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Re: Your tennis results?!

I recently played a tournament this weekend U-16. Im 15, and i was playing like a 2/5 star tournament. I lost my opening round to 127 (out of 400) 6-3 6-0. It was really bad, I could have beaten him. He was just pushing the ball back and he only made like 3 unforced errors while he made like 3 winners. I on the other hand was very inconsistent because im nervous when i play ranked people. I don't know whats wrong with me, with my horrible mentality in going into matches with ranked people. Anyway I lost that, but I got to play consolations because we were guaranteed 2 matches at least. So i go into my match on Saturday thinking im gonna play a ranked person. But i get someone who has lost 4 matches in a row. Besides that im still nervous but I go and after I won my first service game I started feeling more comfortable and confident with my game. The kid was kinda bad, and I beat him 6-1 6-3. I still made many errors but like 10 times less. So i was relatively happy. But i didn't get any ranking points because he wasn't ranked. (Stupid Canadian ranking system). Anyway I won that match and today I came to the consolation finals playing a kid who had won 5 matches and lost 7. He was ranked like 250 out of 400 and I was really scared. I started liek warm up with him because we have like 10 minutes warmup. I realize that the kid is horrible and can't hit backhand and there forehand is very flat. Anyway I go into the match still scared but I got broken to love. I immediately broke back and then held for 2-1. He then held for 2-2. I then got broken again so it was 3-2 for him. I broke back again. I was just losing so many games because i was so scared to hit it hard. Anyway he was like a year older than me btw. So its 3-3 and I hold for the first time for 4-3. Then I broke him for 5-3 and I was serving for the set and got broken for a third time. At this point I was furious and played really tactically. He liked coming to the net and hitting volleys. So he would hit like a drop shot and then come to net. Im relatively fast so i get there and then I lob him and he is horrible at hitting overheads. He was like 6ft 2in btw. So I kept using this play everytime he went to net, and I got like 20 winners of just lobbing. Anyway its 5-4 and then I break to get the set 6-4. After that, I lost my opening service game. Then he won his. so it was 2-0 for him. I hold for 2-1. He holds for 3-1. I hold for 3-2. And then i broke him for 3-3. I got my service game for 4-3. He then held for 4-4 and then broke me to love. So it was 5-4 him. He served out the set for 6-4. I was furious because I could have easily won this like 6-4 6-2. But anyways we go to a third set and its not a set its like a tiebreaker up to ten like in doubles for wta. Anyway, I start off with an ace for 1-0. Then it went 2-0, 3-0, 4-0, 4-1, 5-1, 6-2, 6-3, 7-3, 8-4, 9-4, 10-4. So I won the consols. And now im officially gonna get ranked!!!! IVe been trying to get the ranking for so long. Anyway, overall it was a really good experience but I need to work on my mentality, thats all, (plus my game) BTW the consols final was today, like 2 hours ago!!
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