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Re: ** Masha News and Articles! ** Vol. 3

Sorry for the translation from French, Google did it for me.

Maria Sharapova, how do you feel since that defeat and the injury to the Australian Open ?

I feel good , I cut a few days and it did me good. I am happy to come back here and also find the indoor . You know after five months without playing I should expect to go through it . And I also suffered the consequences of matches played from the beginning of the tournament, but this is the game and it's part of the recovery program as well. I should not expect me to win everything upon my return .

Your service you again caused problems in Australia: Is it also just a matter of time ?

My shoulder has responded very well , so it was a really good test. My service has obviously been affected by the injury and this forced break, and then when we come back we must also be careful. I still work on my service action to relieve a little my shoulder because I intend to play long.

What was the contribution of Sven Groeneveld your new coach ?

I love his vision and what he wants to advance in my game The transition was very simple and it's been years and it is on the circuit, which also helps . He often coached against me and it is an advantage now it is in my team. I appreciate the information he gives me and I think these details can make the difference.'' ''

Sugarpova your brand is among the sponsors of the tournament here: a new turn ?

Yes, it has developed an incredible way in the past 18 months, even if I feel like it's so much longer because all the hard work by our team. We are now distributed in 25 countries and is part of France , but this is the first time you sponsor a tournament. This is a pretty unique feeling to see the logo of the brand on center court ! This is still a new page in my career and it makes me happy to see that the hard work of our small team was able to make this brand a worldwide success that continues to evolve.What do you do when you're in Paris ?There are so many ways to enjoy this city , regardless of the time . And then I spent enough time in the heat in recent weeks so I 'm not against a bit of winter. It's also nice to see the city outside Roland - Garros: I trained there and it was so empty and quiet ... This is a pretty unique experience. But I love Paris and there is so much to do with culture, food, shopping. This is quite dangerous also for me (laughs).

You will be in Sochi for the Olympics and working with NBC : what significance does this it for you?

I only go there for a week but it was a unique opportunity. When recovered Sochi Games it was a dream come true for the country and for me too because I lived there and I always go to the family. I spoke of this city for years, but nobody knew where it was. I hope this will change. I will give this city for NBC , I will be present in reports but also in the studio. I will also be present on the opening ceremony , which will be an amazing experience and an honor. After I repeat the workout at home in Indian Wells and Miami. "
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