrs. Henry Woolf Standring, from c. 1926] [Active 1920s.]

PHAYRE, Marion Katharine (United Kingdom) [Mrs. Philip Eustace Lionel Hill, from 2 Sept 1933] [Active 1920s-30s.]

PHELPS, Terry (United States) [Active 1980s-90s.]

PHILBRICK, Jill Louise (United States) [2 Nov 1944- ] [Mrs. Cecil A. Gentry, from 24 July 1970] [Active 1960s.]

PHILIP, L. (United Kingdom?) [Active 1930s.]

PHILLIMORE, Cordelia Mary (United Kingdom) [1858-22 July 1934] [Active c. 1890-1910]

Phillips, Mrs. H. R. (from April/June 1940) [SEE HAMILTON, Elsie M.]

PHILLIPS, Geraldine (United Kingdom) [1870-3 Oct 1947] [Mrs. Cornelius Ruck Glanvill] [Active ???]

PHILLIPS, May (South Africa) [Mrs. T. G. McJannett, from 1920/22] [Active 1920s.]

Phillips-Moore, Mrs. B. J. [SEE HAMMOND, Anne]

Phipps, Mrs. L. C. [SEE ROGERS, Margaret]

PHYSICK, Joan D. "Joey" (United Kingdom) [1920- ] [Mrs. William D. David, c. Sept 1941-????; Mrs. John "Michael" Lloyd, from 14 Aug 1950] [Active 1930s-50s.]

PIATEK, Mary Lou (United States) [6 Aug 1961- ] [Married to Paul Daniels, from 17 Oct 1987] [Active 1980s-90s.]

Pichalova, Petra (????-before early Oct 2013] [SEE LANGROVA, Petra]

PICCOLINI, Katia (Italy) [15 Jan 1973- ] [Active 1988-99]

PICK, Katherine Lawrence (United Kingdom) [4 April 1867-13 March 1939] [Active circa 1895-1900]

PICK, Mary Louise (United Kingdom) [1868-7 Jan 1965] [Mrs. William Dickson McMurtry, from 1901] [Active c. 1895-1900]

Pickering, Mrs. W. H. (from 28 July 1885) [SEE SIMPSON, Alice Mabel]

Pickering, Mrs. P. [SEE COX, Joy]

PIEDROLA, Felisa (Argentina) [c. 1916/17-March 2000] [Married to Augusto Zappa, from before 1950] [Active 1940s-50s.]

Piedrola de Zappa, Senora (from before 1950) [SEE PIEDROLA, Felisa]

Piemonte, Signora (from c. 1951) [SEE AROSIO, Franca]

PIERCE, Mary (France) [Active 1990s-2000s.]

PIERCEY, Sheila Audrey (South Africa) [18 March 1919-14 Aug 2005] [Mrs. Ronald Alexander Summers, from 8 July 1943] [Active 1930s-40s.]

PIERVAL, Claudine (France) [30 June 1939- ] [Mme Rouire, from c. 1963] [Active 1960s.]

Piette, (Mme) Madeleine (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

PIETZNER, Ruth (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

PIGEON, Kristy (United States) [15 Aug 1950- ] [Married to R. Crawford] [Active 1960s-70s.]

PIGGOTT, Brenda (Australia) [c. 1905-2001] [Mrs. Douglas Jones] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Pigueron, Mme F. [SEE BOURGEOIS, Germaine]

PIKEN, Joan (United States) [19 Oct 1929- ] [Mrs. Paul Silbersher, from June 1956] [Active 1950s-70s.]

PIKOROVA, Jana (Czechoslovakia) [23 Nov 1945- ] [Active 1960s-70s.]

PILLANS, Helen M. (United Kingdom) [Active 1900s.]

PILLANS, Katherine Madeline (United Kingdom) [c. 1869-6 Nov 1965] [Mrs. Thomas Paine Hilder, from 17 Oct 1905] [Active ???]

PILLARS, Virginia (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Pilette, Mme (from c. 1932/33) [SEE CHARNELET, Germaine]

PILLIARD, Mary Elise (United States) [28 April 1918-20 Aug 1997] [Mrs. Arklay Seymour Richards, before 1956-????; Mrs. James Johnston, from ???] [Active 1950s-70s.]

PILSBURY, Judith “Judy” Ouida (United States) [3 July 1939- ] [Active ????-1958]

PIN, Camille (France) [Active 2000s.]

Pinckney, Mrs. E. W. (from Aug 1903) [SEE HUNTER, Alicia Maud "Minnie"]

PINCKNEY, Elsie Constance (United Kingdom) [15 Oct 1872-1959] [Mrs. Horace Leycester Meyer, from 10 Oct 1901] [Active ???]

PINCKNEY, Violet Millicent (United Kingdom) [11 March 1871-1955] [Active 1890s-1920s.]

Pine-Coffin, Mrs. C. E. (from 1885) [SEE COLE, Lilian Mary Olivia]

PINEDO, Alina (Mexico) [26 Aug 1935- ] [Married to Ricardo Balbiers] [Active ???]

Pinkham, Mrs. E. W., Jr. (from 1940) [SEE LEBOUTILLIER, Florence S.]

Pinterova, Marie (from c. May 1974) [SEE NEUMANNOVA, Marie]

Pinto Bravo, Senora de (from 1971/72) [SEE ARIAS, Ana Maria]

PIO, Martha (Denmark) [15 Dec 1907-????] [Active 1920s.]

PIPAN, Alenka (Yugoslavia) [12 Oct 1950- ] [Active 1970s.]

PIRILA (Pirilä), Laila (Finland) [10 June 1951- ] [Mrs. Malinen] [Active 1970s.]

PIRILA (Pirilä), Leena (Finland) [Mrs. Ranta] [Active 1970s.]

PIRONKOVA, Tsvetana (Bulgaria) [Active 2000s-10s.]

PISKACKOVA (Piskáčková), Nataša (Czechoslovakia) [2 June 1963- ] [Married to: Mein, c. 1984-????; Faschingbauer, from ????] [Active 1980s.]

PISNIK, Tina (Slovenia) [Active 1990s-2000s.]

Pistolesi, Anna (7 Dec 2002-2004/05?) [SEE SMASHNOVA, Anna]

PITKIN, Martha (United States) [18 Sept 1885-6 Aug 1947] [Mrs. Nathaniel "Nat" William Niles, from 17 Nov 1910] [Active 1910s.]

PITKOWSKI, Sarah (France) [13 Nov 1975- ] [Married to Olivier Malcor, from 7 July 2001] [Active 1990s-2000s.]

Pitkowski-Malcor, Sarah (from 7 July 2001) [SEE PITKOWSKI, Sarah]

PITMAN, L. C. (United Kingdom) [Active 1920s.]

Pitt, Mrs. C. K. (from 31 March 1919) [SEE FRASER-WATSON, Millicent Maude]

PITT, Valerie Anne (United Kingdom) [6 June 1936- ] [Mrs. John M. Brewer, from c. April/June 1957] [Active 1950s.]

PITTENGER, Laura G. (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Pittman, Mrs. J. B. (4 Jan 1930-1939) [SEE GOLDSACK, Elsie Alice]

Pitts, Mrs. H. G. (from the summer of 1939) [SEE KEYMER, Kathleen Jessica]

PIVOVAROVA, Anastasia (Russia) [Active 2010s.]

PIZZICHINI, Gloria (Italy) [24 July 1975- ] [Active 1989-2005]

PLACKETT, Jane L. (United Kingdom) [Active 1970s-80s.]

PLAISTED, Helen N. (Australia) [Active 1960s.]

PLANTIER, Angélica Araújo (Portugal) [8 Nov 1885-July 1972] [Active c. 1905-1935]

Platt, Mrs. D. F. (from 1900) [SEE BLISS, Ethel Appleby]

PLCHOVA, Lea (Czechoslovakia) [1970s-80s.]

PLEMING, Louise (Australia) [Active 1990s.]

Plessis, Mrs. (from before 1946) [SEE CRAZE, Olive]

Pleydell-Bouverie, Mrs. (Lady) P. H. (Sept 1923-before Dec 1927) [SEE INGRAM, Alice Margaret “Peggy”]

Pleydell-Nott, Mrs. J. G. L. (from 25 July 1901) [SEE POOLE, Winifred Clare]

PLISCHKE, Sylvia (Austria) [Active 1990s-2000s.]

PLISKOVA, Karolina (Czech Republic) [Active 2010s.]

PLISKOVA, Kristyna (Czech Republic) [Active 2010s.]

Plümacher, (Frau) Margarethe (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Plumenthal, (Mme) Andrée (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

PLUMER, ??? (United Kingdom?) [Active 1910s.]

PLUMMER, Lorraine (Australia) [Active 1960s.]

PNIEWSKI, Joyce (United States) [26 Sept 1937- ] [Active 1950s.]

PO, Kimberly Yasuko (United States) [20 Oct 1971- ] [Married to Oliver George Hans Peter Messerli, from 4 May 2001] [Active 1988-2002]

Po-Messerli, Kimberly (from 4 May 2001) [SEE PO, Kimberly Yasuko]

Poage, Mrs. A. H. (from 13 Sept 1916) [SEE COVEY, Effie M.]

POELZL, Judith (Austria) [2 March 1966- ] [Married to: Heinz W. Wiesner, 11 April 1987-????; Roland Floimair, from 2001] [Active 1980s-90s.]

POGORELOVA, Elena Vladimirovna (Soviet Union) [16 Sept 1969- ] [Active 1990s.]

Pohmann, (Frau) Inge (Germany) [c. 1921/22-26 Jan 2005] [Married to (K.?) Pohmann, from before 1947; maiden name unknown] [Active 1940s-50s.] [SEE ???]

POLGAR, Erzsebet (Hungary) [Active 1960s.]

Politzer, Mrs. E. J. [SEE CHALLOVE, Esther Molly]

Polkinghorne, Mrs. G. (from 19 Jan 1955) [SEE ANGWIN, Helen]

POLLAK, Helene (United States) [5 April 1898-26 Jan 1980] [Mrs. Edwin A. Falk, from c. 1920/21-????; Mrs. Walter] [Active 1910s-20s.]

Pollak, (Mme) Jacqueline (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

POLLARD, Clare (United Kingdom) [Active 1980s.]

POLLET, Barbara (Austria) [17 May 1963- ] [Active 1980s.]

POLLEY, N. (India) [1893-????] [Active 1920s.]

Polonsky, Mrs. [SEE HIRSCHFELD, Ekaterina Germanova]

POMBO, Marta (Spain) [Married to Pereda, from c. 1964/65] [Active 1960s.]

POMERY, ??? (France) [Mme René Meunier, from before 1930; first name unknown] [Active 1920s-30s.]

POMIES, Carmen (France) [Active 1930s.]

POMMIER, Jacqueline (France) [Active 1930s.]

PONCELET, Jeanette (Jeannette ?) (France) [Active 1930s.]

Pons, Bella (c. 1924-????) [SEE DUTTON, Isabel "Bella"]

Pontoppidan, Mrs. (from after 1963) [SEE RISE, Ulla]

Pool, Mrs. W. T. (c. Oct/Dec 1938-before c. July/Sept 1949) [SEE HUNTLEY, Edna Edith]

POOL, Sonia F. (United Kingdom) [Active 1950s.]

POOLE, Irene (New Zealand) [Mrs. Hatherley, from c. 1939/40] [Active 1930s-40s.]

POOLE, Margaret (United States) [Active 1930s.]

POOLE, Thelma (New Zealand) [Active 1930s.]

POOLE, Winifred Clare (United Kingdom) [Mrs. John George Latham Pleydell-Nott, from 25 July 1901] [Active 1900s-10s.]

POON, Daphne (Australia) [Active ???]

POPOVA, Veera (Latvia/Estonia/Sweden/United States) [8 Oct 1906-23 Feb 2002] [Mrs. Mihkel Nőmmik, c. 1925-30 Dec 1963; Mrs. Clair L. Farrand, from 30 Dec 1963] [Active 1920s-40s.]

Popp, Frau (from c. 1888) [SEE KUSENBERG, Antonie "Toni"]

POPP, Marta (aka Marta PETERDY, from 1943) (Hungary/stateless/France) [21 Feb 1923- ] [Married to Oszkar Wolf-Schneider von Arno] [Active c. 1942-1965]

Popper, Mrs. E. (from c. 1932/33) [SEE ZISZOVITS, Lenke]

POPPLE, Doris (United States) [13 July 1923-5 January 1987] [Active 1940s-60s.]

PORÁKOVÁ, Eva (Czechoslovakia) [Married to Lubor Krauz, from c. Jan 1948] [Active 1930s-????]

Porée, Mme Jean (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Porter, Mrs. W. D. (from 17 Feb 1936) [SEE MORLE, Eileen Mabel Nugent Philippa]

PORTER, Sue M. E. (United Kingdom) [Active 1960s.]

PORTMAN, Joyce (United States) [Active 1980s.]

PORURI, Laxmi (United States) [Active 1990s.]

PORWIK, Claudia (Germany) [Active 1980s-90s.]

PORZIO, Daniela (Italy) [7 June 1950- ] [Married to Pietro Marzano] [Active 1970s-80s.]

Poslavsky, Mrs. [SEE ALEXANDROVNA, Elena Dmitrieva]

POSPISILOVA, Jana (Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic) [23 March 1970- ] [Married to Petr Rychly, from 2006] [Active 1986-1998]

POTTER, Barbara C. (United States) [22 Oct 1961- ] [Active 1970s.-1989]

POTTER, P. B. “Betty” (New Zealand) [Active 1940s.]

Potter, Stacy [SEE MARGOLIN, Stacy]

POTTS, Norma C. (United Kingdom) [Mrs. J. Kemsey-Bourne, from c. 1953/54] [Active 1940s-50s.]

Pouch, Mrs. W. H. (from 1897) [SEE HELLWIG, Helena Rebecca]

POUJADE, Mlle (France) [first name unknown] [Active 1910s.]

Poupinel, (Mme) Marie (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

POUS-TIO, Laura (Spain) [Active 2000s-10s.]

POUTCHEK, Tatiana (Belarus) [Active 2000s-10s.]

POUTCHKOVA (PUCHKOVA), Olga (Belarus/Russia, from 2002) [Active 2000s-10s.]

POWDRELL, Lucy (New Zealand) [2 June 1882-6 Sept 1958] [Mrs. Edward Cecil Burdett Whitehead, from 13 Nov 1912] [Active 1900s-10s.]

POWDRELL, Margaret (New Zealand) [1875-25 March 1954] [Mrs. George Vater Pearce, 1893-1920; Mrs. Neil Bruce Barkman, from 1922] [Active ???]

Powell, Mrs. G. F. (from 5 July 1940) [SEE NOEL, Susan Diana Barham]

Power, (Mme) Germaine (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

POYNDER, Jane Charlotte Lee (United Kingdom) [1944- ] [Active 1960s.]

Poynder, Mrs. J. S. (from 11 April 1944) [SEE SAUNDERS, Jean Dorothy]

Praczukowski, Mrs. H. (by summer 1953) [SEE LERMITTE, M. B.]

PRAKUSYA, Wynne (Indonesia) [Active 2000s.]

PRAMANN, Emmy (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

PRATER, Una (Australia) [Active 1950s.]

Pratt, Mrs. E. C. S. (from 13 Oct 1951) [SEE ROSENQUEST, Charlotte Elizabeth "Betty"]

PRATT, Keryn(Kerryn?) (Australia) [20 June 1959- ] [Married to Paul Steindle, from 1987] [Active 1970s.-1983]

Pratt, Mrs. R. (from before 1961) [SEE MCCALMAN, Maureen]

PRATT, Nicole J. (Australia) [Active 1990s-2000s.]

PRATT, Stella R. (United Kingdom) [Mrs. Edgar G. Mason, from c. June 1941] [Active 1940s.]

PRATTEN, Maria Amy [Amy] (Australia) [1875-????) [Mrs. Thomas Doran, from 1909] [Active 1890s.]

PRATTEN, Mollie (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

Prausa, Wendy (from 12 May 1990) [SEE WHITE, Wendy E.]

PRAZERES, Sofia (Portugal) [19 June 1974- ] [Active 1990s.]

Precht, Frau (from c. 1943) [SEE THIEMEN, Ruth]

Precht-Thiemen, Ruth (from c. 1943) [SEE THIEMEN, Ruth]

Preistoph, (Frau) Erna (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

PRENDERGAST, Catherine Mary(May?) (United Kingdom) [1865-5 Dec 1948] [Mrs. Charles Prideaux Triscott, from 17 Nov 1884] [Active 1890s.]

Prentiss, Mrs. R. A. (from 25 Oct 1945) [SEE ARNOLD, Mary]

Preobrazhenska, Larisa [SEE GORINA, Larisa Dmitrievna]

Preston, Mrs. M. I. (from 15 Dec 1886) [SEE SNOOK, Arundel Bracher]

PRESTON, G. E. (United Kingdom) [Active 1950s.]

Pretorius, Mrs. Q. C. (from 3 Sept 1971) [SEE WALKDEN, Patricia “Pat” Molly]

Pretty, Mrs. R. (from 1928) [SEE BOND, Lucy Kathleen]

PRETTYJOHN, Susannah (United Kingdom) [1931- ] [Mrs. Gordon E. Mudge, from 1958] [Active 1950s.]

PRÉVOST, Hélčne (France) [Active 1900s.]

PRÉVOST, Yvonne (France) [c. 1880-????] [Mme Auguste Boppe, from 11 May 1905] [Active 1900s.]

PREYER, Jane B. (United States) [Active 1970s-80s.]

Price, Mrs. S. (from 1960) [SEE FISHER, Adria]

PRICE, Anne (United Kingdom) [Active 1950s.]

Price, Mrs. J. (from 28 Sept 1939) [SEE MARQUIS, Joan]

Price, Mrs. E. E. (from 31 Oct 1939) [SEE WHITTAKER, Marcelle]

Price, Mrs. A. R. (24 Oct 1964-before 17 Dec 1976) [SEE HUNT, Margaret Lilian]

Price, Mrs. A. T. (from 27 Sept 1927) [SEE BERE, Margaret Ursula]

Price, Mrs. L. E. G. (from 28 Oct 1961) [SEE REYNOLDS, Sandra]

PRICE, Tessa A. (South Africa) [Active 1990s.]

Prieur, Mme P. (from 28 April 1930) [SEE LAINE, Francoise]

Primrose, Mrs. G. B. (from 14 Dec 1970) [SEE BLAKELOCK, Robina "Robin" Averil]

PRINCE, Libby (United States) [Active 1940s.]

Prindiville, Mrs. B. F. (from 1938) [SEE O'MAHONEY, Mary]

PRIOR, Joan (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

Pritchard, Mrs. D. W. (from c. Sept 1941) [SEE HUNTBACH, Denise A.]

Pritula, (Mrs.) Norma (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1950s.] [SEE ???]

PRITULA, Sharon (United States) [12 June 1946- ] [Mrs. William H. Banzhaf] [Active 1960s-70s.]

Privat-Deschanel, (Mme) Andrée (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Prizer, Mrs. J. B. (from 16 Oct 1937) [SEE DARLING, Charlotte Upton McNabb]

PROBST, Wiltrud (Germany) [Active 1980s-90s.]

PROCHOVA, Marketa (Czechoslovakia) [Active 1960s.]

Prochownik, Mrs. (c. 1940-????) [SEE STŘCKEL, Else]

Procktor, Mrs. T. P. (from 1897) [SEE KINDERSLEY, Emily Agnes]

PROCTER, Dorothy Kyme (United Kingdom) [10 Feb 1899-Sept 1971] [Mrs. Geoffrey R. Forman, from 1933] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Procter, Mrs. M. J. (from 1969) [SEE GODWIN, Maryna]

PROCTOR, Clara Harrington "Clare" (Australia) [Mrs. Frederick George Copeman, from 1954] [Active 1940s-50s.]

Proisy, Mme P. (c. 1968?- ????) [SEE CRISTIANI, Marion]

PROSEN, Carol-Ann (United States/Greece) [11 March 1943- ] [Mrs. Nicky Kalogeropoulos, from 1967] [Active 1950s-60s.]

Prosser, Mrs. L. U. (from c. 1935) [SEE WEST, Nora]

PROTON, Irčne (France) [Active 1930s.]

PROUDFOOT, Helen M. (United Kingdom) [Active 1950s.]

Prouse, Signora (from c. 1931) [SEE GAGLIARDI, Rosetta Laura “Rosina”]

PROVENCEL, Andrée (France) [Active 1930s.]

PROVIS, Gertrude Mary (United Kingdom) [c. 1876-13 Nov 1950] [Mrs. Willmott Houselander, from c. 1900] [Active ???]

PROVIS, Nicole Anne-Louise (Australia) [22 Sept 1969- ] [Married to Mark Robert Bradtke, from 27 Feb 1994] [Active 1980s-90s.]

PRUITT, Sheryl "Sherrie" (United States) [1947- ] [Mrs. Farris] [Active 1960s.]

PRUSOVA, Libuse (Czech Republic) [Active 2000s.]

PRUVOT, Sylvie (France) [5 Jan 1953- ] [Mme Guy Rual] [Active ???]

Pryce-Harrison, Mrs. A. H. (from 18 Sept 1907) [SEE HERRING, Coela Elizabeth Le Strange]

PRYDE, Marilyn J. (New Zealand) [15 May 1952- ] [Mrs. Lawrence] [Active 1970s.]


PUGH, Mary (Australia) [Active 1890s.]

PUIG, Monica (Puerto Rico) [Active 2010s.]

Puiggros, Signora (from c. 1966) [SEE BAYLON, Norma]

PUISSANT, Marie Pauline Julia (Belgium) [19 Dec 1885-????] [Mme Réginald Frédéric Beaufoy Storms, by 1920] [Active 1920s.]

Pujet, Mme (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active in 1910s.] [SEE ???]

PULJAK, Mary (Uruguay) [18 Feb 1942- ] [Active 1970s.]

PULLIN, Julie M. (United Kingdom) [Active 1990s-2000s.]

PUMPELLY, Elsie (United States) [1875-????] [Mrs. Thomas Handasyd Cabot, from 3 Oct 1898] [Active 1910s-20s.]

PURDY, Eleanor (United States) [26 Sept(29 June?) 1920-24 Dec 2012] [Mrs. Jack Cushingham, April/June 1943-1951; Mrs. Warren Harbula, from 1954] [Active 1930s-40s.]

PURDY, Ginny (United States) [Active 1980s.]

Purdy, Mrs. [SEE GRANGEL, Judy]

PUTINTSEVA, Yulia (Russia, 2009–June 2012 / Kazakhstan, from June 2012) [Active 2000s-10s.]

PUTLAND, Dawn (Australia) [Active 1940s.]

PUTMAN, Lois (United Kingdom) [1885-23 Oct 1962] [Mrs. Rowland Hawker, from 1910] [Active ???]

Putz, (Mme) Pierrette (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s-40s.] [SEE ???]

PUZEJOVA (Pužejová), Vera (Czechoslovakia) [13 June 1931-13 May 1982] [Married to Cyril Suk II, from 5 May 1961] [Active 1949-1964]

PYLE, Elizabeth (United States) [Active 1920s.]

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Re: Blast Encyclopedia of Female Tennis Players

[A] [B] [C] [D] E] [F] [G] [H] [I] [J] [K] [L] [M] [N] [O] [P] [Q] [R] [S] [T] [U] [V] [W] [X] [Y] [Z]

Queisner, (Frau) Charlotte (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Quelch, (Mrs.) Joan A. (United Kingdom) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1940s-50s.] [SEE ???]

QUENTREC, Karine (France) [21 Oct 1969- ] [Married to Eagle] [Active 1980s-90s.]

Quentrec-Eagle, Karine [SEE QUENTREC, Karine]

QUERTIER, Jean de M. (United Kingdom) [12 Nov 1925- ] [Mrs. Ivo Ferdinand Rinkel, from 28 Feb 1952] [Active 1940s-50s.]

QUINLAN, Maeve (United States) [16 Nov 1964- ] [Active 1980s-1988]

Quinnell, Mrs. R. J. (from 28 June 1879) [SEE DAVIS, Emma Jane "May"]

QUINTAVALLE, Ida (Italy) [Married to Gianni Albertini, from c. 1945/46] [Active 1930s-40s.]

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Re: Blast Encyclopedia of Female Tennis Players

[A] [B] [C] [D] E] [F] [G] [H] [I] [J] [K] [L] [M] [N] [O] [P] [Q] [R] [S] [T] [U] [V] [W] [X] [Y] [Z]

Rabe, (Frau) Dora (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

RABL, Anna Maria "Bucky" (Austria) [11 June 1908-25 June 1953] [Married to: Roderich Menzel, ????-1937; Joseph Leopold Hieronymus Alexander Prince von Colloredo-Mannsfeld, from 25 March 1939] [Active ???]

Rachleff, Marilyn (27 Jan 1974-1974/75) [SEE ASCHNER, Marilyn]

RADCLIFFE, Phylis Mary (United Kingdom) [10 May 1892-????] [Active 1920s-30s.]

RADCLIFFE-PLATT, Nancy Quenelda (United Kingdom) [6 June 1895-28 April 1993] [Active 1920s-30s.]

RADEGALIA(RADEGLIA?), Lavinia C. (United Kingdom) [Active 1910s.]

RADEK, Mitzi (United States) [20 Feb 1904-1 Feb 1996] [Mrs. Constant C. Alex, from 12 April 1945] [Active 1930s-40s.]

RADFORD, Kristine Louise (Australia) [3 March 1970- ] [Married to Damian Michael Kunce, from 30 Nov 1996] [Active 1985-2000]

RADKOVA, Lubka (Bulgaria) [25 March 1945- ] [Active 1960-70s.]

RADWAŃSKA, Agnieszka (Poland) [Active 2000s-10s.]

RADWAŃSKA, Urszula (Poland) [Active 2000s-10s.]

Rae, Mrs. A. K. (from 16 Feb 1952) [SEE MANCE, Beverley "Bev" Audrey]

RAE, Jocelyn (United Kingdom) [Active 2000s-10s.]

RAFFAN, Isobel M. (United Kingdom) [1923- ] [Mrs. Thomas L. Barclay, from 1953] [Active 1940s.]

Ragless, Mrs. R. W. (from 1891) [SEE BEAUMONT, Emma Louise]

Rahe, Frau (from 11 Aug 1915) [SEE KRIBBEN, Erna]

RAIKES, Lilias Kathleen Cochrane [Kathleen] (United Kingdom) [10 Nov 1892-1979] [Mrs. Oliver Bevir, from 1924] [Active 1920s.]

Raikes, Mrs. George Barkley from c. May 1905 [SEE COCHRANE, Maud

RAINES, M. (New Zealand/United Kingdom) [Active ???]

RAJCHRTOVA, Regina (Czechoslovakia) [5 Feb 1968- ] [Married to Petr Korda, from 19 Sept 1992 [Active 1984-1992]

RAMIREZ, Imelda "Melita" (Mexico) [29 Nov 1930- ] [Married to Castro, from c. 1955] [Active 1950s-60s.]

RAMIREZ, Yolanda "Yola" [Yolanda del Monte Carmelo Ramírez Partida] (Mexico) [1 March 1935- ] [Married to Alfonso Ochoa, from 29 Aug 1962] [Active 1950s-60s.]

Ramirez de Castro, Senora (from c. 1955) [SEE RAMIREZ, Imelda "Melita"]

Ramirez de Ochoa, Senora (from 29 Aug 1962) [SEE RAMIREZ, Yolanda "Yola"]

RAMORINO, Maria Chiara [Chiara] (Italy) [1935- ] [Active 1950s-60s.]

RAMPINELLI, Rita (Switzerland) [Active 1940s.]

RAMPRE, Petra (Slovenia) [20 Jan 1980- ] [Active 1994- ]

RAMSEY, Helen (United Kingdom) [Mrs. A. V. P. Burr] [Active 1930s.]

RAMSEY, Winifred Geraldine [Geraldine] (United Kingdom) [23 June 1885-10 May 1972] [Mrs. Alfred Ernest Beamish, from 30 Sept 1911] [Active 1910s-30s.]

RAND, D. (United States) [Active 1960s.]

RANDALL, Bernadette (Australia) [Active 1980s.]

Randall, Mrs. A. J. (from 1960) [SEE PARMENTER, Fay Patricia "Pat"]

RANDRIANTEFY, Dally (Madagascar) [23 Feb 1977- ] [Active 1991-2006]

Rangel, Senora R. F. (from c. 1948) [SEE CHRISTLIEB, Carmen]

RANGELOVA, Dora (Bulgaria) [3 Sept 1967- ] [Active 1980s-90s.]

RANKINE, Jean (United Kingdom) [Active 1920s.]

RANNER, (Miss) (???; first name and nationality unknown) [Active 1900s.]

Ranney, Mrs. [SEE LAUDERBACH, Marjorie]

RANSOME, Amy Gertrude (United Kingdom) [1870-14 April 1961] [Active 1900s-10s.]

RANSOME, Lucy Helen (United Kingdom) [1864-20 Sept 1946] [Mrs. Ernest Gathorne Hill, from 20 July 1912] [Active 1900s-10s.]

Ranta, Mrs. [SEE PIRILA (Pirilä), Leena]

RAOUL-DUVAL, Elisabeth (France) [20 Sept 1903-????] [Mme Jean Couturie, from 19 Jan 1927] [Active c. 1920-26]

RAOUL-DUVAL, Madeleine (France) [28 Dec 1900-????] [Mrs. William Grant Black, from 17 March 1928] [Active c. 1920-26]

RAPPELL, Patricia “Pat” (Canada) [20 Feb 1924-23 May 2000] [Mrs. Rufus “Jack” Adams, from before Dec 1943] [Active 1940s.]

RARKOVA (Rárková), Maria (Czechoslovakia) [30 Dec 1930-18 April 2002] [Married to Ladislav Ancinec, from c. 1950/51] [Active 1948-1960s.]

Rasch, Mrs. C. J. (from 1932) [SEE GOLDSCHMIDT, Agnete]

RASCHIATORE, Felicia (United States) [Active 1980s.]

RASTALL, Dorothy Herbert (United States) [20 Dec 1884-29 Dec 1959] [Mrs. Joseph Jenks Gillingham Hibbs, from 9 April 1903] [Active 1900s.]

RASTALL, Elizabeth J. (United States) [4 July 1881-20 Jan 1967] [Active 1890s-1900s.]

RASTALL, Mira Herbert (United States) [20 Dec 1887-12 Oct 1918] [Mrs. Howard Biddle, from 1913] [Active ???]

RATHBUN, Grace Chesbrough (United States) [????-6 March 2010] [Mrs. Holden Findlay, from 2 Feb 1946] [Active 1940s.]

Rathgeber, (Frau) Martha (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Ratier, (Mme) Renée (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Ratto, Signora [SEE MARCHINI, Caterina "Nina"]

Rau, (Frau) Emmi (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

RAURETI, Margaret (New Zealand) [2 Feb 1934- ] [Mrs. Ruruarau Heitia Hiha, from 18 Dec 1954] [Active 1960s-70s.]

RAVENSCROFT, Elizabeth "Betty" (United States) [????-2001] [Mrs. John Hadwen Struthers, from 1947] [Active 1940s.]

Ravoux, Mme L. (from 1943) [SEE MELLERIO, Paulette]

Rawls, Mrs. W. S. (from 30 March 1943) [SEE KNOWLES, Hope]

Rawson Wood, Mrs. (9 Jan 1907-23 April 1931) [SEE SCHWAB, Teresa Gunn]

RAYMOND, Jean (United States) [17 March 1898-6 May 1970] [Mrs. Jerry Hoxie] [Active 1930s.]

RAYMOND, Lisa (United States) [Active 1990s-2010s.]

RAYMOND, Lorna (United States) [Active 1950s.]

RAYMOND, Louise (United States) [28 July 1917-2 Oct 1994] [Mrs. August "Gus" Ganzenmuller Jr., from before July 1941] [Active 1930s-40s.]

Raymond, Mrs. E. (from before 1916) [SEE HAMMOND, Louise]

RAYSON, Margaret “Margot” (Australia) [1940- ] [Married to ???, from 1962] [Active 1956-61]

RAZZANO, Virginie (France) [Active 2000s-10s.]

READE, Pamela (Ireland) [Mrs. Goodwyn] [Active 1930s-40s.]

Realme, Mrs. [SEE O'CONNELL, Nancy]

Reckitt, Mrs. M. B. (from 25 Nov 1920) [SEE PEPPERCORN, Evelyn Aimée]

RECKITT, Helen Margaret (United Kingdom) [1880-28 March 1953] [Mrs. John Mason Flavelle, from 1907] [Active 1900s.]

REDFORD, Virginia (United States) [c. 1909-15 July 1997] [Active 1940s.]

REDLICH, Erna (Austria) [Active 1920s.]

REDLICH, Mädi (Austria) [Active 1920s.]

REDLICH, Salme (Estonia/Germany/Sweden) [7 May 1904-28 March 1980] [Mrs. Kint, from 1928] [Active 1920s.]

REDONDO, Marita (United States) [19 Feb 1956- ] [Married to James V. Stephens, from 10 Oct 1981] [Active 1970s-1982, 1991]

Redondo-Stephens, Marita (from 10 Oct 1981) [SEE REDONDO, Marita]

REDWOOD, Heather (New Zealand) [c. 1930- ] [Mrs. Jeffrey "Jeff" E. Robson, from 1953] [Active 1950s.]

REECE, Stephanie (United States) [Active 1990s.]

Reed, Mrs. W.T. [SEE CORSE, Nancy Ruth]

REES, C. Rosemary [Rosemary] (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

REES, Isabel Sarah (New Zealand) [c. 1867/68-July 1894] [Active 1890s.]

REES, V. M. (United Kingdom) [Active 1960s.]

REESE, Patricia “Patty” Ann (United States) [Mrs. ???? (married name unknown); Mrs. J. Edward Meyer 3rd, from 3 March 1979] [Active 1960s-70s.]

REES-LEWIS, Jacqueline (France) [23 Nov 1935- ] [Mme Vives] [Active 1950s-60s.]

REEVES, Maureen (South Africa) [Active 1950s.]

REEVES, Sally E. (United Kingdom) [Active 1980s.]

REEVES, Samantha (United States) [Active 1990s-2000s.]

Regelsperger, (Mme) Christiane (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

REGGI, Raffaella (Italy) [27 Nov 1965- ] [Married to Maurizio Concato, 14 Sept 1991-????] [Active 1980s-90s.]

Reggi-Concato, Raffaella (14 Sept 1991-????) [SEE REGGI, Raffaella]

RÉGNIER, Germaine (France) [1887-????] [Mme Golding] [Active 1910s-30s.]

REHE, Stephanie (United States) [5 Nov 1969- ] [Active 1982-1988, 1990-1993]

REICHERT, Anna Mae (United States) [1912-1 Aug 1999] [Mrs. Whitehurst] [Active 1920s-30s.]

REID, Eileen (Australia) [Active ???]

REID, Joyce S. (United Kingdom) [Active 1950s.]

Reid, Kerry (from 27 April 1975) [SEE MELVILLE, Kerry Ann]

REID, Mabel Egerton (United Kingdom) [1889-31 Jan 1966] [Mrs. Lionel Herbert Conduitt Dermer, from 1918] [Active c. 1918-25]

Reid, Mrs. B. [SEE WALSHAM, Sandra]

Reid-Thomas, Mrs. G. (from 20 June 1899) [SEE SHACKLE, Edith Maud]

REID-THOMAS, Elizabeth “Betty” Hope (United Kingdom) [10 April 1907-Nov 2000] [Mrs. Richard S. Wade, from 1931] [Active 1920s-30s.]

REID-THOMAS, (Ethel) Joan (United Kingdom) [31 Aug 1903-8 Nov 1993] [Mrs. Francis Merlin Strawson, 17 Sept 1925-????; Mrs. Richard Pierce Hughes, from 4 Nov 1954] [Active 1920s-30s.]

REINACH, Elna (South Africa) [2 Dec 1968- ] [Married to Pieter Andries Carstens, from 27 Jan 1996] [Active 1980s.-1995]

REINACH, Monica (South Africa) [29 Sept 1966- ] [Married to Christo van Rensburg, from 10 Feb 1994] [Active 1980s-1991]

REINSTADLER, Beate (Austria) [20 May 1967- ] [Active 1990s.]

REIS, Ronnie (United States) [1980s.]

Reitano, Mrs. S. J. (from 1958) [SEE CARTER, Mary Margaret]

Reitzel, Mrs. R. B. (from 22 March 1958) [SEE FOLGER, (Claire) Dean]

REMBAULT, Cécile (France) [Active 1930s.]

REMICK, Ethel Bass (United States) [23 Jan 1878-March 1977] [Mrs. Herbert Emery Yerxa, from 26 April 1899] [Active ???]

REMILTON, Brenda J. (Australia) [Active 1980s.]

RENAULT, Elise (United Kingdom) [1873-24 Nov 1929] [Mrs. Charles Stewart Orwin, from 1902] [Active early 1890s.]

RENAULT, Maud Blanche (United Kingdom) [1870-5 May 1955] [Active early 1890s.]

RENDALL, Dorothy "Dot" (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

RENDEN, Sally (United States) [2 Aug 1924- c. 11 Sept 2010] [Mrs. William "Bill" F. Clayton, from 22 Aug 1946] [Active 1940s-60s.]

Rendtorff, Senora de [SEE TURNBULL, María]

RETALLACK, Joan (United Kingdom) [1875-25 Nov 1937] [Active ???]

REVA, Natasha (Natalia) Vladimirovna (Soviet Union) [21 Aug 1965- ] [Active 1980s.]

REYES, Patricia (Mexico) [7 April 1946- ] [Active 1960s.]

REYES, Rosa Maria Delgado "Rosie" (Mexico/France) [23 March 1939- ] [Mme Pierre Darmon, from 28 Jan 1960] [Active 1950s-60s.]

REYNOLDS, Candy (United States) [24 March 1955- ] [Active 1970s-80s.]

REYNOLDS, Fay (Australia) [Active 1940s.]

REYNOLDS, Mary (Australia) [Active 1940s.]

REYNOLDS, Sandra (South Africa) [4 March 1939- ] [Mrs. Lowell Eldred Grant Price, from 28 Oct 1961] [Active 1950s-70s.]

REZAI, Aravane (France) [Active 2000s-10s.]

Reznicek, Frau von (c. 1925/26-before 1932) [SEE HEIMANN, Paula]

RHODES, G. C. F. "Chloe" (United Kingdom) [Active 1950s.]

RHODES, Mildred (United Kingdom) [25 June 1897-March 1975] [Mrs. Aubrey K. Guyer, from 22 Jan 1921] [Active 1920s.]

Rhys, Mrs. E. V. (from 14(31?) July 1931) [SEE SLOANE-STANLEY, Diana]

Riazanova, Irina [SEE ERMOLOVA, Irina]

RIBA, Josefa [SEE DE RIBA, Maria-Josefa “Josefa” / "Pepa"]

RIBEIRO-BRITTO, Cristina (Brazil) [Active 1970s.]

RIBOLI, Elsa (Italy) [c. 1913- ] [Signora Gaviraghi, from c. 1940] [Active 1920s-40s.]

RICE, Annie Elizabeth (Ireland) [c. 1863-1934] [Mrs. George McMullen, from the mid 1890s.] [Active 1880s-90s.]

RICE, Argyll Pryor (United States) [23 Nov 1915-3 Dec 2000] [Active 1930s-40s.]

Rice, Mrs. W. L. (from 15 Jan 1910) [SEE JOHNSON, Claire]

RICE, Helena Bertha Grace "Lena" (Ireland) [21 June 1866-21 June 1907] [Active 1880s-90s.]

RICE, Thelma (Australia) [Mrs. Arthur V. Huxley, from 16 Dec 1940] [Active 1930s.]

RICE, Virginia Bingham (United States) [14 March 1911-22 Jan 2008] [Mrs. Melvin "Mel" Maynard Johnson, Jr., from 10 Oct 1934] [Active 1920s-40s.]

Rich, Mrs. T. [SEE MCINTYRE, Barbara]

RICH, Sue E. (United Kingdom) [Active 1960s.]

RICHARDS, Agnes Florence (United Kingdom) [Mrs. Brame Hillyard, from 7 Feb 1922] [Active ???]

Richards, Mrs. A. S. (before 1956-????) [SEE PILLIARD, Mary Elise]

RICHARDSON, Audrey (???) [Active 1930s.]

Richardson, Mrs. T. (from 1951) [SEE TYTER, Faye]

RICHARDSON, Julie (New Zealand) [30 March 1967- ] [Married to McDaniel] [Active 1980s-90s.]

Richardson, Mrs. G. P. (from 1902) [SEE ATKINSON, Kathleen Gill]

Richardson, Mrs. [SEE DERHAM, Mary]

RICHARDSON, Minnie Rose (Australia) [22 April 1897-????] [Mrs. (Dr.) James Magner, from 23 June 1928] [Active 1920s-30s.]

RICHARDSON, Phyllis (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

RICHEY, Nancy Ann (United States) [23 Aug 1942- ] [Mrs. Kenneth S. Gunter, 15 Dec 1970-28 Dec 1976] [Active 1957-1978]

RICHMOND, Pamela “Pam” D. (United States) [25 Oct 1950-16 Nov 2010] [Mrs. (Frank?) Champagne, from c. 1975?] [Active 1960s-70s.]

Richter, (Frau) Elfriede (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Richter, (Frau) Käthe (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Richter, (Frau) Toni [SEE WEIHERMANN, Toni]

RICHTEROVA, Ludmila (Czech Republic) [Active 1990s.]

RICKETTS, Georgina (United Kingdom) [15 June 1848-25 Oct 1938] [Mrs. W. H. Kirkby, from 1872] [Active ???]

RICKETTS, Monica T. (United Kingdom) [Active 1930s.]

Ricketts, Mrs. N. [SEE NEWTON, Phyllis]

RIDDELL, Annie Carre (Australia) [1862-1934] [Married to Baron Charles Strachan De Fegely, from 24 Oct 1888] [Active ???]

RIDDELL, (Isobel) Mona (United Kingdom) [Mrs. Laurence Anthony Wear, from c. Dec 1939] [Active 1930s.]

RIDDELL, Louise (United States) [8 Aug 1884-27 June 1958] [Mrs. Robert H. Williams, 30 April 1907-????; Mrs. Thomas Horace Dudley, from 6 July 1922] [Active 1910s-20s.]

Ridderhof, Mrs. F. W. (from 1961/62) [SEE SEVEN, Jenny]

Ridderhof-Seven, Jenny (from 1961/62) [SEE SEVEN, Jenny]

RIDDING, Henrica (United Kingdom) [1869-????] [Active 1890s.]

RIDGENAY, ??? (Australia) [first name unknown] [Active 1920s.]

RIDLEY, Joan Cowell (United Kingdom) [11 July 1903-Oct 1983] [Mrs. Daniel Joseph Patrick O'Meara, from 3 Oct 1935] [Active 1920s-30s.]

RIECK, Magdalene "Mieken" (Germany) [26 April 1892-27 Dec 1977] [Married to Maurice Galvao] [Active 1900s-30s.]

Riede, Hella (from c. July 1965) [SEE VAHLEY, Hella]

RIEDEL, Iris (Brazil/Germany) [16 March 1954- ] [Married to K. Kuhn] [Active 1970s.]

Riedel-Kuhn, Iris [SEE RIEDEL, Iris]

RIEDL, Maria Teresa "Resi" / "Resy" (Italy) [14 Dec 1937-12 May 1995] [Active 1950s-70s.]

RIELLEY, Sallie Ann (United States) [24 Oct 1936- ] [Mrs. George Joseph Frye, from 25 July 1959] [Active 1950s.]

RIERA, Gisela (Spain) [Active 2000s.]

Riese, Mrs. A. F. (from 1918) [SEE SMITH, Ruth Frances]

Rigault, (Mme) Jenny (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

RIGBY, Alison (United Kingdom) [Active 1960s.]

RIGBY, Anthea (United Kindom) [Active 1960s.]

RIGBY, Charlene B. (South Africa) [Active 1960s.]

Riggs, Mrs. L. (from 1933) [SEE GIBBS, Mary Bartlett]

RIGOLLET, Violette (Switzerland) [c. 1929/30-the early 1990s.] [Mme Ludolf von Alvensleben (aka Ludolf Bniński), from 30 June 1953] [Active 1940s-50s.]

Rihbany, Mrs. E. H. (from 4 Jan 1941) [SEE PEDERSEN, Helen A.]

Riklova, Alice [SEE NOHACOVA (Noháčová), Alice]

RIMES, Susan (United States) [Active 1980s.]

RIMINGTON, Alice Margaret Emma (United Kingdom) [1884-10 Nov 1955] [Mrs. Hartley Graham, from 23 June 1906] [Active 1910s-20s.]

RIMINGTON, Annie Camilla Beatrice [Camilla] (United Kingdom) [17 Jan 1883-2 Feb 1953] [Mrs. Neville Hardcastle Smith, from 1924] [Active 1910s-20s.]

RINALDI, Kathleen "Kathy" Suzanne (United States) [24 March 1967- ] [Married to Bradley "Brad" Stunkel, from 11 Dec 1993] [Active 1980s-90s.]

Rinaldi-Stunkel, Kathy (from 11 Dec 1993) [SEE RINALDI, Kathleen "Kathy" Suzanne]

Rindfuss, Mrs. J. A. (from 30 Aug 1969) [SEE MONTGOMERY, Marilyn]

Ring, Frau (from c. 1969/70) [SEE HACKS, Ameli]

RINGHOFFER, (Baronesse) Leopoldine "Dinka" von (Austria) [1 Jan 1878-31 Oct 1945] [Married to Baron Ervin Nádherný von Borutin, from 24 Feb 1900] [Active 1890s.]

Rinkel, Mrs. I. F. (from 28 Feb 1952) [SEE QUERTIER, Jean de M.]

RIO, Conceicao (Portugal) [23 June 1947- ] [Active 1970s.]

RIPLEY, L. (United Kingdom) [Active 1900s.]

RIPPNER, Brie (United States) [Active 1990s-2000s.]

RIPPY, Patsy (United States) [24 Jan 1948- ] [Mrs. Kenneth Bond] [Active 1960s.]

Rischbieth, Mrs. H. [SEE BERESFORD, Eileen]

RISE, Ulla (Denmark) [c. 1939- ] [Mrs. Pontoppidan, after 1963] [Active 1950s-60s.]

Riseley, Mrs. (United Kingdom) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1900s.] [SEE ???]

RISELEY, Phoebe Beatrice "Trissie" (United Kingdom) [11 Nov 1870-19 Nov 1950] [Mrs. Leslie Leopold Rudolph Hausburg, 17 April 1895-21 Nov 1921; Mrs. Arthur Charles Rumboll, from 22 Nov 1921] [Active 1890s-1910s.]

RISKE, Alison (United States) [3 July 1990- ] [Active 2004- ]

RISKE, Sarah (United States) [27 June 1981- ] [Married to Todd Richard McGlamery] [Active ???]

RISTE, Diane J. (United Kingdom) [Active 1970s.]

RITCHEY, Laura (United States) [24 June 1971- ] [Married to Thomas] [Active ???]

Ritchey-Thomas, Laura [SEE RITCHEY, Laura]

Ritchie, Mrs. (United Kingdom) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1910s.] [SEE ???]

RITTER, Petra (Austria) [24 May 1972- ] [Married to Schwarz, from 12 Nov 1994] [Active 1980s-90s.]

RITTNER, Barbara (Germany) [25 April 1973- ] [Married to Michael Diehl, 2000-c. 2004; didn’t play under married name] [Active 1988-2005]

Rivičre, (Mme) Juliette (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Roark, Mrs. A. (28 Oct 1939-early 1970s.) [SEE WILLS, Helen Newington]

ROBB, Muriel Evelyn (United Kingdom) [13 May 1878-12 Feb 1907] [Active 1896-1902]

Robbins, Mrs. C. A. (from 16 Jan 1934) [SEE ADAMSON, Naomi Kathleen "Millie"]

Robbins, Mrs. C. J. J. (from 1930) [SEE TAPSCOTT, Ruth Daphne "Billie"]

Roberts, Mrs. (United Kingdom/India) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1890s.] [SEE ???]

Roberts, Mrs. D. E. (from c. Dec 1937) [SEE WRIGHT, Audrey A.]

ROBERTS, Carolyn (United States) [18 Jan 1913-31 March 2009] [Mrs. Francis X. Byrne, from 19 June 1937] [Active 1920s-60s.]

ROBERTS, Dorothy (Canada) [Active 1920s-30s.]

ROBERTS, Kathleen (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

Roberts, Mrs. D. H. (from c. Nov 1961) [SEE WHEELER, Patricia "Pat" J. A.]

Roberts, Mrs. V. A. (Sept 1955-before 1969) [SEE TITCHENER, Pauline M. "Vera"]

ROBERTS, Ruby (Canada) [1908-2001] [Mrs. Frank H. Fisher] [Active 1920s-40s.]

ROBERTSON, Agnes (Australia) [Mrs. George H. Warburton, from 1901] [Active ???]

Robertson, Mrs. A. (from 11 March 1929) [SEE BOYD, Esna Flora]

ROBERTSON, Kathleen(C. E.?) (United Kingdom) [Active 1930s.]

ROBINS, S. (United Kingdom) [Active 1890s.]

Robinson, Mrs. (United Kingdom) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1900s.] [SEE ???]

ROBINSON, Adeline (United States) [Active 1880s.]

ROBINSON, Barbara “Babs” (Bermuda) [Mrs. William Freisenbruch] [Active 1930s.]

ROBINSON, Beryl (Bermuda) [Mrs. Cape] [Active 1920s-30s.]

ROBINSON, E. (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

Robinson, Mrs. A. A. (27 Feb 1960-before 27 Feb 1971) [SEE MULLER, Esme Fay]

Robinson, Mrs. C. P. (from 1972) [SEE TRUMAN, Frances Eleanor "Nell"]

Robinson, Mrs. Sam J. (15 Sept 1920-before 1970) [SEE SCHREINER, Gertrude Mary "Gerty"]

ROBINSON, Judith (Australia) [Active 1960s.]

Robinson, Mrs. J. D. G. (19 Dec 1959-???) [SEE COGHLAN, Lorraine Georgina]

Robinson, Mrs. S. K., Sr. (from 1933) [SEE CARSPECKEN, Margaret]

ROBSAHM, Kirsten (Norway) [1 May 1945- ] [Active 1961-1982]

Robson, Mrs. J. E. (from 1953) [SEE REDWOOD, Heather]

ROBSON, Laura (United Kingdom) [Active 2000s-10s.]

ROCHE, M. E. (South Africa) [Active 1960s.]

ROCK, (Miss) ??? (Australia) [first name unknown] [Active 1920s.]

RODD, Eva Ada Blanche (Australia) [Mrs. Charles Metcalfe, from 1887] [Active ???]

Rodewald, Mrs. A. F. (27 April 1892-1 Dec 1910) [SEE VOORHEES, Eliza Day "Lida"]

RODGERS, Helen Agnes (United States) [10 Feb 1885-10 Dec 1943] [Active 1900s.]

Rodgers, Tracey (from c. 1993) [SEE MORTON, Tracey]

RODGERS, Patsy (United Kingdom) [Mrs. Ford, by 1954] [Active 1940s-50s.]

RODI, Albertina (United States) [Active 1950s.]

RODINA, Evgeniya (Russia) [Active 2000s-10s.]

RODIONOVA, Anastassia / Anastasia (Russia / Australia, from c. 2007/08] [Active 2000s-10s.]

RODIONOVA, Anna (Russia) [Active 2010s.]

RODOCANACHI, Ariadne Alexandra (United Kingdom) [15 March 1891-27 Aug 1935] [Mrs. Spiro Constantinidi, from 30 April 1927] [Active 1920s.]

RODRIGUEZ, Elsa (Colombia) [13 Sept 1955- ] [Active 1970s-80s.]

RODRIGUEZ, Liliana (Uruguay) [10 Sept 1969- ] [Active 1980s.]

Rodriguez, Senora de (from before 1968) [SEE BOULLE, Michelle]

Rodriguez, Mrs. P. (1972/73-???) [SEE ALEXANDER, Susan "Sue" J.]

RODWAY, (Marguerite) Beryl S. (United Kingdom) [5 July 1918-Dec 1998] [Mrs. Jack P(B?). Parker, from c. Jan/March 1943] [Active 1930s-50s.]

Roe, Mrs. A. S. (from 22 Jan 1917) [SEE HAYMEN, Emily Dawson]

ROE, Esther Margaret (United Kingdom) [Mrs. Leslie Ernest Bourke, from c. Jan 1934] [Active ???]

Roebuck, Mrs. J. M. [SEE HICKS, Esther]

Roechling, Frau (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1910s.] [SEE ???]

ROESCH, Angelika (Germany) [Active 2000s.]

Roeser, Mrs. F. V. (from Jan/Feb 1924) [SEE HAUSELT, Edna C.]

ROFE, Mavis Isabel (Australia) [Mrs. Dennis Robert "Dinny" Pails, from 1943] [Active ???]

ROGERS, Dolly (South Africa) [c. 1900-????] [Mrs. Harvey, from before 1936] [Active ???]

ROGERS, "Ginger" (Virginia Katherine McMath) [United States] [16 July 1911-25 April 1995] [Active 1950]

ROGERS, J. Victoria "Vicky" (United States) [Active 1960s.]

Rogers, (Mrs.) Libby (United States) [Married to Ralph "Dude" Rogers, from 1939; maiden name unknown] [Active 1950s-60s.] [SEE ???]

ROGERS, Margaret (United States) [1888-1968] [Mrs. Lawrence Cowle Phipps] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Rogers, Mrs. C. M. (from c. Nov 1951) [SEE BERRYMAN, Sadie Beryl]

ROGET, Ines (Argentina) [19 Feb 1950- ] [Active 1970s.]

Rogge, Mrs. J. R. (from before 1917) [SEE ISDAHL, Anna]

Rohland, Mrs. D. A. (from 17 June 1961) [SEE BROWNING, Barbara]

ROHNS, Anneliese (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

Roldan, Senora de (26 April 1938) [SEE TAPIA, Maria]

ROLLE, Asha (United States) [Active 2000s.]

ROLLERSTON, Arleen Maria (New Zealand) [Married to Wayne Jory] [Active 1980s-90s.]

ROLLET, Hélčne (France) [Active 1930s-40s.]

Rolley, Mrs. M. G. (from 23 Dec 1967) [SEE ABBES, Lynne]

ROLLIN COUQUERQUE, Magdalena Ferdinanda Maria “Madzy” (Netherlands) [14 april 1903-16 july 1994] [Active 1920s-60s.]

ROLLINSON, Susan L. (South Africa) [Active 1980s.]

ROMANO, Barbara (Italy) [14 Jan 1965- ] [Active 1980s.-1991]

ROMANO, Francesca (Italy) [7 Feb 1971- ] [Active 1986-2008]

Rombaut, (Mme) Betsy (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

ROMNEY, Janice Ruth (United States) [1936- ] [Mrs. Ronald Reed Stevens, 21 Feb 1963) [Active 1950s.]

ROOK, Jill (United Kingdom) [Mrs. Alan R. Mills, from 17 March 1960] [Active 1950s-70s.]

Roos, (Frau) Hildegard (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Roos, Mrs. J. F. (by 1951) [SEE VAN DER WAL, F. I. "Jopie" / "Joopy"]

Roos-van der Wal, Jopie (from before 1951) [SEE VAN DER WAL, Jopie]

ROOSEVELT, Ellen Crosby (United States) [20 Aug 1868-26 Sept 1954] [Active 1880s-90s.]

ROOSEVELT, Grace Walton (United States) [3 July 1867-29 Nov 1945] [Mrs. Appleton Lesure Clark, from 4 Dec 1895] [Active 1880s-90s.]

Rorer, Mrs. J. B. (from 10 Feb 1909) [SEE WIMER, Ethel S.]

ROSA, Antonella (Italy) [1 Feb 1957- ] [Active 1970s.]

ROSALES, Elisa (Philippines) [3 Dec 1897-20 Sept 1978] [Mrs. Enrique Ochoa] [Active ???]

ROSAMBERT, Colette (France) [10 Dec 1910-17 April 1987] [Mme Boegner, from 1935] [Active 1920s-40s.]

ROSASPINA, Luciana (Italy) [Active 1930s.]

Rose, Mrs. (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

ROSE, Anne D. (United States) [1926- ] [Mrs. James F. Dyde, from 10 July 1971] [Active 1950s-60s.]

ROSE, Eleanor Florence (United Kingdom) [Active 1910s-30s.]

Rose, Mrs. M. [SEE FREED, Jo]

Rosell, Mrs. E. L. [SEE FRASER, Marie Antoinette “Toni”]

ROSENBAUM, Maud (United States) [13 Jan 1902-3 May 1981] [Mrs. (Baronesse) Giacomo Giorgio Levi, 1927-1934; Mrs. H. Walter Blumenthal, from 1935] [Active 1920s-30s.]

ROSENOW, Ursula (Germany) [15 May 1920- ] [Married to E. Eilemann, from after 1948] [Active 1930s-40s.]

ROSENQUEST, Charlotte Elizabeth "Betty" (Jamaica/United States) [15 April 1925- ] [Mrs. Edward Carol Seymour Pratt, from 13 Oct 1951] [Active 1940s-60s.]

ROSENTHAL, Gertrud (Germany) [5 Feb 1920- ] [Active 1930s-40s.]

ROSFELDER, Arlette (France) [Active 1930s.]

ROSFELDER, Germaine (France) [Active 1930s.]

ROSIN, (S.) Gudrun Johnson (Sweden) [Active 1950s-60s.]

ROSMAN, Rosemary (Australia) [Active 1950s.]

ROSOLSKA, Alicja (Poland) [Active 2000s-10s.]

ROSS, Gladys Lilia Edith (United States) [20 June 1927-16 Nov 2011] [Mrs. Bill Kellegrew, from 9 April 1960] [Active 1940s.]

ROSS, Heather (Australia) [Active 1960s.]

ROSS-DILLEY, Jean “Andy” (United Kingdom/United States) [2 June 1928-2 March 2013] [Mrs. Malcolm Marshall, from 26 Feb 1954] [Active 1940s-50s.]

ROSS-DILLEY, Joan Susan "Joey" (United Kingdom) [2 June 1928-1 June 2014] [Mrs. Harold Browne Soule, from between 1956 and April 1959] [Active 1940s-50s.]

ROSSER, Beryl (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

ROSSER, Carole A. (United Kingdom) [Mrs. Harold S. Matheson, from 1967] [Active 1960s.]

ROSSI, Barbara (Italy) [18 May 1961- ] [Active 1980s.]

RÖSSLEROVA, Lenka (Czechoslovakia) [c. 1947- ] [Married to Jan Kodeš, Dec 1967-c. 1982] [Active 1960s.]

ROSSOUW, Laura A. (South Africa) [Active 1960s.]

ROST, Irmgard (Germany) [1909-1970] [Married to Richard Margelsberg/Mergelsberg, from April 1938] [Active 1920s-40s.]

ROST, Nancy (United States) [1963- ] [Active 1970s-80s.]

ROTAS, Alex (Greece) 16 Sep 1949 [Active 1970s.]

ROTTIER, Stephanie (Netherlands) [22 Jan 1974- ] [Married to Robbert-Jan van den Berg] [Active 1990-1998]

Rouchon, Mme (from c. Nov/Dec 1964) [SEE LARUE, Anne-Marie]

Rouire, Mme (from c. 1963) [SEE PIERVAL, Claudine]

Roumengous, (Mme) Yvonne (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

ROUND, Dorothy Edith (United Kingdom) [13 July 1908-12 Nov 1982] [Mrs. Douglas Lehigh Little, from 2 Sept 1937] [Active 1920s-40s.]

Roundway, Lady (from 17 June 1925) [SEE DUDDELL, Blanche Gladys]

ROURKE, Mildred (United Kingdom) [24 July 1906-28 March 1984] [Mrs. Clement Haughton Langston Cazalet, from 1922] [Active 1920s.]

ROVERANO, Maria-Julia (Uruguay) [1 Nov 1955- ] [Active 1970s.]

Row, (Mrs.) Khama (India) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

ROW, Leela "Leila" (India) [9 Dec 1911- ] [Mrs. Dayal] [Active 1930s-40s.]

Rowallan, Lady (from 19 March 1933) [SEE GRIMOND, Gwyn Mervyn]

Rowbotham, (Mrs.) Ann (United States) [Mrs. Harrison Ficks Rowbotham Jr.; maiden name unknown] [Active 1960s.] [SEE ???]

Rowbottom, Mrs. G. F. (5 Feb 1942-before 21 June 1952) [SEE GOLDSACK, Elsie Alice]

Rowe, Mrs L. (Australia) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1910s.] [SEE ???]

Rowe, Mrs. W. T. (from 5 March 1896) [SEE DAILEY, Flora Jane]

ROWE, Marie (Australia) [Active 1950s.]

ROWLANDSON, B. (United Kingdom) [Active 1900s.]

Rowley, Mrs. J. W. (from 1949) [SEE VIRGIL, Jacque]

Rowley, Mrs. P. [SEE FLEMING, Laurie]

ROYAL, Taini (New Zealand) [Mrs. Jamison, from after 1941] [Active ???]

ROYCE, Harriet Elizabeth (United States) [19 June 1904-????] [Mrs. Philip Huntington Theopold, from 16 June 1928] [Active 1940s.]

ROYER, Ginette (France) [Active 1930s.]

ROYLANCE, Sybil Flora (United Kingdom) [1902-1998] [Mrs. Malcolm Douglas Mateo Dando, from 23 Sept 1922] [Active c. 1924-30]

Rozet, (Mme) Line (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

ROZSAVOLGYI, Eva (Hungary) [17 Feb 1957- ] [Active 1970s-80s.]

Rual, Mme G. [SEE PRUVOT, Sylvie]

RUANE, Caitriona (Ireland) [19 July 1962- ] [Married to Brian McAteer] [Active 1980s.]

RUANO PASCUAL, Virginia (Spain) [Active 1990s-2010s.]

RUAULT, Cicely Mary (United Kingdom) [8 March 1895-23 Feb 1985] [Active 1920s-30s.]

RUBIN, Chanda (United States) [18 Feb 1976- ] [Active 1990-2007]

RUBIN, Donna (United States) [5 Oct 1959- ] [Active 1980s.]

RUBIN, Janyce (Canada) [Married to Paul Arsenault] [Active 1980s.]

RUDD, Edie Winifred Alice (M.E.?) (United Kingdom) [1 March 1911-Aug 2001] [Mrs. Augustine T. P. Luxton, from 13 Feb 1933] [Active 1930s-50s.]

RUDDELL, Kym D. (Australia) [19 July 1955- ] [Active 1970s.]

Rudersdorf, (Frau) Irmgard (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Ruegsegger, Yana (from before 2007) [SEE DORODNOVA, Jana (Yana)]

RUFFIN, Beth (Australia) [Active 1950s.]

Ruitz, Mme Jean (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Rumboll, Mrs. A. C. (from 22 Nov 1921) [SEE RISELEY, Phoebe Beatrice "Trissie"]

RUMWELL, Miriam (United States) [27 Feb 1933-25 Nov 2004] [Mrs. Earl Selby, from 1968] [Active 1950s.]

RUPERT, Linda (United States) [14 Nov 1952- ] [Married to Thomas, from c. 1975] [Active 1970s.]

RUQUOIS, Micheline (Belgium) [1942- ] [Mme Jean-Pierre Five] [Active 1960s-70s.]

Rurac, Mrs. V. E. (c. 1940/41-Nov 1966) [SEE BERESCU (BERECZKY), Magdalena "Magda"]

RUS, Arantxa (Netherlands) [Active 2010s.]

RUSH, Gretchen Ann (United States) [7 Feb 1964- ] [Married to Stephen Walter Magers, from 19 Dec 1986] [Active 1980s-90s.]

Rushton, Mrs. P. (from 1957) [SEE GODFREY, Jane]

RUSHTON, Sara (United States) [c. 1921-30 April 2011] [Mrs. Grover B. Walters, from 1947] [Active 1930s-1961]

Rusling, Mrs. [SEE MINFORD, Susan "Sue"]

Russell, Mrs. [SEE CICCONE, Elena L.]

RUSSELL, Jennifer (United States) [Active 2000s.]

RUSSELL, Jessie Lagar (United Kingdom/Australia) [1882-1969] [Mrs. Robert Pearce Colegate, from June 1906] [Active 1920s-30s.]

RUSSELL, JoAnne Carleton (United States) [30 Oct 1954- ] [Married to George Longdon, from 22 Sept 1990] [Active 1970s-1991]

Russell, Mrs. M. A. V. (from 22 July 1933) [SEE FELTHAM, (Mary Hilda) Beatrice]

Russell, Mrs. L. H., Jr. (from c. 1949) [SEE IRWIN, Nina G.]

Russell-Longdon, JoAnne (from 22 Sept 1990) [SEE RUSSELL, JoAnne Carleton]

Russo, Roberta [SEE McCALLUM, Roberta “Berta”]

RUSSOCKI, (Countess) Joanna (Poland) [Active 1940s.]

RUTHERFORD, Denise (Argentina) [Married to Adriano Zappa, from before 1937] [Active 1930s-40s.]

Rutherford de Zappa, Senora (from before 1937) [SEE RUTHERFORD, Denise]

Ruwald, Mrs. F. J. (from 10 July 1939) [SEE PEACH, Eileen Frances Harwood]

RUZICI, Virginia (Romania) [31 Jan 1955- ] [Active 1970s-80s.]

RYAN, Alice Brooks (29 Oct 1890-c. Nov 1976] [Mrs. Arthur Stanley Partridge, from 1914] [Active 1900s-20s.]

RYAN, Elizabeth Montague (United States) [8 Feb 1892-8 July 1979] [Active 1900s.-1934]

RYAN, Karen (United States) [1960- ] [Married to Sather] [Active 1980s.]

Ryazanova, Irina [SEE ERMOLOVA, Irina]

RYBARIKOVA, Magdalena (Slovakia) [Active 2000s-10s.]

Ryder, Mrs. [SEE JEFFERY, Ruth]

RYLAND, H. (United Kingdom) [Active 1930s.]

RYLSKA, Danuta (Poland) [10 Oct 1938- ] [Active 1950s-70s.]

Rymer, Mrs. J. O. (from 23 May 1951) [SEE FITCH, Joyce Mary]

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Re: Blast Encyclopedia of Female Tennis Players

SABATINI, Gabriela (Argentina) [16 May 1970- ] [Active 1980s-90s.]

SADE, Toshiko (Japan) [8 March 1947- ] [Active 1970s.]

SAEKI, Miho (Japan) [Active 1990s.]

SAELMANUS, Hella (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

SAFAROVA, Lucie (Czech Republic) [Active 2000s-10s.]

Saffery, Mrs. P. W. (from 21 Dec 1925) [SEE HOLMES, Mary Banks]

SAFFORD, Christine "Chris" (United States) [10 July 1943- ] [Mrs. Leif Beck] [Active 1960s.]

SAFINA, Dinara Mikhailovna (Russia) [27 April 1986- ] [Active 2000-2011]

SAINT GEORGE, Floris Eva Sterne (Australia) [July 1887-1968] [Mrs. Roland Conway (aka James E. Wayland), from 16 April 1927] [Active 1910s-20s.]

SAINT JOHN, Carmel (United States) [Active 1930s.]

SAINT OMER-ROY, Cosette (France) [Active 1930s-40s.]

SAJI, Michiko (Japan) [3 March 1955- ] [Active 1970s.]

SAKOWICZ, Joanna (Poland) [1 May 1984- ] [Married to Michal Kostecki, from 2008] [Active 1999-2010]

Sakowicz-Kostecka, Joanna (from 2008) [SEE SAKOWICZ, Joanna]

SALADIN, Jacqueline (France) [Mme Boutin, from c. 1948] [Active 1930s-40s.]

SALAS, Alicia (United States) [Active 2000s.]

SALECKER, Helene (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

SALERNI, María Emilia "Pitu" (Argentina) [14 May 1983- ] [Active 1999-2009]

SALFATI, Monique (France/Italy) [18 May 1945- ] [Signora di Maso] [Active 1960s-70s.]

SALIBA, Sue E. (Australia) [Active 1970s-80s.]

Salichs, Mrs. F. J. (from c. March 1947/48) [SEE STEINBACH, Edna]

SALMON, Julie A. (United Kingdom) [Active 1980s-90s.]

SALNIKOVA, Julia Sergeyevna (Soviet Union/Greece) [13 Aug 1964- ] [Married to Apostol (Apostoli?)] [Active 1980s-90s.]

Salo, Thelma (from before 1946) [SEE LÖFGREN, Thelma]

SALOMÉ, Judith H. (Netherlands) [10 Feb 1949- ] [Married to Robert Lenting] [Active 1960s-80s.]

SALTER, Jessie W. (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

SALUSBURY, Rosamund Victoria (United Kingdom) [1885-1950] [Mrs. Charles Frederick Collmann, from 1912] [Active 1900s-10s.]

SAMMEL, G. B. (South Africa) [Active 1970s.]

Sample, (Mrs.) Catherine (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

SAMPSON, Eugenie "Jeannie" (United States) [Mrs. Karl Fred Kamrath Sr., 1934-1975; Mrs. Richard J. Gonzalez] [Active 1930s.]

SAMPSON, Joan (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

SAMPSON, Julia Ann "Julie" (United States) [2 Feb 1934-27 Dec 2011] [Mrs. Daniel Abbott Hayward, 4 Oct 1958-May 1975] [Active 1950s.]

SAMUELSSON, Alva (Sweden) [1913-2002] [Mrs. Björk, from c. 1938] [Active 1930s-50s.]

SAN DONNINO, Valeria “Wally” (Italy) [Active 1930s-40s.]

SAN-GALLI, Sonia (Russia/United Kingdom/France) [17 July 1900- ] [Mme Dimitrios Michael Theodore Petrocochino, from before 1933] [Active 1930s.]

SÁNCHEZ LORENZO, Maria (Spain) [7 Nov 1977- ] [Active 1992-2006]

SÁNCHEZ VICARIO, Aránzazu Isabel Maria “Arantxa” (Spain) [18 Dec 1971- ] [Married to: Joan Vehils, 21 July 2000-2001; José Santacana, from 12 Sept 2008; retained maiden name as a player] [Active 1985-2005]

SANDBERG, Christina E. M. (Sweden) [11 Jan 1948- ] [Mrs. Lang] [Active 1960s-70s.]

Sanden, Mrs. [SEE GULLBRANDSSON, Birgit "Bibbi"]

SANDER, Edith (Germany) [Active 1930s-40s.]

SANDERS, J. (???) [Active 1920s.]

SANDERS, Ruth (United States) [20 Aug 1890-1968] [Mrs. Howard F. Cordes, from 14 Aug 1917] [Active 1910s-20s.]

SANDERS, Ruth (South Africa) [Active 1960s.]

SANDGROUND, Ruby Estelle (United Kingdom) [28 May 1906-July 1985] [Mrs. Emile Greenwall, from 1933] [Active ???]

SANDIN, Lena (Sweden) [Active 1980s.]

SANDISON, Esmé Maude (India) [25 Oct 1904-????] [Mrs. Benjamin Gibson Newson, from 24 Oct 1929] [Active 1920s.]

SANDISON, Jenny (India) [1910- ] [Mrs. Boland] [Active 1920s-30s.]

SANDS, Anna (United States) [????-9 April 1932] [Active 1910s.]

SANDS, Kim Y. (United States) [11 Oct 1956- ] [Active 1970s-80s.]

Sands, Mrs. R.G. (from 6 Nov 1948) [SEE HUNT, Marianne Teresa]

SANDULF, Ulla K. (Sweden) [Active 1960s.]

SANSONI, Thomasine Doreen [Doreen] (Ceylon) [11 Oct 1911- ] [Active 1930s-40s.]

SANTANGELO, Mara (Italy) [28 June 1981- ] [Active 1996-2010]

SANTIAGO, Fatima (Portugal) [13 May 1967- ] [Active 1980s.]

SANTROCK, Jennifer (United States) [Active 1990s.]

Saoutchik, Mme J. (from 3 April 1933) [SEE BERTHET, Rosie]

Sargeant, Mrs. H. J. (from c. Dec 1938) [SEE BURROWS, (Claudia) Mary]

SARGEANT, E. E. (United Kingdom) [Active 1900s.]

SARGEANT, W. (???) [Active 1930s.]

SARKANY (Sárkány), Lili (Hungary) [Active 1930s.]

SASAK, Renata (Yugoslavia) [14 June 1964- ] [Active 1970-80s.]

SASSOON, Sybil (United Kingdom) [Jan 1894-26 Dec 1989] [Married to George Horatio Charles Cholmondeley, 5th Marquess of Cholmondeley, from 6 Aug 1913] [Active ???]

Sather, Karen [SEE RYAN, Karen]

SATO, Naoko (Japan) [2 Jan 1955- ] [Active 1970s-80s.]

SATTERTHWAITE, Ellinor Vera (United Kingdom) [15 Aug 1893-14 Dec 1952] [Mrs. Hugh Bertram Weston, from 1 March 1915] [Active 1910s-20s.]

Satterthwaite, Mrs. C. R. (from 13 April 1912] [SEE CARR, Phyllis Helen]

SAUER, Marion (United States) [Active 1940s.]

SAUNDERS, Jean Dorothy (United Kingdom) [30 July 1914-13 June 1992] [Mrs. John Seymour Poynder, from 11 April 1944] [Active 1930s-40s.]

SAUNDERS, Margaret Amy "Peggy" (United Kingdom) [28 Jan 1905-19 June 1941] [Mrs. Lewis Robert Collorryan Michell, from 12 July 1928] [Active 1920s-30s.]

SAUNDERS, Mary Margaret (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Saunders-Taylor, Mrs. J. (from 20 April 1911) [SEE TURLE, Hildegarde E.]

Sauton, (Mme) Ninon (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Sauval, Mrs. Jacques (Uruguay) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1940s.] [SEE ???]

SAVCHENKO, Larisa Ivanovna (Soviet Union/Latvia) [21 July 1966- ] [Married to Alexsandr Neiland, from 21 Dec 1989] [Active 1980s-2000s.]

Savelsbergh(or Savelsberg?), (Mme) Lucienne (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s-40s.] [SEE ???]

Savoye, (Mme) Suzanne (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1940s.] [SEE ???]

SAWAMATSU, Junko (Japan) [10 April 1948- ] [Active 1960s-70s.]

SAWAMATSU, Kazuko (Japan) [5 Jan 1951- ] [Married to Munehiro Yoshida, from 14 Feb 1976] [Active 1960s-1975]

SAWAMATSU, Naoko (Japan) [23 March 1973- ] [Active 1980s-90s.]

SAWYER, Hazel (United States) [Married to: Wells, ????-????; Schnitzer, from before June 1927] [Active ???]

SAXELBYE, Doris Mary (United Kingdom) [20 Sept 1891-1976] [Active 1920s.]

SAYERS, Elizabeth Marie "Liz" (Australia) [1 April 1963- ] [Married to Peter David Smylie, from 10 Nov 1984] [Active 1980s-90s.]

Sayers, Mrs. E. G. P. (from 1911) [SEE GORDON, Flora Hamilton]

SAYWELL, Lorraine (Australia) [Mrs. Don Craig] [Active ???]

SCARLETT, Barbara Jane (United States) [2 April 1930- ] [Mrs. Milton N. Allen, by 1956] [Active 1940s-50s.]

SCARNAVACK, Josephine (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Schaar, Marijke (from 22/24? Nov 1968) [SEE JANSEN, Marijke]

Schaar-Jansen, Marijke (from 22/24? Nov 1968) [SEE JANSEN, Marijke]

SCHACHT, Madonna (Australia) [c. 1942/43- ) [Married to Dr Rudi Weber] [Active 1950s-60s.]

SCHÄFER, Grete (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

Schaknies, (Frau) Erna (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

SCHALLAU, Ramona Anne "Mona" (United States) [28 Nov 1948- ] [Married to Terry E. Guerrant, from 25 Oct 1975] [Active 1960s-70s.]

SCHARMAN, Frida (United States) [1908-25 Oct 1997] [Active 1920s-40s.]

SCHARMAN, Lillian (United States) [26 June 1901-1 March 1982] [Mrs. William Van Anden Hester, Jr., from 6 Aug 1924] [Active 1920s.]

SCHAUBLIN, Mlle (Switzerland) [first name unknown] [Active 1920s-30s.]

SCHEDIWY, Kora (Germany) [c. 1944- ] [Frau Creydt, from c. 1972] [Active 1960s-70s.]

SCHEEL, (Countess) Amory Ide Agnes (Denmark) [24 Feb 1887-6 Oct 1961] [Mrs. Folmer Hansen, 29(30?) April 1918-1928(or 1936)] [Active 1910s-20s.]

Scheiffler, Frau (from c. 1912/13) [SEE KÖTTGEN, Emma]

SCHEM, Sesi (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

SCHETT, Barbara (Austria) [10 March 1976- ] [Married to Joshua Eagle, from 7 July 2007] [Active 1990-2005]

Schieffelin, Mrs. J. J. (from 12 March 1932) [SEE SMITH, Lois Lindon]

Schiering, (Frau) Annemarie (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

SCHILDEKNECHT, Heide (Germany) [10 Aug 1942- ] [Married to L. Orth] [Active 1960s-70s.]

SCHILL, Gladys (United States) [Active 1930s.]

SCHILL, Liesel (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

SCHILLIG, Micki (United States) [29 Nov 1960- ] [Married to Dennis Feldmann] [Active 1980s.]

SCHIRMER, Tone (Norway) [1 June 1941- ] [Active ???]

SCHLESINGER, Dorothy Agnes (Australia) [1895-????] [Mrs. Roland "Rodney" Wallace Hope, from 18 Aug 1921] [Active ???]

Schlichter, Mrs. I., Jr. (8 Nov 1913-before 4 Jan 1922) [SEE EHRET, Helen Sidney]

SCHLUKEBIR, Karie S. (United States) [27 March 1980-16 Jan 2010] [Married to Joseph L. Pennock, from 4 July 2009] [Active ???]

Schlukebir, Mrs. J. [SEE DOMBOS, Kathleen "Kathy"]

SCHLUKEBIR, Katrina "Katie" (United States) [29 April 1975- ] [Married to Harold Schock] [Active 1991-2002]

SCHLUKEBIR, Kristen (United States) [28 June 1984- ] [Active 2000-2006]

Schlukebir-Pennock, Karie (from 4 July 2009) [SEE SCHLUKEBIR, Karie S.]

Schmid, Mrs. H. G (from c. 1955) [SEE KATILIUS, Veronika]

Schmidt(Schmith?), Mrs. (from after 1950) [SEE STŘCKEL, Else]

SCHMIDT, Emmy (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

Schmidt, (Frau) Lilli (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Schmidt, Mrs. H. G. (from after 1955) [SEE KATILIUS, Veronika]

SCHMIT, Nadine (Luxembourg) [5 May 1963- ] [Active 1980s.]

SCHMITT, Petra (Hungary) [24 Oct 1971- ] [Active 1980s-90s.]

SCHMITT, Suzanne (France) [18 Oct 1928- ] [Mme Denys Le Besnerais, from 27 Sept 1954; known under her maiden name until c. Easter of 1956] [Active 1940s-60s.]

Schmitz, Mrs. F. G. (from 1 Aug 1906) [SEE MEYER, Nora]

SCHNABEL, Käte (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

Schneider, Frau (from c. 1929/30) [SEE PEITZ, Anne]

SCHNEIDER, Gertrud (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

SCHNEIDER, Lorraine (United States) [2 Sept 1937-25 July 2012] [Mrs. Arthur Venitt, from 1963] [Active 1950s.]

Schneider-Peitz, Anne (from c. 1929/30) [SEE PEITZ, Anne]

Schnitzer, Mrs. (from before June 1927) [SEE SAWYER, Hazel]

SCHNYDER, Patty (Switzerland) [14 Dec 1978- ] [Married to Rainer Hofmann, from 5 Dec 2003; didn’t play under married name] [Active 1990s-2010s.]

SCHOCK, Mary Jane (United States) [Active 1930s.]

SCHOCK, Ruth (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Scholten, Mrs. (from before 1946) [SEE KLEIN, Eliane]

Scholten-Klein, Mrs. (from before 1946) [SEE KLEIN, Eliane]

Schomburgk, Frau (from Feb 1920) [SEE METTENHEIMER, Toni]

SCHÖNFELD, Hanne (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

SCHOU-NILSEN, Laila (Norway) [18 March 1919-30 July 1998] [Active 1939-1961]

Schreder, Mrs. Laszlone (Hungary) [married to Laszlo Schreder; maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s-30s.] [SEE ???]

SCHREINER, Gertrude Mary "Gerty" (United States) [22 Feb 1896-2 Nov 1978] [Mrs. Sam J. Robinson, 15 Sept 1920-????; Mrs. Harry McIntyre, from 1970] [Active ????- 1923]

SCHROPP, Myriam (Germany) [29 April 1966- ] [Married to Kende] [Active ???]

Schubert, (Frau) Friedel (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Schulenburg, Countess von der (1895-1906; retained her married name) [SEE KUSENBERG, Clara Antonie]

Schüller, (Frau) Grete (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

SCHULTZ, Augusta Louise “Alice" (United States) [28 July 1871-30 Sept 1925] [Mrs. Clarence Hobart, from 19 Dec 1895] [Active 1892-94 & 1903-1905]

SCHULTZ, Brenda Anne Marie (Netherlands) [28 Dec 1970- ] [Married to Sean McCarthy, from 8 April 1995] [Active 1986-1999, 2006-2008, 2013- ]

SCHULTZ, Daisy (Germany) [8 June 1893-25 Feb 1977] [Married to Ferdinand C. Uhl, from 17 March 1914] [Active 1900s-20s.]

SCHULTZ(SCHULTZE?), Greta (Australia) [Active ???]

SCHULTZ(SCHULTZE?), Mary (Australia) [Active 1950s.]

Schultz-McCarthy, Brenda (from 8 April 1995) [SEE SCHULTZ, Brenda Anne Marie]

SCHULTZE, Helga (Germany) [2 Feb 1940- ] [Married to: Ernst Hösl, 16 July 1968-????; David Martin Thaw, from 15 Dec 1988] [Active 1960s-70s.]

SCHULTZE, Margit “Margot” (Germany) [Married to Juan M. Gisbert] [Active 1960s-70s.]

SCHULTZE, Marjorie (Australia) [1894-????] [Mrs. Bertram B. M. Webb, from 1930] [Active ???]

SCHULZE, Miss (Australia) [first name unknown] [Active 1920s.]

SCHUMANN, Inge (Germany) [18 Nov 1918- ] [Active 1930s-40s.]

SCHURIG, Amalie (Germany) [Active 1920s-30s.]

SCHUSTER, Doris (or Dora) (Austria) [Active 1960s.]

SCHUSTER, Helene (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

SCHUURMAN, Renée (South Africa) [26(22?) Oct 1939-30 May 2001] [Mrs. Peter Haygarth, from 29 May 1964-????; Mrs. Robin Osborne, from 1977] [Active 1950s-60s.]

SCHWAB, Teresa Gunn (United States) [17 Oct 1886-10 Feb 1971] [Mrs. Rawson Lyman Wood, 9 Jan 1907-23 April 1931; Mrs. Austin(Austen?) Gray, from 24 April 1931] [Active 1900s-20s.]

SCHWARTZ, Maureen (Brazil) [Active 1960s.]

Schwarz, (Frau) Elfriede (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Schwarz, Petra (from 12 Nov 1994) [SEE RITTER, Petra]

Schwarz-Ritter, Petra (from 12 Nov 1994) [SEE RITTER, Petra]

SCHWEIZER, Marianne (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

Sciaudone, Signora (from c. 1938) [SEE PARMEGGIANI, Andreina]

SCOBLE, Janet (United Kingdom) [c. Oct/Dec 1943- ] [Mrs. Roy D. Brown, from c. April/June 1968] [Active 1960s.]

SCOFIELD, Barbara Van Alen (United States) [24 June 1926- ] [Mrs. Gordon C. Davidson, 16 April 1951-????] [Active 1940s-50s.]

SCOTT, Elizabeth Emily [Emily] (United Kingdom) [5 Oct 1862-28 May 1939] [Mrs. Arthur Ferdinand Faithfull, from 1883] [Active late 1880s.]

SCOTT, Evelyn de Vere (United Kingdom) [16 July 1877-10 Oct 1949] [Mrs. William Edmund Willoughby-Tottenham, Sept 1916-????; Mrs. Percy Herbert Stevens, from July 1931] [Active 1900s-10s.]

SCOTT, Freda Kathleen (United Kingdom) [9 Oct 1911-2001] [Mrs. Kenneth J. Underwood, from c. July/Sept 1936] [Active 1930s.]

SCOTT, Gwen (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

Scott, Mrs. (from c. 1925) [SEE MCLAREN, Jean]

SCOTT, Joan M. (Australia) [1897-????] [Mrs. Vernon Pett, from 1922] [Active ???]

SCOTT, Lillian(Lilian?) (Australia) [1869-????] [Mrs. Cecil P. Hungerford, from 1889] [Active 1880s.]

SCOTT, Madeline de Vere (United Kingdom) [6 Oct 1878-1969] [Mrs. John Holgate Bateson, from Oct 1915] [Active 1900s-10s.]

SCOTT, Valerie Eveline (United Kingdom) [7 Jan 1918- ] [Active 1930s.]

SCOTT, Zilla (Australia) [1864-1934] [Mrs. Edgar Molesworth, from 1891] [Active ???]

SCOTTI, Clelia (Italy) [25 April 1932- ] [Signora Mazzoleni, from before 1961] [Active ???]

SCOVEL, Cornelia Roosevelt (United States/Italy) [c. 1880-????] [Married to Count Arturo Fabbricotti, from 25 Nov 1903] [Active ???]

Scribner, Mrs A. (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

SCRIMGEOUR, Isabella (United Kingdom) [1870-15 July 1954] [Mrs. Francis Scrimgeour Hyde Forshall, from 1897] [Active 1890s.]

SCRIMGEOUR, Maud (United Kingdom) [1869-4 July 1938] [Active 1890s.]

SCRIVEN, Margaret "Peggy" Croft (United Kingdom) [16(17?) Aug 1912-25 Jan 2001] [Mrs. Francis Harvey Vivian, from 28 Nov 1940] [Active 1930s-40s.]

Scroope, Mrs. S. F. (from c. Feb 1915) [SEE FOTTRELL, Moira]

SCUDDER, Dorothy S. (United States) [1911-21 March 1983] [Mrs. John Hope Doeg, 30 Jan 1931-6 May 1938; Mrs. Edward Addison Foote, from 10 March 1941] [Active ???]

Seabrook, Mrs. J. G. [SEE PAILLE', Lillian Elizabeth]

SEACY, Doris (United Kingdom) [Active 1950s.]

SEACY, Norma T. (United Kingdom) [c. 1932-1985][Active 1950s.]

SEAGER, Doris (Canada) [Mrs. Beer] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Seaman, Mrs. [SEE SOUSAARI (or SUOSUARI), Norma]

SEARL, P. (Australia) [Active 1940s.]

SEARS, Eleonora Randolph (United States) [28 Sept 1881-16 March 1968] [Active 1900s-10s.]

SEARS, Evelyn Georgianna (United States) [9 March 1875-10 Nov 1966] [Active 1900s.]

Seary, Mrs. E. N. [SEE TWELFTREE, Flossie A. "Tots"]

SEATON, Pamela “Pam” M. (United Kingdom) [Mrs. Derek R. Bocquet, from c. June 1941] [Active 1940s.]

Sedgman, Mrs. F. A. (from 30 Jan 1952) [SEE SPENCE, Margaret Jean]

SEECK, Helen (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

SEED, Hilda (United Kingdom) [1879-5 Nov 1930] [Mrs. Samuel Ernest Charlton, from 21 June 1905] [Active 1900s-10s.]

Seel, (Mrs.) Gladys (United Kingdom) [Married to R. A. Seel, from before 1925; maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s-30s.] [SEE ???]

SEENEY, Daphne Grace (Australia) [2 Feb 1933- ] [Mrs. Trevor Thomas Fancutt, from 14 April 1957] [Active 1950s.]

Segal, Mrs. A. A. (7 Sept 1957-????) [SEE NICHOLLS, Heather Mary Hope]

Segal, Viviana (from Feb 1980) [SEE GONZALEZ, Viviana]

Seghers, Mme (from c. 1939/41) [SEE SIMON, Anne-Marie]

SEGHERS, Nicole (France) [Active 1960s.]

SEGHERS, Pierrette (France/Italy) [Married to Sergio Tacchini, from c. 1963] [Active 1960s.]

Selby, Mrs. E. (from 1968) [SEE RUMWELL, Miriam]

Selchau, Mrs. P. M. (from 20 Aug 1950) [SEE HUNTER, Phyllis Mae]

SELWIN, Vera Celia Elizabeth (Australia) [1907-????] [Mrs. Martin Walter Berg, from 20 May 1939] [Active 1920s-40s.]

Semmler, Mrs. E. E. (from 1928) [SEE LUCKIE, Iris M.]

Sempé, Mme G. (from 30 Dec 1930) [SEE SINEUX, Elyane]

SENN, Benita (Canada) [23 Aug 1931- ] [Active 1960s.]

SENN, Lisette (Canada) [12 March 1958- ] [Active 1970s.]

SEPTIER, Marcelle Marie Georgette (France) [1898-1986] [Mme René Antoine Jean Marie Balas, from 2 Feb 1923] [Active c. 1919-1923]

SERNEC, Eza (Yugoslavia) [11 June 1913-1990] [Married to Hinko Maire, from c. 1950] [Active c. 1933-1950]

Serpieri, Mme J.-B. (from 17 Feb 1927) [SEE VLASTO, Pénélope Julie „Diddie”]

Serra, Signora (from 24 April 1927) [SEE MARCHINI, Giuseppina "Teda"]

SERRA ZANETTI, Adriana (Italy) [5 March 1976- ] [Active 1989-2006]

SERRA ZANETTI, Antonella (Italy) [25 July 1980- ] [Active 1995-2008]

Sevastopoulos, Mrs. G. (from 27 Sept 1902) [SEE PETROCOCHINO, Maria "Marigo" Eustratius]

SEVEN, Jenny (Netherlands) [24 Oct 1936- ] [Married to Frans W. Ridderhof, from c. 1961/62] [Active 1950s-60s.]

SEYBURN, Edith (United States) [Mrs. Manuel Quintana, from 30 Dec 1944] [Active 1940s.]

SEYBURN, Isabel Dorothy (United States) [Mrs. Richard Harte, from 27 June 1945] [Active 1940s.]

SHACKLE, Edith Maud [Maud] (United Kingdom) [4 Aug 1870-16 Feb 1962] [Mrs. Gwyn Reid-Thomas, from 20 June 1899] [Active 1880s-90s.]

SHACKLE, Julia Elizabeth (United Kingdom) [4 Aug 1870-8 Dec 1959] [Mrs. Henry Spencer Naylor, from 16 May 1894] [Active 1890s.]

Shackleford, Mrs. L. E. (from 3 Dec 1938) [SEE CATER, Irene]

Shaefer, Kim [SEE JONES, Kimberly “Kim”]

SHAFFER, Patricia “Pat” Jean (United States) [10 Aug 1937- ] [Mrs. Horace Peterson Deacon III, from 7 Oct 1959] [Active 1950s.]

Shalala, Mrs. J. A. (from 1939) [SEE SMITH, Edna]

SHAPOSHNIKOVA, Olga Vladimirovna (Soviet Union) [1 Dec 1963- ] [Active ???]

Shardlow, Mrs. A. (from 1965) [SEE MORGAN, Janet Rachael Margaret]

SHARP, Ethelwynne Mary (Australia) [Active 1910s.]

Shaw, Mrs. H. H. (from 3 Jan 1893) [SEE TABOR, Agneta Maud]

Shaw, Mrs. [SEE KILIAN, Dora]

SHAW, Dorothy Amcotts (United Kingdom) [12 Dec 1902-7 Nov 1972] [Mrs. Charles Harold Jameson, from 23 March 1929] [Active 1920s-30s.]

SHAW, Harriet Josephine "Phenie" (Australia) [1865-????] [Mrs. Edgar Ward-Thomas, from 27 Nov 1896] [Active ???]

Shaw, Mrs. R. B. (2 Nov 1974-???) [SEE KEMMER, Kristien “Kris”]

SHAW, Mabel Ann (Australia) [1867-1914] [Mrs. Percy Brerton Colquhoun, from 30 April 1897] [Active 1890s.]

Shaw, Mrs. A. (from 1938) [SEE MASON, Winifred “Winnie” A.]

SHAW, Winifred "Winnie" Mason (United Kingdom) [18 Jan 1947-30 March 1992] [Mrs. Keith Wooldridge, from 2 Oct 1972] [Active 1960s-80s.]

SHEAFE, Ann Wentworth (United States) [c. 1894-????] [Mrs. Benjamin Edward Cole, 2nd, c. 1916-1948] [Active 1910s-20s.]

Shedden, Mrs. W. M. (from 24 Aug 1918) [SEE BLODGETT, Ruth Hartwell]

SHEER, Nellie (United States) [13 March 1921-5 June 2002] [Mrs. Chick Kagan, from 9 June 1942(?)] [Active 1940s-50s.]

SHEIKH, Parveen (Pakistan) [Mrs. Ahmed] [Active 1950s-60s.]

Shenton, Mrs. B. I. (from 1956) [SEE WATSON, Elaine M.]

SHEPHERD, Dorothy Cunliffe (United Kingdom) [24 Nov 1897-20 Feb 1953] [Mrs. Willliam Philip Barron, from 23 Sept 1921] [Active 1919-1939]

Shepherd, Mrs. W. G. [SEE BOBRINSKOY, Theodora "Bunny"]

SHEPHERD, Vera Cunliffe (United Kingdom) [10 Sept 1901-Feb 1988] [Mrs. Gerald J. Wellesley, 1921-1950: Mrs. Charles H. Smith, from 1950] [Active 1920s.]

Shepherd Barron, (Mrs.) D. C. (from 23 Sept 1921) [SEE SHEPHERD, Dorothy Cunliffe]

Sheppard, Mrs. G. (1935-7 Jan 1944) [SEE HEMSTED, Evelyn Susan]

SHERAR, Mary (United States) [Mrs. Newberry] [Active 1950s-70s.]

Sherard, Mrs. A. A. (from 1890) [SEE OPENSHAW, Lydia Grace]

SHERBECK, Lori (United States) [1954- ] [Married to McMahon] [Active 1970s.]

SHERIDAN, Jo (Ireland) [19 March 1958- ] [Active 1970s.]

Sheridan, Mrs. C. M. (from 1949) [SEE EREAUT, Monica]

SHERRIFF, Carol (Australia) [20 Oct 1946- ] [Mrs. Colin E. Zeeman, March 1970-????; Mrs. Campling, from ????] [Active 1960s-70s.]

SHERRIFF, Gail Vivian (Australia/France) [3 April 1945- ] [Mme Jean-Baptiste Chanfreau, 17 Dec 1968-????; Mme Jean-Joseph Lovera, 12 Feb 1976-????; Mme Philippe Benedetti, from ????] [Active 1960s-80s.]

SHERWOOD, Agnes (United States) [Mrs. Ary J. Lamme, from before 1929] [Active 1920s-30s.]

SHILCOCK, Jacqueline Anne [Anne] (United Kingdom) [13 June 1932- ] Mrs. John Keith Spann, from 6 August 1960] [Active 1940s-50s.]

SHIPTON, Sandra “Sapphire” (Australia) [Married to ???, from 1962] [Active ???]

Shockley, Mrs. C. B. [SEE FULTON, Helen]

Shoemaker, Mrs. J. M. [SEE NUNNS, Brenda]

Short, Mrs. E. (from 1962) [SEE FAGEROS, Karol]

SHRIVER, Pamela “Pam” Howard (United States) [4 July 1962- ] [Married to: Joseph "Joe" Shapiro, 5 December 1998-23 Sept 1999; George Lazenby, 12 June 2002-????] [Active 1970s-90s.]

Shunny, Mrs. J. R. (from 1951) [SEE WEAVER, Paige]

Shurtleff, Mrs. A. A. (from 27 April 1905) [SEE NICHOLS, Margaret Homer]

SHWAYDER, Dorothy "Dot" (United States) [2 April 1914-26 Nov 2009] [Mrs. Emmett Heitler, from 21 Feb 1932] [Active 1930s.]

SHWAYDER, Fay (United States) [21 April 1916-26 Dec 2005] [Mrs. Bertram Morris, from 1935] [Active 1930s-60s.]

SIDORENKO, Ksenia Platonovna (Soviet Union) [16 Jan 1908-1995] [Mrs. Dolgonenko, 1925-1938] [Active ???]

SIDOT, Anne-Gaëlle (France) [24 July 1979- ] [Married to Mickael Landreau, 2002-2006] [Active 1993-2002]

SIELER, Cynthia (Australia) [11 Feb 1951- ] [Married to Peter Doerner, from 26 June 1972] [Active 1970s.]

SIERADZKA, Małgorzata (Poland) [12 Jan 1962- ] [Active 1980s.]

SIGART, Josane (Belgium) [7 Jan 1909-20 Aug 1999] [Mme Jean Marie Léon Émile de Meulmeester, from 7 Oct 1933] [Active 1920s-40s.]

SIGART, Odette (Belgium) [15 Jan 1905-????] [Married to Robert Edward Kirkpatrick] [Active c. 1925-35]

SIGART, Yvonne (Belgium) [1907-????] [Mme Pierre Nagelmaekers] [Active c. 1925-39]

SIGOURNEY, Edith (United States) [18 May 1895-????] [Active 1920s.]

Silbersher, Mrs. P. (from June 1956) [SEE PIKEN, Joan]

Silk, Mrs. D. W. (8 Feb 1959-???) [SEE BUXTON, Angela]

SILVER, Mollie (United States) [Active 1930s.]

SIM, Gay (Australia) [Active ???]

SIMIONESCU, Mariana (Romania) [27 Nov 1956- ] [Married to: Björn Borg, 24 July 1980-1984; J. P. Marsan, from ????; retained maiden name as a player] [Active 1970s-80s.]

SIMMEN, Monica (Switzerland) [16 July 1958- ] [Mrs. Blatter] [Active 1970s.]

Simmers, Mrs. W. M. (from 9 July 1932) [SEE STERRY, Gwyneth Reinagle “Gwen”]

SIMMONDS, Sabina (South Africa/Italy) [17 April 1960- ] [Active 1976-88]

SIMON, Anne-Marie (France) [15 Sept 1911-2012] [Mme Seghers, from c. 1939/41] [Active 1930s-60s.]

SIMON, Brigitte (France) [1 Nov 1956- ] [Married to Glinel] [Actibe 1970s-80s.]

Simon-Glinel, Brigitte [SEE SIMON, Brigitte]

Simonin, Mrs. C. B. (31 Dec 1949-before 1961) [SEE KNOWLES, Sylvia]

SIMPSON, Alice Mabel (United Kingdom) [1860-18 Feb 1939] [Mrs. William Henry Pickering, from 28 July 1885] [Active 1890s-1900s.]

Simpson, Mrs. J. A. (from before 1924) [SEE KELTIE, J. G.]

SIMPSON, Margaret (New Zealand) [Mrs. John Campbell Peacock, from 1913] [Active 1920s.]

SIMPSON, Noreen "Rene" (Canada) [14 Jan 1966-17 Oct 2013] [Married to: Barry Alter, 15 Sept 1990-????; Jason Collins, after March 2005?] [Active 1980s-2000s.]

Simpson-Alter, Rene (15 Sept 1990-????] [SEE SIMPSON, Noreen "Rene"]

SIMS, Margaret Manley Alice (Australia/United Kingdom) [????-1961] [Mrs. (Major) Henry Sanderson “Harry” Laverton, 1899-Oct 1913; Mrs. (Sir) Francis Gordon Lowe, 4 May 1914-before 17 Nov 1926] [Active 1920s.]

Simson, Tiiu (1966-1973) [SEE SOOME, Tiiu]

SINCLAIR, Helen (United States) [Active 1920s.]

Sinclair, Mrs. A. (from before July 1951) [SEE WELSH, Peggy]

SINEUX, Elyane (France) [c. 1905-????] [Mme Georges Sempé, from 30 Dec 1930] [[Active c. 1928-31]

SINEUX, Ginette (France) [1908-Nov 1932] [Mme Pierre Vincent, from before 1930] [Active c. 1928-31]

SINGER, Christina (Germany) [27 July 1968- ] [Married to Bath] [Active 1984-1999]

Singh, Mrs. [SEE HAJI, Khanum]

Singh, Mrs. [SEE KHANNA, Pramilla(Pramila?)]

SINGLETON, Lavina (Australia) [1918- ] [Mrs. Noel Mills, from 21 March 1940] [Active 1937-c. 1952]

SIODA, Zofia (Poland) [Active 1930s-40s.]

Siroka (Široká), Mrs. (from late 1959) [SEE MISKOVA (Mišková), Olga]

SIX, Maud (???) [Active 1920s.]

SKINNER, Ruby Beatrice (Australia) [5 Sept 1912-14 Aug 2001] [Mrs. Kenneth Lyle Litchfield, from 27 Aug 1940] [Active 1930s.]

Skočdopolová, Zuzana [SEE ZALABSKA (Zálabská), Zuzana]

Skrivankova, Mrs. (from c. 1934) [SEE STAVELOVA, Anna]

SKRONSKA, Katerina (Czechoslovakia) [22 Jan 1958- ] [Married to Zdenek Böhm] [Active 1970s-80s.]

SKUHERSKA, Marcela (Czechoslovakia) [14 Feb 1961- ] [Married to Vladimir Stancl aka Michal David] [Active 1980s.]

SKULJ, Irena (Yugoslavia) [17 Jan 1946- ] [Active 1960s-70s.]

SKULJ, Karmen (Yugoslavia) [25 Nov 1967- ] [Active 1980s.]

Sladek, Mrs. (from before 1953) [SEE KOZELUHOVA (Koželuhová), Hana]

SLANEY, Madge (United Kingdom) [Active 1920s-50s.]

SLATER, Katie May (United Kingdom) [7 May 1877-1971] [Mrs. Charles William Clegg, from 24 April 1903] [Active ???]

SLESICKA (Ślesicka), Elżbieta (Poland) [5 Jan 1954- ] [Active 1970s.]

SLIEPEN, Elisabeth “Lisette” (Belgium) [9 March 1942- ] [Active 1960s.]

SLOAN, Elizabeth Helen A. M. [Helen] (Australia) [1900-????] [Mrs. Rupert E. McTaggett, from 1927] [Active 1920s.]

SLOANE, Susan (United States) [5 Dec 1970- ] [Married to Duane Lundy, from 14 Sept 1991] [Active 1980s-90s.]

Sloane-Lundy, Susan (from 14 Sept 1991) [SEE SLOANE, Susan]

SLOANE-STANLEY, Diana (United Kingdom) [31 May 1904-Oct 1994] [Mrs. Elwyn Villiers Rhys, from 14(31?) July 1931] [Active 1920s-30s.]

SLOANE-STANLEY, Lavender Elizabeth (United Kingdom) [30 March 1900-1975] [Mrs. John Everett, from 20 June 1929] [Active 1920s-30s.]

SLOCOCK, Winifred Margaret (United Kingdom) [9 Aug 1877-28 March 1954] [Mrs. Roderick James McNair, from 24 April 1908] [Active 1900s-20s.]

SLOWE, Lucy Diggs (United States) [4 July 1885-21 Oct 1937] [Active 1910s-20s.]

SLY, Eileen (Australia) [Mrs. Lisle C. Terrey] [Active 1920s?]

SMAILES, M. (???) [Active 1920s.]

SMASHNOVA, Anna (Soviet Union/Israel) [16 July 1976- ] [Married to Claudio Pistolesi, 7 Dec 2002-2004/05?] [Active 1990-2007]

Smashnova-Pistolesi, Anna (7 Dec 2002-2004/05?) [SEE SMASHNOVA, Anna]

SMITH, Aileen (United States) [c. 1965- ] [Mrs. Peter Eleey, from before 1991] [Active ???]

SMITH, Anne Elizabeth (United States) [1 July 1959- ] [Active 1970s-1992, 2005-2006]

Smith, Mrs. C. J. C. (from 1880) [SEE LANGLEY, Constance Laura Mary]

SMITH, Cora (Australia) [Mrs. George B. Stevens] [Active ???]

SMITH, Doris F. (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

SMITH, Edna (United States) [c.1912- ] [Mrs. James Abraham Shalala, from 1939] [Active 1930s-40s.]

Smith, Mrs. M. B. (from 1935) [SEE WENTWORTH, Eleanor F. W.]

Smith, Mrs. W. C. (after May 1940- after July 1955) [SEE MOYER, Elizabeth "Betty"]

SMITH, Elizabeth "Betty" M. (United Kingdom) [Mrs. Donald L. Coutts, from c. March 1941] [Active ???]

Smith, Mrs. H. H. (from 11 May 1914) [SEE CLARK, Ethel Sargeant]

SMITH, Eve (New Zealand) [Active 1950s.]

Smith, Mrs. G. A. (from c. Sept 1938) [SEE FORD, Florence S.]

Smith, Helen [SEE LENNON, Helen]

SMITH, Lois Lindon (United States) [1911-11 Feb 2007] [Mrs. John Jay Schieffelin, from 12 March 1932] [Active c. 1935-1940]

Smith, Mrs. H. (from 1941) [SEE MOULTON, Loma]

SMITH, M. A. (New Zealand) [Active 1960s.]

SMITH, Margaret (United States) [Active 1920s-30s.]

SMITH, Margaret Hazel Morrison [Hazel] (United Kingdom) [11 Aug 1905-Jan 2003] [Mrs. William Alexander Tyzack, from 25 Aug 1930] [Active 1920s. ]

SMITH, Margaret Jean (Australia) [16 July 1942- ] [Mrs. Barry Michael Court, from 28 Oct 1967] [Active 1957-1977]

Smith, Mrs. S. R. (from Nov 1974) [SEE GENGLER, Marjory "Margie"]

SMITH, Mary (United Kingdom) [Active 1930s.]

Smith, Mrs. E. A. [SEE OSBORNE, Maude Delano]

Smith, Mrs. G. A., Jr. (????-Feb 1970) [SEE DOEG, May Hope]


SMITH, Pam (New Zealand) [Active 1950s.]

SMITH, Paula (United States) [10 Jan 1957- ] [Active 1976-1989]

SMITH, Peter (Australia) [Mrs. Jim Nathan, from Jan 1937] [Active 1920s-30s.]

SMITH, Rosemary Joy Mather (United Kingdom) [3 Jan 1912-2001] [Mrs. John H. Mobbs, from c. Oct/Dec 1941] [Active 1930s-40s.]

SMITH, Ruth (South Africa) [Mrs. Stevens, from before 1949] [Active 1940s.]

SMITH, Ruth Frances (United States) [15 Nov 1890-30 July 1972] [Mrs. Alfred F. Riese, from 1918; probably didn’t play under her maiden name] [Active 1920s-40s.]

SMITH,Theodosia (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Smith, Mrs. L. (1939-1959) [SEE DUNN, Virginia]

Smylie, Liz (from 10 Nov 1984) [SEE SAYERS, Elizabeth Marie "Liz"]

SNOOK, Arundel Bracher (United Kingdom) [c. April 1861-13 Sept 1921] [Mrs. Martin Inett Preston, from 15 Dec 1886] [Active ???]

SNOOK, Charlotte Bracher (United Kingdom) [c. Sept 1866-3 June 1952] [Mrs. Frank Richard Coulby, from 10 Sept 1888] [Active ???]

SNOOK, Frances Ellen May "Fanny" (United Kingdom) [c. April 1871-10 June 1958] [Mrs. John Melrose, from 19 Nov 1896] [Active ???]

SNOOK, Jane Mary (United Kingdom) [c. Sept 1862-18 Sept 1903] [Mrs. Charles John Wilson, from 26 April 1893] [Active ???]

SNOOK, Mabel Louise (United Kingdom) [c. July 1874-9 March 1951] [Mrs. Alfred Everson Harrison, from 12 April 1899] [Active ???]

SNOW, Dorothy Caroline "Dolly" (United States) [c. 1951- ] [Married to Bicknell, from before 1972] [Active 1960s-70s.]

SNOW, (Eva) Louise (United States) [11 July 1926-10 Feb 2007] [Mrs. Isaacs, married between 21 Dec 1947 and 27 July 1948] [Active 1940s-50s.]

Snowden, Mrs. J. C. (from 1905) [SEE COMPTON-LUNDIE, Margaret Clere (D.?)]

Snowden, Mrs. F. B. (1917-1937) [SEE GUTHRIE, Martha Louise]

SOADY, Alexandra “Alex” (United Kingdom) [11 May 1947- ] [Mrs. Thomas W. Cowie, from c. July/Sept 1969] [Active 1960s-70s.]

SOAMES, Elizabeth "Betty" (United Kingdom) [Mrs. John Neil Campbell Couper, from 1 Feb 1936] [Active 1930s-40s.]

SOBIERAJ, Eugenia "Jean" (United States) [8 Sept 1917-19 Sept 2012] [Mrs. Alex B. Zacny] [Active 1940s-50s.]

SOBOTKOVA, ??? (Czechoslovakia) [first name unknown] [Active 1930s.]

SOISBAULT, Annie Marie Blanche (France) [1934- ] [Mme (Marquis) Philippe de Montaigu] [Active 1950s.]

SOMMERAUER, Ingrid (Austria) [4 Nov 1961- ] [Active 1980s.]

SOMOGYI, Klára (Romania/Hungary) [1913-1996] [Mrs. Hensch] [Active 1928-1945]

Somoza, Senora de [SEE BONIFACINO, Nora]

SOOME, Tiiu (Soviet Union) [19 Oct 1944- ] [Married to: Jaak Simson, 1966-1973; Neiland, from ????] [Active 1960s-70s.]

SOOS, Jolan (Hungary) [Married to Wiener] [Active 1930s.]

Sopkova, Mrs. (from after 1971) [SEE GALADOVA, Eleonora]

SŘRENSEN, Lise Kaae (Denmark) [1939- ] [Mrs. Evers, from c. 1964/66] [Active ???]

SORUM, Jean (United States) [6 Jan 1939-10 Dec 2011] [Mrs. Phil Mills, from 1959] [Active 1950s.]

SOTIROVA, Christina (Bulgaria) [20 Oct 1950- ] [Active 1970s.]

SOUKOP, Aneta (Canada) [30 Dec 1978- ] [Married to Christian Zahalka] [Active 1993-2005]

SOULAGE, Marcelle (France) [Active 1930s.]

Soule, Mrs. H. B. (married between 1956 and April 1959) [SEE ROSS-DILLEY, Joan Susan "Joey"]

SOUSAARI (or SUOSUARI), Norma (Australia) [Mrs. Seaman] [Active ???]

Southam, Mrs. K. S. (from 3 Sept 1936) [SEE CLARKE-JERVOISE, Gladys Agnes]

Southam, Mrs. G. [SEE NICHOLS, Loris]

SOUTHAM, Violet Birkmyre (United Kingdom) [18 July 1896-1979] [Mrs. Harold G. Campbell, from 1936] [Active 1920s.]

SOUTHCOMBE, Pamela "Pam" Loris (Australia) [c. 1934- ] [Mrs. Howard Richard Wearne, from 10 Feb 1955] [Active 1950s-60s.]

SOUTHERN, Diane (United States) [Active 1930s.]

SOUTHWELL, Gladys M. (United Kingdom) [Mrs. Geoffrey Lines, from c. Sept 1939] [Active ???]

SOVENSKI, Helen (United States) [1902-1934] [Mrs. McBride] [Active 1930s.]

SPAIN, Lisa (United States) [14 July 1962- ] [Married to H. Short] [Active 1980s.]

Spain-Short, Lisa [SEE SPAIN, Lisa]

Spann, Mrs. J. K. (from 6 August 1960) [SEE SHILCOCK, Jacqueline Anne]

Sparling, (Mrs.) Leslie (Canada) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1950s-60s.]

SPARRE, (Countess) (Sweden) [first name unknown] [Active 1920s.]

SPARRE, Helle (Denmark) [30 June 1956- ] [Married to: Viragh; Karin M. Lang, from 2008] [Active 1970s.]

SPEED, Elaine (Australia) [Mrs. Jack Lovett, from before 1939] [Active 1930s.]

SPEHR-JONES, Josephine (Australia) [Active ???]

SPEIGHT, Sheila (United Kingdom) [c. 1930- ] [Mrs. H. G. Macintosh, from c. 1956/57] [Active 1940s-60s.]

SPENCE, Debbie (United States) [9 Aug 1967- ] [Active 1980s.]

SPENCE, Margaret Jean (Australia) [22 Oct 1930- ] [Mrs. Francis Arthur "Frank" Sedgman, from 30 Jan 1952] [Active ???]

SPENCER, Ada Margaret (United Kingdom) [c. Aug 1881-12 March 1961] [Mrs. Wilfrid(Wilfred?) Leonard Hollick, from c. Aug 1905] [Active 1910s-1920s.]

SPENCER-PARSONS, Pauline (Australia) [Active 1920s-30s.]

SPERANZA, Daisy (France/Monaco) [Mme Wyns, from between Jan and Aug 1932] [Active 1900s-30s.]

Sperling, (Frau) Hilde (from 28 Dec 1933) [SEE KRAHWINKEL, Hildegarde "Hilde"]

Sperling, (Frau) Inga (Denmark) [Married to Axel Sperling, from before 1933; maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Sperling-Krahwinkel, Hilde (from 28 Dec 1933) [SEE KRAHWINKEL, Hildegarde "Hilde"]

SPESSARD, Susan (United States) [c. 1933- ] [Mrs. Ronald A. Cain] [Active 1950-77]

Spiegelman, Mrs. D. L. (from c. 1948) [SEE COHN, Betty Mae]

SPIERS, Mary Hamilton "May" (New Zealand) [Mrs. Harry Mitchell Dykes, from 1929] [Active 1920s-30s.]

SPINOZA, Christiane (France) [7 April 1945- ] [Mme Camerlo] [Active 1960s-70s.]

SPIRLEA, Irina (Romania) [26 March 1974- ] [Married to Massimiliano Pace, from 2001] [Active 1990-2000]

SPOFFORTH, Dorothy (United Kingdom) [Active ???]

SPOFFORTH, Vera Ethel (United Kingdom) [6 Nov 1891-20 March 1977] [Mrs. James Stewart Youle, from 26 Jan 1918] [Active 1910s-20s.]

SPOWERS, Leila Howard Beryl [Beryl] (Australia) [1892-????] [Mrs. Henry "Harry" Macauley Turner, from 27 Jan 1915] [Active 1910s-20s.]

SPREM, Karolina (Croatia) [25 Oct 1984- ] [Married to Marcos Baghdatis, from 14 July 2012] [Active 2000-2011]

Sprickmann, (Frau) Marga (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Springer, (Frau) Erna (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s-30s.] [SEE ???]

SPRINGER, Sue (United States) [Active 1940s.]

Spruill, Mrs. J. R. [SEE TREWBY, Jennifer "Jenny"]

SPRUNG, Heidi (Austria) [10 Jan 1969- ] [Active 1980s-90s.]

SPRUYT, Elsie “Els” (Netherlands) [7 Dec 1943- ] [Married to Piet Veentjer] [Active 1960s-70s.]

SQUIRE, Mabel Bramwell (United Kingdom) [22 July 1881-12 Aug 1962] [Mrs. Ernest George Parton, 15 May 1906-????; Mrs. Theodore Mavrogordato, from 19 July 1924] [Active ???]

SQUIRRELL, Joan D. (United Kingdom) [Mrs. Denys B. D. Field, from 2 Dec 1933] [Active ???]

STACK, June (United States) [31 Dec 1936- ] [Mrs. Breaugh] [Active 1950s.]

STADELMANN, Ruth (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

STAFFORD, Margery (United States) [Mrs. Paul Fremont-Smith, after 21 Nov 1941-????] [Active 1940s-60s.]

STAFFORD, Shaun (United States) [13 Dec 1968- ] [Married to M. Beekish] [Active 1980s-90s.]

STALEY, Jennifer "Jenny" Jane (Australia) [3 March 1934- ] [Mrs. Lewis Alan "Lew" Hoad, from 18 June 1955] [Active 1950s-70s.]

STAMMERS, Katherine Esther "Kay" (United Kingdom) [3 April 1914-23 Dec 2005] [Mrs. Michael Menzies, 24 Jan 1940-1974; Mrs. Thomas Walker Bullitt, from 27 Sept 1975] [Active 1930s-40s.]

STAMPE, Barbara Mary (United Kingdom) [14 July 1915-24 Nov 1995] [Mrs. Raymond Clarke Lance, from 6 Oct 1934] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Standring, Mrs. H. W. (from c. 1926) [SEE PHAYRE, Evelyn Mary]

STANFIELD, Doris "Dot" (Australia) [1890-????] [Mrs. John H. Lester, from 1927] [Active 1910s.]

STANISZEWSKI, Denise (United Kingdom) [29 April 1954- ] [Married to Gwatkin] [Active 1970s.]


STANTON, Corinne (United States) [1892-1982] [Mrs. William Mellors "Bill" Henry, from 9 Sept 1914] [Active 1920s.]

STANTON, Jane E. (United States) [Mrs. Gallagher] [Active ???]

STANUELL, Florence Margaret (Ireland) [1861-1936] [Active 1890s.]

Stanwix, Mrs. G. B. (from c. 1922) [SEE ALVAREZ, Christina Lucy]

Stark, Mrs. R. S. (from 27 October 1937) [SEE BABCOCK, Carolin]

STARKIE, D. Elizabeth "Liz" (United Kingdom) [31 Aug 1938- ] [Mrs. David Wagstaff, from 1970] [Active 1950s-60s.]

Startzman, Mrs. H. McL. (from 14 Sept 1951) [SEE EBY, Margaret "Peggy"]

STAVELOVA, Anna (Czechoslovakia) [Mrs. Skrivankova, from c. 1934] [Active 1920s-30s.]

STAWELL-BROWN, Ellen Mary (United Kingdom) [1878-1958] [Mrs. Edmund Spencer Hemsted, from 1906] [Active ???]

STEBBING, Olive (Australia/India?) [Active 1930s-40s.]

Stebbings, Mrs. R. C. (from c. Oct/Dec 1950) [SEE STOODLEY-MORGAN, Hilary]

STEEDMAN, Bertha (United Kingdom) [1865-11 Jan 1945] [Active 1880s-1900s.]

STEEDMAN, Eva Sarah (United Kingdom) [1861-10 Sept 1944] [Active 1880s-90s.]

STEEDMAN, Mary (United Kingdom) [1864-29 July 1921] [Mrs. Gilbert Holles Farrer Vane, from 24 June 1891] [Active 1880s.]

Steeger, (Frau) Hertha (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

STEENBERG, Jutta (Denmark) [Active 1920s.]

STEENKAMP, Annette (South Africa) [Active 1970s.]

STEIN, Gertrud (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

STEINBACH, Edna (United States) [6 Oct 1907-24 April 2001?] [Mrs. Frank Joseph Salichs, from c. March 1947/48] [Active late 1930s-1954]

STEINTHAL, Dorothea (United Kingdom) [12 April 1884-17 Jan 1978] [Active 1920s.]

Steiskal, Mrs. G. W. (from 1944) [SEE DONNELLY, Marcheta Ruth]

STENZ, Arline (United States) [c. 1911-????] [Active ???]

STENZ, Claire Julie (United States) (c. 1906-????] [Active ???]

Stenz, Mrs. B. F. (from before 10 June 1906) [SEE MAKIN, Julie M.]

Stephan, Mrs. [SEE BECROFT, Elaine]

Stephanus, Frau (from before 1924) [SEE GASSMANN, Nelly]

STEPHEN, Sandra (Australia) [Active 1960s.]

STEPHENS, Ruth (Australia) [Mrs. P. Clifford Tann, from 27 March 1930] [Active 1920s-30s.]

STEPHENS, Shelley (New Zealand) [29 July 1978- ] [Married to Jeffrey Bryce, from before 2011] [Active 1995-2005]

Stern, Margit [SEE HERZOG, Margit]

STERN, Pearl (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

Sterne, Mrs. [SEE HERZOG, Margit]

Sterry, Mrs. A. (from 12 Jan 1901) [SEE COOPER, Charlotte "Chattie" Reinagle]

STERRY, Gwyneth Reinagle “Gwen” (United Kingdom) [1905-????] [Mrs. William Maxwell Simmers, from 9 July 1932] [Active 1920s-40s.]

Stevens, Mrs. G. B. [SEE SMITH, Cora]

STEVENS, Greer Ruth (South Africa) [15 Feb 1957- ] [Married to Kevin Leo-Smith, from 14 Feb 1981] [Active 1970s.]

Stevens, Mrs. R. R. (from 21 Feb 1963) [SEE ROMNEY, Janice Ruth]

STEVENS, Nelly (France) [Active 1930s.]

Stevens, Mrs. (from before 1949) [SEE SMITH, Ruth]

STEVENSON, Dorothy "Dot"/"Dolly" (Australia) [Mrs. John "Jack" Victor Waddell, from 1 Feb 1940] [Active 1930s.]

STEVENSON, Gwynneth "Gwen" (Australia) [????-15 Jan 1950] [Mrs. Graham Waddell, from 1943] [Active 1930s.]

Stevenson, Mrs. G. J. H. (from 28 Oct 1911) [SEE MANLEY-SIMS, Jessie]

Stewart, Mrs. H. H. (from 1 Aug 1925) [SEE MORTON, Agnes Mary "Agatha"]

Stewart, Anthea [SEE COOPER, Anthea]

STEWART, "Billie" (United States) [Active 1960s.?]

STEWART, Bryanne Maree (Australia) [9 Dec 1979- ] [Married to Jaymon Crabb, from Nov 2008; retained maiden name as a player?] [Active 1998-2009]

STEWART, Linda (New Zealand) [11 Jan 1963- ] [Married to Nightingale] [Active ???]

Stewart, Mrs. W. [SEE BALLARD, Margaret "Margie"]

STEWART, Margot (United Kingdom) [11 March 1915-Nov 1999] [Mrs. Francis "Frank" Digby Mackworth Flowerdew, from 10 Jan 1942] [Active 1930s-40s.]

STEWART, Patricia "Pat" (United States) [Mrs. John Hugh Edrich, 1961-July 1965] [Active 1960s.]

STEWART, Pearl A. (Australia) [Active 1910s.]

STICKEL, Lore (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

STIEL, Margaret (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Stitzel, Frau (from c. 1924) [SEE KAEBER, Hete]

STOCK, Marilyn (United States) [17 April 1937- ] [Active 1950s-60s.]

STOCKARD, Bessie (United States) [c. 1934- ] [Active 1960s-70s.]

STŘCKEL, Else (Denmark) [Mrs. Hollis, c. 1933-????; Mrs. Prochownik, c. 1940-????; Mrs. Schmidt(Schmith?, from after 1950] [Active 1920s-50s.]

Stocks, Mrs. A. D. (from 15 Feb 1922) [SEE MCKANE, Margaret]

STOCKWELL, Yale (United States) [22 May 1946- ] [Mrs. James Nicolls, from 14 June 1968] [Active 1960s.]

STOKER, Norma E. (Ireland) [1905-21 Aug 1962] [Active 1920s-30s.]

STOKES, (Ellen) Muriel (United Kingdom) [1888-????] [Active c. 1919-35]

STOKES, (Ellen) Sybil (United Kingdom) [12 July 1891-1975] [Active c.1919-35]

STOKES, (Ellen) Zoe (United Kingdom) [1898-1972] [Active c. 1919-39]

STOKES, Emily Maloney (United States) [1878(1888?)-14 Oct 1930] [Mrs. Spencer Fullerton Weaver, 1903-before 1929] [Active ???]

Stokum, Mrs. [SEE GRIMES, Elizabeth "Betty"]

STONE, Susan (Canada) [31 Jan 1950- ] [Active 1970s.]

STONEY, Sara Inez “Sally” (United Kingdom) [7 April 1912- ] [Mrs. Eric George Lister, from 8 Feb 1940] [Active 1930s-40s.]

STOODLEY-MORGAN, Hilary (United Kingdom) [c. Oct/Dec 1925-6 June 2014] [Mrs. Robert C. Stebbings, from c. Oct/Dec 1950] [Active c. 1946-1950]

STOREY, Mary (Australia) [Mrs. Harry Brian Austin, from 1938] [Active ???]

STORK, J. Wendy K. (United Kingdom) [Mrs. Morris, from c. 1951/52] [Active 1940s-50s.]

Stork, Mrs. H. C. S. (from 8 Sept 1919) [SEE COSENS, Marjorie]

Storms, Mme R. F. B. (by 1920) [SEE PUISSANT, Marie Pauline Julia]

STORMS, Winifred "Winnie" Marie Virginie Séléna (Belgium) [17 June 1886-18 Sept 1977] [Active c. 1903-14]

STOTT, Kathleen “Kay” M. (United Kingdom) [c. 1930- ] [Mrs. John G. Holt, from 1955] [Active 1950s.]

STÖVE, Betty (Netherlands) [24 June 1945- ] [Active 1960s.-1985]

STOYANOVA, Pavlina (Bulgaria/New Zealand) [14 July 1974- ] [Married to Grant Nola, from 1999] [Active 1990s-2000s.]

Strachan, Mrs. A. G. [SEE HERBERT, Phyllis May]

STRACHONOVA (Strachoňová), Hana (Czechoslovakia) [2 Jan 1961- ] [Active 1970s.-1984]

STRACHOVA, Zdenka (Czechoslovakia) [Active 1950s-60s.]

STRAHAN, Roma (Australia) [Active 1950s.]

STRANDBERG, Margaretta(Maria?) (Sweden) [20 March 1951- ] [Mrs. Forsgĺrdh] [Active 1970s.]

STRASHUN, Olga (United States) [26 Dec 1903-5 Aug 1963] [Mrs. Burt Weil] [Active 1920s-30s.]

STRAUBEOVA, Helena (Czechoslovakia/Italy) [Mme Hrdličková, c. 1944-c. 1948; Mme Milan Matous, from 1950] [Active 1930s-50s.]

Straubeová-Hrdličková, Mme (c. 1944-c. 1948) [SEE STRAUBEOVA, Helena]

Strawson, Mrs. F. M. (17 Sept 1925-before 4 Nov 1954) [SEE REID-THOMAS, Ethel Joan]

Strecker, Frau (from 31 May 1941) [SEE KOVAC, Hella]

STRETTELL, Catherine Joan [Joan] (United Kingdom) [8 March 1908-March 1978] [Mrs. Donald Cameron, from 1936] [Active 1930s.]

STRICKLAND, Joy (Australia) [Active 1940s-50s.]

STRNADOVA, Andrea (Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic) [28 May 1972- ] [Married to Jason Stoltenberg, from 17 Nov 1995] [Active 1988-1995]

STROBHAR, Barbara (United States) [27 Dec 1918-18 Aug 1994] [Mrs. Henry Laussat Geyelin Clement, 1942-1970; Mrs. Alfred Hunter, from ???] [Active 1930s-40s.]

Stroink, Mrs. W. (from 3 Nov 1911) [SEE CORDS, (Alwina) Julie]

Stroink-Cords, Julie (from 3 Nov 1911) [SEE CORDS, (Alwina) Julie]

Strom, Mrs. Harold (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

STRÖMBERG, Lily Elisabeth (Sweden) [24 Sept 1896-21 May 1990] [Mrs. von Essen] [Active 1910s-30s.]

Strong, Mrs. L. F. (from 22 Sept 1962) [SEE COX, Vivienne Russell]

STROUD, Alison Jane T. (United Kingdom) [1944- ] [Mrs. Mark Cox, 5 July 1966-????] [Active 1960s.]

STROZZI, Lucia (Italy) [Active 1920s.]

STRUPIER, Genevičve (France) [Active 1930s.]

Struthers, Mrs. J. H. (from 1947) [SEE RAVENSCROFT, Elizabeth "Betty"]

STRYCOVA (Strýcová), Barbora (Czech Republic) [28 March 1986- ] [Married to Jakub Herm-Záhlava, from 2006] [Active 2000- ]

Stuart, Mrs. K. (c. 1974-????) [SEE GRUBB, Elizabeth "Betty" Ann]

STUART, Maud Erinoine (Ireland) [17 Nov 1879-1 Jan 1969] [Active c. 1910-1914]

Stuck, Frau H. (1932-1948) [SEE HEIMANN, Paula]

STUDER, Lucia (Switzerland) [Active 1940s.]

Stuhler, Mrs. R. ("B.") H. (from 10 Aug 1943) [SEE CUMMING, Patricia “Pat” Carnighan]

Stuhler, Mrs. R. H. [SEE CUMMING, Patricia]

Sturgis, Mrs. Robert (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

STURM, Almut (Germany) [7 April 1941- ] [Frau Gfroerer, from c. 1972] [Active 1960s-70s.]

Sturm, (Frau) Annie (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Sturman, Mrs. W. F. (from 23 April 1924) [SEE CURTIS, Nancy Ella]

STURTON, Florence Maud [Maud] (United Kingdom/Canada?) [1882-1978] [Mrs. Eric Brown, from 26 Dec 1910] [Active 1900s.]

STURTON, Irene Donelan (United Kingdom) [14 May 1878-14 June 1955] [Active 1900s.]

SUAREZ, Paola Lorena (Argentina) [23 June 1976- ] [Married to Francisco Poo, from 26 Jan 2008] [Active 1990s-2000s.]

SUBIRANA, Francisca "Panchita" (Spain) [1900-1981] [Married to Dr. Ricardo Wolf, from 1924] [Active 1910s-20s.]

SUDGEN, Marguerite Lucy Katherine (United Kingdom) [1888-26 June 1953] [Mrs. Robert Edward Stanley Pearce, 1910-c. 1921; Mrs. Harold Ridley Temperley, 1922-????; Mrs. Charles Heathcote Fowle, from 1938] [[Active c. 1910-1921]

Sugiarto, Mrs. R. (from 1972) [SEE LIEM, Lita]

SUKHODOLSKAYA, Tamira Kazimirovna (Soviet Union) [1898-1936] [Active 1920s.]

SUKOVA, Helena (Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic) [23 Feb 1965- ] [Active 1980s-90s.]

Sukova, Vera (from 5 May 1961) [SEE PUZEJOVA (Pužejová), Vera]

SULLIVAN, Edna (United States) [Active 1920s.]

SULLIVAN, Edythe "Edie" (United States) [Mrs. David Michael McGoldrick, from 1954] [Active ???]

Sullivan, Jeannine (from before 1987) [SEE BALBIERS, Jeannine]

SULLIVAN, Joan Elizabeth (United States) [8 March 1937-2 Oct 2001] [Mrs. Carder] [Active 1950s.]

Sullivan, Mrs. W. (from 1910) [SEE EVANS, Mary Constance “Connie”]

Summers, Mrs. [SEE VAN DEVENTER, Anita]

Summers, Mrs. R. A. (from 8 July 1943) [SEE PIERCEY, Sheila Audrey]

SUONPAA, Maija (Finland) [25 May 1965- ] [Active 1980s.]

SUOSUARI (or SOUSAARI), Norma (Australia) [Mrs. Seaman] [Active ???]

SURBER, Grace (United States) [Active 1930s.]

SURNACHEVA, Anastasia Semyonova (Soviet Union) [20 Dec 1905-????] [Active ???]

Susman, Mrs. J. R. (from 12 Sept 1961) [SEE HANTZE, Karen Janice]

Suter, Mrs. H. (from 1929) [SEE BECKINGHAM, Elma Mildred]

SUTTER, Jetti (Switzerland) [Active 1940s.]

SUTTON, Enid M. (United Kingdom) [Active 1930s-40s.]

SUTTON, Ethel (United States) [28 Jan 1880-18 June 1957] [Mrs. Burt Orlando Bruce, from 2 Sept 1902] [Active 1890s-1910s.]

SUTTON, Florence E. (United States) [2(20?) Sept 1883–16 Oct 1974] [Active 1890s-10s.]

SUTTON, May Godfrey (United States) [25 Sept 1886-4 Oct 1975] [Mrs. Thomas Clark Bundy, 11 Dec 1912-1940] [Active 1890s-1920s.]

SUTTON, Violet (United States) [22 Jan 1882-3 Aug 1957] [Mrs. Harold Hope Doeg, from 4 Nov 1905] [Active 1890s-1900s.]

Suttor, Mrs. W. B. (from 1932) [SEE BICKERTON, Dorothy]

SUTZ, Edith (Switzerland) [Mme Böhm, from c. 1949/50] [Active 1930s-50s.]

SUURBEEK, Astrid (Netherlands) [15 Feb 1947- ] [Active 1960s-80s.]

SVANBERG, Milly (Denmark) [18 March 1921-25 Nov 2009] [Mrs. Vagn-Nielsen, from before 1946] [Active 1940s-50s.]

Svensson, Asa (from 8 Dec 2001) [SEE CARLSSON, Asa]

SVIGLEROVA (Švíglerová), Eva (Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic) [13 Jul 1971- ] [Active 1987-1994]

SWAN, Glenda (South Africa) [Active 1960s.]

SWARTZ, Carolyn (United States) [Mrs. Gerson T. Hirsch] [Active 1930s.]

Sweeney, Mrs. N. G. (from 1961) [SEE HOLSTEIN, Elizabeth "Betty" Lorraine]

SWEET-ESCOTT, Mary (United Kingdom) [Active 1890s.]

Symmers, Mrs. W. G. (from 20 March 1946) [SEE ELLIS, Anne H.]

SYMONS, Beatrice "Bea" (Canada) [Mrs. Gilbert "Gil" Nunns, from 7 Sept 1933] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Szabo, Denisa (from 10 Nov 1990) [SEE KRAJCOVICOVA, Denisa]

SZABO, Eva (Hungary) [30 Oct 1945- ] [Active 1960s-70s.]

SZAVAY, Agnes (Hungary) [29 Dec 1989- ] [Active 2003-2012]

Szechenyi, Mrs. (Countess) L. (from 27 Jan 1908) [SEE VANDERBILT, Gladys Moore]

SZELL, Erzsebet (Hungary) [7 Dec 1945- ] [Active 1960s-70s.]

SZIKSZAY, Reeka (Hungary) [3 Aug 1965- ] [Active 1980s-90s.]

SZILVASY, Edith (Hungary) [Active 1930s-40s.]

SZORENYI, Judith (Hungary) [8 Dec 1949- ] [Active 1960s-80s.]

Szwaj, Danuta [SEE WIECZOREK, Danuta]

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Re: Blast Encyclopedia of Female Tennis Players

[A] [B] [C] [D] E] [F] [G] [H] [I] [J] [K] [L] [M] [N] [O] [P] [Q] [R] [S] [T] [U] [V] [W] [X] [Y] [Z]

TABOR, Helen Amy [Amy] (United Kingdom) [23 Dec 1863-16 Sept 1946] [Active 1880s.]

Tacchini, Signora (from c. 1963) [SEE SEGHERS, Pierrette]

TALAJA, Silvija (Croatia) [14 Jan 1978- ] [Married to Tonci Tolja, from May 2006] [Active 1990s-2000s.]

TAMSEN, Julia Therese (South Africa) [23 Oct 1923- ] [Mrs. Wipplinger, from before 1949] [Active 1940s-50s.]

Tandonnet, (Mme) Jeanne (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

TANKARD, Muriel Kathleen (United Kingdom) [1888-16 Jan 1960] [Mrs. Francis A. Cheverton, from 1921] [Active 1910s.]

Tann, Mrs. P. C. (from 27 March 1930) [SEE STEPHENS, Ruth]

Tanner, (Mrs.) Ethel (United Kingdom) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1890s.] [SEE ???]

Tanner, Mrs. E. D. (1887-1908) [SEE LANCE, Sarah Mary]

TANVIER, Catherine (France) [28 May 1965- ] [Active 1980s.]

TAPIA, Maria (Mexico) [Married to Angel Roldan, from 26 April 1938] [Active 1920s.]

Tapia de Roldan, Senora (26 April 1938) [SEE TAPIA, Maria]

TAPSCOTT, Ruth Daphne "Billie" (South Africa) [31 May 1903-1970] [Mrs. Collin John James Robbins, from 1930] [Active 1920s-30s.]

TARABINI, Patricia (Argentina) [6 Aug 1968- ] [Active 1980s-2000s.]

TARDAN, Cécile (France) [Active 1930s.]

TATARKOVA, Elena (Olena) Valeriyvna (Ukraine) [22 Aug 1976- ] [Married to Timothy Feltham, from 14 Sept 2007] [Active 1992-2006]

Taterczynski, Helga (from c. 1967/68) [SEE MAGDEBURG, Helga]

TATLOW, Helen (Canada) [????-29/30 Dec 1935] [Mrs. R. B. Wilson, from before July 1933] [Active 1920s-30s.]

TAUBELE, Elsa "Elsie" (United States) [c. 1906-????] [Active 1920s-30s.]

TAUBELE, Norma (United States) [12 Sept 1911- ] [Mrs. Barber, from c. 1940/41] [Active 1927-1950]

Taubele, (Mrs.) Rose (United States) [c. 1883-????] [Married to Edward Taubele; maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s-30s.] [SEE ???]

Taunay, Mme (Netherlands) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s-30s.] [SEE ???]

TAUTE, Hilde (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

TAUZIAT, Nathalie (France) [17 Oct 1967- ] [Married to Ramuncho Palaurena, from 16 July 2005] [Active 1980s-2000s.]

Taylor, Mrs. W. F. (from 1935) [SEE KLEMANTASKI, Alida Evelyn]

TAYLOR, Etta (United States) [1909-16 Sept 2003] [Mrs. Frank Coyne, from 1929] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Taylor, Mrs. R. (14 Feb 1969-before 2007) [SEE MACLENNAN, Frances Veronica Margaret]

TAYLOR, Gladys (United States) [24 Oct 1891-8 Dec 1954] [Mrs. Edward V. Lynch, before 1917-????; Mrs. Philip Bouvier Hawk, from c. 1923] [Active 1910s-40s.]

Taylor, Mrs. J. S. (from 20 April 1911) [SEE TURLE, Hildegarde E.]

TAYLOR, M. L. (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

TAYLOR, Mabel (Australia) [Active 1890s.]

TAYLOR, Madge (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

TAYLOR, Margaret (Australia) [Active ???]

Teacher, Kathy (Feb 1979-????) [SEE MAY, Kathryn "Kathy"]

Teague, Mrs. R. J. D. (from 1 Nov 1933) [SEE WOODROFFE, Alice]

TEDING VAN BERKHOUT, Louise E. (Netherlands) [9 March 1860-27 June 1939] [Married to Friedrich von Lutitz] [Active c. 1885-1900]

TEGART, Judith Anne Marshall "Judy" (Australia) [12 Dec 1937- ] [Mrs. (Dr) David E. Dalton, from 18 Nov 1969] [Active 1950s-70s.]

TEGLAND, Jacque (United States) [10 Feb 1939- ] [Mrs. Michael Green, from before 1965] [Active 1950s-60s.]

TELLA, Luciana (Brazil) [31 Dec 1969- ] [Active 1980s-90s.]

TEMESVARI, Andrea (Hungary) [26 April 1966- ] [Married to: Andras Trunkos, 17 May 1988-????; Csongor Visontai, from 7 Oct 2000] [Active 1980s-90s.]

Temesvari-Trunkos, Andrea (17 May 1988-before 7 Oct 2000) [SEE TEMESVARI, Andrea]

TEMPELMAN, Agatha (Great Britain) [1873-????] [Active ???]

TEMPELMAN, Ursula (Great Britain) [1876-????] [Active ???]

Temperley, Mrs. H. R. (1922-before 1938) [SEE SUDGEN, Marguerite Lucy Katherine]

TEN BOSCH, Fenny Jeanne Ida (Netherlands) [1935-16 Jan 1959] [Married to De Soet] [Active 1950s.]

TEODOROWICZ, Katarzyna (Poland) [28 Nov 1972- ] [Married to Lisowski] [Active 1989-1999, 2002]

Teodorowicz-Lisowska, Katarzyna [SEE TEODOROWICZ, Katarzyna]

TEPLYAKOVA, Nina Sergeyevna (Soviet Union) [10 Nov 1904-22 July 1983] [Active 1920s-30s.]

TER RIET, Hellas (Netherlands) [21 June 1968- ] [Married to Jacco Eltingh, from 11 July 1997] [Active 1985-1992]

TERAN, Maria Luisa (Argentina/Spain) [29 Jan 1918-8 Dec 1984] [Married to Heraldo Weiss, from c. 1942/43] [Active 1930s-50s.]

Teran de Weiss, Senora (from c. 1942/43) [SEE TERAN, Maria Luisa]

TERRAS, Evelyn(Evelyne?) (France/Italy) [25 Sept 1944-24 Sept 2012] [Married to Dino Papale, from c. 1970] [Active 1960s-70s.]

Terrey, Mrs. L. C. [SEE SLY, Eileen]

TERRY, Elizabeth (New Zealand) [5 Jan 1945- ] [Mrs. Odgers, from before 1971] [Active ???]

TERWINDT, Geertruida "Truid" (Netherlands) [4 April 1917-27 Dec 2002] [Married to Huib Blaisse, from 1938] [Active 1930s-50s.]

Tesman, Mrs. [SEE GRIMES, Elizabeth "Betty"]

TESSI, Cristina (Argentina) [20 July 1972- ] [Active 1987-1995]

TESTUD, Sandrine (France) [3 April 1972- ] [Married to Vittorio Magnelli, from 13 June 1998; didn’t play under married name] [Active 1990s-2000s.]

Teubler, Mrs. F. D. (from 1960) [SEE WATERS, Susan “Sue” Elaine]

THACKARA, Helen Mary Salter (United Kingdom) [12 March 1914/15-Sept 2005] [Mrs. Patrick Somerset Morgan Dew, from c. Oct/Dec 1940] [Active 1940s-50s.]

THACKRAY, Regina M. C. (United Kingdom) [1938- ] [Mrs. John Malcolm Huntington, from 1962] [Active 1950s-60s.]

THAYER, Mary Dixon "Molly / Mollie" (United States) [16 Dec 1896-16 April 1989] [Mrs. (Dr) Maurice Fremont-Smith, from 4 Oct 1928] [Active 1910s.]

Theopold, Mrs. P. H. (from 16 June 1928) [SEE ROYCE, Harriet Elizabeth]

THEW, Gwen (Australia) [Mrs. Eric Heher, from 1935] [Active ???]

Thiele, Mrs. A. "R." (from 1944) [SEE O'HALLORAN, Gwen]

THIEMEN, Ruth (Germany) [27 Nov 1919-Aug/early Sept 1944] [Frau Precht, from c. 1943] [Active 1930s-40s.]

THIEMEYER(Thiemayer?), Yutha Maud Mary (Australia) [1918- ] [Mrs. Allen Stuart Halliday, from 2 March 1940] [Active 1930s.]

THITCHENER, Marjorie Evelyn (Australia) [1889-1973] [Mrs. Alfred Foster, from 19 Sept 1922] [Active ???]

THOM, Mary (United Kingdom) [Active 1900s-20s.]

Thomas, Mrs. G. R. (from 20 June 1899) [SEE SHACKLE, Edith Maud]

THOMAS, Gwyneth "Gwyn" / "Gwen" (United States) [9 July 1940-10 Oct 2005] [Active 1950s-60s.]

Thomas, Laura [SEE RITCHEY, Laura]

Thomas, Linda (from c. 1975) [SEE RUPERT, Linda]

THOMAS, Muriel Alice (United Kingdom) [1 May 1905-19 Nov 1979] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Thomas, Mrs. P. (United Kingdom) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

THOMAS, Miss R. (Great Britain) [Active 1930s.]

Thomas, Mrs. A. H. (from Aug 1947) [SEE DACE, Vera Sybil]

Thompson, (Mrs.) Bertha “Bert” F. (United States) [20 Feb 1905-20 March 1972] [Married to Albert "Al" Lynch Thompson, from 1923; maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s-30s.] [SEE ???]

Thompson, Mrs. A. E. (from c. Oct 1889) [SEE NOON, Florence Ethel Broughton]

THOMPSON, Gladys N. (United Kingdom) [Mrs. Harold A. Lewis, from c. June 1931] [Active 1930s.]

THOMPSON, Gloria (United States) [24 Jan 1924-8 Jan 2007] [Mrs. James J. Connors] [Active 1940s.]

Thompson, Mrs. H. (from c. Dec 1936) [SEE MARSHALL, Joan E.]

Thompson, Mrs. D. (from c. 1908) [SEE LEROY, Margaret]

Thompson, Mrs. W. L. (from 6 Jan 1909) [SEE GROOME, Martha]

Thompson, Mrs. N. M. (from 1 Jan 1930) [SEE TRACY, Mary Anastasia Camillus "May"]

Thompson, Mrs. DeLloyd (1922-c. 1930/33, retained married name) [SEE PARKINSON, Naomi J.]

Thompson, Mrs. W. S. (from 29 Jan 1938) [SEE KING, Vere Kersteman]

THOMSON, Ethel Warneford (United Kingdom) [8 June 1879-10 Aug 1965] [Mrs. Dudley Thomas Reynolds Larcombe, from 15 Oct 1906] [Active 1900s-10s.]

THOMSON, Patience Lilian F. (United Kingdom) [7 April 1912-Dec 1969] [Mrs. Chapman, from c. April/June 1940] [Active 1930s-40s.]

THOREN, Petra (Finland) [8 Aug 1969- ] [Active 1980s-90s.]

Thornbrough, Kathy (????-before 2 August 1973) [SEE BLAKE, Kathleen “Kathy” A.]

THORNTON, Jennifer (Ireland) [2 July 1965- ] [Active 1980s-90s.]

Thung, Mrs. (from before 1950) [SEE WALDTHAUSEN, Berna]

THURLOW, Eva (Australia) [Active 1900s.]

THURLOW, May (Australia) [1888-????] [Mrs. Eric Cowlishaw, from 1915] [Active 1900s.]

THYNE, H. M. "Nell" (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

THYNNE, Ellen Martha (United Kingdom) [1872-3 Sept 1935] [Mrs. Gillibrand Elwin Evered, from 1899] [Active ???]

Tidball, Mrs. W. (from 19 Feb 1909) [SEE JOHNSON, Margaret Winthrop]

Tiedemann, Mrs. A. (from 1931) [SEE BOUMAN, Kornelia "Kea"]

Tihanyi, Medy [SEE GROSZ, Medy]

Tihanyine, Mrs. [SEE GROSZ, Medy]

Timme, Frau [SEE FRISCH, Anneliese]

TINDLE, Janice (Canada) [3 July 1950- ] [Active 1970s.]

Tinnock, Mrs. W. J. (from 16 May 1955) [SEE BURKE, Judith Frances "Judy"]

TIPTON, Sally (United States) [1929- ] [Mrs. Thomas L. Coan] [Active 1940s-50s.]

TIS, Ellen Eduardovna (Soviet Union) [1909-16 July 1942] [Active 1930s.]

Tischler, Frau [SEE HIRSCH, Grete]

TISSOT, Judith "Judy" (Australia) [Mrs. Edward Fitzgerald, from 1957] [Active 1950s.]

TITCHENER, Pauline M. "Vera" (United Kingdom) [1933- ] [Mrs. Victor A. Roberts, Sept 1955-????; Mrs. Geoffrey M. Cox, from 1969] [Active 1950s-60s.]

Titova, Valeria (from 12 Nov 1960) [SEE KUZMENKO, Valeria]

TIVEY, Beth (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

TOBIN, Amanda (Australia) [8 June 1960- ] [Married to: Dingwall ????-????; Evans, from ????] [Active 1970s-80s.]

Tobin, Mrs. B. R. (from 2 February 1954) [SEE BORELLI, Carmen Juliette]

Tobin-Dingwall, Amanda [SEE TOBIN, Amanda]

Tobin-Evans, Amanda [SEE TOBIN, Amanda]

Todd, Mrs. C. V. (from 1921) [SEE NEWBIGGING, Gertrude V.]

Todd, Mrs. J. (from Nov 1923) [SEE MOUNTAIN, Marjorie]

Todd, Mrs. R. B. (from 25 Dec 1941) [SEE CANNING, Mary Patricia “Pat”]

TOLEAFOA, Claudine (New Zealand) [14 April 1963- ] [Married to Carl Limberger] [Active 1980s.]

TOMANOVA, Renata (Czechoslovakia) [9 Dec 1954- ] [Married to: W. R. Roth, ????-????; Paul Vojtischek, from 8 Jan 1990] [Active 1970s-80s.]

Tomanova-Roth, Renata [SEE TOMANOVA, Renata]

Tomasi, (Mme) Louise (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

TOMKIN, Judith Royce (United Kingdom) [25 April 1899-1991] [Mrs. Henry Weston Backhouse, from c. May 1924] [Active 1920s.]

TOMLINSON, Evelyn (United States) [29 Nov 1915-21 Feb 2009] [Mrs. Diederich; Mrs. Harry E. Couch Sr.] [Active 1930s.]

TONOLLI, Vittoria (Italy) [1916- ] [Active 1935-1954]

TOOMEY, Marie Therese (Australia) [Mrs. George Martin, from 28 Feb 1950] [Active 1940s-50s.]

TOPHAM, Adčle Nelia (United Kingdom) [1891-????] [Mrs. Henry Peter George Bayon] [Active 1910s.]

TOPHAM, Doris Marguerite (United Kingdom) [30 May 1893-????] [Mrs. Joseph Harrison Macfarlane, from 25 Aug 1920] [Active 1910s.]

Torrance, Mrs. [SEE FRIZZELL, Ella Shelby]

TORRANCE, Susan (United States) [c. 1950- ] [Active 1980s.]

TORRES, Michelle (United States) [27 June 1967- ] [Married to Stephen Casati] [Active 1982-1989]

TORT, Maria (Chile) [Married to Luis Alberto Ayala Salinas, from 3 Jan 1959] [Active 1950s-60s.]

Tort de Ayala, Maria (from 3 Jan 1959) [SEE TORT, Maria]

TOSH, Agnes I. (Australia) [1909- ] [Mrs. Leslie N. Turner, from 1935] [Active 1930s.]

Touchard, Mrs. G. F. (from 11 Oct 1911) [SEE HOLMES, Emeline William]

TOUGH, Edith (United States) [c. 1911-????] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Toulmin, Mrs. H. C. (from 1891) [SEE TOWNSEND, Bertha Lawrence "Bertie"/"Birdie"]

TOWNSEND, Anna Jerome (United States) [June 1892-April 1956] [Mrs. Francis (Frank) Harriman Godfrey, from 16 Oct 1913] [Active 1910s-20s.]

TOWNSEND, Anne Barton (United States) [8 March 1900-5 Feb 1984] [Active 1910s-30s.]

TOWNSEND, Bertha Lawrence "Bertie"/"Birdie" (United States) [7 March 1869-12 May 1909] [Mrs. Henry "Harry" C. Toulmin, from 1891] [Active 1880s-90s.]

Townsend, Mrs. (from c. 1930/31) [SEE GORDON, Davina]

TOWNSEND, Janice H. (United Kingdom) [11 June 1947- ] [Mrs. Mark R. Wainwright, from 1971] [Active 1960s-70s.]

TOYNE, Faye(Fay?) (Australia) [18 Dec 1943- ] [Mrs. James "Jim" L. Moore] [Active 1960s-70s.]

TOYNE, Gladys B. (Australia) [Active 1920s-30s.]

TRACY, Mary Anastasia Camillus "May" (New Zealand) [Mrs. Noel McNair Thompson, from 1 Jan 1930] [Active ???]

TRAEGAR, Joyce (Australia) [Active 1940s.]

Tragett, Mrs. R. C. (22 May 1911-before 1934) [SEE LARMINIE, Margaret Rivers]

TRASENSTER, Marguerite (Belgium) [19 Nov 1885-24 Dec 1967] [Mme Jacques Charles Elise Chaudoir, from 30 Sept 1905] [Active 1900s-20s.]

Trasenster, Mme P. J. J. (from 2 May 1878) [SEE DE LAVELEYE, Marie-Rose Julie “Marie”]

TRASENSTER, Marthe (Belgium) [30 March 1892-15 Nov 1979] [Mme Emile Léon Jacques DuPont, from 15 Oct 1911] [Active 1900s-30s.]

TRASENSTER, Nelly (Belgium) [2 Oct 1889-3 Aug 1980] [Active 1900s-10s.]

Travers, Mrs. E. (from 1922) [SEE CASE, Ettie G. M.]

TRAVERS, Eva (New Zealand) [Active 1900s-10s.]

TREDE, Magdalena “Marga” (Germany/Argentina) [Senora de Fitting, from before 1937] [Active 1930s.]

Trentham, Mrs. D. P. (from c. April/June 1934) [SEE JOHNSTONE, Margery "Mie"]

TRENTHAM, Naomi (United Kingdom) [3 Oct 1907-1999] [Mrs. Robert "Bobby" Gladstone, from c. Aug 1933] [Active 1920s-30s.]

TREWBY, Jennifer "Jenny" (United Kingdom) [c. April/June 1940- ] [Mrs. John R. Spruill] [Active 1950s-60s.]

TREWHELLA, Ellen “Nellie” (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

Triboulet, (Mme) Lucienne (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

TRIMBLE, Janan (United States) [1956- ] [Married to Stephen Batchelor] [Active ???]

TRIMINGHAM, Alice Emily (Bermuda) [1874-????] [Mrs. Francis Goodwin Gosling, from 3 Nov 1896] [Active ???]

Trinder, Mrs. A. A. (from 6 July 1905) [SEE WOOD, Christine Mary]

Triolo, Mrs. (from c. 1970) [SEE CARTER, Denise]

TRIPP, Caroline Beatrice [Beatrice] (United Kingdom) [c. Feb 1884-1959] [Active 1900s.]

TRIPP, Jessie Evelyn (United Kingdom) [1 Sept 1872-30 April 1958] [Active 1900s-10s.]

TRIPP, Margaret Francis (United Kingdom) [c. Aug 1879-17 Dec 1948] [Active 1900s-20s.]

Triscott, Mrs. C. P. (from 17 Nov 1884) [SEE PRENDERGAST, Catherine Mary(May?)]

Trotter, Mrs. J. (from 25 July 1928) [SEE BROCKLESBY, Catherine Pattie]

TROUNCER, Mollie (United Kingdom) [United Kingdom) [Active 1930s.]

TROWER, Jean M. (United Kingdom) [1931- ] [Mrs. William Myles Hudspeth, from 14 March 1953] [Active 1940s-50s.]

TRUMAN, Christine (United Kingdom) [16 Jan 1941- ] [Mrs. Gerald T. Janes, from 1 Dec 1967] [Active 1950s-70s.]

TRUMAN, Frances Eleanor "Nell" (United Kingdom) [12 Dec 1945-8 April 2012] [Mrs. Christopher P. Robinson, from 1972] [Active 1960s-70s.]

Trumbull, Mrs. W. H. (from 15 Sept 1919) [SEE WINSOR, Mary Pickard]

TRUTER, Elizabeth "Liz" (South Africa) [9 Nov 1954- ] [Mrs. Clive Vlotman, from circa 1974] [Active 1970s.]

TSARBOPOULOU, Olga (Greece) 19 Jun 1968 [Active 1980-90s.]

TSCHAGGENY, Lucienne (Belgium) [Active 1900s-10s.]

TSCHAGGENY, Simone (Belgium) [Active 1900s.]

TU, Meilen (United States) [17 Jan 1978- ] [Married to Samuel "Sam" Sumyk, from 16 Feb 2008] [Active 1990s-2000s]

Tübben, (Frau) Ruth (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Tuckey, Mrs. C. O. (from 17 April 1906) [SEE DANIELL, Agnes Katharine Raymond]

TUCKEY, Diane C. (United Kingdom) [c. Jan/March 1943- ] [Mrs. John A. Bennett, from c. Jan/March 1965] [Active 1960s.]

TUCKEY, Kathleen "Kay" Lilian Agnes (United Kingdom) [c. Jan/March 1922- ] [Mrs. John Arthur Carteret Maule, from 20 Oct 1951] [Active 1940s-50s.]

TUCKFIELD, Jillian "Jill" (Australia) [c. 1928- ] [Married to Flight-Lieutenant Ian Russell Olorenshaw, from 9 July 1949] [Active ???]

TUCKFIELD, Joan (Australia) [Active 1940s.]

Tudor, Mrs. R. V. (from 1900) [SEE PARR, Katherine Mary]

TUERO, Linda Ann (United States) [21 Oct 1950- ] [Married to William Peter Blatty, from 20 July 1975] [Active 1960s-70s.]

TUFF, Louise (Ireland) [4 Sep 1961- ] [Active 1970s-80s.]

TUGENDHAT, Frédérique (France) [Active 1930s.]

TULLOCH, Minnie Beryl [Beryl] (United Kingdom) [1879-11 Nov 1948] [Active 1890s-1910s.]

TULLOCH, Olive (United Kingdom) [1881-????] [Mrs. William Bain, from 1914] [Active ???]

TUNNEY, ??? (Australia) [first name unknown] [Active 1930s.]

TUPHOLME, Priscilla Mary I. (United Kingdom) [12 Sept 1916-March 1979] [Active 1950s.]

Turber, Mrs. C. F. [SEE GRAHAM, Sara Mae]

TURLE, Hildegarde E. (United States) [circa 1885/86-????] [Mrs. John Saunders Taylor, from 20 April 1911] [Active 1900s-30s.]

TURNBULL, Agnes (Argentina) [Married to Mackinnon] [Active 1920s.]

Turnbull, Mrs. R. M. (from 14 October 1931) [SEE BARR, Helen Milne]

TURNBULL, María (Argentina) [Married to Rendtorff] [Active 1920s.]

TURNBULL, Wendy (Australia) [26 Nov 1952- ] [Active 1968-1989]

Turnbull de Mackinnon, Senora [SEE TURNBULL, Agnes]

Turnbull de Rendtorff, Senora [SEE TURNBULL, María]

Turner, Mrs. L. N. (from 1935) [SEE TOSH, Agnes I.]

Turner, Mrs. H. M. (from 27 Jan 1915) [SEE SPOWERS, Leila Howard Beryl]

TURNER, Lesley Rosemary (Australia) [16 Aug 1942- ] [Mrs. William Walter "Bill" Bowrey, from 23 Feb 1968] [Active 1960s-70s.]

TURNER, Molly(or Mollie) (Australia) [Active 1940s.]

TUTT, Susan M. "Sue" (United Kingdom) [April/June 1943- ] [Mrs. Philip J. Northen, from July/Sept 1969] [Active 1960s-70s.]

TWELFTREE, Flossie A. "Tots" (Australia) [26 Oct 1889-1925] [Mrs. E. N. Seary] [Active ???]

Tym, Mrs. W. A. (from c. Sept 1962) [SEE LUTHY, Alice]

TYRRELL, Christine Irene (United Kingdom) [23 Feb 1891-June 1977] [Mrs. Walter Merricks, from 9 July 1936] [Active 1920s.-1936]

Tyrwhitt Drake, Mrs A. (United Kingdon) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1880s.] [SEE ???]

TYTER, Faye (Australia) [1929- ] [Mrs. Tod Richardson, from 1951] [Active ???]

Tyzack, Mrs. W. A. (from 25 Aug 1930) [SEE SMITH, Margaret Hazel Morrison]

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Re: Blast Encyclopedia of Female Tennis Players

[A] [B] [C] [D] E] [F] [G] [H] [I] [J] [K] [L] [M] [N] [O] [P] [Q] [R] [S] [T] [U] [V] [W] [X] [Y] [Z]

Uber, Mrs. H. S. (from 1925) [SEE CORBIN, Elizabeth "Betty"]

UFFENS, Frances (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Uhl, Frau (from 17 March 1914) [SEE SCHULTZ, Daisy]

UHLMANN, Mária (Hungary) [Married to József Paksy, from before June 1928] [Active 1920s-30s.]

ULLSTEIN, Anneliese (Germany/Italy) [3 Nov 1919- ] [Married to: Renato Bossi, ????-????; Giorgio Bellani, from ????] [Active 1930s-1950s.]

ULRICH, Uschi (Austria) [18 Aug 1959- ] [Active 1970s.]

UMPHRED, Frances (United States) [Active 1920s-30s.]

Underwood, Mrs. K. J. (from c. July/Sept 1936) [SEE SCOTT, Freda Kathleen]

Uranga, Mrs. (late 1938/ early 1939-????) [SEE HICKS, Esther]

URBAN, Faye (Canada) [28 Oct 1945- ] [Mrs. Mlacek] [Active 1950s-70s.]

Urlwin-Smith, Mrs. E. (from 2 March 1940) [SEE BRACE, Margaret "Peggy" Frances]

Uspensky, Mrs. [SEE MARTINOVA, Vera Viktorovna]

Utz, Mrs. H. S. B. (from 1920) [SEE CHIPLIN, Gwendoline "Gwen" M.]

UTZ, Helen (Australia) [Mrs. Doyle] [Active ???]

Utz, Mrs. L. (from 5 June 1924) [SEE BULL, Lorna Mabel]

UTZ, Peggy (Australia) [Mrs. Peardon] [Active ???]

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Re: Blast Encyclopedia of Female Tennis Players

[A] [B] [C] [D] [E] [F] [G] [H] [I] [J] [K] [L] [M] [N] [O] [P] [Q] [R] [S] [T] [U] [V] [W] [X] [Y] [Z]

VAGN-NIELSEN, Bente (Denmark) [Active ???]

Vagn-Nielsen, Mrs. (from before 1946) [SEE SVANBERG, Milly]

VAHLEY, Hella (East Germany) [24 Oct 1938- ] [Married to Dr. Dieter Riede, from c. July 1965] [Active 1960s.]

VAIDISOVA, Nicole (Czech Republic) [23 April 1989- ] [Married to Radek Stepanek, from 17 July 2010] [Active 2003-2010]

VAIDYANATHAN, Nirupama (India) [8 Dec 1976- ] [Married to Sanjeev Balakrishnan, from 23 May 2002] [Active 1992-2003, 2009-2010]

VALANTINE, Julia Madge Rose [Madge] (Australia/United Kingdom) [31 Oct 1897-1966] [Mrs. Walter Darrell List, from 1927] [Active 1920s-30s.]

VALAT, Jeanne (France) [Active 1930s.]

Valdene, Countess de la (from 14 Nov 1935] [SEE ALVAREZ, Elia Maria "Lili" de]

VALE, Margaret Mildred (Australia) [1893-1972] [Active ???]

VALENTIN, Ruth (United States) [Active 1930s.]

VALENTINE-BROWN, Violet Gertrude [Gertrude] (United Kingdom) [8 Feb 1913- ] [Active 1920s-1946]

VALERIO, Lucia (Italy) [28 Feb 1905-26 Sept 1996] [Active 1926-1936]

VALKENBURG, Ula (Australia) [1901-????] [Active 1920s-30s.]

VALLEBUONA, Gladys (United States) [Active 1930s.]

VALLEJO, Alejandra (Mexico) [21 Oct 1958- ] [Married to José Maria Ripoll] [Active 1970s.]

VALLICK, Jeanne-Marie (France) [Active 1930s.]

VALTIER, Yvonne (France) [Active 1930s.]

VAN AKEN, Adriana Theodora "Zus" (Netherlands) [19 Oct 1881-14 Nov 1978] [Mrs. Frederik "Frits" Karel Jacob Beukema toe Water, from 1908] [Active 1900s-20s.]

VAN AKEN, Anthonia Maria "Anthonie" (Netherlands) [1876-????] [Active 1900s-10s.]

VAN AKEN, Betje (Netherlands) [Active 1890s.]

VAN ASCH, Annie (New Zealand) [Active ???]

VAN ASCH, Katherine Lucia (New Zealand) [Mrs. Edward Menlove, from 1905] [Active ???]

van Berkel, Mrs. H.M.A. (from 22 Sept 1936) [SEE BELZER, Els]


van Cutsem, Mme A. (from 28 April 1949) [SEE DE BORMAN, Myriam Leyle Adrianne Victorine Ghislaine]

VAN DER KINDERE, Hélčne (Belgium) [Active 1920s.]

van der Storm, Mrs. (from c. 1953) [SEE HERMSEN, P. F. "Nel"]

VAN DER STRAETEN, Simone (Belgium) [1894-1994] [Mme Jean-Marie Octave Constant Washer, from 1920] [Active ???]

VAN DER TORRE, Marianne (Netherlands) [18 Aug 1961- ] [Married to Ted Troost] [Active 1970s-80s.]

VAN DER WAL, F. I. "Jopie" / "Joopy" (Netherlands) [Married to J. F. Roos, by 1951] [Active 1940s-50s.]

VAN DER WECK, Claudia (Uruguay) [10 Nov 1961- ] [Active 1980s.]

VAN DEVENTER, Anita (South Africa) [20 July 1948- ] [Mrs. Summers] [Active 1960s-70s.]

VAN FOWINKEL Y WHITFIELD, Leonora Damasia (Argentina/United Kingdom) [23 April 1858-10 January 1925] [Mrs. Thomas Scott Boadle, from 15 Dec 1880] [Active late 1890s.]


VAN HAREN, Teresa (Australia) [Active 1960s.]

VAN LENNEP, Christine (Netherlands) [16 Jan 1872-????] [Mrs. Cornelis Willem Vinkhuyzen] [Active 1890s-1900s.]

VAN LENNEP, Madzy (Netherlands) [21 April 1879-4 Jan 1959] [Married to Johannes Eco Haitsma Mulier, from before 1905] [Active 1890s-1910s.]

VAN LOTTUM, Noelle (Netherlands/France) [12 July 1972- ] [Married to Martijn Belgraver] [Active 1980s-90s.]

VAN NORT, Joan (United States) [Active 1930s-40s.]

VAN NOSTRAND, Molly (United States) [12 March 1965- ] [Married to Carl Demarest Rice, from 22 July 1994] [Active 1981-1989]

VAN RENSBURG, Dianne “Dinky” (South Africa) [4 March, 1968- ] [Active 1980s-90s.]

van Roost, Dominique (1995-2003) [SEE MONAMI, Dominique]

Van Ryn, Mrs. J. W. (22 Oct 1930-before 1 March 1947) [SEE GLADMAN, Marjorie Kathleen "Midge"]

VAN TONDER, Estelle (South Africa) [Mrs. Dellar] [Active ???]

VAN VLIET, Sarita (United States) [11 April 1889-26 May 1965] [Mrs. David Perry Wood, from 1913] [Active 1900s-???]

VAN ZYL, Annette (South Africa) [25 Sept 1943- ] [Mrs. Jan DuPlooy, from before the spring of 1968] [Active 1960s-70s.]

VANDERBILT, Gladys Moore (United States) [27 Aug 1886-29 Jan 1965] [Married to Count Laszlo Szechenyi, from 27 Jan 1908] [Active ???]

VANDERHOEF, Marion Wycoff (United States) [6 Dec 1894-9 June 1985] [Mrs. Henry Franklin Morse, from 6 April 1918] [Active 1910s.]

Vane, Mrs. G. H. F. (from 24 June 1891) [SEE STEEDMAN, Mary]

VANNEMAN, Eleanor (United States) [Active 1930s.]

VANNEMAN, Elizabeth (United States) [Active 1930s.]

VARADY, Ilona (Hungary) [1894-????] [Married to Peteri, from 1923] [Active 1910s-20s.]

VARANDA, Marta (Portugal) [29 Sept 1965- ] [Active 1980s.]

Varin, Mme R. (from between June and Dec 1933) [SEE FRÉVILLE, Andrée]

VARLEY, Gwendoline (Australia) [1896-1975] [Mrs. Hector Maximus Greig, from 21 June 1938(39?)] [Active ???]

VARLEY, Owen (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

VARNER, Margaret (United States) [4 Oct 1927- ] [Mrs. William Gerald Bloss, from 22 July 1969] [Active 1940s-60s.]

VARNUM, Becky (United States) [1979- ] [Married to Bucolo] [Active 1990s-2000s.]

VASANT, Nirupama (India) [17 Jan 1947- ] [Mrs. Ashok Vinoo Mankad, from before 1972] [Active 1960s-70s.]

VASH, Mary Lou (United States) [Mrs. Richard A. McCaslin, 20 Aug 1956] [Active 1950s.]

Vasilyeva, Mrs. [SEE BUGAEVA, Valentina Denisovna]

VASSILIADOU, Xantippe (Greece) [Active 1960s.]

VAUGHTON, Grace (United Kingdom) [23 May 1905-1979] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Vaussard, Mme A. (from c. 1910) [SEE BAUDRY, Jeanne G.]

VAVRINEC, Miroslava "Mirka" (Switzerland) [1 April 1978- ] [Married to Roger Federer, from 11 April 2009] [Active 1992-2002]

VEBER, Raymonde (France/United States) [1920- ] [Mrs. (Major) Raymond Geyer Jones, from 1945] [Active 1940s-60s.]

Veentjer, Mrs. P. [SEE SPRUYT, Elsie “Els”]

Veentjer-Spruyt, Els [SEE SPRUYT, Elsie “Els”]

VELCHEVA, Adriana (Bulgaria) [4 June 1963- ] [Active 1980s.]

Venitt, Mrs. A. (from 1963) [SEE SCHNEIDER, Lorraine]

VENTER, Betsy (United Kingdom/South Africa/Egypt) [Mrs. Abbas (married between Dec 1950 and early 1952)] [Active 1940s-c. 1961]

VENTO, Maria Alejandra (Venezuela) [24 May 1974- ] [Married to Gamal Kabchi, from 21 July 2001] [Active 1990s-2000s.]

Vento-Kabchi, Maria Alejandra (from 21 July 2001) [SEE VENTO, Maria Alejandra]

VENTURINO, Johanne (France) [1 Jan 1946- ] [Active 1960s.]

VERCKEN, Monique (France) [Active 1930s.]

VERCOE, Beverley (New Zealand) [13 Sept 1947- ] [Mrs. Billington] [Active 1960s.]

VERSEIN, Suzanne (France) [Active 1930s.]

Vessies, Elly (from 1975) [SEE APPEL, Elly]

VICKERY, Nina Fisken (Australia) [Mrs. John Gordan "Jock" Lobban, from 7 Feb 1940] [Active 1930s-40s.]

VIDO, Rosalba (Italy) [2 Jan 1953- ] [Active 1970s-80s.]

VIEIRA, Andrea (Brazil) [5 Feb 1971- ] [Active 1985-1997]

Vieira, Anne (from 1957) [SEE BAGGE, Anne]

VIGNALI, Anca (Italy) [Active 1950s.]

Vihlen, Mrs. Frederick (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1940s.] [SEE ???]

VILBIG, Doris Margaret "Peggy" (United States) [15 Dec 1927-27 Aug 2006] [Mrs. Landtroop] [Active 1950s.]

VILLAGRAN, Adriana (Argentina) [7 Aug 1956- ] [Married to Jorge Reami, from 16 Dec 1988] [Active 1970s-80s.]

Villagran-Reami, Adriana (from 16 Dec 1988) [SEE VILLAGRAN, Adriana]

Villanueva, Mrs. [SEE GOLBERT, Cindy]

VILLARD, Abeille (France) [9 Sept 1879-24 Aug 1912] [Mme Robert Gallay, from 1901] [Active 1900s-10s]

VILLARD, Thérčse Germaine Charlotte (France) [15 June 1874-13 June 1955] [Married to Count Olivier Jean Thomas de Kermel, from 30 Sept 1899] [Active 1900s.]

VILLIER, Maggy (France) [Mme E. Geranton, from 26 April 1930] [Active ???]

Vincart, (Mme) Yvonne (Belgium) [Active 1940s.]

Vincent, Mme P. (from before 1930) [SEE SINEUX, Ginette]

Vincenzi, Mrs. E. J. (from 6 April 1968) [SEE EBBERN, Robyn Ann]

Vines, Mrs. E. (from 1 Oct 1932) [SEE LOW, Verle]

Vinkhuyzen, Mrs. C. W. [SEE VAN LENNEP, Christine]

VINTON, Susan “Sue” (United States) [13 Nov 1953- ] [Married to Gewan Maharaj, from 11 May 1973] [Active 1970s.]

Viot, (Mme) Jeanne (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Viragh, Helle [SEE SPARRE, Helle]

VIRGIL, Jacque (United States) [1918-1975] [Mrs. Lawrence Nelson, c. 1940-????; Mrs. Joseph "Joe" Raphael Hunt, 1943-c. 1946; Mrs. Andrew Fischer, c. 1946-????; Mrs. John Windsor "Pike" Rowley, from 1949] [Active 1930s-40s.]

Virgitti, (Mme) Renée (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

VISART DE BOCARMÉ, Aline (Belgium) [9 May 1882-23 July 1950] [Active 1900s-20s.]

VITOUX, Antoinette (France) [Active 1930s.]

VIVES, Jacqueline (France) [Active 1930s-40s.]

Vives, Mme [SEE REES-LEWIS, Jacqueline]

VIVES, Pierrette (France) [Active 1930s.]

Vivian, Mrs. F. H. (from 28 Nov 1940) [SEE SCRIVEN, Margaret "Peggy" Croft]

VLASTO, Pénélope Julie „Diddie” (France) [8 Aug 1903-2 Feb 1985] [Mme Jean-Baptiste "Johnny" Serpieri, from 17 Feb 1927] [Active 1920s.]

VLASTO, (Mme) Regina (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

VLASTO, Régine (France) [4 Dec 1905-????] [Mme André Ambanopoulos, from 10 March 1932] [Active 1920s.]

Vlotman, Mrs. C. (from c. 1974) [SEE TRUTER, Elizabeth "Liz"]

VOGLER, Inge (Germany) [Married to Weayn, before July 1956] [Active 1950s.]

VOIKOS, Andrea (United States) [c. 1944- ] [Mrs. Dorr] [Active 1960s-70s.]

Volavková, Jitka [SEE HORCICKOVA (Horčičková), Jitka]

VOLKMER, Gertruda (Poland) (Married to Jacobsen, from 1934] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Volkmer-Jacobsen, Gertruda (from 1934) [SEE VOLKMER, Gertruda]

Vollmer, Frau (before June 1950-before June 1959) [SEE OBST, Erika]

von Alvensleben, Mme L. (from 30 June 1953) [SEE RIGOLLET, Violette]

von der Schulenburg, Countess (1895-1906; retained her married name) [SEE KUSENBERG, Clara Antonie]

von Diergardt, (Frau) Grete (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

VON ENDE-PFLÜGNER, (Baroness) Maria "Marga" (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

von Essen, Mrs. [SEE STRÖMBERG, Lily Elisabeth]

von Gerlach, Frau (from before August 1943) [SEE KÄPPEL, Margarete “Peppi”]

VON KRIEGS-AU, Elfriede "Elfi" [SEE KRIEGS-AU, Elfriede "Elfi" von]

von Lutitz, Frau [SEE TEDING VAN BERKHOUT, Louise E.]

von Nostitz, Frau (Grafin) L. A. (from 2 Oct 1886) [SEE CHOTKOVA (CHOTEK), Karolina "Cara" Maria Olga]

VON OELREICH, Anna Märtha(Marta?) Vilhelmina [Martha] (Sweden) [16 June 1868-4 Jan 1956] [Mrs. Adolf Ejnar Teodor Adlerstrĺhle, from 30 Dec 1889] [Active 1890s-1900s.]

von Reznicek, Frau (c. 1925/26-before 1932) [SEE HEIMANN, Paula]

VON RINGHOFFER, Dinka [SEE RINGHOFFER, (Baronesse) Leopoldine "Dinka" von]

von Tarnay, Frau [SEE FLORIAN, Alice]

VON WATTENWYL (DE WATTEVILLE), Elisabeth-Cécile-Lilian "Lilian" (Switzerland) [25 July 1886-2 March 1955] [Mme Charles R. Paravicini, from 1910] [Active 1920s.]

Voorhees, Mrs. C. E. (from 14 June 1941) [SEE ANDRUS, Dorothy Bourne]

VOORHEES, Eliza Day "Lida" (United States) [3 July 1864-Feb 1934] [Mrs. Arthur Ferdinand Rodewald, 27 April 1892-1 Dec 1910] [Active 1880-90s.]

Vopičková, Vlasta (from 1964) [SEE KODESOVA (Kodešová), Vlasta]

VORMANN, L. “Dolli" (Germany) [Active 1920s-30s.]

Vosters, Mrs. F. A. C. (from 1941) [SEE HARSHAW, Madge "Bunny"]

VOSTERS, Nina (United States) [9 Jan 1944- ] [Active 1960s.]

VOTAVOVA, Olga (Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic) [27 July 1966- ] [Married to Mergl] [Active 1980s-1989, 1997-2001]

VUILLAUME, Marie-Ange (France) [Active 1930s.]

Vukovich, Mrs. V.L. (from c. 1958/60?) [SEE CARR, Bernice]

Vymetalkova, Olga [SEE BLAHOTOVA, Olga]

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Re: Blast Encyclopedia of Female Tennis Players

[A] [B] [C] [D] E] [F] [G] [H] [I] [J] [K] [L] [M] [N] [O] [P] [Q] [R] [S] [T] [U] [V] [W] [X] [Y] [Z]

Waddell, Mrs. J. V. (from 1 Feb 1940) [SEE STEVENSON, Dorothy "Dot"/"Dolly"]

Waddell, Mrs. G. (from 1943) [SEE STEVENSON, Gwynneth "Gwen"]

WADDINGTON, Sheila (South Africa) [Mrs. MacLachlan, from c. 1958/59] [Active ???]

Waddinton, Mrs. R. (from 1926) [SEE GARLING, Daisy]

Wade, Mrs. R. S. (from 1931) [SEE REID-THOMAS, Elizabeth “Betty” Hope]

WADE, Isabel (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

WADE, (Sarah) Virginia (United Kingdom) [10 July 1945- ] [Active 1960s-80s.]

WADEY, Roma (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

Waggott, Jenny [SEE MORRIS, Jennifer “Jenny” Gail]

Wagner, Elena (June 1991-before 11 July 2006) [SEE PAMPOULOVA, Elena]

WAGNER, Flore (Luxembourg) [9 Aug 1950- ] [Active 1970s.]

WAGNER, Jane (United States) [Active 1930s.]

WAGNER, Marie (United States) [2 Feb 1883-30 March 1975] [Active 1900s-20s.]

Wagstaff, Mrs. D. (from 1970) [SEE STARKIE, Elizabeth "Liz"]

Wagstaff, (Mrs.) Jenny (United Kingdom) [Married to Wagstaff, from before 1950; maiden name unknown] [Active 1950s-60s.] [SEE ???]

Wagstaff, Mrs. LeRoy [SEE CROOKS, Marguerite “Mickey”]

Wainwright, Mrs. C. R. (from 19 Oct 1904) [SEE DIXON, Eugenia A.]

Wainwright, Mrs. M. R. (from 1971) [SEE TOWNSEND, Janice H.]

WAITE, Marjorie (United States) [Mrs. Thomas C. Bird, from 24 Sept 1943] [Active 1940s.]

WAKEFORD, Marywill (United States) [Active 1920s.]

WALDO, Katherine "Kate" (United States) [Active 1920s.]

WALDTHAUSEN, Berna (Netherlands) [21 Oct 1926-25 Jan 2012] [Mrs. Thung, from before 1950] [Active 1940s-50s.]

WALE, Marjorie (United States) [c. 1897?-????] [Mrs. Kress, from before 1920] [Active 1910s-20s.]

Waley, Mrs. R. P. S. (from 21 July 1926) [SEE MORRISON, Beryl Gertrude]

Walford, Mrs. (from c. 1939) [SEE CROWE, Mildred Louise]

WALKDEN, Patricia “Pat” Molly (Rhodesia/South Africa) [12 Feb 1946- ] [Mrs. Quentin Christopher Pretorius, from 3 Sept 1971] [Active 1960s-70s.]

WALKER, Angela (Canada) [18 Dec 1960- ] [Active 1980s.]

WALKER, Anne (New Zealand) [Active 1950s.]

WALKER, Dorothy W. (United States) [April 1887-????] [Mrs. Samuel H. Waring, from 22 Sept 1910] [Active 1910s-20s.]

WALKER, Dorothy "Dotty" Wear (United States) [1 July 1901-19 Nov 1992] [Mrs. Prescott Sheldon Bush, from 6 Aug 1921] [Active 1910s.]

Walker, Mrs. C. J. (from 1926) [SEE BLACKHALL, Florence "Florrie"]

WALKER, Frances (United States) [Active 1920s.]

Walker, Mrs. E. E. (from 17 Dec 1931) [SEE LAWSON, Janet]

Walker, Mrs. F. T. (from 18 Oct 1916) [SEE GREENE, Jessie]

Walker, Mrs. J. R. (from c. Oct/ Dec 1885) [SEE CARTLAND, Katherine "Katie"(or "Kate") Howard]

Walker, Mrs. C. W. (from 27 April 1932) [SEE ELTON, Margery Alys Eveline “Anita”]

Walker, Mrs. A. V. (from c. Dec 1932) [SEE CHURCHER, Pamela]

Walker-Smith, Mrs. J. J. (from 18 Feb 1944) [SEE BRIDGER, Jean Barbara]

Wallace, Mrs. C. E. (from 1892) [SEE PEDLEY, Blanche Emma]

Wallace, Mrs. T. S. (c. Jan/March 1944-before 1955) [SEE FOSTER, Judith "Judy" M. E.]

WALLACE, Nicole (France) [Active 1930s.]

Wallach, Mrs. R. (c. 1890-c. 1896; divorced, but still played under married name) [SEE BARGER, Maud]

WALLENBERG, Elsa (Sweden) [26 Jan 1877-17 Oct 1951] [Active 1900s.]

WALLIS, B. (United Kingdom) [Active 1880s.]

Wallis, Mrs. C. (United Kingdom) [Active 1880s.]

WALLIS, Flo Judy (United Kingdom) [Active 1950s.]

WALLIS, (Mabel) Hilda (Ireland) [1901-9 Nov 1979] [Active 1920s-30s.]

WALLIS, Margaret (Australia) [Active ???]

WALLIS, Noelle Marguerite (United Kingdom) [25 Dec 1920-March 2001] [Mrs. Kenneth F. Knight, from c. Oct/Dec 1945] [Active 1940s-50s.]

WALLIS, Phyllis Maude (Ireland) [4 April 1907-????] [Mrs. Garth Leedham-Green, from 30 Aug 1933] [Active 1930s.]

WALSH, Barbara (Australia) [Mrs. Winder] [Active 1970s.]

WALSH, Dorothy (Australia) [Active 1910s.]

Walsh, Mrs. M. H. (from 29 March 1899) [SEE ANTHONY, Martha Beatrice]

WALSH, Rosemary (United Kingdom) [Mrs. J. L. Deloford, from c. 1955/56] [Active 1940s-60s.]

WALSH, Sharon Ann (United States) [24 Feb 1952- ] [Married to Michael H. Pete, from 20 April 1985] [Active 1970s-80s.]

Walsh-Pete, Sharon (from 20 April 1985) [SEE WALSH, Sharon Ann]

WALSHAM, Sandra (Australia) [Mrs. Bob Reid] [Active ???]

Walter, Mrs. J. MacNeill [SEE CHENERY, Annie]

Walter, Mrs. G. (6 June 1948-????) [SEE WATSON, Beatrice "Bea" Mary]

Walter, Mrs. [SEE POLLAK, Helene]

WALTEROVA (WALTER), Hilde (Czechoslovakia/Austria/Germany/Canada) [12 April 1912(or 21 Feb 1915?)- ] [Married to Fritz Doleschell, from Nov 1939] [Active 1930s-50s.]

WALTERS, Cecily Jacomb (United Kingdom) [1901-11 July 1924] [Active 1920s.]

WALTERS, Joan (Australia) [1916- ] [Mrs. Frederick Steele Koehncke, from c. 1940] [Active 1930s.]

Walters, Mrs. I. A. (from 24 May 1958) [SEE NILEN, Joan]

WALTERS, Katherine Eleanor (United Kingdom) [c. May 1877-31 May 1959] [Mrs. Herbert Victor Parbury, from c. May 1905] [Active c. 1909-22]

Walters, Mrs. G. B. (from 1947) [SEE RUSHTON, Sara]

Walton, Mrs. H. J. (from 18 Sept 1937) [SEE MENZIES, Agnes Gweneth "Peggy"]

Walton, Mrs. [SEE JONES, Georgina Frances]

Walton, Meredith [SEE GEIGER, Meredith]

WANDREY, Käte (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

WANIEK, Monika (Poland) [8 May 1967- ] [Active 1980s.]

Want, Mrs. S. (from 1873) [SEE DOYLE, Ellen Frances "Nellie"]

Warbach, Mrs. [SEE LINDSTRÖM, Birgitta]

Warburg, Mrs. F. S. (16 Nov 1909-1924) [SEE WARD, Emmeline Beatrice]

Warburton, Mrs. G. H. (from 1901) [SEE ROBERTSON, Agnes]

WARBY, Barbara (Australia) [Active 1950s.]

WARD, Alice (New Zealand) [Mrs. A. J. Fernie, from after 1909] [Active 1900s.]

Ward, Mrs. R. W. (from 26 Jan 1952) [SEE WILKINS, Barbara Ann]

WARD, Betty J. (Australia) [Mrs. Ross Harmer, from 12 June 1937] [Active 1930s.]

WARD, Eileen Mary (Australia) [Mrs. John Francis “Jimmy” McGill, from 1921] [Active ???]

WARD, Emmeline Beatrice (United Kingdom) [1882-????] [Mrs. Fredric Samuel Warburg, 16 Nov 1909-1924; Mrs. Horace Malcolm V. C. Morris, from 1924] [Active 1910s-20s.]

WARD, Patricia “Pat” Evelyn (United Kingdom) [27 Feb 1929-27 June 1985] [Mrs. Robert Hales, from 28 Nov 1959] [Active 1940s-60s.]

Ward-Thomas, Mrs. E. (from 27 Nov 1896) [SEE SHAW, Harriet Josephine "Phenie"]

WARDEN, Vera (United States) [27 Jan 1880-????] [Active 1890s-1900s.]

Warhurst, Mrs. T. (from 26 April 1947) [SEE LEWIS, Patricia “Pat”]

Waring, Mrs. R. S (from before 1909) [SEE WILDEY, Mildred]

Waring, Mrs. S. H. (from 22 Sept 1910) [SEE WALKER, Dorothy W.]

Warkalla, (Frau) Else (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Warner, Mrs. David (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1940s.] [SEE ???]

Warnock, Mrs. S. J. (from 24 April 1954) [SEE ASTLEY, Helen]

WARNOCK, Judy (Australia) [Active 1940s.]

WARREN, Elizabeth (United States) [Active 1930s.]

WARREN, Joan (South Africa) [c. 1925- ] [Active 1940s.]

Warren, Mrs. J. C. (from 10 May 1943) [SEE JESSEE, Margaret]

WARRINGA, Judith (Netherlands) [22 March 1965- ] [Married to Michel Ambags] [Active 1980s.-1990]

WARSHAW, Sandra "Sandy" (United States) [21 Sept 1943- ] [Mrs. Michael J. Freedman, from before 1964] [Active 1950s-60s.]

Warwick, Mrs. I. J. (from 11 May 1957) [SEE GIBB, Anthea]

Washer, Mme J.-M. O. C. (from 1920) [SEE VAN DER STRAETEN, Simone]

WASHINGTON, Mashona (United States) [31 May 1976- ] [Active 1990s-2000s.]

WASHINGTON, Michaela (United States) [27 Feb 1966- ] [Active 1980s.]

WASHINGTON, Ora Mae (United States) [16 Jan 1899-1971] [Active 1920s-40s.]

WATANABE, Jolene (United States) [31 Aug 1968- ] [Married to Giltz] [Active 1980s-90s.]

WATANABE, Tina (United States) [24 Nov 1952- ] [Mrs. H. A. Mochizuki] [Active ???]

WATERHOUSE, Gwynneth J. "Gwen" (Australia) [1904- ] [Mrs. Jack E. Cassidy, from 1928] [Active 1920s.]

Waterman, Mrs. W. D. (1951-1967) [SEE JACKSON, Jerry Gee]

Watermeyer, (Mrs.) Ethel “Toots” (South Africa) [????-2010] [Married to Watermeyer, from c. 1944; maiden name unknown] [Active 1940s-50s.] [SEE ???]

WATERMEYER, Pamela "Pam" (South Africa) [c. 1944- ] [Mrs. Keith Diepraam, from c. July 1964] [Active 1960s.]

WATERS, Susan “Sue” Elaine (United Kingdom) [c. 1930- ] [Mrs. Franz Dieter Teubler, from 1960] [Active 1950s-60s.]

Watherston, Mrs. D. C. (from 12 Aug 1933) [SEE NOBLE, Maude T.]

WATMAN, Dorothy (United States) [c. 1930- ] [Mrs. Levine; Mrs. Sidney Kohl, from 1968] [Active 1940s-50s.]

WATSON, Alice Laura (Australia) [1875-11 Dec 1916] [Mrs. James Reedie Beck, from 1914] [Active 1900s-10s.]

WATSON, Beatrice "Bea" Mary (Belgium/United Kingdom) [13 Jan 1914-13 Jan 2011] [Mrs. Carris, ????-????; Mrs. Gerard Walter, from 6 June 1948] [Active 1930s-50s.]

WATSON, Elaine M. (United Kingdom) [Mrs. Bernard I. Shenton, from 1956] [Active 1950s-60s.]

WATSON, Jessie (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

WATSON, Lilian Mary (United Kingdom) [15 Oct 1857-27 May 1918] [Active 1880s.]

WATSON, Maude Edith Eleanor (United Kingdom) [9 Oct 1864-5 June 1946] [Active 1881-1889]

Watson, Mrs. M. R. (7 April 1925-before 28 July 1933) [SEE HOLCROFT, Phoebe Catherine]

Watson, (Mrs.) Ruth (United Kingdom) [Married to (Douglas?) Watson, from before 1926; maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s.] [SEE ???]

WATSON, Virginia (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Watts, Mrs. F. (from c. Sept 1878) [SEE NOON, Agnes Emily]

WATTS, Esme (Australia) [Mrs. Laurence Henry Bandy, from 1943] [Active ???]

Wavish, Mrs. P. G. (from c. April/June 1944) [SEE HOLDEN, (Elsie) Mary]

Wavre, Mme [SEE CHARBONNIER, Alice]

WAXMAN, Meryl Aitken (Australia) [5 June 1894-????] [Mrs. Charles Roy Lister, 1916-????; Mrs. Patrick O'Hara Wood, from 1923] [Active 1910s-20s.]

Wear, Mrs. L. A. (from c. Dec 1939) [SEE RIDDELL, Isobel Mona]

Wearne, Mrs. H. R. (from 10 Feb 1955) [SEE SOUTHCOMBE, Pamela "Pam" Loris]

Weatherill, Mrs. P. H. (from 1948) [SEE COOPER, (Oriana) Valerie]

WEAVER, Elisabeth (Austria?) [Active 1930s.]

Weaver, Mrs. S. F. (1903-before 1929) [SEE STOKES, Emily Maloney]

WEAVER, Paige (United States) [14 Jan(16 April?) 1922-11 Jan 1999] [Mrs. John R. Shunny, from 1951] [Active 1940s-50s.]

Webb, Mrs. E. (from 1906) [SEE FLEMMICH, Ellen Letitia]

WEBB, Ida (Australia) [Mrs. Lyle Henry Graham, from 1940] [Active 1930s.]

Webb, Mrs. T. M. (from 1936) [SEE WHEATON, Joan Elizabeth]

Webb, Mrs. B. B. M. (from 1930) [SEE SCHULTZE, Marjorie]

WEBB, Nancy (Australia) [Mrs. Eric Day, from before 1929] [Active 1920s.]

WEBB, Olga L. (United Kingdom/India) [Mrs. Ronald G. MacInnes] [Active 1930s.]

WEBBER, Hazel (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

WEBER, Alberta (United States) [Active 1910s.]

WEBER, Erika (Germany) [Frau Zimmermann, from c. 1938] [Active 1930s.]

WEBSTER, Y. L. (United Kingdom) [Active 1940s.]

Wedderburn, (Mrs.) Doreen (South Africa) [Married to Wedderburn, from before 1950; maden name unknown] [Active 1950s.] [SEE ???]

WEDEKIND, Eva (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

WEDIN, Ida A. (Australia) [Mrs. Robert A. MacBeth, from 1925] [Active 1920s.]

WEEKES, Penelope "Penny" Mary (United Kingdom) [28 June 1914-Feb 1995] [Mrs. Wreyford Henri Durlac, from c. Sept 1937] [Active 1930s-50s.]

WEGELE, Anni (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

Weidenhoffer, Frau [SEE HAGENAUER, Emmy]

Weigandt, Mrs. (from before 1959) [SEE GREEN, Barbara]

WEIHE, Hilde (Germany) [Active 1920s-30s.]

WEIHERMANN, Anna (Germany) [23 Aug 1897-????] [Married to: Karl Hemp, 10 Jan 1921-????; Verity] [Active 1910s-20s.]

WEIHERMANN, Ilse (Germany) [2 Sept 1893-25 Aug 1962] [Married to Karl Friedleben, from 30 April 1919] [Active 1910s-30s.]

WEIHERMANN, Toni (Germany) [11 Sept 1895-1980] [Married to Paul Richter] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Weil, Mrs. B. [SEE STRASHUN, Olga]

Weimann, (Frau) Hertha (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

WEIMERS, Marcia (Australia) [Active 1940s.]

WEINMANN, Zillah (United Kingdom) [24 Sept 1904-1998] [Mrs. Edward Frederick Noel Gratiaen, from 1940] [Active c. 1925-35]

Weir, Mrs. C. B. (from 8 Aug 1900) [SEE FORD, Helen Elizabeth]

WEISEL, Dorothy Alice (United States) [7 March 1910-17 June 1963] [Mrs. Stanley "Stan" Camfield Hack, ????-????] [Active 1920s-30s.]

WEISENBERGER, Elvira (Argentina) [24 Dec 1949- ] [Active 1970s.]

Weiss, Senora de (from c. 1942/43) [SEE TERAN, Maria Luisa]

WEISS, Merceina Louise (United States) [1 Aug 1915-13 Sept 2005] [Mrs. Parker, from before Sept 1937] [Active 1930s.]

WELCH, Isabel (United States) [Active 1930s.]

WELCH, Kathryn "Kay" Kuester (United States) [Mrs. Theodore Norman Hackett, from 28 June 1941] [Active 1930s-60s.]

Welch, Mrs. A. (from 1948) [SEE HOWARD-STEPNEY, Margaret “Marged” Catherine]

Welch, Mrs. J. O. (from 24 Feb 1957) [SEE BRIDGE, Virginia]

Wellesley, Mrs. G. J. (1921-1950) [SEE SHEPHERD, Vera Cunliffe]

Wells, Mrs. H. B. (from 31 Dec 1902) [SEE WHITNEY, Guilberte W.]

Wells, Mrs. (????-before June 1927) [SEE SAWYER, Hazel]

Wells, Mrs. H. T. (from July 1927) [SEE FISON, Sylvia Mary]

WELLWOOD, Lucy (New Zealand) [Active 1900s.]

WELLWOOD, Ruby (New Zealand) [Active 1900s.]

WELSH, Deborah (United States) [Active 1940s.]

Welsh, Mrs. R. (from 1909) [SEE GRAY, Mary "Molly"]

WELSH, Mollie (United Kingdom) [Mrs. C. Mackay] [Active 1930s-50s.]

WELSH, Peggy (United States) [c. 1924- ] [Mrs. Andrew Sinclair, from before July 1951] [Active 1940s.]

WELTER, Pascale (Luxembourg) [22 April 1970- ] [Active 1980s-90s.]

Welty, Mrs. F. M. (from c. 1916) [SEE WILDEY, Edna]

WEMYSS, Katherine "Kath" Ruth (Australia) [24 Jan 1901-????] [Mrs. Ivor Bull, from 25 Sept 1935] [Active 1930s.]

Wennerström, Mrs. [SEE LUNDQVIST, Eva]

WENTWORTH, Eleanor F. W. (Australia) [Mrs. Maxwell "Max" B. Smith, from 1935] [Active ???]

WENYON, Audrey J. (United Kingdom) [Active 1930s-40s.]

WENZEL, Lina (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

WERDEL, Marianne (United States) [17 Oct 1967- ] [Married to Ronald "Ron" Witmeyer, from 21 Nov 1992] [Active 1980s-90s.]

Werdel-Witmeyer, Marianne (from 21 Nov 1992) [SEE WERDEL, Marianne]

Werring, (Mrs.) Ada (Norway) [1902-1985] [maiden name unknown] [Active 1928-1951] [SEE ???]

Wessenberg, Mrs. K, H. [SEE PETTIT, Fay M.]

West, Alena (17 July 1970-1984) [SEE PALMEOVA, Alena]

WEST, Elizabeth (United States) [Active 1930s.]

WEST, Nora (United States) [Mrs. Leonard U. Prosser, from c. 1935] [Active 1930s-40s.]

WEST, Sheila (Bermuda) [Active 1940s.]

Westacott, Mrs. V. C. (from 20 Aug 1930) [SEE HOOD, Emily Jane Lucy Harding]

WESTMORELAND, K. (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

WESTON, Dorothy Emily Louisa “Dot” (Australia) [21 Feb 1900-????] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Weston, Mrs. H. B. (from 1 March 1915) [SEE SATTERTHWAITE, Ellinor Vera]

WETHERILL, Katherine (United States) [Active 1930s.]

WETTLAUFER, Anni (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

WEURMAN, Madeleine (Netherlands) [7 Dec 1940- ] [Mrs. R. W. Hemmes] [Active ???]

Wharton-Smith, Mrs. D. C. [SEE HENSEL, Edwina Cavel]

Wheatcroft, Mrs. I. H. (from 1930) [SEE HARDIE, Cristobel]

WHEATON, Joan Elizabeth (Australia) [Mrs. Thomas Mitchell Webb, from 1936] [Active ???]

WHEELER, Gracyn Welmouth (United States) [2 July 1914-Oct 1980] [Mrs. Robert J. Kelleher, from 16 Aug 1940] [Active 1930s-50s.]

WHEELER, Joan (United States) [Active 1940s.]

Wheeler, Mrs. J. H., jr. (21 Jan 1967-before March 1971) [SEE ARNOLD, Miriam "Mimi" G.]

WHEELER, Patricia "Pat" J. A. (United Kingdom) (c. Nov 1936- ] [Mrs. Douglas H. Roberts, from c. Nov 1961] [Active 1950s-60s.]

Whitchurch, Mrs. C.A. (from after July 1933) [SEE GRENIER, Phyllis]

WHITE, Anne (United States) [28 Sept 1961- ] [Active 1978-1987, 1989-1991]

WHITE, Daphne Mary Steeds (United Kingdom) [1909-9 Aug 1999] [Mrs. (Lieutenant Commander) Lawrence Birch, 1 April 1934-????; Mrs. Bernard C. Dupont, 1936-before 1951] [Active 1930s-50s.]

WHITE, Josephine (United States) [Active 1890s.]

White, Mrs. J. R. (from c. July/Sept 1960) [SEE DREW, Pauline]

WHITE, R. (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

WHITE, Robin (United States) [10 Dec 1963- ] [Active 1980s.-1995]

WHITE, Rosemary (Australia) [Mrs. Neil Gibson] [Active 1960s.]

WHITE, Valerie (United Kingdom) [Active 1960s.]

WHITE, Viola S. (United Kingdom) [Active 1950s.]

WHITE, Wendy E. (United States) [29 Sept 1960- ] [Married to Scott R. Prausa, from 12 May 1990] [Active 1980s-90s.]

White-Prausa, Wendy (from 12 May 1990) [SEE WHITE, Wendy E.]

Whiteaker, Mrs. J. G. (from Feb 1945) [SEE BERNHARD, Helen Irene]

WHITEFIELD, Katie (United Kingdom) [Mrs. P. M. Johns, before June 1950] [Active 1940s-50s.]

Whitehead, Mrs. E. C. B. (from 13 Nov 1912) [SEE POWDRELL, Lucy]

Whitehurst, Mrs. [SEE REICHERT, Anna Mae]

WHITELOCK, Elma (United States) [Active 1930s.]

WHITLINGER, Tami Sue (United States) [13 Nov 1968- ] [Married to Kelly Lee Jones, from 19 March 1994] [Active 1980s-90s.]

WHITLINGER, Teri (United States) [13 Nov 1968- ] [Active 1980s-90s.]

Whitlinger-Jones, Tami (from 19 March 1994) [SEE WHITLINGER, Tami Sue]

WHITMARSH, Mary Eileen (United Kingdom) [14 Dec 1915-1 Nov 2009] [Mrs. Wilfried Charles Julian "Pete" Halford, from 26 July 1940] [Active 1930s-40s.]

Whitmore, Andrea [SEE BUCHANAN, Andrea]

WHITNEY, Guilberte W. (United States) [March 1881-10 Feb 1958] [Mrs. Helmus B. Wells, from 31 Dec 1902] [Active 1910s-20s.]

WHITTAKER, Dulcie (Australia) [Mrs. John Young, from 25 Feb 1949] [Active ???]

Whittaker, Mrs. W. (from c. April 1888) [SEE NOON, Edith Lucy]

WHITTAKER, Marcelle (Australia) [Mrs. (Dr) Eric Evan Price, from 31 Oct 1939] [Active ???]

WHITTAKER, Shirley (Australia) [30 May 1914-7 June 1939] [Active 1930s.]

WHITTET, Dorothy (United States) [Active 1940s.]

Whittingstall, Mrs. E. O. F. (19 Nov 1929-16 March 1936; divorced, but still played under married name?) [SEE BENNETT, Eileen Viviyen]

WHYTE. Miss M. (New Zealand) [Active 1930s.]

Whyte, Mrs. J. C. (1899-1909) [SEE GRAY, Mary "Molly"]

Wibmer, Mrs. M. (from 1912) [SEE BLAIN, Vera]

Widdowson, Mrs. W. (from 1 Sept 1909) [SEE ARCHER, Nina Gladys]

WIECZOREK, Danuta (Poland) [27 April 1949- ] [Married to Szwaj] [Active 1960s-80s.]

Wieczorek-Szwaj, Danuta [SEE WIECZOREK, Danuta]

Wiener, Jolan [SEE SOOS, Jolan]

WIENER, Margaret (United States) [Active 1920s.]

Wienerne, Mrs. [SEE SOOS, Jolan]

Wiesner, Judith (11 April 1987-before 2001) [SEE POELZL, Judith]

WIGHTMAN, Dorothy (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Wightman, Mrs. G. W. (24 Feb 1912-1940) [SEE HOTCHKISS, Hazel]

WILCOX, Ila (United States) [Active 1920s.]

WILD, Daniele (France) [20 Nov 1940- ] [Mme Alain Bouteleux, from c. early 1964] [Active 1960s-70s.]


WILDEY, Edna (United States) [27 Nov 1882-29 March 1970] [Mrs. Frank Marshall Welty, from c. 1916] [Active 1907-1922]

WILDEY, Mildred (United States) [23 Spet 1878-25 March 1968] [Mrs. Richard S Waring, from before 1909] [Active 1900s.]

WILDEY, Natalie (United States) [25 Nov 1890-22 Oct 1956] [Mrs. Hart Scudder Farlee, c. 1910-1917] [Active 1900s.]

WILFORD, Elizabeth “Betty” M. (United Kingdom) [Mrs. Anthony Dawes, from c. Jan/March 1953] [Active 1940s-50s.]

Wilford, Mrs. N. (from 1 June 1910) [SEE CADMAN, Susannah]

WILHELMSEN, Maurine (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Wilkins, Mrs. R. (from 1913) [SEE MORAN, Adeline]

WILKINS, Barbara Ann (United States) [c. 1928/29-9 June 2010] [Mrs. Russell W. Ward, from 26 Jan 1952] [Active 1940s.]

Wilkins, Mrs. G. H. C. (from 1901) [SEE HEITZMANN, Lydia Cecilia]

WILLARD, Mildred (United States) [Active 1920s.]

WILLARD, Ruth (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Willens, Mrs. R. J. (from 20 June 1970) [SEE ALBERT, Jane T.]

Willette, Mrs. L. L. (from 4 Oct 1963) [SEE CHABOT, Katherine D. “Kathy”]

WILLIAMS, Amy Reeve (United States) [29 March 1872-1969] [Mrs. Mantle Fielding, 3 Nov 1898-1942; Mrs. John Duncan Spaeth, from 1942] [Active 1890s.]

WILLIAMS, Blanche E. (United Kingdom) [Active 1880s.]

WILLIAMS, Enid (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

Williams, Mrs. G. [SEE CAPEL, Joan]

WILLIAMS, Joyce (Australia) [Mrs. Cecil Morgan, from 1937] [Active 1930s.]

Williams, Mrs. G. M. (21 March 1964-before 9 Dec 1973) [SEE BARCLAY, Joyce Stewart]

WILLIAMS, Kate (United States) [1885-????] [Active 1900s-10s.]

WILLIAMS, Lorraine (United States) [c. 1939- ] [Mrs. John Bryant] [Active 1950s-70s.]

Williams, Mrs. R. H. (30 April 1907-before 6 July 1922) [SEE RIDDELL, Louise]

Williams, (Mrs.) Mary (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

WILLIAMS, Mavis (Australia) [Mrs. A. E. “Alec” Cooke, from 1937] [Active ???]

Williams, Mrs. K. (from 1950) [SEE LEMKE, Roma]

Williamson, Mrs. T. (from 1967) [SEE JACKSON, Jerry Gee]

Willing, Mrs. G., Jr. (from 20 April 1910) [SEE HOWELL, Evelyn Virginia]

Willkomm, Mrs. D. [SEE GOELTZ, Cynthia "Cindy"]

WILLOCK, (Dr) Edith Florence (United Kingdom) [13 Jan 1896-22 Dec 1940] [Mrs. (Dr) Edward D’Arcy McCrea, from 25 Sept 1925] [Active c. 1918-25]

Willoughby-Tottenham, Mrs. W. E. (Sept 1916-before July 1931) [SEE SCOTT, Evelyn de Vere]

WILLS, Helen Newington (United States) [6 Oct 1905-1 Jan 1998] [Mrs. Frederick "Freddy" Shander Moody, 23 Dec 1929-23 Aug 1937; Mrs. Aidan Roark, 28 Oct 1939-early 1970s.] [Active 1920s-40s.]

WILMOTH(WILMOTT?), A(G?) (Australia) [Active 1900s.]

WILSHERE, Joan M. (South Africa) [Mrs. Stepan Koudelka, from c. late 1970/early 1971] [Active 1960s-70s.]

WILSON, Amy Ford (United Kingdom/South Africa) [c. 1871-????] [Mrs. H. A. "Arthur" Kirby, from 12(26?) Aug 1896] [Active 1890s-1910s.]

Wilson, Mrs. R. B. R. (from c. Oct/Dec 1951) [SEE MARKHAM, Barbara "Bobbie"]

Wilson, Mrs. J. G. (from 24 Aug 1940) [SEE COATE, Constance "Connie" Anne ]

WILSON, Constance "Connie" Mary (United Kingdom/Egypt) [2 Sept 1881-17 Dec 1955] [Mrs. John Frank(Francis?) Luard, from 21 Sept 1907] [Active ???]

WILSON, Ella (Canada) [c. 1899-????] [Active 1920s-70s.]

WILSON, Georgina Fanny (United Kingdom) [1871-19 Nov 1924] [Mrs. Willoughby Lake Baylay, from 1897] [Active 1890s.]

Wilson, Mrs. R. B. (from before July 1933) [SEE TATLOW, Helen]

WILSON, Ida (United States) [22 June 1883-3 July 1972] [Mrs. Matthew Brooks Huff, Snr., from c. 1903] [Active ???]

Wilson, Mrs. C. J. (from 26 April 1893) [SEE SNOOK, Jane Mary]

WILSON, Jean (Australia) [11 Jan 1912- ] [Mrs. Cecil Davies, from 22 May 1937] [Active 1930s.]

WILSON, Joyce F. T. (United Kingdom) [Mrs. Raoul Boothman, from 1950] [Active 1940s-???]

WILSON, Margaret (Australia) [c. 1920- ] [Active 1930s.]

WILSON, Muriel “Muff” (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

WILT, Marcia (United States) [Active 1930s.]

WIMER, Ethel S. (United States) [24 Nov 1879-2 Sept 1965] [Mrs. James Birch Rorer, from 10 Feb 1909] [Active 1900s.]

WIMER, Marie Ellen (United States) [11 Jan 1876-9 Feb 1965] [Active 1890s-1900s.]

WIMMER, Helena (Austria) [10 Sept 1958- ] [Active 1970s.]

Winch, Mrs. E. B. (from 9 Feb 1899) [SEE PENNINGTON-LEGH, Ruth Isabel]

Winder, Mrs. [SEE WALSH, Barbara]

Winegardner, Kathleen [SEE HECKMAN, Kathleen]

WINKLER, Aila (Yugoslavia) [29 July 1969- ] [Active 1980s.]

WINKLER, Andrea (Austria) [17 Sept 1940- ] [Active 1960s.]

Winkler, Frau [SEE EISENMENGER, Hilde]

Winkler-Eisenmenger, Hilde [SEE EISENMENGER, Hilde]

WINKWORTH, F. M. (United Kingdom) [Active 1880s.]

WINSLOW, Barbara (United States) [12 Dec 1919-9 May 1942] [Active 1930s.]

Winslow, Mrs. C. L. (from before 1920) [SEE MATHIAS, Olive]

WINSOR, Mary Pickard (United States) [6 Aug 1896-????] [Mrs. Walter “Wally” Henry Trumbull, from 15 Sept 1919] [Active 1920s.]

WINTER-IRVING, Helen (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

WINTER-IRVING, Quentin (Australia) [Mrs. John Ernest "Jack" De Little, from 19 March 1928] [Active ???]

WINTHER, Astrid (Norway) [Active 1950s.]

WINTHROP, Katherine "Kay" (United States) [17 July 1914-12 Feb 1997] [Mrs. Quincy Adams Shaw McKean, from 21 Nov 1947] [Active 1930s-50s.]

Wipplinger, Mrs. (from before 1949) [SEE TAMSEN, Julia Therese]

Wirsing, (Frau) Grete (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

WISTAR, Annabella (United States) [Active 1890s.]

Witcher, Mrs. D. (from 1950) [SEE ANTHONY, Youtha Constance]

Witt, Mrs. W. E. (from c. Sept 1939) [SEE ENGEL, Margaret Julia Frederica]

WITTENSTROM, Marianna (Sweden) [Active 1930s.]

Wittleder, (Mrs.) Florence (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

WITVOET, Hester (Netherlands) [7 July 1967- ] [Married to Michiel Kalff] [Active 1980s.]

WIX, Annie Margaret (United Kingdom) [1880-4 April 1946] [Mrs. Henry Frederick Cobb, from 20 April 1907] [Active c. 1919-30]

WOELLER, Vicky (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

WOLCOTT, Willa (United States) [1910- 18 Feb 1995] [Mrs. William “Bill” B. Condon, from 1940] [Active 1920s-30s.]

Wolf, Mrs. H. F. (from April 1934) [SEE FRANCIS, Alice Constant]

WOLF, Catherine (United States) [Active 1930s-40s.]

Wolf, Senora (from 1924) [SEE SUBIRANA, Francisca "Panchita"]

Wolf, Mme [SEE POPP, Marta]

Wolf, (Frau) Trude (Austria/Germany, from March 1938) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1920s-30s.] [SEE ???]

WOLFENDEN, Nancy (United States) [Mrs. Lawrence] [Active ???]

WOLFENDEN, Virginia May (United States) [30 May 1918-23 Feb 2008] [Mrs. Frank Kovacs, 14 July 1941-????; Mrs. Roy Edwards, from ????] [Active 1930s-40s.]

Wolff, (Frau) Eva (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Wolff, (Frau) Margarete (Germany) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Wolfrom, Mme Jean (France) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Wolfson, (Mme) Doris (France) [Married to A. Wolfson by 1919; maiden name unknown] [Active 1910s-30s.] [SEE ???]

WOLL, Betty (United States) [20 July 1936-15 March 1990] [Mrs. Newt B. Meade, from before 1966] [Active 1960s.]

Wolstenholme, Mrs. H. (from 1902) [SEE DOUST, Edith Lucy]

WOLTER, Simone (Luxembourg) [11 Dec 1956- ] [Active 1970s-80s.]

WOLTERS, Berta (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

Wood, Mrs. L. C. (from 1945) [SEE BRANDT, Barbara]

WOOD, Beatrice Mary Ann (United Kingdom) [1865-1962] [Mrs. George Algernon Draffen, from c. April/June 1892] [Active 1890s.]

WOOD, Betty (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

WOOD, Christine Mary (United Kingdom) [20 June 1880-27 Feb 1968] [Mrs. Arnold Anderson Trinder, from 6 July 1905] [Active 1900s-10s.]

WOOD, Diana Margaret (United Kingdom) [Mrs. Robert Master Curtis, from 9 June 1945] [Active 1930s.]

WOOD, Joyce (Australia) [Mrs. Max McDermott, from 1943] [Active 1930s-40s.]

Wood, Mrs. D. P. (from 1913) [SEE VAN VLIET, Sarita]

Wood, Mrs. R. L. (9 Jan 1907-23 April 1931) [SEE SCHWAB, Teresa Gunn]

WOODBRIDGE, Laura (United Kingdom/India) [Active 1930s-60s.]

WOODD, Iris D. (Australia) [Active 1920s.]

WOODGATE, Georgiana "Georgie" E. (United Kingdom) [1923- ] [Mrs. Martin H. Cox, from c. Dec 1957] [Active 1940s-50s.]

WOODGATE, Ruby Francis “Billie” (United Kingdom) [28 April 1925-Nov 2004] [Active ???]

WOODROFFE, Alice (United Kingdom) [Mrs. Robert Joseph Dudley Teague, from 1 Nov 1933] [Active ???]

Woodrow, Mrs. C. (from 1936) [SEE PALFREY, Margaret Germaine "Polly"]

WOODRUFF, Gladys (Argentina) [Active 1920s-30s.]

WOODS, Beatrice Ethel Lydia Austin [Ethel] (Australia) [c. 1876-1954] [Mrs. Edmund Shelley Barker, from 4 Sept 1895] [Active 1900s-10s.]

Woods, Mrs. P. G. (from 4 June 1956) [SEE BEALL, Gertrude Ann]

WOODWARD, Kathleen “Kath” (Australia) [Active 1930s.]

Wooldridge, Mrs. K. (from 2 Oct 1972) [SEE SHAW, Winifred "Winnie" Mason]

WOOLHISER, Marion (United States) [Active 1930s.]

WOOLRYCH, Dorothy Honor [Honor] (United Kingdom) [3 July(3 Feb?) 1901-5 July(6 April?) 1993] [Mrs. (Sir) Francis Gordon Lowe, from 17 Nov 1926] [Active 1920s.]

WOOLSTON, Pearl (United States) [Mrs. Barandon] [Active 1940s.]

WOOTTON(Wootten?), Diane M. (United States) [Active 1950s-60s.]

WORKMAN, Dorothy (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Worrall, Mrs. B. S. (from c. April/June 1948) [SEE GITTINGS, Gillian "Gill" M.]

Worssam, Mrs. E. T. (from 2 Sept 1889) [SEE DOD, Ann]

Worthington, Mrs S. P. (United States) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s.] [SEE ???]

Wouters, (Mme) Josee (Belgium) [Married to Wouters by 1950; maiden name unknown] [Active 1950s.]

Wratten, Mrs R. (Australia) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1930s-50s.] [SEE ???]

WRIGHT, Alicia (Ecuador) [Active 1950s.]

WRIGHT, Audrey A. (United Kingdom) [Mrs. Denis E. Roberts, from c. Dec 1937] [Active 1930s-40s.]

Wright, Mrs. C.H. (United Kingdom) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1940s.] [SEE ???]

WRIGHT, Helen (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Wright, Janet (28 July 1981-1991) [SEE NEWBERRY, Janet Scott]

WRIGHT, M. A. (United Kingdom) [Active 1910s-1920s.]

WRIGHT, Sarah (United States) [Active 1920s.]

WRIXON-BECHER, Adelaide Maude (United Kingdom) [28 May 1870-1959] [Mrs. William Norton Barry, from 1 June 1899] [Active ???]

Wunderlich, Ann [SEE GROSSMAN, Ann]

Wunderly, Mme (Switzerland) [Married to Hans Wunderly; maiden name unknown] [Active c. 1890s-early 1900s.] [SEE ???]

WURMTISCH, Hildegard (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

Wybrew, Mrs. A. G. (from c. Oct/Dec 1970) [SEE HOUSELEY, Audrey V.]

WYNNE, Nancye Meredith (Australia) [2 Dec 1916-9 Nov 2001] [Mrs. George Frederick "Peter" Bolton, from 6 July 1940] [Active 1930s-50s.]

Wyns, Mme (from between Jan and Aug 1932) [SEE SPERANZA, Daisy]

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Re: Blast Encyclopedia of Female Tennis Players

[A] [B] [C] [D] [E] [F] [G] [H] [I] [J] [K] [L] [M] [N] [O] [P] [Q] [R] [S] [T] [U] [V] [W] [X] [Y] [Z]

XYDIS, Philomene “Phyllis” (Greece) [Active 1930s.]

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Re: Blast Encyclopedia of Female Tennis Players

[A] [B] [C] [D] [E] [F] [G] [H] [I] [J] [K] [L] [M] [N] [O] [P] [Q] [R] [S] [T] [U] [V] [W] [X] [Y] [Z]

Yagahara, Mrs. [SEE HATANAKA, Kimiyo]

YANAGI, Masako (Japan) [11 Nov 1959- ] [Active 1980s.]

YANSONE, Zaiga (Soviet Union) [24 Jan 1951- ] [Mrs. Ivanova, from 1973] [Active 1960s-70s.]

YAREMKEVICH, Vera Ivanova (Soviet Union) [1934- ] [Married to Kroshkin] [Active ???]

Yates, Mrs. W. J. (from 17 Oct 1926) [SEE MCCUNE, Lucy Vernon]

Ybema, Mrs. P. H. [SEE LEPOUTRE, Anja]

Ybema-Lepoutre, Anja [SEE LEPOUTRE, Anja]

YEARGIN, Nancy (United States) [22 May 1955- ] [Married to Richard Furman, from c. 1987] [Active 1970s-80s.]

Yeomans, Mrs. E. (from 1938) [SEE HENRY, Patricia "Pat"]

Yerxa, Mrs. H. E. (from 26 April 1899) [SEE REMICK, Ethel Bass]

YONEZAWA, Sonoe [29 Aug 1949- ] [Active 1970s.]

YORKE, Adeline Maud “Billie” (Great Britain) [19 Dec 1910-9 Dec 2000] [Active 1930s-40s.]

Youle, Mrs. J. S. (from 26 Jan 1918) [SEE SPOFFORTH, Vera Ethel]

Young, Mrs. J. (from 25 Feb 1949) [SEE WHITTAKER, Dulcie]

YOUNG, Eleanor (Canada) [Mrs. Connolly, from before April 1947] [Active 1930s-40s.]

YOUNG, Gloria (United States) [Active 1940s.]

Young, Mrs. H. S. (from after April 1963) [SEE FEISE, Jane]

YOUNG, Jane (Canada) [31 May 1965- ] [Active 1980s.]

YOUNG, Janet Ann(Janet Anne?) (Australia) [22 Oct 1951- ] [Mrs. Struan Newton Langford, from 28 Feb 1982] [Active 1970s.]

YOUNG, Jenny M. (United Kingdom) [Active 1960s.]

Young, Mrs. E. (1933-???) [SEE ANTHONY, Youtha Constance]

YULE, Constance Margaret (United Kingdom) [Mrs. Frederick Robert Kay, from 9 Nov 1932] [Active 1920s-40s.]

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Re: Blast Encyclopedia of Female Tennis Players

[A] [B] [C] [D] [E] [F] [G] [H] [I] [J] [K] [L] [M] [N] [O] [P] [Q] [R] [S] [T] [U] [V] [W] [X] [Y] [Z]

ZABRISKIE, Helen (United States) [Active 1930s.]

Zacny, Mrs. A. B. [SEE SOBIERAJ, Eugenia "Jean"]

Záhlavová-Strýcová, Barbora (from 2006) [SEE STRYCOVA (Strýcová), Barbora]

ZAITSEVA, Olga Vladimirovna (Soviet Union) [3 Dec 1962- ] [Married to Urban] [Active 1980s.]

Zakopalova, Klara (6 June 2006-Jan 2014) [SEE KOUKALOVA, Klara]

ZALABSKA (Zálabská), Zuzana (Czech Republic) [24 Nov 1985- ] [Married to Skocdopol] [Active 2000s-10s.]

Zappa, Senora Denise de (from before 1937) [SEE RUTHERFORD, Denise]

Zappa, Senora Felisa de (from before 1950) [SEE PIEDROLA, Felisa]

ZAVALIA, Margarita (Argentina) [Senora de Bunge] [Active 1960s.]

Zeeman, Mrs. C. E. (March 1970-????) [SEE SHERRIFF, Carol]

ZEHDEN, Margarete "Totta" (Germany) [Active 1930s-50s.]

ZELLMER, Patricia "Patsy" (United States) [30 Sept 1933-23 Nov 1967] [Mrs. Leon F. Palasik, from 2 May 1954] [Active 1950s.]

ZIEGENFUSS, Valerie "Val" Jean (United States) [29 June 1949- ] [Married to Sherod Dale Bradshaw, from 28 July 1979] [Active 1960s-1978]

ZIEGLER, Maria (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

ZIMMAN, Roberta (United States) [17 March 1946- ] [Married to Wolfgang K Liebmann, from 21 July 1990] [Active 1960s.]

Zimmermann, Frau (from c. 1938) [SEE WEBER, Erika]

ZINDERSTEIN, Marion Hall (United States) [3 May 1896-14 Aug 1980] [Mrs. John Butler Jessup, 11 June 1921-???; Mrs. Henry Goldsborough McLure, from 1974] [Active 1910s-30s.]

ZINKE, Clara Louise (United States) [Active 1920s-30s.]

ZINKEISEN, Liselotte (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

ZINOVIEFF, Natalia(Natalie?) (United Kingdom) [March 1921- ] [Mrs. Basil I. S. Gourlay, from Dec 1948] [Active 1940s.]

ZINT, Wendelgard (Germany) [Active 1930s.]

ZISZOVITS, Lenke (Romania) [1909-c. 1944] [Mrs. Erno Popper, from c. 1932/33] [Active 1920s-30s.]

ZONI, Manuela (Italy) [12 Oct 1960- ] [Active 1970s.]

ZOSSENHEIM, Gladys Constance (United Kingdom) [17 Dec 1887-1970] [Active ???]

ZRUBAKOVA, Radomira “Radka” (Czechoslovakia/Czech Republic/Slovakia) [26 Dec 1970- ] [Married to Ladislav "Laco" Karabin, from 8 Sept 1991; didn’t play under married name] [Active 1980s-90s.]

Zuleta, Signora E. (from c. 1964) [SEE BENDER, Margarita]

Zweiffel, (Mme) Josee (Belgium) [maiden name unknown] [Active 1950s.] [SEE ???]

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Re: Blast Encyclopedia of Female Tennis Players


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Re: Blast Encyclopedia of Female Tennis Players

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Re: Blast Encyclopedia of Female Tennis Players

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